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Foundling. by MissSparkle
Chapter 5 : Visitors.
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Author’s note. Sorry it’s taken me so long to update, I just got caught up with so many things. Thanks so much to those who have read this story and have been waiting for me to update. Remeber, suggestions are welcome.

 But here finally is chapter six where you finally find out who Severus saw out the window.

Fun fact- Bas is the Egyptian Patron of Cats.

Enjoy and please review.

Spinner’s End was quiet. Everyone was either down the pub or having their dinner. There was no rain this night, the air was still. The muffled sound of music dully beat from one house but there was no one around to hear it.

Suddenly a loud crack broke the silence. No one saw it and on one saw that a tall man with long white hair and beard had appeared. He was wearing a long deep purple robe with a star studded belt, and high boots. This very elderly gentleman started walking serenely down the street towards Severus’s house when there was another loud crack right behind him. He turned to smile at a severe looking woman who was wearing a mountain climbing outfit and walking boots. She was also wearing a long dark cloak.

“Good evening Minerva” said Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, pleasantly. “I take it you received an Owl from Severus?”

“Good evening Albus and yes I did” replied Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress and Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts. “Did Severus tell you what this is all about?”

“I’m afraid he did not Minerva, I can only assume it’s something very serious and important for Severus to ask both of us to come” Dumbledore said calmly though his face held a note of question.

Minerva, who was now walking beside Dumbledore, said.

“I’m slightly surprised he asked me to come, I can understand you Albus.”

“My dear Minerva, Severus highly respects you, even though your two Houses are rivals” Dumbledore said warmly as he opened the gate to Severus’s garden. As he and Minerva stepped through, they could see lights on in the house. But as they started to walk towards it, Dumbledore suddenly paused and said.

“Minerva, this may be an unnecessary precaution but perhaps you should have a quick scout up ahead. We don’t know what’s happening or if Severus has company.”

Minerva nodded and in a moment had transformed into the stripped tabby cat that was her Animagus form. She silently crept along the overgrown path, listening for any strange noises. She could see light coming from what must be the sitting room but the blinds were drawn so instead she headed around the house.

Coming to a lit window that was not covered, she leapt up onto the windowsill to peer inside. The remains of a roast dinner were sitting on an oven and there were dirty dishes in the sink. Just then a young man with long black hair entered the kitchen and put some more dishes in the sink. He was just turning the tap on when he looked up and saw her. She mentally chuckled at the brief look of surprise on her colleague’s face.

Severus quickly got over his surprise and turning off the tap, made his way outside through the kitchen door. Once he was at the kitchen window, the tabby cat leapt lightly onto his shoulder, draping herself around his head. Severus scratched the cat’s ear and she purred.

“Is Albus with you?” Severus asked the cat.

She purred again, so Severus made his way round to the front of the house to where Dumbledore was examining an overgrown rose bush. Dumbledore smiled warmly at the sight of Severus.

“Thank-you for coming Albus and you Minerva” Severus said, nodding at the headmaster.

The cat on his shoulder stood and leapt off, transforming back into human form.

“We weren’t sure of the situation Severus, which is why I was on your window” Minerva explained turning to face her two colleagues.

“Yes I’m sorry I couldn’t be more explicit in my letter, but I couldn’t risk them falling into the wrong hands. And I’m also apologise for taking you away from your holiday Minerva and you from your conference Albus” said Severus, giving Dumbledore a sly smile.

“My dear boy, believe me this is a welcome break” Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling.

“And I still have plenty of my holiday left to enjoy” put in Minerva. “Now just what is happening, Severus?”

“It might be best if I just show you” Severus said leading them over to one of the sitting room windows which were curtained. He took out his wand and tapped the window lightly causing the curtains to fall back slightly.

Severus stepped aside to allow Dumbledore and Minerva to peer inside. Both were surprised to see a small dark haired boy reading a book on a sofa by the fire. Before either of them could say anything, the boys leaned further into the light and brushed hair out of his eyes to reveal a lightening shaped scar on his forehead. Dumbledore and Minerva stared for a moment before withdrawing from the window.

“Well Severus, I can certainly see why you called us” Dumbledore said calmly, though his eyes held a note of question. Minerva was also composed but her eyes showed her worry and confusion.

“Severus” she said. “How in Merlin’s name did you end up with Harry Potter?”

