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v a n i l l a ♥ t w i l i g h t by dream_BIG
Chapter 4 : …And Peter Henry Reaches a Whole New Level of Creepiness.
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V I C T O I R E . W E A S L E Y

I just snogged Teddy Lupin.

And I enjoyed it.

Something’s wrong with me! SOMETHING HAS INFECTED MY BRAIN!!

I should have known! Ever since Linda popped up, everything’s been completely wrong! What’s wrong with me?!

I can’t believe this. I voluntarily snogged Teddy Lupin. And I enjoyed it. A lot.

Don’t you dare tell anyone. Especially not –

Hello, darling.

Linda! Hi! How have you been? Life’s treating you well? That’s good.

So…what’s this is hear, huh? You just snogged Teddy Lupin, did you? And you enjoyed it? Tut, tut. I thought you hated him! I thought you said he wasn’t attractive! I thought you said you’d rather eat James’ dirty underwear!!

Heh. Heh. Well, anything’s better than James’ dirty underwear, right? Heh.

You snogged Teddy Lupin and enjoyed it. Ha. I think this is a great time to say… “I TOLD YOU SO!”

You told me so? What did you tell me? I only snogged Teddy Lupin because I wanted that potion. He forced me into it! This is sexual assault! He’s a sex offender!!

Victoire. Do you think before you think things? That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If my memory serves right, I distinctly remember him saying ‘kiss’, not ‘snog’. And he gave you a choice. And, might I add, you were the one that instigated that snog.

Well, your memory serves wrong! You weren’t even there!

Yes I was. I am a part of you, Victoire.

SHUT UP! I didn’t like it! It was an accident! I got caught up in the moment! I didn’t mean to do it!

You keep telling yourself that, sweetie. You keep telling yourself that. But I know the truth.

The truth? What truth?

The truth about this all.

Well, what is it, then? O omniscient one?

Yes, yes. I like that name. Keep calling me that. The truth is…


The truth is…


The truth is…


Tsk, tsk, Tori. Language. The truth is that you LIKE Teddy Lupin.

HA! You’re funny, Linda. Really.


I am NOT in denial, Linda! I don’t like him! Yeah, so I may have enjoyed that snog a little, but that’s nothing. I still hate him.



“Um, Tori?

“WHAT?!” I shrieked, jumping up and looking around wildly. “What, what happened? Who’s hurt? What’s going on?”

“Calm down!” Maddy looked thoroughly alarmed. “You just looked a bit constipated, so I was suggesting that you try and sit on the toilet seat.”

“Oh.” I gave a loud, false laugh. “It’s nothing. I’m fine. Really.”

“Okay.” Maddy gave me another one of those ‘I’m seriously starting to doubt your mental capabilities’ looks, and left the room rather hastily, as though she feared that insanity was contagious. Well, of course it is, Madster. I spent most of my life with you, didn’t I? You were bound to rub off sometime. 

Sighing, I sat back down on the bed. Maddy is almost best friends with Teddy Lupin. She would be so dissapointed if I told her that I snogged him just to mess with him. I can't tell her I did it. I can't.



I winced as I heard the loud dulcet tones of none other than Peter Henry and quickened my pace.

Maybe if I don’t acknowledge his presence, he’ll go away.

…and that was possibly the most naïve, stupid thing I’ve ever thought.

I attract wierdos like honey attracts flies. If not Peter, then some other freak of nature would be after me. It’s inevitable. I’m a freak magnet.

“Victoire!” Panting, Peter grabbed my arm and spun me around to face him. His face was glowing and his eyes were sparkling. He looked genuinely happy to see me, which was one sentiment that I could never return.

It’s not like Peter wasn’t attractive. He totally was. Girls loved him, though after they found out about his more-than-creepy and extremely unhealthy obsession with me, they sort of stayed back a bit. To be honest, I had, on more than one occasion, really sat down and wondered if there was something wrong with him. Maybe his mother – no offense to your parenting capabilities, Mrs. Henry – dropped him on his head one too many times as a child or something. There had to be something.

“Hullo, Peter.” I said dully.

