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The Dream Barrier by Kirsty Weasley
Chapter 3 : Fighting With James
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"Tell me that you love me, and it'll be alright
Are you thinking of me? Just come to me tonight
You know I need you, just like you need me
Cant stop wont stop; I must be dreaming"
- I Must Be Dreaming- The Maine

“Don’t know what you were thinking… would have been grounded, for life, had Mum and Dad been home… good mind to owl them… lost all trust in you. Dangerous times now… death eaters!” 

James was shouting quite a lot and it had been going on for more than five minutes so my attention span was wearing out. I can pay attention to things that I enjoy for long periods of time, just not ranting older brothers. Needless to say James didn’t fall for my “but Jamie, I was sleepwalking” [add puppy dog eyes here] excuse. Oh well, now apparently he has lost all trust in me- I think I’ll live knowing this awful thought. 

Whilst James was talking, I let my mind wander onto other things about this life that I was going to be living here. It was most definitely different from my other world. Here I had an older brother, who clearly cared about me -even if it was in an over baring kind of way. I was in with the popular crowd, the marauders. And from the looks of the bloody mansion I’m living in- we have money, it’s a total contrast. 

In my old life I have never been popular per say. I was a bookworm, a geek you may say- and a self proclaimed one at that! I was still just as proud of who I was. So call me a geek if you want! It wont effect me cause I already self proclaimed it, see self proclaiming is great! 

My family was very different, I had an older sister, whom I wasn’t very close with, and a younger brother who was much more interested in football rather than me. My parents tried I suppose but I just never fitted in with that world. I wasn’t close with anyone. And we weren’t hurting for cash- we just weren’t rich either. Now I’m in a world where I have an twin brother who I’m close with and a group of friends who care about me. I can be myself all the time, and people except that about me, and where I can go out and buy expensive new shoes! I fit in here. It’s nice, well apart from me being in trouble that is. 

“Jamie, stop!” I stood up sick of his yelling- it had been going on for at least ten minutes. “You are all of three minutes older than me, so do not even attempt the I-am-so-much-more-grown-up-than-you act. I’m pretty sure you still have the mental age of three. So I went walkabout for a few hours? We are seventeen next week it shouldn’t be that big a deal. I’m sorry I worried you, I already said it like a million times! Now. Get. Over. It. Grrr!” 

And with that I left the room. Well stormed out really, making a noise that was a cross between a horse whinnying and a growl. As much as I love this life and fitting in, there is no way I’m becoming a push over. As I was walking away I heard Sirius attempting to hold in his laughter. 

“Man, you just got owned!” 

“Shut up!” James snarled, hitting him with a pillow. 

Boys will be boys. 


No one mentioned the going missing event when our parents arrived home later that night. They had been away on a mission for the Order of the Phoenix, but all went well and now they were home. 

“Kid’s we’re home!” a mans voice called to us from the doorway. 

“Daddy!” I squealed rushing up to him, don’t ask me why. It’s just that I feel like I know this man, he taught me how to ride a broom, he’s in so many of my memories(dreams) that I have a connection with him. 

“Hiya Angel.” He said engulfing me in a huge hug. “Have the boys been looking after you? Nothing out of the ordinary happened?” 

I see James and Sirius talking to Mum, exchanging hugs. 

“Nope, Daddy, all was normal.” Ah I love my I’m-innocent smile. I always works. 

“Okay.” He says smiling, mockingly. “So you’re telling me that there were no wild parties at all this time.” 

As I open my mouth to respond James comes over embracing dad in a 'manly' hug. 

“No parties at all this time Dad. Me, Kirst and Sirius still remember the grounding we got last time! We missed out on almost a whole summer!” 

“See, Marie, I told you being strict with them would work!” He grinned at his wife, who I was now hugging. 

“Yes, dear, but you do remember that for an entire summer we had to deal with three brooding teens who were as mischievous as ever. They turned the living room into a pool because they were bored, for Merlin’s sake!” 

I smiled at the memory- good times. 

We all caught up, having dinner, chatting in the living room, swapping stories about what had been going on since we had last seen each other, until I fell asleep on Sirius shoulder, at around two AM. 

“I guess it’s time for bed then.” Dad chuckled. “I’ll take her up…” 

“It’s okay Mr P, I’ve got her.” Sirius said, pulling me off of the sofa and into his arms. I snuggled up to his warmth and my parents exchanged glances. They looked more than a little gleeful. But parents will be parents. 

After that I only remember sleep. 

James and I celebrated our seventeenth birthday, I got to do magic for the first time, it was amazing. The look on James’ face when I turned his hair bright pink and his trousers into a skirt! Yes people I do have the pictures for black mailing purposes! My mum and dad will never know anything I get up to now, muhahahahaha! Yes that was my evil laugh, no you cant make fun of it. Because I say so, I have picture of you in a skirt too! Yeah that’s right you back down. Victory dance. What was I saying? 

Right birthdays. 

