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The Dream Barrier by Kirsty Weasley
Chapter 2 : The Dream Barrier
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"Everywhere I go is somewhere that I dont know
I hope that I'm dreaming cause I'm sick of this feeling
I so mixed up. Somebody help me
." -Mixed Up Hannah Montana (sorry I couldnt think of another song!)

When I wake up I’m in a really comfy bed. Feeling completely at home. I’m remembering the amazing dream I had last night, still at that point between waking and sleeping to realise that it wasn’t a dream. That this bed is too comfy to be mine. And that the light shining in through the window is coming from the wrong side of the room. Also there is someone holding my hand. And there are two people muttering around me. 

My eyes snap open. 

“Kirsty!” I hear two voices exclaim both slightly panicked but mostly relieved. The messy haired boy from last night who I’ve assumed to be James Potter pulls me up into a huge bear hug. 

“I was so worried about you baby girl.” He whispers into my hair. His hug is natural, loving and totally older-brotherly. “Are you okay? You seemed so shell-shocked last night. Why did you disappear? I thought you were okay with it just being the two of us this summer, what with mum and dad being away so much? And why were you in Diagon ally in your pyjamas? You know how dangerous times are just now what with Death Eaters and all. Have mum and dad taught you nothing?!…..Kirsty why are you looking at me like I’ve got two heads?!” He rushed in a flow of on going sentences. I didn’t say anything. I’d forgotten how. 

“Why wont she talk?” Sirius muttered to James. “I don’t get it she was fine before she went AWOL, things were great, but now she cant speak. What’s going on?” He sounded worried and was looking at me with eyes that were caring and maybe something a little more. “could it have been Death Eaters?” He asked with barely concealed anger at the prospect. 

“No!” I said suddenly. Both boys looked at me shocked by my sudden outburst. 

“Thank Merlin! You’re talking!” He exclaimed clearly glad my brains hadn’t been addled or something. 

I nodded. “I’m sorry but I don’t know what‘s going on! You say you’re my brother? But I don’t really know you. This isn’t my world. This isn’t real, please tell me I’m dreaming! I’m just so confused. I don’t remember anything about here before yesterday and…” A single tear rolled down my face as I revealed what little I could. 

Before I could so much as wipe the tear from my eye I was in Sirius arms, he pulled me onto his lap and held me as I cried. 

James was looking at his best friend in shock, both at the position that Sirius was holding me in (it was, well, intimate to say the least) and at what I had just said. 

“Prongs, go floo Dumbledore if you can. Try to get him here. She’s obviously lost her memory or something! Something is just not right.” Sirius snapped. “Go!” 

James snapped into action running from the room and leaving me with the guy who only yesterday I was reading about in a story. He’s a fictional character! What’s going on? I cried even harder realising how mad I must be now and how no-one was going to believe my story. 

I’ll just end up on St. Mungos crazy ward! Hysteria washed over me. 

Sirius was holding me and muttering into my hair about how everything was going to be okay and how Dumbledore would fix it. I looked up into his amazing grey eyes, they were so filled with concern, compassion. Love? Really? Hmm maybe not. But if this is the Sirius from my stories and I’m going to be here for a while… well a little romance wouldn’t be a bad thing? No. No he’s my….older brothers (?) best friend. I need to sort this out. 

Pulling myself together I tried to pull out of Sirius’ arms but his hold was adamant, there was no way he was letting me go. So I got up into a sitting position and put my arms around his neck, resting my head in the crook of his neck and playing with his hair. 

“Do you want to talk about it?” He whispered. I shook my head. 

“You’ll think I’m crazy.” 

“Try me?” He said his grey eyes which were the colour of fog were boring into me. Filled with intensity and longing- longing for the truth, I think that was what they were longing for anyway. “You can trust me.” He breathed into my ear. And I did trust him, strangely enough.

I trusted a boy that I had only known for a few hours, but… I felt like I had known him all my life. 

I opened my mouth about to explain it all when there was a loud, not so subtle- and when I say not so subtle I mean about as subtle as a flying brick hurtling towards your head- cough from the door way. I lurched out of Sirius lap, James was giving both of us the old stink eye. I guess we were never this close in my stories, or real James is just more protective than I thought. 

“Dumbledore’s on his way. He said he had to make a stop first, and we wont be long.” James said giving Sirius the back-the-hell-off-from-my-baby-sister look. 

Wow how did he have that so perfected? I mean technically I am only 3 teeny tiny minutes younger than him, at least I was in all my dreams about this world. 

