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Draco Meets His Match by xxstaindrosesxx
Chapter 7 : A Sadistic Goyle Lives Here
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A/N: This chapter really draws me in, so I didn't find much to change in it. Still edited a few minor things, but as I said, nothing to do with the plot.

After what seemed like several minutes, which in fact were only a few seconds, Draco arrived at the Goyle Manor. He lost his footing and fell down, expecting to hit the floor, but he landed on top of Gabriella who had landed on top of Goyle. Draco picked himself up, and then offered a hand to Gabriella who took it. Soon, only Goyle was on the floor, but he picked himself up, groaning as he did, because he ended up with the most weight on top of him.

They were all covered in soot so they used their wands and used Scourgify to clean themselves. When he was done cleaning himself, Draco put away his wand and looked around at his new surroundings. His eyes went wide as he saw the vastness of the Goyle Manor. From the inside, it appeared to be bigger then the Malfoy Manor, and he almost didn’t want to believe it as they stood there in the living room. The walls appeared to be made of a dark gray marble, with lighter gray swirls throughout it.

Draco thought his home was the best of all, but now he was starting to think otherwise. He envied them as he noticed the dark brown leather sofas and chairs and the various antiques scattered throughout the living room. The place seemed like a palace and it made Draco wonder why he had never been there before. He wondered why his father always pretended to be the best pureblood, but then again, he knew his father actually believed it. “Wow.” He said in awe, still looking around at their possessions.

Just then, a female house elf came into the living room. She appeared to be treated fairly decent since her rags didn’t look like rags at all. She was still wearing the standard pillowcase-looking outfit, but instead of it being dirty, it was actually as white as snow, like it had been cleaned recently. The elf’s eyes seemed to glisten as she saw them, almost as if she was happy to be the house elf for this family. “Master is in the library doing work. He will be present at dinner and has told me to put your belongings in your rooms.” The house elf explained, snapping her fingers and causing their possessions to disappear.

Gabriella smiled at the house elf. “Thank you, Besa.” She replied, stating the house elf’s name.

Besa seemed to gleam with joy as if Gabriella was her favorite. “You are welcome, Mistress.” She said, before leaving the room.

The three of them stood there for a moment before Gabriella decided to end the silence. “I think I will go up in my room and change so Greg can show you where you will be sleeping.” She explained, looking at Draco.

Draco nodded as Gabriella started walking off towards the stairs, obviously meaning the bedrooms were upstairs. He wasn’t sure he wanted to be alone with Goyle after Goyle discovered Gabriella and him were involved. He worried about the conversations they might end up having, but he followed Goyle who was walking towards the stairs, as well.

“This way.” Goyle gestured.

The two of them slowly ascended up the stairs. Draco traced his hand over the railing of the marble staircase as they ascended. He was actually kind of jealous of their home since it appeared to be nicer then his own. Then again, he did not envy the sadistic man who owned the manor and beat his wife. In a way, it made the place less like a home and more like a broken environment.

After they went up the stairs, the two of them reached the main landing, displaying a hallway also made of marble, with various paintings on the walls and many doors until the end of the hallway where there was a window overlooking the land below. Goyle showed Draco to a room, which was only a couple of doors down the hall. Goyle opened the door and the both of them stepped inside. Draco wanted to drop his jaw at the sight of the room. The room looked like it was fit for the king with the extravagance of it all. The bed had linens, which were dark green with gold trimming, and a canopy was hanging around all the bedposts. The room even had its own furniture, like a small living room, and a fireplace also made of marble. There was also a door, which led to his own private bathroom, like he was staying in a grand hotel.

Draco walked over to the bed and sat down. He looked at the floor and noticed his book bag was lying there, obviously put there by Besa the house elf. He turned his gaze back to his friend Goyle, who was just kind of standing in the middle of the room. “So where is Gabriella’s and your room at?” He asked with curiosity.

A smirk came over Goyle’s face. “The two rooms across the hall from this one. Just admit you want to know so you can sneak in her room for some quality shagging.” He joked.

Draco’s stomach lurched as he realized Goyle was probably clueless about Gabriella and him shagging in the prefects’ bathroom. “Listen. About your sister and I--”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Goyle, cutting Draco off in mid sentence. “I would rather her be with you then anyone else.”

Draco looked at Goyle curiously. “Why’s that?” He asked, feeling kind of shocked Goyle had said such a thing to him to begin with.

“Well, you are my best friend and it’s not like I would want her with Crabbe. He’s the dumbest one of all of us, and Blaise obviously isn’t our friend since he tried to rape her. Other then that, a lot of other Slytherins are just plain full of themselves.” He explained in his opinion.

Draco thought Goyle really did have a good point. “Thanks.” He said, feeling slightly relieved.

