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Reality by coutureandwit
Chapter 1 : Life, Home and Reality
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New York City is my home. My body lives off the pollution and my feet feel lonely without their customary pair of sky-high stilettos. Summer is fading and August is fast approaching. That means school. School means Scotland. Scotland means no NYC. No NYC means pretentious Brits swinging their wands around wishing they could function in life (I am technically british but i've been americanized). I am not fond of School. At School I am quiet, unobtrusive and readily let my parents’ fame overshadow me.

My mom is a fashion photographer and my father is an auror who was stationed in England when I was born. I grew up in the London suburbs and was your typical British child-I drank tea and I was polite. When I was 6 my dad’s job moved us to America and to my city, New York. When I was eleven, I received my letter to Hogwarts and my parents wouldn’t hear of me going anywhere else.

My mom finally had her big break in the world of fashion around the time I was getting ready to leave. I left for school and when I came home for break, I was living in a new home in a new life that felt alien to me. The summer after my 1st year, a couple of my mom’s friends took me under their wing and I became their “project” over the summer.

I have only grown since then. I have few friends at school but at home, I am Queen. The Upper East Side is my territory and the only time I relinquish my power is when I am at school. Unbeknownst to many of the muggles in the area, wizards are the ones in the penthouses lording over everyone else. We take pride in that position to say the least. When I was sorted my 1st year the hat warned me of my cunning, manipulative ways but I was apparently too smart for the Slytherins, landing my sorry self into Ravenclaw. So far I have liked my life and I have always been careful at keeping my home life away from school.

People from school do not connect the Grace Fragonard they see in the Wizarding tabloids to the small girl who hides in the library at school. I am proud of that small accomplishment. Until this year. Someone connected the dots.

A couple of weeks ago I received an owl with an odd letter detailing my exploits over the past summer (a bit stalkerish in my opinion) and then continued to tell me that this mysterious person will be watching me. I have a plan for this year-I will take over the school. The Head Girl badge that I earned should help but I will make my mark on School and I will be remembered. I plan to introduce Hogwarts to the real “Gracie Frog” (Frog is my cat’s name and because he is always somewhere near me, people started associating us together).

For a change I packed early and paid attention to what I was packing. I didn’t pack the usual sweatpants and T-shirts that I pretend to find comfort in, I packed my real self in that trunk (the expanding charm really helped). Dresses, skirts, tights, shirts, heels, and the rest of a socialite's eccentric wardrobe was packed leaving just enough room for my books and uniform. I wasn’t going to use the usual mundane leather satchel to carry my books, instead I had a leather Burberry tote. I was ready to bring Hogwarts down to its knees.

“Grace! Let’s go. That bloke from the ministry is here to take you over to the train station. Get a move on,” I hear mum yell. I look around my room one more time and walk over to the full-length mirror. I gaze at my reflection; black Mary Jane Christian Louboutin pumps, purple tights, short black lace dress with a dark blue tailored blazer with light pink trim. I added a Burberry headband to my long platinum hair and smiled. I was ready. I leviosad my trunk down the stairs and quickly followed.

“Here and ready.” Mum kissed my cheek, hugged me and told me to have a great last year and she is sorry my father was not there to see me off either. I nodded and hugged her one more time. I spun to face the man from the Ministry and he held out a bent spoon. I looked at it, “Umm, what is that?”



I gently laid a finger on the spoon and began to feel my world spin.


hello all,
i hope you like!


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Reality: Life, Home and Reality


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