“Victoire! I haven’t seen you in…” He checked his watch. “Three three point oh five minutes! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?”

“Um.” I started.

“Also.” He got out a little blue notebook and started flipping through it. “Where were you at 3:55, 5:47, and 8:23 yesterday? It’s written here that you were nowhere to be found.”

My eyes grew and I took an involuntary step back. “You’ve been recording the times you didn’t see me?” I asked in a voice that was an octave higher than usual.


I’m afraid for my life right now.

No, really.

“Yes! If we’re going to date, Vicky, I must know where you are!” He cried.

I looked at him for a full three minutes, just waiting for him to spontaneously combust, or at the very least yell out ‘gotcha!’ He didn’t.

“Peter.” I said slowly. “We are not dating. I said no. Many times, as I recall. I also hate the name Vicky. Do not ever call me that.”

“Of course we’re dating!” Peter said, like us not dating was the most ludicrous thing he had ever heard. “I’ve already picked out your wedding ring, and named our children. Agatha and Kristie.”

I stared some more.

He has got to be kidding.

“You’re kidding, right?” I asked, still in that blank, confused way of mine. “Peter, I’m not dating you! I’m not getting married to you! And I am most certainly not having children with you and naming them Agatha and Kristie.”

“But we’re meant to be!” He cried, advancing towards me with an earnest expression as I backed away slowly.

“No, we’re not!” I squeaked. “Stay away from me! Stop stalking me! RETURN THE RING! GET AWAY FROM ME!”

“But Victoire, I love you!” He grabbed my hand and kneeled down on the floor. I glanced around wildly for someone – anyone – that could save me, but the throng of thoroughly entertained people surrounding us did not include any of my friends.

Damn it.

“Peter, let go of me.” I said in a calm voice.

“No, Vicky, I love you! You have to marry me! MARRY ME!” He pulled out the largest and ugliest rock I had ever seen and held it up to me. My eyes grew even more.

This has to be some sort of frightening nightmare. Or at least a sick joke.

“N –” I started to protest, but he had already slid the rock onto my finger, stood up, and slammed his mouth onto mine.


Suddenly, Peter became as stiff as a board and fell down like a plank. I staggered back a couple of steps, panting from the severe lack of air I had been receiving, and struggled to pull the ring off of my finger. I was dimly aware of a small whimpering sound that seemed to be coming from me.

“Shh,” Soft, gentle arms were hugging me, and I let myself get comforted by the protective hug that Maddy enfolded me in. “Tori, it’s okay. I got him off of you.”

Petrificus Totalus. Of course.

“Ring.” I got out, still panting, still struggling to pull it off. Maddy gently took my hand and disengaged the ring from my finger. I grabbed it and chucked it at Peter, watching as it bounced off of him and landed on the ground with a clattering sound.

“Did he hurt you?” Maddy asked, and I could see a fierce kind of light in her blue-ish eyes. Her strawberry blonde hair – more strawberry than blonde – glowed like a red halo around her head, making her look beautiful and frightening at the same time.

It was pretty cool.

“No.” I got out, chuckling weakly. “Just another one of his attempts. I just wasn’t prepared for this one. I should have run away when I had the chance.”

“We have to do something.” Maddy said seriously, looking down at Peter with a distasteful expression on her face. “This kid is mental. He’ll hurt you, Tori.”

“No.” I shook my head, defending him for some odd reason. “He’s just really, totally obsessed. It clouds his judgment, Maddy. He doesn’t know that what he’s doing scares me.”

“Fine.” She said. “But I’m leaving him there.”

“Good.” I said. “Merlin, that was the creepiest thing ever.”

“Agreed.” She nodded fervently, leading me towards the Common Room. “Tori, we’ve got to do something. I’m scared for you.”

I laughed. “It’s just Peter. He just surprised me this time, Maddy, it’s nothing.”

“No. Still.” She insisted, eyes wide and persuasive. “I can’t have this happening to you all the time! It’s scary! It’s –”

“Hey, love!”


I clapped my hands over my ears at her shriek. Merlin, this girl is going to make me deaf!

