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Draco and Hermione: Star Crossed Enemies by benny08jenson
Chapter 3 : Of Returns and Fights
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Disclaimer: All characters from Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling. All scenes from the play Romeo and Juliet belong to William Shakespeare. I only own characters that are not from Harry Potter or Romeo and Juliet!

Recap from last chapter:

Harry, Ron, and Ginny told her they would save her a seat at the Opening Ceremony, and said their farewells and good lucks to Hermione. Upon entering the Head’s Compartment she saw that no one was there yet, so she pulled out a book and began reading. However, when she heard the door open and close she looked up to find the Head Boy standing across the room.

When Hermione saw who the Head Boy the first thing she noticed was the look on his face.

Oh no here we go he’s going to say something about me or my family, then I’ll through a remark about his being a ferret, and then one of us storms out. Well why is he just standing there?

“Well, well Granger you came back for our last year and what exactly are you doing in this Compartment?” said Draco.

Looking back at him with raised eyebrows Hermione responded. “In case you haven’t noticed this is the Head’s Compartment, so why don’t you just go crawling back to your pet Slytherins and leave me alone. Or is that too hard for you to understand?”

“Yes I noticed this is the Head’s Compartment and if you haven’t noticed I am Head Boy, so why don’t you take your filthy blood and run back to your precious Saint Potter!” Draco retorted with a smirk plastered on his face.



“I don’t have to leave because I am Head Girl this year!” Hermione said with a look of fear etched on her face.

Before Draco could respond to her comment Professor McGonagall entered the room.

“Ah, I'm glad you are both here so we can get this meeting over with. As you know from your letters, we are having a new class this year. Also, we will be holding two balls this year. However, it is your job to discuss with the Prefects when the balls will take place, what the themes will be, and which years are going to be allowed to attend. Your first prefect meeting will be in a few minutes however, since you are both just getting to know this information I will be handling the meeting. Are there any questions?” McGonagall queried.

“Professor if I may, where will we be living at this term?” Hermione asked timidly, afraid of the answer.

“You Ms. Ganger and you Mr. Malfoy will be sharing a common room and a bathroom, after the feast Professor Dumbledore will show you to the Head’s room and give you the password.” McGonagall answered.

A few minutes later the Prefects entered and McGonagall gave them the information they would need and told them they were dismissed.

After McGonagall left Draco was sitting and looking out the window waiting to get changed into his school robes.

I can’t believe I have to share a common room with Granger! Why did she have to be Head Girl? Oh never mind that I cannot forget my goals for this year. I have to be better than that Mudblood this year. No matter what happens I have to be the best, and not just because I am a Pureblood but because I am a Malfoy and Malfoy’s are second to no one!

As Draco was thinking to himself he did not notice that Hermione was now changed into her robes.

“MALFOY!” Hermione shrieked at him.

“FOR MERLIN’S PANT WHAT DO YOU WANT MUDBLOOD?” He asked rubbing his ears.

“Can’t you come up with something better than Mudblood? I mean after six years it is not working anymore!” She asked him.

“Nope because no matter what you will always be a Mudblood. Now what did you want?” He stated simply as if it was nothing more than a causal conversation.

“You need to get changed we are about to pull into Hogsmeade Station you idiot!” She said just as causally as he had.

“Oh okay.” Was all that Draco responded with, and he walked out of the room with his robes in hand.

Author’s Note: First off, a really big thank you goes out to everyone who has read and left a review for me. They are simply wonderful and very helpful. Also if you have any ideas for the story or anything you think would add a nice touch please let me know in a review. Now that that is taken care of. I hope you have enjoyed reading this chapter of the story. Again thank you for reading and I'm looking forward to your reviews.


P.S. Chapter 5 is in the works, and I’m hoping to have it in the queue soon.

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