I cant believe that James is my twin, we look nothing alike, he had dark raven coloured hair that was sticking up in every direction, his eyes were hazel just like our mums, and his nose was slightly too long for his face- his only imperfection. 

I on the other hand am blonde, well kind of blonde- maybe more strawberry blonde, but more blonde than red. I have no idea where the blonde gene came from, back in my other world none of my family are blonde, and here my Dads hair is the same as Jamies and my mums a redhead- hence the strawberry part to my blonde. So the blonde is random. I also have my dads eyes, they’re a strange colour a murky greeny-blue. I like them they’re different, captivating. 

Also whilst James has a long nose, mines is short and button like. The thing that makes us alike is our smirk. We both have the legendary Potter smirk. Our eyes, are also similar, whilst they are different colours they have the same shape, and sparkle in them. So I guess whilst we don’t look very similar you can tell that we are related, you just wouldn’t think that we were twins! 

Whilst all of these random thoughts are floating through my head, James is continuing to glare at Sirius, and tension was building, the silence in the room was just too much. 

“Wow you could cut the tension in here with a knife,” I muttered, mostly to myself. But we all laughed, you know, the light, superficial, comfortable kind of laughter. I felt as though I had been doing this my whole life.

And I felt normal. 

My old self, someone I hadn’t been since I turned 13, when I was expected to want to start to go out with boys and wear makeup and short skirts- don’t get me wrong- I’m into that sort of thing, really! Just not as much as I am into stories and books. 

Wow I’ve missed old me, she’s so much more fun than the fake me I’ve been for the last few years. That’s what I was thinking, as there was a ring as the doorbell went of. 

“I’ll get it!” I called lightly.

Why? Because it was what I’d do if I were home. And I felt at home. Somehow I knew these boy’s. I knew this house. I knew this world! It had haunted my dreams since I was a 6 year old kid who’s mum read Harry Potter for the first time. 

These boys had been in my dream world for over 10 years. And they were exactly as I imagined them. But real. I ran down the staircase and to the front door only to find that a house elf called Blinky (I don’t know how I know, I just do) had beaten me to it. And standing in front of me is none other than the half moon spectacle wearing, full length robe clad, silver haired Albus Dumbledore. 

Wow, he is so cool in person! I had to use so much self restrain not to ask him for an autograph!! I mean come on- its Albus Dumbledore, THE Albus Dumbledore. Don’t lie, you would totally have wanted to ask for an autograph too! 

“Ah Miss Potter,” He was smiling at me. “I see you’ve finally made it past the dream barrier! Marvellous!” He exclaimed with a smile. I just stared at him stunned by what he had said. 

“Dream barrier sir?” I asked only to be cut off by two teenage boys rushing through the front door. I was engulfed in a huge hug and lifted off of my feet as Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew had noticed me standing in the hall. Remus’ bone crushing hug, had lifted me off of my feet. Peter just nodded at me - we had never been close, there was just something about him that made me distrust him a little. 

“Mini-Prongs you’re alive! ” Remus yelled in an over excited tone, after setting me down on my feet from a giant-spinny-hug-thing. I just laughed at him. 

“Yeah Moony I’m alive, but emm I kinda need to talk to Professor Dumbledore right now.” I said raising one eye brow and looking at him pointedly as he finally noticed Dumbledore standing, twiddling his thumbs absent mindedly, as our little reunion took place. 

“Oh!” Remus looked a little startled. “Yes of course, sorry didn’t see you there Professor. We’ll just go and see James and Sirius round about now…” 

“Bye Moony! Peter.” I said, mostly happily. Shaking my head slightly at our little fiasco, of a reunion. 

“So Professor, what were you about to tell me about this… dream barrier? Before we were interrupted?” I asked curiously. 

“Ah Miss Potter for that I think we may have to go somewhere a little more private where teenage ears are not listening through the door,” Dumbledore replied and with a flick of his wand the door behind the flew open and four marauders were lying in a heap on the floor. I sighed and tried to look disappointed whilst also trying not to but out laughing at the hilarity of the situation. 

“And I thought the Marauder’s were better at not getting caught,” I muttered. “James, I’m going out with Professor Dumbledore. I wont be too long.” I said. 

James frowned. “Kirsty, you know you’re barely home from doing god only knows what, which we still haven’t talked about by the way, I‘m not sure if I‘m okay with this.” James told me in an undertone. 

“Yeah James I get it, and you can yell at me and stop me from going out for the rest of the summer when I get back. This is important. Also you‘re only three minutes older, I don’t know why you get to be all big brother-y.” I said frowning slightly. 