My Mum and Dad got us both watches, as was the wizarding tradition. Dad gave Jamie his watch, it had been his Dad’s before him. And on the back was engraved: 


All of the men who owned its initials. George Potter, Richard Potter and now James Potter. My brother the man. Hehe, my brother the man, the man with the mental age of a three year old! Still it was cute. 

I have to say Jamie did tear up quite a bit, that watch was always so important, I had always seen it as a part of my Dad, something that featured prominently in mine and James childhood. He knew that it was a great privilege to receive it. 

My watch was a dainty little thing on a leather strap, nothing to fancy, something I’ll be able to wear everyday. On the back it too was engraved: 

Happy 17th sweetheart!
Love Mum and Dad 

It may not have had the same symbolism as Jamie’s did but it was still sweet, and secretly, I had always wanted a watch for my seventeenth birthday, ever since I read that it was wizarding tradition. 

James and I also got aparation lessons! Soon we will no longer have to depend on the floo network for transportation. It will be so cool just to be able to pop anywhere we want! Sirius is so lucky he can do it already! James and I got him apparation lessons for his seventeenth back in march. And our parents got him his watch, we didn’t expect his family to do it and we couldn’t let him miss out! 

Speaking of Sirius, he got James a broom servicing kit- we all know how obsessed Jamie is about his broom and Quidditch in general- the boy’s a maniac. 

And he got me a beautiful pendant, it was silver and on a silver chain and had a little dog on it, one that looked surprisingly like himself in animagious form, and the dog had a shining grey stone as his eyes, just like Sirius‘ sexy, smouldering, sexy- wait did I say sexy already? I did right, but anyway, it really did look like Sirius the dog. 

I haven’t taken it off since I got it, its just so beautiful. 

We had a quiet family dinner, just the five of us, that night. It was nice. Comforting actually, it felt good to be apart of this family, no fights, no dirty looks being shot across the table, like back in the old world. Just getting on. I realised that I was finally home. 



Boys are so impatient, honestly, they said to be ready by twelve and I’m ready and it’s only twenty past! They should be considering themselves lucky! 

We were heading to Diagon Ally because our school lists had arrived. With a surprise- I might add. James had been made head boy!! Wait, why are you laughing? What do you mean my joke is funny? I’m being serious- don’t you dare make a serious/Sirius joke! I mean it! I still have that photo of you in a skirt! But yes Jamie made head boy. And can you guess who he gets to spend all this year sharing a dorm with? Lily Evans you ask? Why yes that is who, she will die when she finds out, the poor girl. But perhaps this year she will finally fall for James. Hey, miracles can happen! Anyway back to where we were. 

I walk down the stairs, we’re going to diagon alley to get school stuff. I decided to dress up slightly for the occasion- you never know who you’re going to meet after all. So I had my hair curled, my makeup done to perfection, and I was wearing green shirt, which showed a modest amount of cleavage and a denim skirt that sat just above my knee. Also a pair of green ballet flats which were exactly the same colour as my top. I pulled on a white summer jacket and headed for the stairs. 


Jamie and I had both passed our apparation tests first time, after two weeks of intensive lessons. But I still wasn’t really comfortable apparating on my own. I arrived at the bottom of the stairs to see only Sirius waiting. I looked at him questioningly. 

“Prongs got a bit impatient and left with out us. Said something about grabbing a Quidditch magazine?” Sirius explained, whilst taking in my appearance, his eyes hovering over my bust as I buttoned up my jacket. 

“Oh.” I said, nodding. “Okay.” 

“So…” He shuffled his feet on the carpet. “Do you want to apparate on your own or together?” 

“Emm, I’m still not comfortable on my own, so together if that’s fine with you?” I said. 

“Sure.” A grin split across Sirius’ face as he took hold of my hand in his, then pulled me close resting his other hand on the small of my back. “Here we go.” He whispered in my ear, making me shiver, before the choking sensation filled my body and we arrived in Diagon Alley. 

Sirius and I stood unmoving for a moment, staring into each others eyes, I felt completely lost in the moment. 

“Hey, there you guys are!” James said walking over to us. We sprung apart quickly, the moment was lost. 

Damn James.

It was a warm day so I decided to take off my jacket, so I shrunk it and placed it into my pocket before turning back to the boys. 

“So where to first?” I asked brightly. James looked me up and down, and turned a violent shade of red. 

“How about back home! To change your shirt, and skirt. Now.” 

Oh no he did not! James was so out of line! My top wasn’t even that bad! It was pretty modest. And did anyone else notice that shirt and skirt kinda rhyme. Right not the time- be angry at James!

“How about, you cant tell me what to do, and there is no way in hell I’m going back and changing!” I retorted. 

“Like hell you’re not! I am not having my baby sister walking around like a slut!” James raised his voice and now people were beginning to stare. I narrowed my eyes, he did not just call me a slut.

“Too far man. Too far.” Sirius said quietly watching the confrontation between us, looking more than a little worried, he’d seen Kirsty/James confrontations before. They don’t end nicely. 

“Sirius do I look like a slut?” I asked sharply. He looked between the myself and James. 

“Kirsty, sweetheart, you looks as beautiful as always but I really don’t want to get in between you and Prongs 'twin drama'.” 