And without another word, she spun around and launched herself at Nick, who staggered back a couple of steps but still managed to catch her.

I chuckled as I watched her kiss him enthusiastically, then winced and looked away when he responded.

Lesson: Never watch best friend snog her boyfriend. It is repulsive. 

“I heard what happened.”

My face immediately morphed into a scowl at the smooth, velvety voice that uttered those words.

“Who didn’t?” I asked grouchily, not looking at Lupin.

There was a moment of silence that was only broken by the faint sound of Maddy and Nick snogging. Which, you know, is never awkward. Surprised at his silence, I turned to look at him, and saw that his eyes were dark and angry, his posture stiff and controlled. He seemed to be fighting some sort of raging internal battle, because he looked a bit constipated.

“Did he hurt you?” He finally managed to ask in a tight voice, teeth gritted. The sentence still came out as a low snarl.

“No.” I was surprised into answering. Why does Lupin look so…so…protective? Right now, if I didn’t know any better, I would have assumed that Lupin was angry about Peter’s little…drama. I would have assumed that Lupin wanted to rip the kid from limb to limb.

But of course he doesn’t. Lupin hates me. He enjoys anything that gives me even the slightest discomfort.


“Good.” He looked a deep breath and closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Are you okay?” I asked timidly, looking in alarm at his clearly angry posture.

“No. I want to kill Peter Henry, actually.” He said in that same low, harsh voice.


“Why?” I asked, confused about his sudden, strong homicidal urge.

“Weasley, I grew up with you. If you think that doesn’t make me even a little overprotective, you’re very wrong.” He opened his eyes, and I was startled by the stormy, angry grey color they had turned to.

“A little?” I let out an incredulous laugh. “Lupin, you went and rethought your moral opposition to murder because of one measly little forced kiss.”

He snarled like an angry werewolf, then forced himself to take a couple more deep breaths. “I’m going to destroy him.” He growled, still breathing shallowly.

My eyes were as wide as saucers. Is it just me, or does anyone else think Lupin’s getting a tad dramatic? It’s not that big of a deal! He’s overreacting.

“Teddy,” I said, looking at him, still alarmed. “Take deep breaths. In. Out. Deep. Breaths. Let’s find your inner zen, okay? Yoga. Peace. Deep breaths.”

I peered at his face, still a little wary, and watched as his eyes slowly turned to their normal honey brown color.

“Are you okay now?” I asked nervously, and he nodded, though the motion was still jerky.

“Merlin, Lupin –” I started, shaking my head.

“Teddy.” He cut across.


“Teddy. My name is Teddy.”

I looked at him. “Yes. I am aware of that. Thanks for re-enlightening me.”

“You called me Teddy before. Keep doing that.”

“Uhm, okay….that was weird. Anyway, as I was saying: Merlin, Lupin! You’re overreacting; that wasn’t even a big deal! So, he proposed to me, and then put the ring on before I said yes, and then kissed me…all forcibly…wait, does this mean I’m engaged to Peter Henry?” I asked in a horrified voice.

“No.” Lupin snarled, still looking quite deranged.

It’s the wolf in him, I can tell. It makes me do things that are scary, too. Sometimes I get so mad that I can’t control it and I just…rip apart. Completely lose it. And that is not safe. When we’re angry or passionate is when we’re the most dangerous.

“Teddy.” I said in a soothing voice, stepping in front of him and forcing him to look into my eyes. I recoiled a bit when I saw that his eyes were a bright, angry red color, making him look like a freaky vampire. “Teddy, calm. Calm down.”

He tried to look away, knowing that the red in his pupils was scaring me, but I caught his face between my hands and forced him to stare right at me. “Calm down, Teddy.” I soothed.

I’m only calling him Teddy because he wants me to. And that’s going to calm him down. It’s the only reason I’m doing this, okay?

Just thought I should make myself clear.

His eyes went back to brown and his face became a bit more peaceful; that’s when I realized that I hadn’t taken a breath this whole time. I did now, sighing in relief.

“You almost got…very dangerous.” I whispered, looking at him and biting my lip nervously.

