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I Never Asked to be Rose Weasley by MiaMarauder
Chapter 2 : Gryffindor Sixth Years!
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After the hour long interrogation we finally, we're allowed to leave. Just the simple questions like:

"Why did you make poor Hugo, get the bottle?"

"Who dared Hugo to get it?"

"Has this happend before?"

"Whose idea was it to play truth or dare?"

"Is this going to happen in Hogwarts?"

"Should we be worried?"

"Where is that bloody bottle anyway? I'm bloody thirsty," good old uncle George.

But no one said anything.

Our family was the first one to go. So I was the first one that left the Potter Manner. I quickly ran to my room, hoping to get to sleep before mom or dad made it back. I quickly changed in to shorts and a tank top. I threw myself on to my bed and under the covers.

I heard my door open slightly. I quickly closed my eyes shut. I heard foot steps come in my room and someone sit on my bed.

"Rosy you're pretending right?" Hugo only called me 'Rosy' when he was upset about something. I quickly opened my eyes to a sad looking Hugo.

"Yeah, you alright?" I asked sliding over to the other part of my queen sized bed. Hugo got into the bed and under the covers. When Hugo was sad, scared, or worried; he would sleep in my bed.

He faced me "I guess. Do you think mum and dad will be mad in the morning?" He asked looking sad.

"Not if we don't complain. And not talk to them, until we're actually at the platform. Just don't forget to say sorry their too," I said turning around to face the door. "Now go to sleep, so you're not that tired in the morning."

"Night Rosy,"

"Night Hu,"


"Rose Emily," I heard dad say softly. "Please get up before you're mother has to say it."

"I'm up, up!" I said shooting right up.

"Good cause you have an hour and a half. To jump in the shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and have everything downstairs," dad said leaving.

The half and hour went by fast and I was already downstairs, showered and dressed. As I eat my toast in silence, I thought of how bad everyone else got it. James and Fred probably got it the worst since there the oldest. Dominique probably won't be happy today. Every time Dom gets in trouble her parents say the one line Dominique hates. 'Why aren't you more like Victore?' Hugo sat in the kitchen counter seat next to me, ending my thinking.

"Has she said anything to you yet?" Hugo whispered to me.

"Nope not yet. I told you just say 'sorry and I'll miss you and love you,' at the station," I whispered to him, not really sure where mum was.

10 minutes later it was time to leave. We drove to King's Cross Station in silence. I expected this. This whole situation will blow over once we get on the train. We silently made our way to Platform 91/3. I ran first into the brick wall, wanting to get to my second home already. I pushed myself through the crowd to get to the normal Weasley/Potter meeting area. The whole family was already there saying goodbye. Typical we would be late. Dad grabbed my trunk to put it on the train for me. I said bye to the only people, I saw first.

"Well come here give me a hug Rose," Aunt Ginny said.

"I'm sorry again," I said in Aunt Ginny's ear "And I'll miss you and love you."

"Love you too hunny," she said letting go "And don't worry, kids will be kids." She smiled calmly and made he way to Hugo.

"Bye Uncle Harry," I said going over to hug him.

"Goodbye Rose," Uncle Harry said hugging me tight. "Watch over James and Albus wont you?" He asked pulling away.

"Yes, yes of course. Lily will help too." I said smiling and going over to Uncle George.

"Miss ya Rosy," Uncle George said hugging me tight. "Have fun at Hogwarts this year and I want to see some of those grades go down." I giggled and waved bye to Aunt Angelia who was busy lecturing Fred to say goodbye. The train whistle blew and everyone made there way to the train. But not me just yet. I ran to mum and dad and gave a big hug, both together.

"I'm sorry about last night and I'll miss you and love you both and I promise you don't have to worry about me everything will be fine." I said in one big breathe. They both nodded there heads and pushed me to the train. I quickly ran on the train and made my way to a compartment. The train started to take off and there were first years running in the corridor trying to find an empty compartment. I was pulled into one though, by a very strong person.

"Carly!" I screamed noticing her wavy black hair. Carly Young was a fifth year Gryffindor and didn't really get along with her dorm mates and she sometimes spend nights with us. She hugged me tight, and pulled me down to sit. Dominique and Hillary were already there.

