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Something Else by Little_My
Chapter 1 : New Beginnings and Starsights
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Thank you so much EnnaBella for beeing my Beta!!:)
Disclaimer: Nope, not my univers...

I couldn’t go to sleep. I could only lay still, listening to the small snores and the breathing of the girls around me, taking it all in. It was a real wonder how manly of snores sixteen year old girls could make. Honestly. 

Finally, I just couldn’t lie there anymore, so I stood up, put some clothes on and went down to the Common Room. The train ride, the feast, the creepy old hat and all the talking there wasn’t really any way I was going to sleep any time soon.  Not to mention I was feeling a bit homesick. So, I exited the Common Room in search for a room with a starry view.

 Due to my father’s obsession with stars, I knew them all. Some people feel smaller when they look up at a sky full of stars, but I feel something different. I feet like a part of something bigger, and I always feel comfort when I look at them. Merlin knows that that was what I needed at the moment.


I went into a dark and empty classroom and sat down by the window. The cold stone floor made me shiver a little, so I pulled my grey cardigan even tighter around me. Ah, there was the polar star. I smiled. Then I frowned.

  What on earth was I really thinking of? Was the change I had craved so badly really what I wanted? I was starting my sixth year at an entire new school, knowing no one, leaving my old friends, the old drama and everything I knew for Hogwarts in Scotland. My dad was American, so the language was no problem as I spoke it at home all the time; it was more different terms and other people.

But then again, it was something else I’d wanted, meeting new people and having a different environment was what I wanted. Right? 

 Now was really the time of getting second thoughts…

I just had to question my decision, didn’t I?  I’d fought with my parents to come here, and I knew myself that there were no turning back. I was way too stubborn. My best quality by far. It had put me in a lot of trouble during my years. And the best thing? It was always my own fault and I knew it. Didn’t keep me from finding someone else to blame though. Worked every time. 


Suddenly the door was opened, and a tall boy with silver hair entered the room, closing the door quietly. I’d barely spoken to him at the train, at the food trolley. A girl needs her chocolate you know, and those chocolate frogs are brilliant!

 Anyway, he turned around and made a really funny and surprised face when he saw me, he obviously didn’t expect anyone to be here, but made a gesture telling me to be quiet. Like I was the one bursting into the room.


We were quiet for a couple of minutes before I broke the silence.



Oh, how original.

 “Hey, food-trolley girl!”

He smiled at me, and laughed at my eyebrow shooting up at the name. That was so not being my new nickname! Wait, he remembered me! That could be something, right?


“Samantha, call me Sam. And you? Chocolate-frog guy?”

Chocolate frog-guy? Why did it have to sound so lame? A perfect comeback would come to me in a couple of days, I was sure. Just too bad my brain couldn’t manage to work properly when it should.


“Scorpius. Sixth year, Slytherin.”


Scorpius? What kind of name was that? Oh, well I really wasn’t the one to talk, with my sets of middle names. Thanks Mum.


“Cool. So, what’s your excuse for being out so late?”


“Saw my girlfriend. Your excuse?”


A girlfriend. Should have known. He was pretty good-looking, especially with those cheekbones.


“Seeing her of to bed then? How sweet. I’m watching the stars.”


He smiled.


“My Dad and I used to do this when I was a kid.”


I looked surprised at him, “Really? My dad and I did, too! He’s all about stars. He taught me all of them.”


Scorpius came over and sat down next to me. During the next few minutes we pointed out stars for each other, joking and talking.


“So, you’re new here right? What house are you in?” Scorpius looked over at me, looking curious.


“Yup, first day tomorrow. The creepy old hat put me in Gryffindor.”


I frowned while I put my long dark brown hair up in a messy ponytail. That hat was scary.


Scorpius laughed at my description of the hat. What was it with this school and the obsession of that hat? It even preformed a song at the feast!

“Gryffindor? You brave then?” He winked at me before continuing, “May I ask why you changed school? Thrown out or something?”


“Nope, nothing like that. I just … I just needed some change, you know? Needed to get away from things, and well, get some change.”


He looked at me.




“Yeah. Fresh start, altering, transforming, something else, something different, you get the point.”


He continued to look at me. His silver grey eyes inspected my dark blue eyes, before he said out quite bluntly, if I can say so myself: 

“You were thrown out, weren’t you?”


“No, I’m serious; I’m having a different year, without the same old, same old at the Scandinavian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!”


He still looked me. Why was he looking at me that way? I was actually telling the truth here!

Then he snorted.

“Yeah, right! You’re going to tell me one day, trust me.”



I muttered while smiling and pushing him, so he almost fell out of the window.



Three hours later with talking, jokes, laughter, some tiptoeing and a hushed argument with the fat portrait lady, I was able to make it to my bed. 

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