“Ok. Now let’s get the hell out of here and see what is going on.” Goyle suggested, making his way to the door. Draco stood up from the bed and walked over to Goyle who was now peaking out through the door as if he was watching something.

“What’s going on?” Draco whispered, being quiet so whomever he was watching wouldn’t hear.

“Gabby just left her room and entered the library where father is at,” explained Goyle. “Come on. Let’s check it out.”

Before Draco could even say anything, Goyle was tiptoeing his way to the library door. Draco followed him, just as quietly, as Goyle opened the door a crack so they could see and hear what was happening. Draco looked through the crack and noticed Gabriella had changed into a pair of black pants and a green tank top. It was simple, but still looked great on her, and he smiled, but the smile was soon to fade. He watched Gabriella approach her father’s desk in the library, where thousands of books were on shelves attached to the walls. Mr. Goyle was looking down as he read a book and was writing stuff down at the same time, practically ignoring his daughter. “Besa told you I would be at dinner.” Mr. Goyle said, continuing to work and trying to get rid of his daughter.

Gabriella sighed with a look of slight sadness on her face. “I don’t care. Why weren’t you there to great us when we arrived?” She asked.

“I’m busy.” He replied, not looking up from his work.

Gabriella slammed her fist down onto her father’s desk. “What you mean is you’re busy unless it has to do with beating up mum or something to do with the Dark Lord.” She stated, starting to raise her voice as she was obviously irritated.

Draco watched, and he could not believe Gabriella’s behavior. It was as if she was asking for a beating from him. He watched as Mr. Goyle stopped working and looked up at his daughter. “It has more to do with not wanting to greet Draco who couldn’t even kill Dumbledore for the Dark Lord.” He explained.

A sneer of disgust came across Draco’s face. He did not want to hear their father judging him; the same man who beat his own wife and hurt his daughter once. He had met the man in Diagon Alley a few times and had never expected him to be so terrible. He never knew their father abused his own wife until recently. Draco wanted to barge in there but he knew he couldn’t, because then they would know Goyle and him were listening. Instead, he continued to listen and watch as fury and hate raced through his body.

Gabriella glared at her father. “So what! Who are you to judge who lives and dies? It’s not our job to play God!” She shouted, angrily.

Draco’s heart raced as he became scared for Gabriella. He wondered if she would receive a beating from this man and he knew he would have to step in to save her if she did. Mr. Goyle’s expression remained the same. “Lord Voldemort is God and we do what he demands us to do.” He replied in response to Gabriella.

Gabriella became even more furious. “Did he demand you to abuse mother all those times?! Did he ask you to throw me onto that glass table so a shard of glass could get stuck in my shoulder and leave me with a scar!?!” She asked, slipping down the side of her tank top off of her right shoulder and turning around to show off a scar which looked about four inches long.

Draco loathed Mr. Goyle now. He never imagined just how bad Mr. Goyle had hurt Gabriella. Draco watched, as Mr. Goyle did not seem phased by his daughter’s behavior. He looked as if he never discovered the purpose of loving anyone. “It was for your own good.” He replied cruelly.

Gabriella seemed to collect herself and calm down, even after her father’s rude comment. “I’m glad you scarred me because it will remind me how much I hate you, and if you ever touch mother, Goyle, or myself ever again, I will turn you in.” She threatened, displaying how much she truly hated her father.

Mr. Goyle seemed slightly surprised. “You would turn your back on your own flesh and blood and betray the Dark Lord?” He questioned, as if he was frightened by the thought.

“Yes. Just because we share common DNA, it doesn’t make us family. It takes a lot more then blood to make someone family, and as for the Dark Lord, he can go ahead and kill me if he wants. There are worse things in life then dying.” She replied absolutely sure of herself.

Mr. Goyle was about to respond, but Besa, the house elf, apparated into the library. “Dinner is ready.” She informed them.

Draco and Goyle knew this was the time to leave so they quietly walked away from the door. When they were halfway down the hallway, they started running and even ran down the stairs. They wanted to make sure Gabriella and her father did not see them. They reached the dining room table and sat down a few minutes before Gabriella and Mr. Goyle arrived. Those two sat down as well, as if they never even had a conversation.

Once everyone was seated, Besa came in and served them their dinner. They had chicken, rice, and vegetables, but it looked gourmet, like a meal someone would be served in a five star restaurant. “Thank you.” Gabriella said to Besa. The house elf smiled at her before leaving them so they could eat.

The four of them began to eat and dinner was silent almost the whole time. Mr. Goyle acted as if he did not acknowledge Draco was even there. When Draco was finally done with his dinner, he pushed his plate aside and decided to ask a question, which had been bugging him. “So why did Snape insist I come here?” He asked, looking at Mr. Goyle for the answer.

Mr. Goyle took one last bite of his food and looked at Draco. “There is a meeting tomorrow at your home. He figured it was easier to have all of you come here instead of you all leaving at different times.” He explained.