“Ah Mr Potter, do not worry I will have your sister returned to you, in almost no time at all. We just need to have a little chat.” Dumbledore said his eyes twinkling over his half moon spectacles. 

James still looked doubtful, but there wasn’t much he could do really- this was Albus Dumbledore after all. 

“Sure Professor.” he said. 

“Well I’ll just grab a coat then.” I said rushing back to my room grabbing the first coat that reached my hands and turning back to the door to leave, only to see James standing there blocking my path. Looking stubborn. 

“James move please.” I said as calmly as I could. He sighed. 

“Don’t think we wont talk about this when you get back.” He said only half defeated. I nodded and left with Dumbledore, to have everything explained. 


Dumbledore took me to Hogwarts. My first real time in Hogwarts! It’s just as amazing as it was in all of my dreams. We arrived in Dumbledore’s office and I was still mesmerised as he told me to take a seat. He surveyed me from behind his glasses as I looked around his office trying to take everything in at once. 

Dumbledore cleared his throat. “So Miss Potter, I’m sure that you understand why we are here to talk.” 

“Yes sir. I’m confused though, how has this happened? Harry Potter was all just a story back in the world where I come from. How does this work? Do you know what‘s happening?” 

“Well Miss Potter, as I believe you have had dreams about this world every night for as long as you can remember?” 

I nodded “Yes but it got much more clear after I read the Harry Potter series, the Marauder’s they interested me. It was a funny coincidence that they were almost the same as the world that I dreamed about. The same types of characters… and names.” 

“Yes Miss Potter that was quite a logical way to look at it. However logic does not work out, as now you are here in our world. Which is where you have always been.” I just gaped at him.

“You see Miss Potter you have lived in two alternative universes all of your life. Our world and the world where you are the Muggle Kirsty Andrews. You thought that the world where you were Miss Andrews was the real world- and whilst you were there it was- but when you wished that you were apart of our world, because of your intense dislike of the life that you had, and the fear of having to grow up too quickly, so your magic brought you here. You broke through the dream barrier that has held you all of your life. Now you will live your previous life through dreams just as you used to live this life.” Dumbledore concluded. “Now in this life you are about to turn 17 and go to Hogwarts for your seventh year with your twin brother James who likes to claim that he is your older brother…” 

“Because he was born all of three minutes before me, making him the eldest and claiming all big brother privileges for life.” I concluded. Wow, I know this world. I know this life, I’m here. This is my real world now. Dumbledore nodded. 

“I trust that you know that you cannot reveal anything that you may have read to anybody here? Not even myself.” Dumbledore said. I nodded. “You may also know that this world can be different from the world of which you have read. Nothing is ever set in stone. The path in which this world follows may be changed, fixed.” I only stared at him completely baffled. “Well it is fantastic that you are here! Now that we have everything sorted out, and you don’t have any more questions?” I shook my head. “Then I will get you back to your “big brother” and l trust you will have an excuse for lets say…disappearing for a day and worrying him?” Again I nodded. I was going to go for the old I-was-sleepwalking lie and stick by it even though it was clearly a lie. James could just deal. “Well that fantastic. You may floo back to the Potter Mansion, and I shall see you on September first Miss Potter.” 

“Yes sir.” I said attempting to smile through my confusion as I grabbed a handful of floo powder and clambered into the fireplace. “Potter Mansion!” I said. 

I felt flames engulf me and spin me round causing me to feel very dizzy. I stumbled out of the fireplace and into a pair of strong arms as I reached the place I would now call home. I looked up at the pair of strong arms that belonged to Sirius Black. 

“Why is always you that saves me?” I asked. He only smiled at me as his face lowered. It looked like he was going to kiss me. Is that possible? Well I’m certainly not going to stop him. He brushed a hair off my face and was looking intently into my eyes. 

Man he is dreamy. 

“Sirius what are you doing?” A voice called from the hall, we sprang apart as James walked into the room. “Oh Kirsty you’re back. Good, you and I need to have a little chat.” 

Great, I didn’t get kissed by Sirius and now I’m about to get my ass handed to me from James. This life here is gonna be so much fun. 


Authors Note- I don’t own Harry Potter no matter how much I wish I did. Please leave a review :D - Kirsty xx

Updated to ask if anyone wants to be my Beta for this? Because if you did then I would love you for all etenity! AND THEN SOME! Yes people that is longer than eternity! Anywho, if you're interested then please leave your email adress in a review, and chapter 3 is written I just have to wait until a chapter in my other story is validated before I can update! Thanks in advance to any takers! - Kirsty xxx

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