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From The Day We Parted... by Tonks_luvinhp4evr
Chapter 1 : Prologue- The Beguinning Of My Story...
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an- hey guys this is my 1st fanfic, enjoy!!!! xx




Whenever you turn on your TV and watch some kind of drama, when you’re walking along the street the next day, or in a queue at Sainsbury’s, and you hear two women standing behind you talking about how unrealistic dramas are, when the truth be told, they are realistic.


Everyday three years ago that was my life. One day I was in love with the love of my life then the next...I was asked to commit to a bigger cause greater than my love... So in truth dramas are just like real life but sped up. They are our everyday lives played out in motion picture for the world to see.

People say that life gets tough-but it’ll heal it’s self through time. That’s what I keep telling myself. When since three years ago my life had been going brilliantly, you may say it was perfect. I had the perfect boyfriend, who would go to the end of the world and back for me, the most amazing parents, two little sisters and a dainty little brother. My life was perfect, until June 7th 1978 then everything started to change.


I hate thinking about that time in my life what could, or would have happened if I stayed. Every time I think about it I feel sick, not just what he said, but the way I acted. What I had to do. The way he and the rest of my friends never understood even though they knew that it was for the better. They knew it.

Every time I thought of him, the man that made my head spin, the one that could make my knees turn to jelly with just a flash of his crooked smile... and his eyes...oh his eyes, which twinkled like stars when he laughed...


Even now I still miss him.

Even though he ruined my life I still loved him. Whenever I think about him I feel the hole he left in my chest which threatening to rip open and crush me from the weight of pain as my body waits for his touch and his precious smile.  I can’t go of like that now I have a new life one that I built for myself a life with which I have to stay strong for or everything that I have achieved will fade away.

it only takes a little thing to make the hole in my chest rip out and send me going crazy gasping for words and breaths. It could be a pinch of salt shaped like the shape of his eye, or chocolate drizzled over an ice-cream sundae which is shaped like his face. Anything like that can send me over the edge pining like a puppy after him. I haven’t pined for him in three years I have a new life now one where he will never feature again.

You see these last three years have been horrible, I have lost many dear things in the world. Both my parents died. My mother of cervical cancer and my father who had already had Alzheimer’s disease but died in a car accident on the way to the hospital to say goodbye to my mother my baby brother was also in the car but died 6 months later due to a bad infection from the lake in which my father had drowned in. As surely as we all became orphans, people tried to separate us. They wanted to put my siblings into foster care. However, i had made a promise to my mother to always take care of them, and I have I have never regretted that promise. It has kept me alive from the unbearable pain of loneliness. I have had to prove myself to the authorities. I had to get a fairly substantial job. I am a muggle midwife at the local hospital. I started training in the hospital, from there I had learnt everything I needed to go on to become a fully trained midwife alongside with six months at a local university. 

I never believed that my life would turn out like this.

It’s starting to rain.

I push my key into the door. It’s jammed. Again. To get the door open you have to throw your body eight on it and you end up falling unceremoniously into the entrance hall.


“I’m home!” I call, battling with trying to un-jam the key from its stuck position in the lock.

“Evie” Annabelle my youngest sister cries throwing herself onto the mercy of my lower legs.

“Have you done your homework yet?” I asked turning my head to look at the pink bundle clutching my knees.  

“Yes, she finished about half an hour ago, then after she had finished she started pestering me about when you would get home”  Ivy announces strolling out of the kitchen she is my sixteen year old younger hormone stricken sister. “I’ve missed you today.” 

We have rather a good platonic relationship for two older siblings. We have to, we rely on each other for support.


“I missed you too.” I say smiling.

--------------------------- 5 minutes later --------------------------

I could hear the plates being set on the table, knives and forks clattering until they were set down, the smell of spaghetti wafts through the house. It smells wonderful. I go thundering down the stairs to help Ivy serve the food.

As soon as we were all seated at the table we started on our usual dinner conversations how our days were and listened to Annabelle go on about her day. Today she had gotten 4 stamps for being good, getting 10 out of 10 on a spelling test and winning counting the M&M’s in a jar, we praised her and let her have chocolate ice cream for a treat. She was so engrossed in her ice cream she forgot her need to talk, so me and Ivy had the chance to talk about her and how things were going at her school, lately she had been worrying me, her best friend has been a little bit of a bitch to Ivy lately... AKA Boy trouble.
“How are things with Nicky?” I asked whilst spooning mint chocolate chip ice cream into my mouth.
“Well surprise, surprise they split up again and she had the cheek to come crying to me so I told her to bug off and she called me two-faced and went to snog Robbie Timmins” she said seeming clearly annoyed.
“Ivy... Please don’t use the word ‘snog’ at the dinner table.”I said in a mock disgusted tone. “Just ignore her and in time she will seem a bit more bearable.”

Wise words from a master...

 “Thanks... but somehow I don’t believe that will happen.” she replied a sad smile lighting up her face.

I hate seeing my sisters hurt. It just seems so petty, and yet human kind hurt so easily...

This story is under going a  re-edit so things will be changed and chapters deleted... x

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From The Day We Parted...: Prologue- The Beguinning Of My Story...


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