Draco nodded, but he knew Snape had arranged this so he could keep an eye on Gabriella. He felt his stomach churn a bit as he became worried about the meeting tomorrow. Voldemort was still not happy with Draco after he never succeeded with his task to kill Dumbledore. On top of that, his parents had offered their manor as the meeting place, and it had left his mother and father less like themselves. He hated seeing his parents as diminished people, but in a way, he felt like he was starting to become like them also.

After dinner, the four of them decided it was time for bed since there would be the meeting tomorrow. They told each other good night and went off to their own rooms. Once Draco was inside his room, he slid off his clothes and decided to sleep in his boxers. He climbed into bed and laid on his back, staring at the top of the bed. He worried about the meeting and it caused him to be unable to sleep. He laid there thinking about things: Gabriella, his parents, and life in general until he heard his door creak open.

A shadow crept over the room as someone had obviously entered. They were unable to be seen since it was so dark. Draco’s heart raced slightly as he worried it could be Mr. Goyle coming to finish him off as the person approached closer. “It’s me.” A girly voice said.

Draco sat up in bed, realizing who it must be. “Gabby?” He questioned.

“Yes,” she replied, sitting on the edge of his bed in her nightgown. “I’m sorry but my Dark Mark won’t stop itching and burning.” She apologized, scratching her arm where the mark was.

Draco took her arm and rubbed his palm over it. He gently kissed her arm before pulling back the covers. “It’s alright. Get in.” He said.

Gabriella climbed in the bed with him, gently resting her head on his chest as Draco laid back down. He stroked her hair, and then put his arm around her, his hand resting on her shoulder. “It can mean he is nearby. Our houses are not really all that far from each other so it wouldn’t surprise me any.” He explained, realizing his Dark Mark was doing the same, but he had become used to it a while ago.

“Alright.” She replied, closing her eyes.

Draco gently rubbed her shoulder as he felt himself drifting off to sleep. The two of them slept there soundly for a while until the bedroom door burst open. They both jolted up in bed as the noise startled them awake. Their eyes went wide as Mr. Goyle had burst into the room. He stormed over to Gabriella and grabbed her by the arm tightly. “You’re hurting me!” She shouted as her father started dragging her out of the bed.

Mr. Goyle’s grip became tighter as he pulled her towards the bathroom in Draco’s room. She tried to pull away from his grasp, but it was no use. He opened the door to the shower, turned on the water, making it cold, and threw her inside. “You filthy slut!” He shouted, as Gabriella hit the wall of the shower really hard, causing her to collapse on the floor of the shower, still conscious.

Everything happened so quickly; it caused Draco to become confused. He could hear Gabriella’s cries from the bathroom so he grabbed his wand and apparated himself in front of Mr. Goyle in the bathroom. With a quick popping sound, he was standing before the abusive man. Before Mr. Goyle could react, Draco pointed his wand at him. “Stupefy!” He shouted, sending Mr. Goyle flying towards the wall.

Some of the tiling broke as Mr. Goyle hit the wall. He fell to the floor and was unconscious. Draco went over to Gabriella who was crying and soaking wet from the water now. He helped her up and the two of them started leaving his room to get away from her father, but not before taking Mr. Goyle‘s wand. He put his arm around her waist as he guided Gabriella towards her room, closing and locking the door behind them. “Come on. Pack some of your things and then we are leaving.” He explained.

Gabriella found a bag and started rummaging through her dresser, stuffing clothes into the bag. “Where are we going?” She asked.

“Malfoy Manor. There are too many people there for your father to try anything and with the meeting he wouldn’t dare.” Draco explained.

Just then, Goyle apparated inside of Gabriella’s room with his pajamas still on. Draco raised his wand as a reflex, but knew it couldn’t be Goyle Senior since he had taken their father’s wand. “What the hell is going on!?” Goyle asked, looking at them both.

Draco explained to him what happened and where he was going to take Gabriella, but as he finished, there was pounding on the door. “Go! Get out of here! I’ll hold him off.” Goyle said, as the pounding became louder.

Gabriella started to run towards her brother, but Draco held her back. “NO!” she shouted. “Don’t do this Greg!”

Goyle smiled at his sister with his wand ready. “It’s alright. I’ll meet up with you.” He said, trying to comfort his sister with assurance.

“You better,” said Draco, throwing Goyle his father’s wand and Goyle caught it. “Two wands are better than one.” Draco explained.

Goyle nodded at him and Draco put his arm around Gabriella’s waist tightly because she was still trying to get free. She cried, not wanting to leave her brother behind, but Draco used side-by-side apparation just as Mr. Goyle managed to bust down the door. The two of them went away from Goyle Manor, causing them to swirl with the usual sickening feeling, before arriving at the Malfoy Manor, leaving father and son to duel.

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