“I know.” His returning whisper was husky. “I’m sorry; I just got so mad.”

“It happens.”

“Thank you.” He closed his eyes, and I froze as he leaned his forehead against mine, my hands still clutching his face tightly between them.

“What are you doing?” I asked in a strangled squeak/whisper.

“Relaxing. You should do it too, you’re all tense.” This time it was his voice that was smooth and velvety as it washed over my face, leaving a sweet smell lingering behind.

“Against my forehead?!” I asked.

“Sure. It’s convenient.”

“Lupin, it looks like we’re –”

“Why are you two snogging?!”

I rolled my eyes at the suspicious tone Maddy’s voice had taken.

“Calm down, Maddy. We’re not snogging; we’re relaxing.” Ted – Lupin said without lifting his head from mine.

Nick snorted in disbelief. “Yes; because people always ‘relax’ against each other’s foreheads. That’s perfectly normal.”

“If it helps.” I piped up, my forehead still glued to Lupin’s. “I had nothing to do with this. Lupin just freaked out, then I got him to calm down, and now he won’t get off my forehead.”

“You know,” Maddy began in an amused voice. “If I didn’t know any better –”

“You don’t.” I muttered.

Maddy’s glare burned a hole in the side of my face. “As I was saying, if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that – hold on, why was Ted freaking out?”

Don’t you just love Maddy’s train of thought? It’s similar to that of a hyperactive squirrel.

“He wanted to kill Peter Henry for that little stunt he pulled.” I said, trying to lean back, but failing miserably. Lupin wouldn’t let me move. It was like he had performed some sort of sticking charm on our foreheads. “Overprotective idiot.” I added in an undertone.

“Really?” Nick’s voice held bemusement, and I could practically hear the smirk in his tone. “Teddy’s overprotective now, is he?”

“Finally!” I exclaimed loudly as Lupin pulled his forehead off of mine and whipped around to glare at Nick.

“Why is dear Teddy so overprotective? I wonder.” Nick went on musingly, his tone slightly mocking.

“She’s nearly family.” Teddy snapped “Her father asked me to. That’s the only reason.”

“Sure it is.” Nick smirked. Maddy also smirked. Teddy glared.

I feel like I’m missing something here.

Suddenly, Maddy’s smirk was replaced by That Face. You know, THAT FACE. That ‘I’ve just had a brilliant idea that Victoire will hate, but I love because it was mine and brilliant’ Face.

I hate that face.

It usually ends in disaster. First it’s the Face, then the Idea, then the Puppy-dog face, then the ‘Victoire relenting’ phase, then we carry it out, it doesn’t work, Maddy fails to get discouraged, and disaster ensues.

“I just got a brilliant id –”

“NO IDEAS!” I shrieked. “No ideas, Maddy! NO MORE IDEAS!”

“Aw, come on, Tori, you’ll like this –”

“NO.” I said firmly. “Remember your last ‘brilliant idea’, Maddy?”

Her expression turned sheepish.

“Why, what happened?” Nick asked, looking back and forth between my wary/pissed expression, Lupin’s amused expression, and Maddy’s abashed expression.

“You don’t want to know.” I said darkly, and Nick’s eyebrows went up.

“She blew up the Eiffel Tower.” Lupin explained, his mouth stretched into a wide grin.

“What?” Nick looked amazed.

“I did not!” Maddy said, affronted. “It was only part of it, and we fixed it right away! No one knew! It wasn’t even my fault!”

“Okay.” I said. “What about the Noodle Incident?”

Lupin winced.


“What’s the Noodle Incident?” Nick asked, looking slightly afraid.

“You really don’t want to know, mate.” Lupin patted him on the back. “Trust me.”

“And what about the Peacock Episode of ’01?” I continued, and Maddy’s eyes widened.

“Peacocks.” She whispered menacingly. “Stupid goddamned birds from hell.”

“You’re just afraid.” I smirked.

“Maddy’s afraid of peacocks?” Nick asked in disbelief. “Maddy? Afraid? Of PEACOCKS?!”

“Shut up!” Maddy defended. “They’re freaky, okay?”

