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Shy by RoseParsons
Chapter 4 : Chapter four: Unlike Me
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Chapter four: Unlike me

Grumbling I pulled a pillow over my head moaning, deciding I wouldn’t be missed, I could just stay here and subtly drift into my mind numbing sleep, who cares about the annoying voice that kept repeating itself? Over and over again, didn’t it have any manners?  I was too busy being blissfully unaware to the outside world to give a flying hoot.  In the distance I could hear a fight ensuing, grumbling I concluded that with all the yelling I was unlikely to get any sleep, so slowly I rolled over, and ending up falling off my bed and hitting my head against the chest of draws. Groaning I lay on the cool stone floor looking up at the ceiling. My legs were tangled in my duvet and deciding it would cost me too much energy to extract myself from its embrace, I contented myself with staring up at the stone ceiling, funny I’d never noticed that you could see the slight impression of clouds imprinted up there, they danced and swirled magically making my head furl and swirl.  

“Violet I suggest you get up now.” Jemima was as usual calm; it was incredibly hard for her to get wound up about anything so it wasn’t a surprise to me that the warning announcement hadn’t spooked her. Nancy and Lily were in an entirely opposite state of mind as they seemed to be horrifically scared as they were wailing and screeching whilst trying to drag Gaby out of the bed, there eyes seemed to bulge slightly. I had to suppress a small giggle.

Gaby was clinging onto the red, velvet curtains of her four poster bed, her eyes still clamed shut blissfully unaware to the fear pulsating around the room. Nancy was sniffling salty hot tears brimming at her eyes and clinging to her eyelashes. Lily on the other hand was flushed red with annoyance.

“Gaby wake up!” Lily yelled fanatically, her hair was flying everywhere as she tugged and pulled fruitlessly at Gaby’s Leg. Gaby moaned slightly but there was no answering response.

“TO ALL STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT IN THE GREAT HALL WE URGE YOU TOO HURRY” at the new announcement Lily wailed in alarm, before taking out her wand “sorry Gaby it has to be done, ALMOSIMORA” at her command a bucket of water appeared over Gaby’s snoring head, it balanced rather precariously before tipping itself over her, as water streamed down onto Gaby’s head she shrieked and leapt out of bed, profusely swearing at the top of her lungs.

 “NO TIME FOR THAT, move it NOW” Nancy panted as she ran out of the door closely followed by all of us and the unwilling, still moaning, still swearing Gaby.

To my alarm the common room was disserted with arm chairs thrown over the carpet showing the panic that had taking place previously. Lily held the still crying Nancy’s hand and led her down the stairs clucking comforting words at her. I rubbed my eyes sleepily, attempting to awaken myself to some form of functional state. Gaby had summoned a heating charm much to my discomfort and was now drying her hair and clothes, but she still seemed to be in a state of sleep. Nancy, Lily and Jemima were waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs anxiousness swamping there petit features.

We were making are way down the stairs slowly but surely when there was an announcement of more people arriving into the common room. Much commotion seemed to be ensuing from the boys staircase I flicked my half-closed eyes towards the source of the noise.

James seemed to be dragging a half asleep Peter down the stairs, whilst Reamus was leading Sirius down the stairs with his eyes closed. Sam Lovedale and William Roberts were following them; they however seemed more prepared with their wands out at the ready.

“Oh look more people.” Gaby muttered into her arm dopily. I nodded in a sleepily response. With the distraction Gaby managed to trip over her own feet and ended up performing a half skip dance in the air, in panic she grabbed my arm pulling me down with her. We seemed to fly through the air for what seemed like hours before landing on the carpet lain floor. Gaby landed on top of me with a thump obliterating all air from my lungs. I promptly attempted to sit up only to be attacked by the banister which hit me square on the forehead, as I flopped back down examining my damnabal luck, did God really have it out so bad for me? I aimlessly decided it would be best to give up and just lie there in my blissful ignorance, not to worry about the dangers of the outside world; Gabriella seemed to have had the same thought pattern as she lay where she was.

“Gabriella would you please get off Violet now!” an impatient voice interrupted the oppressive silence and I suddenly felt the weight that had been smothering me lifted and I sighed in audible relief, rubbing my forehead where no doubt a bruise would soon form. Opening my eyes I noticed that Reamus was now holding Gabriella up as Sirius seemed to have regained consciousness and now had is wand out.

A hand was extended to me and I immediately took it not thinking who it could belong to, I stood up staggering slightly as my bones ached. William was holding me up by my arm, looking at me, alarm shrouding his features. Making sure I was steady on my feet he looked around the common room, his eyes darting and dancing, appearing to have heard a noise.

I blinked slightly trying to rouse myself to a state alertness. Slowly our group lead by James, Sirius and Peter with Sam and William in the back moved towards the portrait hole. I noticed with amusement that the fat lady had run for it probably lacking in courage to stay and make sure everyone was out safely, typical bloody portraits always thinking of themselves.

