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Make it Easy by Happy Lily Potter
Chapter 2 : The Wedding
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A/N: Hello readers! Thanks for clicking! This is my first wedding scene, so please leave a review to let me know what you think. :)

Disclaimer; I own nothing but the plot. All characters and names belong to JK Rowling.




That was six months ago.



The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful. Mrs. Weasley nearly threw a frying pan at Ron at one point.

But today is all that matters.



Today is my wedding day to the wonderful, beautiful, fantastic Ginny Weasley.



It’s at the Burrow, much like Bill and Fleur’s wedding (though neither Ginny nor Mrs. Weasley like to compare it to that) except at sunset. It will be perfect. I know her proposal didn’t go the way it was planned to, but that worked out, didn’t it?



I’m in Ron and mine’s room, getting my tuxedo on. The wedding starts in three hours.



George, Bill, and Charlie, along with a rather unpleasant French stylist, are crowding around me, tweaking this and pulling that. I’m starting to feel more like a model than a groom.



“Augh, miseur, ‘our ‘air! Eet eez ‘orrible! ‘Ow do you live like zeez?” The stylist waves his wand at my hair for the millionth time. It flattens into a neatly combed and surprisingly flat do.



“Ah, now zat is better…” The stylist sighs in relief.



Boing! My hair pops out of its neat shell and goes back to its normal spiky fashion.



“Augh! Zees eez im’ossible!” The stylist throws his hands up in the air in frustration.



“That’s okay,” I try to lighten the mood. “She likes it messy.”



Almost on queue, all three Weasley brothers bellow, “That’s what she said!”



I glare at them, and they collapse into a fit of laughter. The stylist merely looks at them in distaste, as though the are a nasty dinner he were served.



“Look, can we focus please?” I look pleadingly at Bill. “C’mon, Bill, you’ve had a wedding. Help me out here.”



Bill wipes a tear from his eye and straightens his shoulders. “Right! Well, here’s what we’re going to do-”



“Fix zees ‘air!” The stylist cries.



“Worry about the hair later!” It’s Bill’s turn to glare at the stylist. He turns back to me. “Okay, Harry, just relax, we’ll be fine.”



George checks his watch. “By the way, where’s Ron? I would think the Best Man would be here by now.”



Bill closes his eyes and breaths deeply, like he does when he’s really angry. “Thanks, George.”



A cold fist clenched my stomach. Ron! He’s the Best Man! Shouldn’t he be here by now?



Mr. Weasley walks in and looks at me sadly.



“Harry, we’ve just received an owl from Ron. I don’t think you’ll be pleased.”



He hands me a slip of paper. I unfold it cautiously to find a scribbled, short message:






Can’t Apparate. Just ate ¾ my body weight. Don’t think you want the Best Man heaving on stage of wedding. Taking subway. May be late. Good luck.









Bill curses in French, to which the stylist gasps in shock. “I’m gonna kick his little butt when he gets here.”



An awkward silence follows this. After a few seconds, George claps his hands together.



“Well, how about a little music?” I’m feeling sick, so all I can do is nod. He walks over to a radio and switches it on. A male voice comes out mid sentence.



“-could be quite a storm coming up this evening, everyone, so finish whatever you’re doing and get inside. Meteorologists and the NWWC say there could be lightning and severe rain, though not much wind or snow. Back to you, Chad.”



Everyone is staring at me expectantly. I’m too shocked to say anything. A storm? On my wedding day? We can’t move it anywhere. It has to be outside.



Mrs. Weasley bobbles in, looking frantic.



“Harry, dear,  I don’t know if you’ve heard about-”



“The storm, yes, what about it?”



Mrs. Weasley shifts uncomfortably. “We might have to start the ceremony early. I’ve just looked it up; they say it will happen in an hour or so. We don’t have that kind of time.”



Silence. I can swear I hear thunder boom in the distance.



She waves her hand to the door. “All the guests are here, including the cake.”



“Is Ginny all ready?” I ask immediately.



Her eyes get a glazed look about them. “Y-yes, she is.”



“Everything is set?”






I nod and turn to Bill. “I may have to join you in that butt-kicking of your little brother.”



He smiles and the scars on his face seem to disappear for a moment.



“Be my guest. Now let’s get down there.”



“But his ‘air! Eet eez not done!” The stylist whines.



“Screw the hair.” I say as George helps me put my jacket on. “I’ve got a bride that needs to be wed. Let’s go.”














When I get to the backyard, I catch my breath. It’s similar to Bill and Fleur’s wedding in a way. There are floating gold and white paper lanterns, and silver balloons and confetti are everywhere. A large gold rug leads straight up to the altar, where an old but merry-looking preacher waits under a wedding arch intertwined with roses. Snow-white flower petals line the walkways and the perimeter of the chairs; forty chairs in all.



I swallow, more nervous than I’ve ever been in my life. Every step seems like a mile. I feel like I could fall any minute.



“Harry!” The voice is slightly sing-song-y and light. I turn to see Hermione dressed in a white knee length dress with an orchid trim. Her golden-brown hair is partially clipped back with a matching hair clip. Her eyes are sparkling excitedly.



“Hermione!” She runs over to me and suddenly I’m ambushed with her gold-brown hair.



“A-alright, Hermione, ease up, it took me all day to get this suit strait.” She backs up and beams at me, tears in her eyes.



“Oh, Harry, wait until you see Ginny! She’s beautiful!” She squeals a very un-Hermione-like squeal and claps her hands, jumping up and down.



“I bet she is.” I smile back, but not as excitedly. “Hey, listen; have you heard anything from Ron?”



