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When Angels weep. by Hermionniny9
Chapter 1 : When Angels Weep
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 They say that rain is Angels tears, and that they are crying for someone who has departed this world before their time. I have had many a rainy day in my life.

I walked round the corner to the house, my warm breath making a rising clouds of steam in the ominously still air.

The second story of the small house was blown away and the door broken from its hinges, leaving a gaping hole. There was a deathly silence in the place, nothing moved. The air itslfe was heavy and weigthed with fear and trepidation.

I walked up the path, retracing the steps of the enemy, to the door shaped space and entered. My eyes took in  the horrifying scene that lay in front of me. My heart stopped.

“James look at Sniverlous. Rubbed anymore grease in your hair today?”

“You could fry an egg on that lot” he laughed, making his smile broaden and his glasses lift up off his nose.

My friend, my brother, my comrade and the only one who had ever been there for me, who understood me and who I was, lay crumpled at the foot of the stairs. His glasses were askew and eyes wide in fear. He looked like he was sleeping, but he couldn’t have been, there was no rise and fall of his chest. A lump built in my throat, James had been cast away like a useless rag.

I moved to his limp and lifeless body, I touched his hand, it was stone cold. Dispair threatend to boil over in my heart, and I was sure that it would rip in two. My breath caught in my throat.  I shifted him so that his back was rested against the wall, so that I could climb the stairs so see what horrendous scene would have taken place.

I walked round the upper floor and came to the room; a strong breeze was blowing through the place. She was there, her red locks falling round her face like a sea of flames and her eyes open wide in shock, just like James’s . She was lead out, crumpled, on the floor, arms wide as if to embrace her love or to shield her other. My little flower was gone, she would no longer shout at me, or comfort me when things whent wrong, she would no longer scald me for foolling arrpund. I slid her eyes shut with my fingers, not bearing to see her eyes any longer.

“Sirius Black you are a pig headed moron and you deserved to be hexed” she shouted at me her face going red slightly and her green eyes burning with fury.

“It’s just the way I am Lily, I can’t help it, comes with the genetics”

I moved to the cot, I imagined a small dead child, his green eyes like hers glazed over and stairing off into the abyss. But he was there, his bottom lip trembling but not making a sound. His green eyes wide, but glistening and his little fingers fiddling with his comfort blancket. On his forehead he bore the scar, the sign of what dreadful incident had taken place; a lightning bolt, which would mark him for life and as the Dark Lords equal and the defire of death.

I reached for him and pulled him close to comfort him, making soothing noises and stroking his jet black hair. He soon fell asleep, he was sure with me and trusted my arms.

I sent my pratronas to Dumbledore, although I knew he would already know. The pain in my chest was building, threatening to explode and  the despair was engulfing everything I was, eating away at my sanity. I had to leave, to get away from this gnawing anguish. I placed the child I knew so well back into his cot, leaving a farewell kiss on his small hand. Quickly I departed the house, changing as I went, the blackness of the night swallowing me like the pain in my heart.

The world I knew had tumbled, all my happiness had rested in my best friends and now they were gone. No Demon could suck my happiness away from me, it was already gone.

I have never believed in Angels, but I knew that the heavens would open and that it would rain that day and the next, for the Angels weep most when the innocent fall. Their tears fall to earth as rain and give solice to those who know that Angels cry. I knew as I fled to find the friend turned traitor, that the poor child would have many a rainy day in his life.

AN I thought of this on the way home, in pouring rain (typical British weather). I thought that I would try and convey his emotions as best as I could. Also the speech in italics is from their time at Hogwarts.

AN so what did you think?

When I read it through the first time it actually bought a tear to my eye.

I have re-written it, now tell me your thoughts,

Let me know.


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When Angels weep.: When Angels Weep


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