“Oh, yes. Their beautiful feathers…” I mock shuddered. “Terrifying.”


“That’s just because – mmphh!”

“Don’t you dare say a word.” Maddy hissed, her hand clamped firmly over my mouth. I glared at her.

“Lumph guh uph meh grungh nuh.” I demanded.

“She got chased around a zoo by the whole gaggle. And then one managed to bite her on the arse while she was still trying to get away from them. And it kept biting her, and she would shriek and run faster, and well, she made, like, four rounds around the zoo before the guy took pity on her and locked the peacocks up again. I recall that, after the incident, Maddy was found curled up in a ball under a park bench, whimpering.” Lupin said, smirking when Maddy turned around and shot him the finger.

Nick laughed, and Maddy’s expression turned livid. “Shut up!” She cried. “It was a traumatizing experience, okay? I’ve been scarred for life! I’m really scared of them! STOP LAUGHING!”

We all stopped.

“Sorry, Mads.” I said. “We shouldn’t make fun.”

“No. You shouldn’t.” Maddy said, still looking upset.

“If it helps,” Nick began. “I’m scared of my Uncle Barry.”

“I’m scared of spiders.” I added.

“I’m scared of…you know.” Lupin said, scratching the back of his head. Maddy and Nick looked at him understandingly. I, however, had no clue what he was talking about.

“What are you scared of?” I asked him, cocking my head. “I don’t know.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“But I want to know. Nick and Maddy seem to know about it.”

“That’s because they’re my friends.” His tone was scathing, and I glared at him.

“Can I tell you my idea now?” Maddy cut in, obviously afraid of another fight.

No.” I snapped at her, and immediately regretted it as she recoiled from my sharp tone, looking hurt. I took a deep breath and controlled myself.

“Sure.” I said, smiling at her.

“I –” She bit her lip. “Actually, I have to clear some things up, first. But you agree, right?” She looked hopefully at me.

“Maddy, I don’t even know –”

“You agree, right?”

“I don’t even know what the plan is!”

“Still. Tell me you’ll do it.”

“How am I supposed to agree to something that I don’t even know about?”

“But I have to know you’ll carry it out before I start planning everything.”

“At least tell me your idea first.”

“I have to clear some things up, Tori! But I have to know you’ll do it!”

I sighed deeply. “Maddy,” I began patiently. “Once I know what the plan is, I’ll agree to it. Just tell me what it is.”

She bit her lip. “Will you say yes if Teddy tells you what he’s afraid of?”

Teddy looked at her in outrage, hands outstretched as if to say: ‘what the hell?!’

“Is that relevant to the plan?” I asked her.

“Kind of.”

Teddy’s eyes widened. “Maddy?” He asked.

“I’ll make it happen, Ted.” She turned to him, eyes bright. “I know it will happen. I’ll make it work.”

“But, Maddy –”

“You don’t have to be afraid anymore.” She whispered. My brow furrowed as I looked back and forth between them. Maddy chooses now to be all elusive and mysterious? WHY NOW?!

“Maddy, I don’t understand –” Teddy began, looking confused.

“Just tell her. And she’ll agree. Right, Tori?”

“Sure…?” I said, wanting to know something.

Lupin turned to me, still looking confused and a bit shocked. “I’m scared of everything staying the way it is.” He said, gazing at me like he could see inside me.

“Heh?” I asked oh-so-intelligently. “Why would you be afraid of that? Your life is perfect!”

“No, it’s not.”

“That doesn’t make any –”

“Later, girls.” Nick cut across, taking Lupin’s shoulder and steering him to the boys’ staircase. He stole a kiss from Maddy along the way, and with a polite smile and wave to me, disappeared up the stairs, Lupin in tow.

“Maddy, what’s going on?” I demanded, turning back to her. She was biting her lip, calculating.

“You’ll agree to it, right Victoire? You’ll do the plan, no matter what it is?” She asked me solemnly.

“I said yes, but Maddy –”

“You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, right Tori?” She cut across, eyes clear and truthful.

“I’ll do it.”

review, please! and i would love you if you gave me a favorite quote :D

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