“He knocked on my door last night, soaking wet and lost” replied Severus grimly. “He was very scared and had hurt himself falling.”

Minerva turned back to stare into the living room at Harry, her face creased in sadness. She saw how at ease the little boy looked and smiled. Most children tended to be a bit scared of her colleague even though, under the strict sarcastic exterior, was a kind heart. She also saw Harry glance at the sitting room door a few times while he read.

“I think Harry is wondering where you are, Severus” she said smiling.

Severus frowned and Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled.

“He could do with some company but I don’t want to discuss anything in front of him” said Severus slowly. “He now knows he’s a wizard and so am I but nothing else.”

“You told him Severus?” asked Dumbledore in mild surprise.

“He got hold of my paper and he would have found out sooner or later” Severus smiled. “He gets very excited over anything magic.”

“As do most children at his age” said Minerva. She glanced once more at the window then turned back to face Dumbledore and Severus.

“I could watch Harry as Bas while you two discuss this?” she said looking at Severus as he said.

“Are you sure Minerva? He is a well behaved child but I don’t want to exclude you.”

“Quite sure and besides, you can always fill me in later” Minerva said firmly before transforming into the tabby cat Bas.

Severus bent and scooped the tabby cat into his arms. He then led Dumbledore into his house. Leaving Dumbledore in the hallway, he entered the sitting room with Bas in his arms. Harry looked up from his book smiled at the sight of Severus. Harry also looked delighted at the sight of Bas.

“Sir, is that your cat?” he asked eagerly.

“No Harry, this is a very friendly cat who sometimes visits me” said Severus carrying the tabby over to Harry. “Her name is Bas and she likes good children who behave. Would you like to hold her nicely?”

“Yes please, sir” said Harry putting his book aside and sitting back on the sofa so he had a bigger lap available. Severus gently put the cat on Harry’s lap and the young boy tickled the cat’s ears.

“I’ll be through in the kitchen if you need me Harry” said Severus as he went to take Dumbledore into the kitchen.

Harry laughed as the cat rubbed its head against his. He stroked Bas and she purred loudly. After kneading his knee to the right consistency, she settled on his lap. Harry continued gently stroking her.

“You’re a beautiful cat, Bas and you have a cool name too.”

Bas purred even louder.

“My neighbour Mrs Figg has loads of cats. I don’t think I’d want that many cats but they are friendly” Harry said before heaving a sigh.

“Aunt Petunia doesn’t like animals, she says they make a mess so there’s no chance of ever getting a cat or dog. Dudley once had a tortoise but he threw it through a window. He also had a couple of goldfish but he didn’t look after them so I had too. But I didn’t mind as I could pretend they were mine. Fish don’t live long though” Harry finished sadly.

Bas rubbed her head against his knee sympathetically as Harry continued.

“My Aunt Marge has dogs and whenever she visits us, she brings one called Ripper along. I don’t like Ripper, he once chased me up a tree, and Aunt Marge wouldn’t call him off till it was very late.”

At this Bas dug her claws in slightly before retracting them.

“Aunt Marge was supposed to be looking after me and my cousin Dudley but I got lost so Uncle Sev’s been looking after me.”

“Uncle Sev?”  If cats could snort with laughter, then Bas would have.

“I had a brilliant day today, it’s so cool finding out about magic. I’m a wizard and so is Uncle Sev” Harry explained to Bas before continuing excitedly. “I got to ride a broom, have an ice-cream and Uncle Sev got me this book” he said enthusiastically, showing Bas the book.

“Uncle Sev’s a teacher, so I’m going to memorise this book. It’s great having something that’s my own and not one of Dudley’s broken toys. He’s always getting new stuff and getting to go out” Harry said, not bitterly but sadly. But then he brightened up, saying.

“But I’m a wizard and he’s not.”

With this comforting thought, Harry continued stroking Bas for a few minutes. Bas purred as he did this. But then Harry suddenly realised he needed the bathroom.

“Bas, I’m afraid you’re going to have to get up, cause I need the bathroom.”

Bas obligingly got up and jumped onto the arm of the sofa. Harry made his way over to the bookcase and pulled the secret lever causing the hidden door to swing open. Harry closed it as he went through.

Bas waited a minute then ran through to the kitchen to where her two colleagues were talking.

Author’s note. Next chapter contains Severus’s and Dumbledore’s talk. Till next time.

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