"I'm hungry," Hillary whined.

"Hillary, you just told me you had a bagel and eggs for breakfast," Dominique rolled her eyes. Did I mention that Hillary loved food?

"Yeah but that was thirty minutes ago," she whined again but this time we'd ignored her.

"Carly, what you end up doing during summer?" I asked looking at Carly.

"Well mother brought me all to her Quidditch practices," her mother is Katie Bell. "So for the whole summer I got to train with the Tornadoes," I hear that the Tornadoes are good, "I even learned how to do the Plumpton Pass!" she yelled. I just nodded my head and acted really excited. I wasn't much into Quidditch. Yeah sure I went to all the Quidditch games... yeah I brought a book. But I still go and watch... when people cheer.

"Oh Dom, how badly did you get in trouble?" I asked.

"Not that bad. Just the usually 'why aren't you more like your sister?' and 'why do you always have to get in trouble?" She said mocking her parents voices.

"What about you Hillary?" I said turning to Hillary; who was trying to find food in her bag.

"Dad and mum weren't even mad when I got home," she said shrugging. "Yes! A Chocolate Frog!" She yelled in triumphant.

"Last you like a second," Carly muttered.

The compartment door opened suddenly with a girl with dark blue hair in a messy bun and orange eyes. She wore sweats and a bright yellow shirt. This girl really knew how to stand out. But that's why I love her.

"RAIN!" We all screamed in sync. We all gave our best friend a a great big hug.

"Aww, I missed you guys too!" She yelled in the hug somewhere. We all broke apart and Rain sat down next to me.

"I think I'll go to the Lou. Be right back don't tell your summer yet Rain!" Dom yelled walking out.

"Nothing exciting anyway. Can I have a piece Hilla?" Rain asked Hillary. Hillary looked up from Chocolate Frog and glared at Rain. Hillary was not a very good sharer.

"Alright I forgot," Rain said turning back to give me a look.

"I just don't get, how do you not get fat Hillary?" I said. I just don't know where it all goes.

"It goes to her butt. That's why she has a fattie," Rain said shrugging. Me and Carly both burst out in giggles. We got a very cold look from Hillary.

"It is not!" Hillary challenged.

"It's a good thing! Some boys like big butts," Rain yelled. "I bet even James is a butt guy." Hillary cheeks went very red at this.

"Shut up! I do not have a fattie!" Hillary yelled. But just then the compartment door slid opened and in walks James. Making Hillary blush like my hair. We all started laughing. James gave a smirk to Hillary and faced Carly.

"Carls, please tell me you're going out for Keeper?" Asked James in his 'Capitan Voice', which is just his serious voice.

"Yes, of course I am. I might even try out for seeker too. I learned how to do the Plumpton Pass," Carly said.

James grinned "You're so lucky. But you're my best keeper. And Lils is my nest seeker."

"Yeah, you're right I am the best," she said with a smirk.

James chuckled, "Yupp. I'll see you guys around. Oh and Rose," he said turning to me.


"Is Hugo mad about the thing that happened yesterday?" He asked looking really concerned.

"No, he was worried yesterday but he should be better now," I said calmly.

"Good, alright see you later ladies," he said heading out.

"You can finally go back to normal colour Hillary," Rain said with a smirk.

"Shut it," Hillary muttered looking back down at her bag.

The compartment door opened suddenly "-TAY AWAY FROM ME ZABINI!" Dom shouted down the corridor and slammed the compartment door. I don't even want to know. It was probably something stupid.

The compartment door opened a few minutes later with three tall boys standing their. Albus was in front with Tyler and Scorpius behind him. Scorpius already had his robes on, and a P pinned to them. I wonder when the Perfect meeting is anyway.

"Dom, give it back. He was just playing around," Albus sighed.

"I should break it, in two!" She yelled. She held two wands in her hands.

"Don't be brat Dom," Albus yelled back.

"That is not a way to get something, Albus. I want him to come and beg!" Dominique smirked.

