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Draco Meets His Match by xxstaindrosesxx
Chapter 4 : A Letter to Unmask Secrets
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A/N: Just so you konw, there are some thoughts of Draco's in this fic, and they are not italisized because every time I try to paste directly from the document, I have issues, so I paste as plain text, meaning the italisized words go away. I know, I could fix that, but I'm sure you can tell the difference. :D

Once Draco had arrived at the castle from all the commotion in Hogsmeade, he slowly headed down to the Slytherin common room near the dungeons. He continued to think about the events from earlier, which caused his mind to start hurting. Why did I save her? he questioned himself. It’s not like I could just let her get raped. I mean, I may be evil but I would never sink that low. Contrary to popular belief amongst the students, Draco had never had sexual relations with a girl. Of course he dated Pansy, but he knew she was just a slut so he didn’t touch her. With this in consideration, the thought of raping a girl was absurd to him.

Draco entered the common room to see the attempted rapist, Blaise Zabini, in the flesh. Bloody bastard! He thought. At this same moment, he wondered where Gabriella was, considering she would not want to be near the attempted rapist. Draco marched right over to Blaise with his hands clenched into fists. Anger rose in him, which became apparent by the reddening of his face. “You got some nerve trying to rape an innocent girl!” He shouted.

Blaise looked at Draco with a sneer, which was typically a Draco trademark, but not today. “Innocent?” questioned Blaise with a half-laugh. “I don’t think Death Eater falls under the innocent category.”

Draco glared at Blaise with such fury it could pierce like knives if given the option. “She didn’t do anything to you!” he exclaimed in Gabriella’s defense. “But now, I would watch your back, and not just because of her. I’m sure she will have one pissed off brother when he finds out.”

Blaise’s eyes went wide and his skin seemed to turn whiter as he had not even considered Goyle being a problem. “I’ll just stay away from the Goyles then.” He said sounding scared for his life.

Draco smirked as he became pleased with Blaise’s reaction. “That’s right. If you so much as even mutter a syllable to Gabriella, you might be finding Goyle’s fist pounding your face to a bloody pulp.” He threatened, which could actually be the truth. While Goyle was stupid in many ways, he did seem to care a great deal for his family, or at least Gabriella.

Blaise stared at Draco with such a pale face; he looked as if he might vomit. He just nodded and ran off with out a single word. Draco let out a slight laugh before he sat down on his typical sofa. He reached for his back pocket and pulled out the letter Gabriella had dropped by accident. He remembered it was the main reason he came back up here before dinner. He traced the letter with his fingers as he paused to open it. Draco remembered how Gabriella seemed so intent on not having him find out what it was about, as well as, Goyle telling him, ‘Trust me. You don’t want to know.’

The only problem was that Draco did want to know. His mind needed to be eased with potential possibilities coursing through his brain. He needed to know if it was Death Eater business or something worse. He took a deep breath as the anticipation was over by opening the folded piece of parchment. He began to read the letter as every word sank in, as his suspicion became reality. It wasn’t Death Eater business, but something far worse. It was far worse then he could imagine if he was put in such a position.

Dear Miss Gabriella Goyle,

I must inform you of your mother’s admittance to St. Mungo’s. She was admitted with cuts and bruises all over her body, as well as, suffering from a broken wrist. She claimed to have fallen down the stairs, which is a claim I have heard uttered from her mouth too many times to be believable. Although your mother’s injuries can be treated in no time, her emotional scars will linger as time goes by. While you and your brother remain speechless. Please spare your mother future pain and misfortune by speaking for her when she cannot do so for herself.

Healer Abanatha of St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

Draco refolded the letter as he sat there pondering the letter‘s real intention. He knew exactly what the letter was saying. Gabriella’s father beats her mother; his own wife, he thought, not expecting to have read this shocking information. This woman wants them to come forward. Why don’t they? He questioned, ignoring the reasons why they didn’t. Draco knew his father, Lucius, could be a tough man, but he had never hit his family, even when he was angry. Lucius would occasionally abuse them verbally, but it could easily be forgotten.

Draco thought about what he would do if his father had been like that. Then another question came over him. What if Goyle’s dad beat him and Gabriella too? He became angry at the thought, but he realized he had struck Gabriella himself. She technically had punched him later, which evened things out, but he worried. He didn’t want to remind her of the monster of a father she had because of his own actions. Then, he shook the thoughts from his mind, realizing how much of a bitch he thought she was.

However, all his worries and thoughts came rushing back as Goyle entered the common room. Draco wondered if Goyle knew about the attempted rape, which involved his sister, but he became doubtful once Goyle sat down next to him. He handed the letter he had just read to Goyle. “How come you never told me?” He asked, feeling somewhat hurt his friend didn’t trust him enough.

Goyle looked down to the floor as if he was ashamed, which was rarely a look on Goyle’s face. “We didn’t want anyone to know.” He said, simply. “It’s not exactly something you want to tell people.”

Draco nodded his head, as he understood slightly. “I get that,” he stated. “But why don’t you turn your father in?”

Goyle didn’t pause with his response, which showed he had thought about all the options. “He’s a Death Eater, Draco. He takes his anger out on our mother so imagine what he would do to Gabriella and I,” he explained, obviously thinking it over many times. “Imagine what he would do if he went to Azkaban and then escaped to reek vengeance on us. Plus, the Dark Lord wouldn’t be too happy if one of his Death Eaters was put away by other Death Eaters.”

Draco nodded as if he understood since he had not given it much thought before. There was still that one question, which plagued his mind, so he paused before he finally asked it. “Has your father ever hurt you or Gabriella?”

Goyle seemed quiet, but he answered. “Once. He never touched me, but he hurt Gabriella once,” he explained. “I threatened him. I told him if he ever hurt her again, I would beat him like he beats mother and turn him in.” He finished, sounding sad and furious at the same time.

Draco knew it had only been once because their father must be a coward too. He was almost infuriated for a moment because their father had hurt Gabriella. Then, he remembered Goyle didn’t know about Blaise. “Then, you’re really not going to like hearing this.” Draco stated with slight hesitation.

Goyle looked at him with curiosity, fear, and anger mixed into one. “What?” He asked.

“Blaise tried to rape your sister.” Draco confessed, remembering the events as if they happened mere moments ago, since technically they did.

Goyle clenched his teeth and formed his hands into fists. “I’m going to find Crabbe.” He said, cracking his knuckles like a bully before a fight.

Goyle quickly left the room, and Draco knew what this meant. He knew Goyle would find Crabbe so the two of them could beat up Blaise. Goyle didn’t even need an explanation as to why Blaise did it because he was more of the type to react. Probably another one of the reasons Draco enjoyed having Goyle as muscle.

Draco continued to sit in the common room for a while as he thought to himself. I can’t believe their father does that. I can’t believe he hurt Gabriella too, he thought, denying the horrible truth. Eventually he became frustrated with himself. Ugh! Why do I even care? he questioned himself. I mean, Goyle is my friend, but Gabriella is just awful. Maybe she deserved to get hurt by her father. The way she acts and says things would make it believable then. Ugh! No. No one deserves that.

Draco’s head started to hurt as his mind was on overdrive. To make problems worse, his eye was still stinging from Gabriella’s fist greeting his eye. He figured it was probably her way of greeting people and thanking them. He chuckled at the thought before making his way to the Great Hall for dinner.

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