Before we managed to reach it we heard a wailing screech. A young boy who looked to be only a first former was crawling out from underneath an arm chair, tears coursing down his chubby cheeks. Lily who seemed to have comforted Nancy into submission leapt forward at the same time as James, creating a very awkward silence. Obviously deciding that it was a time to put their differences aside they both started muttering comforting words to the young boy.

It was only a few seconds later that are party was invaded yet again, this time by less welcomed visitors.  Amanda Priket and Becky Johnson were making their way down the stairs wailing and screeching at an alarming rate. They were clinging to one another whilst waving their hands in the air. I noticed that they had dubious amounts of make-up slathered onto their faces. Their hair also seemed to be in an immaculate state, they were dressed in clingy sheer night dresses and I had a sneaking suspicion that the reason they had taken so long getting out of their dormitory was that they had to make themselves look ‘presentable’ and by that I mean as ‘sexy’ as they could. Feeling suddenly self-conscious comparing their made up looks to mine I attempted to subdue my spring hair to no avail.

After they had finished with their grand entrance which involved much hip popping, hand waving, and voice screeching antics they finally reached us. Amanda leapt towards Sirius throwing her arms around him, still wailing at an alarmed screech. I smiled slightly as I saw a look of annoyance shroud his face, and looking around I saw my smile echoed on the faces of the Marauders. Becky had decided to hurl herself at Sam in an attempt to gain some much needed attention; she couldn’t let Amanda lap up all the attention now could she? Sam unlike Sirius seemed perfectly content with this arrangement as she clung to his arm like a little leach.

“Ok let’s go, wands out everybody” James said with a distinct air of authority, he was holding one of the first formers hands whilst Lily held the other. He had a toothy grin on his face, no doubt imaging their little family dancing around a meadow or something.  I looked around realising I had forgotten my wand, but much to my surprise Lily, James, Sirius, William, Nancy and Mary had all remembered there’s shouting ‘lumous’ in unison as the hallway lit up around us creating dancing shadows which followed us down the corridor. I noticed the remainder of our group looking slightly ashamed as they realised their stupidity.

“Everybody get into pairs and remember to be quite.” James hissed craning his neck from side to side.

James and Lily pared off as they were both tending to the crying first former, James seemed absolutely delighted over this, at least until he tripped over his own feet in his own eagerness, making Lily snort slightly. Looking dejected his eyes went to the front of the corridor as he attempted to avoid eye contact with everybody else.

Gaby and Nancy paired off as of course they would, Sirius and Amanda, Sam and Becky, Peter had is eyes firmly set on Jemima and started walking towards her so I had to pair off with William.

“Looks like we’re buddies” I nodded my head making my hair fall around my shoulders in a curly waterfall.  I attempted to calm my heart rate as my breath picked up an inch, he really was handsome with sand blond hair and warm brown eyes.

“Damn... I hope this happens more often” I heard Sam mutter it took me only a mere moment to realise what he was talking about. All of the girls happened to be wearing very revealing clothes besides Jemima who was now looking with interest at the stones of the castle, in a way I imagine nobody else could. 

Lily was wearing a tight pink tang top along with baggy stripy long bottoms, Gaby was wearing black boxer shorts and a purple tang top, Nancy was wearing a very long top with hot pants underneath it.

Embarrassed I attempted to pull down my red hot pants and big baggy black top to no avail, “No luck there love” William walked up to me smiling slightly as he looked me up and down, feeling uncomfortable I nodded my head slightly. “Besides you look damn good, nothing to worry about” turning scarlet I promptly tried to divert the conversation from my lets-show-the-world-her-ass hot pants.

 “What do you thinks going on?” he shrugged his shoulders “No idea, might be a practical joke, but the Marauders obviously ain’t involved so I don’t know.”

“Do you think they’ll ever stop wailing back their?” William said to me in a whisper. Sending him a conspiring smile I answered in hushed tones “Don’t think so. They will probably be permanently traumatised, but I thought all boys liked the crying, made-up kind of girl...” he sent me a wink, his handsome features charming me out of shyness. We were hushed by James who was obviously attempting to regain his lost pride by taking charge of the group. Shrugging our shoulders we turned towards the front of the group, all the while berating myself for the goofy grin that seemed to stubbornly refuse to leave my flushing face.

We finally reached the great hall and entered, the whole school seemed to be sat around the tables in different states of undress, and everyone seemed to be looking around fearfully. The teachers hadn’t arrived yet. Are little group made its way towards the southern end of the Gryffindor table, to my delight William sat next to me apparently interested in keeping up our conversation, Jemima sat on my other side bring out her book from god knows where as she studiously ignored Peter Pettigrew who was staring at her with a forlorn look in his eyes.

 Lily and James were still caring for the first year at James’s insistence that they should make sure he was entirely ok, from the corner of my eye I saw him slip him a Knut much to the delight of the young boy. Nancy was talking to Reamus and Peter, whilst Gaby promptly disappeared under the table to most likely fall asleep ones again. Sam and Sirius had decided to comfort their girls by making out with them, so it looked like it was just me and William; One of the most handsome boys in Gryffindor, me alone with William, me alone with topless William.

