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Time After Time by Sirius Black Dog
Chapter 9 : The 6th of December, 1999
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A/N: I hope you enjoy this chapter, i had fun writing it and can't wait to hear what you think. Thanks for staying with the story and i hope you enjoy this part. :)

Ginny breathed in deep her hands resting on the railing of the white cot. She flicked her wrist and soft song surrounded her, Ginny hummed along with the tune until there was a knock at the door and Hermione poked her head in. 

‘Hey, how are you feeling?’ She said closing the door behind her. 

‘Good’ Ginny replied taking Lily out of her crib and placed her on her hip, swaying from side to side. 

‘I’ve got something for you.’ Hermione said smiling as she pulled out a dress bag ‘unzip it’ Ginny did, to find the little white dress she had seen in the bridal shop and pulled her best friend into a tight hug. 

‘Thank you. How did you…?’ Ginny gasped pulling away from Hermione. 

‘I saw you looking at it and decided if you had a girl I would buy it for her, for you.’ Ginny hugged her again. 

‘What is going on in here?’ Molly Weasley asked as she opened the door. Hermione showed her the dress and Molly smiled, speechless. She turned back to Ginny ‘you ready to go Ginny?’ 

‘Yes let’s do it’ and with that they left the room and joined the group of people surrounding an old newspaper. Ginny took Lily’s hand in hers and placed it on the paper just like Andromeda and Fleur were doing with Victoire and Teddy. Ginny felt a tug and knew she was on her way to become Mrs Potter. 


Harry arrived early and while everyone who had come with him was outside he went inside to meet Anna and his other guests. When Harry walked into the room in his tux someone whistled and Harry looked in the direction it had come from to see Fred Weasley looking very smart in a suit of his own. Harry walked up to him and hugged him. 

‘I’m glad you’re here Fred, we’ve missed you.’ Fred laughed as Harry pulled away to greet everyone else. 

‘Are you nervous sweet heart?’ Lily asked trying to brush down his hair. 

‘Evans, you are wasting your time, there.’ Sirius stated and James growled ‘she’s not Evans, she’s Potter, damn it.’ 

‘Boys.’ Lily warned, smiling and shaking her head. 

‘No, not really. I can’t wait until they get here though then I’ll bring Andromeda and Molly in with Teddy and Lily.’ 

‘Lily.’ Lily said softly ‘I can’t believe you named her after me, thank you.’ Lily kissed her sons cheek. 

‘Thank you Harry; for bringing Teddy to us.’ Tonks said as she hugged Harry. Remus smiled happily and patted Harry’s back. 

‘Well Harry the big day, I’m glad I’m here to watch you do this’ Sirius said hugging Harry tightly. Harry couldn’t speak he was slightly overwhelmed and turned to see Albus Dumbledore glancing at him knowingly. 

‘Breathe Harry you will be fine as soon as you see Ginny.’ He said grinning; Harry nodded but said nothing until Anna said ‘They’re here. Ginny and the others just went to the tent. Do you want me to get Molly and Andy for you?’ 

‘Yes thank you Anna.’ Harry breathed as he turned to Fred ‘behave.’ 

‘Of course, why wouldn’t I?’ Fred replied smirking. 

Just then Anna came back in followed by Molly carrying Lily and Andy carrying Teddy. Harry took Lily into his arms just as Molly spotted Fred. The next thing Harry knew Molly was in her son’s arms crying and kissing him. 

‘Mum, come on its Ginny’s big day. Yes I love you too.’ Fred said patting her gently on the back while pulling the same face he always did when she gushed to much. 

‘Teddy’ Tonks said running towards her son who recognised his mother’s voice and lunged into Tonks’ arms. Tonks squeezed him and kissed his face ‘I’ve missed you so much my baby.’ 

‘My son’ Remus reached forward proudly and took his son into his arms holding him while Teddy’s little arms wrapped tightly around his daddy’s neck. As mother and daughter embraced and spoke of how they had missed one another and how much they loved each other. 

Harry felt so happy looking from Tonks and Andy to Remus and Teddy, passing over Fred and Molly and resting upon the most important people there: his parents, his godfather, his daughter and Albus Dumbledore. Lily was cradled in his mother’s arms as though she was made to fit there: whilst James and Sirius came up to Harry. 

‘It’s time Harry’ James said and Harry suddenly felt sick. ‘Just breathe.’ 

‘Yeah, you look better than Prongs did, he was green up until the moment your mum met him at the alter. I thought I was going to have to bring him a bucket.’ Sirius chuckled. 

Molly took baby Lily from Lily and said ‘I better go see how Ginny’s doing. See you out there Harry’ she kissed his cheek and looked into his face ‘you look very handsome, Harry. I am so very proud of you.’ Harry hugged her and then tickled his daughters chin before Molly left the room. 

‘I’m gonna go freak out the rest of my family.’ Fred said strutting to the door. 

‘Fred, leave Ginny for now she might get overwhelmed by seeing you even though she already knows you’re here.’ Harry stated. 

‘Was she that bad? After I snuffed it, I mean.’ 

‘It hurt her but she got excited when she realised she would get to see you again once we had met Anna. She’ll want to talk to you but after the ceremony, please.’ 