"Com'on Dom. Just give it back please," Tyler said from behind Albus. OMG DID TYLER NOTT JUST SPEAK. And did he get taller? And hot? IS TYLER NOTT HOT?! I saw that Dom was a little taken back. Wait, now that I look everyone looked like they just gasped.

"Here," Dom said rolling her eyes and handing Alessio's wand to Albus. Again another gasp! What is going on?!?!?

"Thanks," Albus and his gang said walking out. I jumped up quickly, getting out of my shocked state.

"Scorpius!" I yelled down the corridor. He wasn't that far down.

He turned around with a little confused look. "Yeah?"

"Is the meeting soon?"

"Yeah there starting a little late this year. You should probably change," he said turning around, and running to catch up to Albus and Tyler. I went back into the compartment to see that everyone hasn't recovered from the shock.

"What. Just. Happened?" Carly gasped out.

"So, he grew a pair, who cares. Dom why you give in so quickly!?" Rain asked.

"It's not a big deal lets drop it," she said rolling her eyes. She settled in her seat, to take a nap.

"Well anyway...." Rain said going back to her muggle ipod thing. How she even knows about one is shocking to me. I think she has muggle grandparents, that she stays with sometimes to be so muggle pro.

I started to get dressed in my robes and pinned my P on my chest. I never even wanted to be Perfect. I sat back down and looked around to see what everyone else was doing. Dominique was sleeping like a baby. Carly was drawing Quidditch plays. She even made the little people move on the paper. I looked over at Hillary who was reading a book. She was reading The Life and Times of Harry Potter typical. She used to be in love with Uncle Harry in first year. Then she meet James. She also flipped when she found out who I was. But I still love her, even though she was a complete stalker.

Around half past eleven I saw some people making there way down the train. I made my way out the compartment and noticed one of the Ranvenclaw's Perfect. I passed by Albus's compartment and saw that Scorpius was still in there. I guess I'll do one polite thing today. I slid opened the compartment door, to see Albus, Scorpius, Tyler and Alessio.

"Yes, Rose?" Albus said staring up at me. He was on the floor. It seemed that Zabini has taken up the whole seat by laying down.

"Oh, I just wanted to tell Scorpius, that the meeting is starting," I said glancing at him.

"Oh. Thanks Rose," he said getting up.

"Did Dominique really just hand over my wand?" Alessio blurted out.

"Way to be settle," I heard Scorpius mutter.

"Yeah, I couldn't believe it either," I said looking down at his bewildered face.

"I wonder why," Scorpius said looking at Tyler. Tyler blushed slightly and looked back down at his book.

"See ya guys," I said walking out. Scorpius followed behind me. It wasn't that far of a walk but it was a very awkwardly silent.

"Did you get in alot of trouble?" Scorpius asked behind me. I guess he felt the awkward air too.

"Not that much. You stayed at the Potter's right?" I asked still looking ahead.

"Yeah. Your Aunt Ginny went mental on them. James mostly but Albus too. She even got some shouts on me," he said chuckling.

I slid open the Perfect's Carriage to end our conversation. I walked in and sat down to wait for the Heads to come in. I looked around to see if there was any new people. The two Ranvenclaw Perfects were Nancy Moon and Lorcan Scamander. I smiled at Lorcan. The two Huffelpuff Perfects Lisa Kan and Jack Fletchley(NEW). The two Slytherins Perfect are Scorpius Malfoy and Parker Zabini. Parker Zabini is always over Scorpius all the time. He went out with her in filth year and he broke it off. And Zabini just hasn't let him go. Zabini is also the 6th years biggest slag and she is a foul git.

I looked next to me, up at Chace Bones who was the other Gryifindor's Perfect.

"Have a nice summer, Bones?" I asked looking up at him. Chace Bones was a very handsome boy. He was one of the typical pretty of the Gryffindors. Except he's really nice out of all those other ones who are to stuck up to even talk to anyone. He asked me out in fourth year. We only went to Hogsmeade together, and that was that. We stayed very close friends though.

"Eh could have been better. You have a good one?" He asked looking down at me.

"Yeah, it was alri-" The compartment door slid open and the Heads walked in. My cousin Molly Weasley and Chad Grey who is the seventh year GOD. I'm glad I get to stare at him.