Her shoulders fall and she looks at the ground. “No, only the letter he sent you.” Then she looks up, and her face is angry. “If he misses the wedding, I’m gonna smack him into next week!”



“You’ll have to take a number for that, my dear.” Bill says, smiling. George smirks and leads me down the remainder of the aisle until I’m standing to the left of the preacher.



The preacher clears his throat. “Relax, sonny. You’ll do fine.” His voice is creaky but comforting nonetheless.



“I sure hope so.”



The preacher smiles. “Trust me.” I merely nod in reply.



The guests begin to file into the backyard in small groups of twos and threes. Some of them I recognize; Jollie, Ginny’s co-worker, a rather tall, skinny brunette with thin glasses and an irritable look about her; Angelina Johnson, George’s slender, black girlfriend; Xenophillius Lovegood, here because Luna is a bridesmaid; and Mr. and Mrs. Granger, looking around, fascinated, at the magic holding the wedding together. It makes me smile, the way their eyes widen at the floating lanterns and quirky characters of the guests.



Everyone is in their seats, Mrs. Weasley sitting in the very front row, tissue box in hand. I’m glad to see she’s prepared.



Trumpets and harps and organs sound. My heart stops. It’s starting. I’m about to get married. Married.



Everyone rises and turns. A collective sigh, including from the preacher, sounds off from the crowd as Ginny and Mr. Weasley walk onto the carpet.



Ginny. My God. She’s more beautiful than I’ve ever seen her. Her hair is tied back into a messy bun, with a few curled pieces falling into her perfect face. Small white flowers are tucked behind her ears and in her hair. her dress is smooth and looks like water, gliding with her even footsteps up the aisle. Hermione, beaming, is behind her and Mr. Weasley, throwing small, colorful flower petals in Ginny’s wake.



My jaw has dropped. The preacher, still smiling, speaks through his teeth.



“Put your mouth back on, sonny,  you may swallow a fly.” I smile at the comment.



Ginny has reached the altar, and Mr. Weasley kisses her hand before going back and sitting next to Mrs. Weasley, who is already starting to tear up.



“You… look…amazing…” I’m practically tripping on my own words. She smiles. Her face lights up and she nearly begins to glow.



Suddenly, thunder booms, much closer than the last time.






After a few uncomfortable seconds, the preacher clears his throat.



“Ahem, well, yes, we are gathered here today…”



I let the preacher droan on, not really listening. I’m too busy looking at Ginny. If you saw her, you would understand.



“Stop staring.” She breathes. “You’ll burn holes.”



A flash of lightning turns the evening to morning for a spit second. It is quickly followed by a grumble of thunder. The preacher raises his voice.



“Did you hear about the storm?” I whisper.



“Yeah, good thing we started early.”



“What’s the NWWC? The radio said something about it.”



“National Wizard Weather Channel. They have extremely advanced methods and objects to find out the weather. If they say there’s gonna be a storm, there will be.”



“Shoot.” I mutter.



Suddenly, Charlie is handing me a ring. It’s the very ring I proposed to her with; a star-cut diamond, now turning smoky grey for the storm weather.



I don’t hear what the preacher says, but she says “I do.” right on queue, and she slide the ring onto my finger.



I take her ring and am about to place it on her hand when I feel something wet on my arm.



A raindrop.



I feel another on my shoulder, and another on my head. I look up in time to see a flash of lightning and rumble of thunder almost immediately after. 



“Shoot.” Ginny mumbles. Whispers break out in the crowd as the rain falls thicker now, hitting every surface.



I look back at Ginny. She looks like she’s about to cry. My heart breaks.



“Honey…” My voice is drowned out by the rain falling even thicker now, feeling like a complete downpour. Ginny’s mascara starts to run.



“Harry…” She’s speechless. Some of the flowers fall out of her hair. I realize that she really is crying.



My jacket is soaked, my glasses are fogged, and my wedding is getting rained out, but before I know what I’m doing I’m grabbing Ginny by the waist and pulling into a kiss. She immediately puts her arms around my neck and responds.



Cheers erupt from the crowd. I smile through the kiss, and Ginny does, too.



Her mascara is down to her chin, and she looks slightly gothic. However, she’s smiling like she’s having the time of her life.



The preacher beams. “I now pronounce you-”






I break away from Ginny long enough to see Ron running out from the house, wearing baggy jeans and an oversized pullover.



“I…I made…it…” He pants as he makes his way up to the altar to stand next to me. Ginny is giving him a quizzical look.



“Oh, don’t mind me, carry on, mate.” He gives me a lopsided smile. I grin.



Hermione sighs. “Merlin, Ron. You’re such a nutter.”



“I now pronounce you husband and wife!”



Lightning flashes, and thunder follows with a very generous applause. I turn back to Ginny.



I take the ring and place it on her finger. It shines a beautiful gold for a moment before going back to its silvery-grey. She starts crying through her running mascara and the rain. The flowers have fallen out of her hair and she is absolutely soaked.



“Even in the rain, you’re beautiful.” I say to her over the rain.



“And even on our wedding day you have the biggest dung-head for a best mate.” She laughs. I smile and kiss her again.



“Thanks, Ginny.” Ron mutters sarcastically. I pick Ginny up bridal style and continue to kiss her, the rain getting thicker and thicker by the minute. More cheers.




A/N: What do you think? Seeing as this is my first wedding scene, I would greatly appreciate reviews! You know what else is weird? I woke up this morning and decided to submit this. I looked out the window, and there's a total hurricane going out outside! I found it ironic. :)

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