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Good Girl by NATAliEisBAx14
Chapter 3 : Casey's New Partner.
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Dusty light filtered in through the windows of our very first class back from vacation, Professor McGonagall was talking about how this term would be much harder than the last one we've been through, and how we needed to work much harder to ensure our passing of the NEWT tests. Rowina took notes on everything she said, I just listened. I figure between the two of us, we'll have the entire lecture down, you know just in case.

The students around us were passing notes, talking about what they did over vacation, for some who they did, well more specifically for Celia and her friends it was whom they did over break, no doubt when we returned to our dorm rooms there would be multiple kisses on guys that some of us didn't even know.

I could see streams of small dust up in the air, shining because of the sun, I used my gaze to follow a small piece, it was distracting and I was tired from avoiding Rowina at all costs. It's not like I didn't trust her with the information of had transpired between Sirius Black and I in a small corridor behind a tapestry a few days ago. I've been avoiding him too for your information. I've been avoiding everyone. I don't know whether or not I like him, he's attractive, but I just...I just don't know what I'm supposed to do. Telling Rowe would make her stare at me like I'm some gypsy with weird man powers which I am not, and I don't.

I looked down briefly at my watch before I felt the urge to slap myself for checking it. I ignored that urge with a faint blush, how stupid I would look if I randomly in the middle of my teacher's lecture slapped myself. Rowina seemed to know I was thinking of something else than this class and she nudged me slightly when the teacher started to talk about something important.

"- So because of this I'll be giving you new partners." She said and I realized I had missed the reason as to why we were getting them and I missed the important parts of the lecture watching that small piece of dust float and I felt incredibly stupid and lazy for having done that. After about ten minutes of mismatched pairs and groans of disappointment by most girls at having not gotten a Marauder to be their partner she came to my name.

"McGuire, Casey... let's see who else is left.... McGuire Casey, Lupin Remus, back left desk." She said pointing to a desk far in the back. I picked my things up and smiled as Rowina looked expectantly for a good partner, she was always an optimist. I clapped my hand on her back as I passed her and she smiled up at me. I got back to the desk fairly quickly for having to shuffle through loads of moving students.

"Excuse me, sorry." I muttered to each one I had to get by until I came to a group of sitting girls from my dorm room. They didn't move when I had asked them so I stood there waiting for something to happen that wouldn't require me to yell at them because I wasn't quite interested in causing a scene in Transfiguration, especially because McGonagall is strict when it comes to scenes. Although I knew nobody was looking this far back, she was busy trying to keep order in the classroom as the students complained to their friends at having to sit with people they didn't particularly like and delayed having to go.

"Would you look at this Celia, it's Casey McGurie." Cindy said looking me over. I was just wearing the uniform, I don't see why she had to look like it was disgusting, it was on her too.

"Oh really?" She said turning towards me like she hadn't noticed I was trying to get by this entire time. She put away her compact. She spent most of her time in front of the mirror, everyone knew that.

"Everything where you left it Brunswick?" Remus asked coming up from behind me. Great, another Marauder's aid, now I'm going to get harassed even more than I am now. She smiled at him, her purple lipstick lips stretching wide as she ran a hand through her icy blond hair. She sat up on her desk and crossed her legs leaning back slightly.

"Hello Remus." She said her voice was gooey, like fire on plastic as it morphed from the mean one she used with me.

"I believe you're blocking our desk." He said as kindly as he could. He was very good at dealing with girls who didn't want to do what people told them.

"Oh, am I?" She asked sugar sweet as she blew a bubble with color changing gum. I couldn't help but rub my fingers together inside of my robes. I shifted all my things to my other arm as I looked her straight in the face. She lent forward exposing a few inches of cleavage. He ignored it.

"Yes, could you please.." He began and she hopped down and came very close to him as she passed rubbing his arm with hers and never letting her eyes break from his. Her bubble popped in her face and she licked it off her purple lips. I thought the purple looked kind of stupid, like she was almost hypothermic but she's told me that I don't understand make-up before. I tried to keep from biting my lip, I tried to keep the red on my lips from making it's way onto my teeth and making me look quite stupid.

"Sorry about them." He said sitting down like I, of all people, didn't know what they were like. They were after all in my house and in my dorm for the last six years. I simply nodded slightly annoyed by this whole day. He looked at me like I wasn't the same person who gave him the candy cane. There was no doubt in my mind that Sirius had told him that we had ended up in a corridor and now he probably thinks I'm just as tarty as Celia and her friends are. I felt more embarrassed than I had in a long while.

I sat down next to him and just stared forward not wanting him to think I wasn't a serious student too.

"So.." He began quite awkwardly and at last I looked at him and smiled because that's what I would've normally done, and if he knew I thought it was awkward it would be that much more awkward. I didn't want him to know that I was effectively nervous and that I was still rubbing my fingers together. Sirius probably told him about that too.

"You're good at Transfiguration aren't you?" I asked trying to spare this moment. He smiled and shook his head.

"No better than you." He said to me.

"I'm sure you are better at it than I am," I replied "Which is good because I have enough to worry about and I don't want to have to do all the work." I smiled at him joking. He looked at me.

"You expect me to do all the work?" He asked deadpan. I shook my head rapidly.

"N-no that's...that's not what I meant. I-I..I just meant that-" He laughed. He was laughing at me.

"I'm kidding, I'm sorry." I smiled and managed a laugh before turning away from him back to the front to watch the teacher. She was still lecturing and I tried to take the best notes I could but my mind was elsewhere during it, or more particularly on the words that kept appearing on the sides of Remus' paper. I caught a glimpse of one but I tried not to pry.

Mate, you're sitting next to CASEY! You have to get me in with her.
Sirius' writing was extremely distinctive as it appeared across the front of my paper.

I don't think she likes me very much.
I scribbled back very quickly.

What.Did.You.Do? Tell me you didn't blow this amazing oppritunity.
Whatever, it's nothing. Do you really want to date this girl?
Yeah, she's interesting to me.
Well I guess I'll try and help Padfoot.

A/N there was going to be way more in this chapter but it made me login after I pressed preview and I lost like the good parts so I didn't want to write them all again. :D

Please review lovely.

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