“See Sirius agrees with me I don’t-” I began. 

“Sirius you are meant to back me up here, you’re my best friend not hers! Just look at her seriously! Anyway she’s doing it for attention, the wrong kind no doubt! She’ll be slutting around Hogwarts with Slytherins next if we don’t watch out!” 

I let out a gasp, that hurt, really that was below the belt. Okay Kirsty calm, keep it together, you don't care what that stupid boy says. Breathe that's right, you're angry. Be angry.

“You know what James, you and Sirius have a nice time shopping today, because there is no way in hell I am going with you! Slutting around with Slytherins! Please, I don’t do slutting around with anyone. Anyway even if I were they aren’t all bad you know- you’re so bloody prejudice! I will get my shopping alone, away from stupid, insensitive, immature, thoughtless boys!” I said this in a don’t mess with me voice then turned on my heel and stormed off. 

Yes that’s right Kirsty-1, James-0. 

I didn’t turn when I heard him shouting after me. I was far too mad, and if I turned around then he would be able to see the tears that were flowing down my face, I cant believe I let him get to me. Normally I don’t care what people think, or say about me, but when James called me a slut it cut me deep. It cut past the level of anger and onto the hurt-feelings stage. I let myself get lost in the crowd, trying not to let my tears blind me. I wasn’t very successful, I realised as I walked into someone. 

“Oh, Merlin! I’m so sorry.” I said before looking at the person. 

“Kirsty!” the person squealed. 

“Alice?” I said. 

“Of course its me friend! I haven’t heard from you in forever! Why didn’t you get in touch this summer?!” She questioned. From my dream world I remember that when I wasn’t with the marauders at Hogwarts, my best friends and the girls who I shared a dorm with Alice Perry and Lily Evans. 

“Sorry!” I said to her. “It’s been a bit hectic this summer! I guess I’ve just lost track of time. You know you could have owled me too!” 

“I know,” She said apologetically. “I’ve just been a bit busy with Frank.” A sly grin crept across her face. 

“Frank? Frank Longbottom!? Last years head boy who you had a huge crush on, and swore would never look at you!” She nodded. 

Needless to say we had a girly jumping up and down squealing moment. 

“Alice, that is amazing! Didn’t Lily and I tell you that you guys would get together?” 

Alice was smiling as though she was on cloud nine. 

“Yeah you guys did, are you sure that neither of you have seer blood in you?” 

I laughed. “Nope ‘friad not, just intuitive. Speaking of Lily, have you seen her?” 

“Yeah, actually we’re here together. I left her in Florish and Blots, there was no way I was waiting for her in there, you know what Lily and books are like!” 

“Yes I do, she’s as bad as Remus! Have you guys been in long or have you still got to get stuff?” I asked. 

“Sorry," She said frowning slightly. "We’re just away to leave, I was just grabbing some last minute quills before I dragged Lily away from here. I need to drop her back at her place before my date with Frank this afternoon.” She blushed at the thought of her upcoming date with Frank. 

“Okay, never mind! It was great seeing you, give Lily a hug from me. And don’t do anything I wouldn’t this afternoon.” I say with a wink as I hug her goodbye. 

“I wont,” she giggles. “See you on the train!” 

“Will do.” I call as she disappears into the crowd. 

I sigh as I drag myself around the shops and get everything I need for school. My afternoon was uneventful. I just spent the time when I wasn’t shopping avoiding James. Then I apparated home, now I was more pissed off than hurt about our earlier fight. 

James is such a stupid boy, he knows that I wouldn’t slut around with anyone. I know its stupid, my holding a grudge against him, but really! He pissed me off and anyway, even if I did slut around, it wouldn’t be any of his business! Even though he doesn’t like Slytherins, that doesn’t mean that they are all bad! Sirius brother Regulas is in Slytherin and he’s a good guy! 

Well, to me anyway, but then neither James nor Sirius like my friendship with Reg, or like Reg in general, so that doesn’t really work as an argument for the whole not all Slytherins are bad thing. My friendship with Reg is pretty much the only thing Sirius and I fight about. The only thing that Sirius picks a side on, and he sides with James. Stupid Sirius siding with James. 

Boys are stupid. You know what? There is no way in hell I am hanging out on my own tonight! I will make plans and go out!

Sneek out. 

Yeah, I’ll owl Reg, if for no other reason, I know that it will royally piss James off. I could just make plans with Lily, but well, I don’t know, if I were with Lily then we would eat ice cream, watch a soppy movie and bitch about James. I want to go out get drunk and have a good time, and Regulas Black is the guy to do that with. 

So I owled him. 

One of the single biggest mistakes of my life. 

Authors Note - Oooh, what do you think?? I do not own Harry Potter, or anything else!! Kirsty, is my idea!! (yay for ideas) thank you to everyone who has left a review or added this story as a favourite!! I want to say that I love you all, have a round of butterbeers on me! And also this is the best responce that I have had to a story so far, which makes me so happy! Please keep it up! -Kirsty xxx

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