"Alright lets start," Molly said looking at Chad to continue.

"Okay well welcome back to our old Perfects. And hello to the new ones. Being a Perfect is quite easy. We'll make up a schedule for rounds and we'll make sure everyone gets one. But this year we are doing something different," he said smiling at Molly to continue.

"Chad and I thought it would be best to split up Perfects from the same house. Considering this was a problem last year," she looked at Parker. Scorpius and Parker never did rounds when the went out, if ya know what I mean.

"Okay, so we'll pass out the schedule later and make sure everyone gets one. Meeting dismissed," Molly finished. Everyone started to get up and leave. I walked back down to the girls compartment. We'll probably be their soon. How I missed Hogwarts.


Before I knew it I was at the Gryffindor table.

"I wish these little people will hurry up. I'm starved," Dominique said. I held back a giggle.

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat yelled out, interrupting our conversation. We all cheered and continued on like nothing happened.

"I know right, I'm so hungry," Hillary whispered over the table. Me and Rain both rolled our eyes.

"Ya know she had like seven chocolate frogs when ya left," Rain whispered into my ear.

"Obviously. Oh I forgot to tell ya-"

"GRYFFINDOR!" We all cheered again.

"Scorpius said that Zabini liked ya last year," I smirked. She sighed and looked over to the Slytherin table. I glanced at the four boys too. Tyler was actual listening to Professor Longbottom, reading out all the firstys names. Albus was trying to hold in laughter while Alessio whispered something in his ear. Scorpius looked bored with his head on his arms. But Rain eyes weren't gazing at Alessio. Her gaze was on Albus. She turned quickly to Headmistress McGonagall who was standing up at the microphone.

"As Albus Dumbledore once said 'Tuck in!'" The food magically appeared.

"Finally!" Hillary yelled filling her plate with everything. I swiped some chicken fast before Hillary destroyed it.

"She's like a vacuum," Rain snorted taking another bite of her roast beef.

After dinner I walked the first years to the Gryffindor common room. All the girls said they meet me in the room. Chace was telling on the firstys about the stairs and the rooms.

I saw Albus walking to the dungeons he smiled and waved. Then went back to fooling around with Alessio. I really don't see what Rain sees in any of them. See here is the thing. Rain used to be like in love love with Albus. But she stopped last year. And I've always been pushing her into Alessio. Cause well Alessio is hot and nice (when he wants to be.) He never actually fools around with Rain cause well he knows he will get killed. With Dominique it's just empty words.

"Rose do you want to add anything?" Chace finished. When did we get into the common room.

"Um no. Just have a lovely time and don't be to crazy on your first night. If you have any questions just come to us," I finished off with a smile. After that the first years ran up to the stairs.

"Were we that small?" Chace asked looking up the stairs.

"No way," I laughed.

"Well night Rose," Chace said going up the stairs but he stopped and turned. "Oh and Rose?"


"Try not to scare the firstys this year," he said smiling and dashing up the stairs. I smiled and walked up the girls stairs.

I walked in to the dorm with candles all around the room. The girls made a fort, with wraps and sheets. So it didn't show the ceiling and windows.

"Alright, ready to start?" Rain said with her war paint on.

"Yes," I said grabbing some paint and making to marks under my eyes.

"Okay," Dominique said getting up from the circle. I took my seat next to Rain and Hillary. "I will make this quick and sweet. But don't forget to make your war cries," We all stood knowing what will come next. "We are the Gryffindor Sixth years! Here us roar! We are tough! Strong! And all mighty! We are lions! Female! And damn proud!" We all cheered and ran around in a circle. "Alright! LETS DO THIS!" Dominique ran first out of the room and us all following.

We did this ever year. It's how we celebrate the new year. We all would run all the way down to the kitchens. While cheering and howling like maniacs. We all would get detentions but it was a tradition. That everyone got used to and expected from the Gryffindor Sixth year girls.

We start off every year the same... but who knew that this year would be different.

Sooo what do you guys think of the second chapter!?! Tell me about it down there... in that little box... Com'on You know you want to... Please? Pretty please?


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