I hadn’t noticed before but most of the boys were walking around without tops on. And damn, James’s, Sirius’s, Sam’s, and William’s bodies were good. And even surprisingly Reamus had a small six pack which I saw went noticed by Nancy. I was sure that Lily had noticed James’s body from the way she kept trying to avoid looking at him and blushing whenever their eyes met, he too seemed to notice this and promptly asked her out only to receive a scathing answer. The first former chuckled slightly behind his hands at the older boy’s obvious lack of game.

“So you said I was into that type of girl then?” he gestured towards Amanda, I sent him a twinkling smile, which was very unlike me.

 “Aren’t you?” He looked me up and down his eyes sparkling with Mirth, “Not really, I prefer girls who fall down stairs because their walking with their eyes closed” I decided to tease him, “ahh you mean Gaby?”

“I prefer brunettes” I blushed slightly looking bashfully down at my hands not knowing what to say. “I also like shy girls” he muttered tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear. I willed my body not to respond; however, as usual it ignored me. He laughed slightly as my cheeks began to flush a deep scarlet.

“You’re different.”

“Is that a bad thing?” worry was obviously imprinted into my tone as he let out another laugh.

“Take it as a complement” I was still busy digesting this said ‘complement’ when I heard my name shrieked from across the room. Bree was amongst the heavily made up group of girls, her hair was straightened to perfection, and she looked like a goddess in a room full of sheep. She was currently throwing her arms in the air creating a spectacular performance of fear as her bracelets glinted and gurgled, grinding themselves down her wrists.  A sea of boy’s eyes followed her as the male population of Hogwarts were currently staring at her, obviously whishing that they could leap up and make her feel safe, however glowering looks from Emmitt soon dissolved their heroic fantasies.

She finally reached us and began fussing over me and my hair, declaring that I looked a right state, she stared at me in wonder, where was my lip gloss? My mascara? I shrugged my shoulders myself consciousness increasing to an almost unbearable feverment. I couldn’t help but notice that William was looking her up and down wonder clouding his features.  I couldn’t help but feel a stab of jealousy, if only I looked like her, everything would be so much... so much...easier.

Before they could make a formal introduction Dumbledore strode into the Great Hall followed by the rest of the staff. He looked dazzling, dressed in a deep plum dressing gown which was embroider with shining, sparkling, silver moons and stars which moved slowly- obviously enchanted. The rest of the staff all seemed to be clothed in night ware too; Hagrid was even wearing bunny slippers making him appear much less intimidating, even with his ominous size, somehow the thought of him fighting death eaters with bunny slippers on made me giggle, which I promptly cessed when I saw all the strange looks being directed at me.

The whole room fell quite as the teachers entered all eyes were shrouded with fear, expectation and anticipation. Much to my surprise none of the teachers had their wands at the ready something I immediately picked up on. Dumbledore strode slowly to the stage, before magically magnifying his voice, so that it echoed around the room his words clearly audible to all people in the area. I heard a bump on the table and took that as Gaby waking up in surprise, her beauty sleep being interrupted yet again. I also thought I heard a slight wail pass from her lips but my attention was so focused on Dumbledore, all distractions were soon forgotten- no matter how amusing they may be, why was he taking so long, were we under attack?

“Well, how nice it is to see all of your young faces, even if you do still look slightly tired and forlorn, now you may all be wondering as to the reason that you have all been awakened from your gentle slumber. Well during my restful summer holidays I visited a boarding school that my dear friend owns.” People were looking around slightly bewildered as to the relevance of this speech. “I noticed something incredibly useful that took place in this school for safety precautions, a fire alarm” the muggle born students and half-blood students all looked around in understanding and  began explaining to the ‘pure blood students’ what a fire alarm was. Dumbledore cleared his throat amusement twinkling in his pure sky blue eyes. “Well, I thought and the staff all agreed with me, that we would practise a similar alarm, but this alarm will be focused more on the safety issues that as witches and wizards we may have to face in the near future, so dears you may go back to beds, but you must remember if you ever here a similar alarm to this one make great haste towards the great hall, travel in groups, and don’t distract yourselves as I know your hormones demand and tempt you to do.” a giggle erupted from the crowd as we all looked towards Sirius, Sam, Amanda, and Becky who were still all locked in a tight embrace as their lips searched each other’s faces.

A strangled yell was heard from beneath the Gryffindor table as Gaby emerged, anger embedded on her face. “YOU MEAN YOU WOKE US UP FOR NOTHING?”  Everyone looked at her in surprise; no one had ever showed such disrespect to Dumbledore. Dumbledore seemed to care very little about the disrespect shown to him and merely smiled apologetically “it had to be done, now go and rest- remember you must be awake for the first lesson tomorrow.

I left the great hall, amid a swelling tide of grumblings, but I walked oblivious as my tummy churned and burned happily.

A/N: BAD CHAPTER, I know:) but I just... felt like this needed to go in... The last two chapters haven’t been so good but I promise IT WILL GET BETTER :) anyway I hope you enjoyed and remember to review pretty please? Kkthxbye. Rosexx

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Shy: Chapter four: Unlike Me


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