‘Sure, mate. I’ll be watching you go green’ Fred replied lightening the conversation on his way out, laughing to himself. 

Remus, Tonks, Andy and Teddy followed going to seat themselves before it started. Lily kissed him before following the rest, she was speechless. She was going to watch her son get married and that for her was amazing. Anna walked with her while Sirius and James stayed with Harry. 

‘Are you okay, Harry?’ Sirius asked. 

‘I think so. After everything this seems hard compared to some of it. How is it I got so lucky? All of you are here, my family while I marry the most perfect girl who I don’t really deserve; I’m not dreaming am I?’ 

‘You’re not dreaming. Harry, you above anyone else deserve to be happy. You deserve Ginny, son’ James said trying to convince his son that it was ok to be happy. 

‘Come on Harry, let’s go. Ginny’s waiting for you’ Sirius smiled as he spoke and made his way to the door with James. A moment passed before Harry broke into a grin and followed. 

He walked into the garden to find golden seats on either side of him. On Harry’s left were Bill, Fleur and Victoire, seated in the second row with Charlie. In the third row Fred, George and Angelina were talking happily. Harry smiled as he saw the twins united again. Percy and his girlfriend Audrey were seated in the fourth row together holding hands. 

Harry turned to his right to find Ron and Neville standing at the front talking with Sirius who was seated in the first row with James and Lily. The second row was occupied by Remus, Tonks, Teddy and Andy, all one family together again for now at least. The third row held Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Anna and Hagrid seated in deep conversation. 

Harry made his way down the row between the seats and stood with Ron and Neville. Looking over the group of people he loved more than anything. Everyone went silent and Harry straightened up with his groomsmen. The minister stood beside Harry and the soft music started. Everyone stood as the procession began. 

Molly holding Lily and a small bundle of white flowers came first smiling widely. Luna floated down the aisle followed by Hermione both in their beautiful maroon dresses. The music changed as Ginny and Arthur started to make their way down the aisle. Harry then knew the miracle in magic as he locked eyes with Ginny. Arthur reached the end of the aisle and kissed his daughters cheek and placed her hand in Harry’s, before taking his seat in the front row on the left side with his wife and granddaughter. 

Harry and Ginny gazed at each other vaguely listening to the minister answering only when needed and when it came time for the vows they actually were speaking to each other and meant every word, every syllable and every sentence. 

‘Ginny Weasley I take you as my wife, my love, my soul mate.
Your smile lightens my day, your strength holds my world together,
I will stay with you, to protect you, to love you, to hold you.
Once my dreams were better than my reality but that’s changed since I fell in love with you.
Every moment I spend with you:
Is a moment I treasure.
You are the mother of my child and my everything and I will love you forever.’

‘Harry Potter I take you as my husband, my love, my soul mate.
You were once my crush, now the love of my life and the father of my child.
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me whenever I fall.
Whatever the future may hold we’ll face it together.
You shall feel no cold for I am your warmth, you shall feel no pain for I am your protection.
From this day forward I stand besides you and love you always.’ 

Ron stepped forward with the rings and Harry and Ginny each took the opposites. 

‘With this ring I Harry Potter bind myself to you.’ 

‘With this ring I Ginevra Weasley bind myself to you.’ 

‘And with this rope we bind these two souls together.’ The minister said waving his wand as a rope wound itself around Harry’s and Ginny’s locked hands as everyone watched. 

‘I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.’ Harry leaned into Ginny and placed his hands around her back pulling her towards him, he touched his lips to hers. Suddenly the garden was alive with cheers as the newlyweds separated. 

Harry turned to his parents ‘Congratulations, baby’ Lily said her eyes full of proud tears. 

‘You weren’t green that’s a plus’ Sirius said hugging his godson. 

James interrupted ‘so proud your mother nearly broke into sobs.’ 

‘Did not, James!’ Lily politely informed him with a roll of her eyes. 

Lily turned to Ginny and kissed her cheek, while Harry went to his new in-laws, 

‘You looked so handsome, Harry dear’ Molly gushed while Arthur shook Harry’s hand beaming. 

‘If I had to give my daughter to someone I’m glad it’s you Harry.’ Arthur said quietly. 

‘Thank you’ Harry replied. ‘Can I take Lily for a minute?’ 

‘Yes, yes of course’ Molly said handing the giggling girl into her father’s arms. Harry started to turn and walk towards where Ginny stood ‘You look so beautiful my angel’ Harry whispered into Lily’s ear, she turned and looked at him and touched his glasses; Harry laughed as he put his arm around Ginny. Harry now held the two most important women in his existence in his arms and felt so proud he could have burst.
‘You look amazing, you sexy thing.’ Harry smirked as he mumbled into Ginny’s ear. 

‘You don’t look so bad yourself, handsome’ Ginny smiled as she gently kissed her new husband and for the first time both heard a click of a camera that had seemed none existent before. 

‘Please everyone stand.’ The minister said as he waved his wand again and made the chairs move to situate themselves around a large square table big enough for all of them to fit comfortably around, to share in one another’s company. A dance floor appeared and Harry and Ginny exchanged a look of pure happiness and love as a band started playing. 


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