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Draco Meets His Match by xxstaindrosesxx
Chapter 3 : Draco Malfoy: The Hero and the Villian
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A/N: This chapter is now edited. I think a long time ago, it was a bit longer due to some content that I had to remove, but overall, I'm quite pleased with how the chapter turned out. I don't think it should have been too graphic anyways.

Draco sat down quietly at the Slytherin table. He sat between Crabbe and Goyle as usual. Gabriella sat across from them on the other side of the table. He was surprised to see Blaise Zabini sitting next to Gabriella, but he figured it was no big deal. After all, Blaise was a Slytherin, and he did talk to them sometimes, so he had every right to be sitting there, even if it was next to Gabriella. Draco avoided eye contact with Gabriella after their incident in the common room. He had seen her Dark Mark and he also did not want to appear obvious as if he was keeping an eye on her.

All of a sudden, owls started flying into the Great Hall to deliver the daily post. One owl swooped down and dropped a letter in front of Gabriella. She opened the letter and started to read it. Draco noticed she appeared upset as he watched her and filled his plate with food. He began to eat as he watched Gabriella pass the letter to her brother, Goyle. He wondered what the letter was about as Goyle read it. “What’s that all about?” Draco asked.

Gabriella glared at him and quickly snatched the letter from her brother’s hands. “None of your business!” She exclaimed.

Draco was slightly startled by her reaction, but he understood because he wasn’t minding his own business, not that he cared any. Goyle looked at his sister and then he turned to Draco, obviously not upset with his sister’s behavior. “Trust me. You don’t want to know.” Goyle said to Draco with a frown, something obviously on his mind that he did not trust Draco with.

Draco wondered if it had to do with the Dark Lord’s interest in Gabriella. He soon decided against it because it was too risky to send classified information by owl. He really had no clue what the letter was about, but he figured he would find out eventually. He continued to think as he watched Blaise and Gabriella leaving the table together. They were not holding hands, but he still found it suspicious. “What’s with those two?” Draco asked, nudging his head in their direction.

Goyle looked to his sister and Blaise as he watched them leaving the Great Hall. “They’re going to Hogsmeade.” He replied, turning back to Draco.

Draco raised an eyebrow in curiosity. “He asked her?” He questioned.

Goyle nodded. “Yes. He asked her out of the blue before you arrived at the table.” He explained.

Draco thought that sounded a bit fishy. “Are you worried?” He asked.

“No. She can take care of herself,” replied Goyle. “So what did Snape say to you?”

Draco knew what Snape had said, but he wasn’t going to tell Goyle the truth. “Nothing really. You know how I’m his favorite.” He lied, not giving any details because he knew Goyle wouldn’t ask questions about his response. One thing he liked about Goyle and Crabbe being so stupid is they took everything at face value, whether they should have or not.

Goyle nodded as if he seemed pleased by the response. “Are we going to Hogsmeade?” He asked.

Draco knew he had to discover where Blaise and Gabriella were off to, so he couldn’t have Crabbe and Goyle around. “You two go by yourselves. I have some things I need to do by myself.” He replied, which was technically the truth.

Goyle just nodded again as if he was completely clueless. Draco never underestimated him though. He knew Goyle could be smart sometimes so he tried to play it cool about Gabriella. Draco knew the stupid one was Crabbe. Crabbe was more of the follower who never asked questions and did as he was told. Goyle on the other hand, wanted answers sometimes, so Draco had to be careful.

Draco figured Gabriella and Blaise went back to the Slytherin common room to change before going to Hogsmeade. He quickly left the table and rushed to the common room. He didn’t want to lose track of them because it would make it even harder to follow them. Once he arrived, his accusations were correct because Blaise was waiting in the common room. He figured Blaise was waiting while Gabriella changed her clothes. Draco decided to sit in a leather chair and grab a nearby book to appear busy.

Draco opened the book, oblivious to what the book was about. He made sure his face was covered by the book to avoid being seen, even though his bleach blonde locks could easily give his presence away. He heard footsteps coming down the stairs from the girls’ dormitories. Draco peaked up from the book and saw Gabriella. She was wearing a green plaid skirt, a green fuzzy, long-sleeved sweater, black nylons, and knee high black boots. He thought she looked like a punk person, but it suited her well.

Draco actually thought she looked pretty as he noticed how her sweater dipped down to show the top of her cleavage. He watched as Blaise stood up from the sofa, keeping an eye on the both of them. “Are you ready?” Blaise asked, not giving her any type of compliment about her appearance.

“Yes.” Gabriella replied.

Draco watched as the two of them left through the portrait hole. He closed the random book he had found and threw it into the chair once he stood up. He made his way through the portrait hole and saw them on the stairs, heading to the Great Oak Doors. He followed a few feet behind so he wouldn’t be seen. He was extremely quiet, but if he thought one of them was going to turn around, he quickly hid behind a statue or went into a side hallway.

After several minutes, they were in Hogsmeade, and Draco still trailed behind unnoticed. He thought it was strange when the two of them started walking into an alleyway behind The Hogs Head. Most students never went there unless they did not want to be seen. Even then, it was rare to see a student there since most went to the Three Broomsticks. “Where are we going?” Gabriella asked as Draco overheard her.

“It’s a surprise.” Blaise replied with a smirk.

At this point, Draco was peaking his head around the corner and into the alleyway. He wouldn’t dare enter the alleyway or he would be discovered. “I like surprises.” Gabriella said, smiling.

“Then, you will like this one.” Blaise suggested with an evil grin on his face.

Suddenly, Blaise started to advance on Gabriella. He grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms behind her back before pushing her against the wall. Gabriella was pressed tightly against the wall and the only mobile part of her body was her head and legs. This changed when Blaise forced her legs farther apart, positioning himself between them so it was impossible for her to kick him in the balls. “What the hell are you doing?!” She exclaimed, the fear bubbling in her voice.

Draco watched in shock and curiosity. Yes. What the hell is he doing? He thought.

Blaise grinned evilly and ran his hand over her cheek. Gabriella trembled at his touch. “I saw your Dark Mark this morning when Draco and you got in that spat,” he explained. “I just knew it was the perfect opportunity to use you, so be a good little girl and I’ll keep your secret.”

Gabriella looked at him in fear as she tried to struggle, but it was no use. “Stop!” She shouted, hoping someone might hear and come to the rescue.

“No,” replied Blaise as his hand touched her thigh and started making it’s way up her skirt. “I’ve seen the way Draco has looked at you the past couple of years. He likes you, but he’s too dumb to realize it. I figured this gave me even more motive for hurting you. Ravage the one girl he wants, but is too stupid to realize he wants.” Blaise explained even more, pulling at the top of her sweater and revealing more of her cleavage.

Tears now formed in Gabriella’s eyes. “STOP! PLEASE STOP!” She shouted and begged.

Blaise put his hand over her mouth. Gabriella’s arms were still pinned behind her back and she was unable to move, to scream, to get free. She was completely trapped.

Draco began to think about what Blaise said. What does he mean by looking at her differently? he wondered, questioning himself. I can’t help it if she actually became hot after the years and grew some nice boobs. If I didn’t look, it is like I would be gay or something, so excuse me. I hate her anyways. Complete bitch and now I should beat Zabini too. Draco continued to think, but he snapped back to reality when he noticed Blaise trying to unbuckle his pants with his free hand. Oh shit. Draco thought.

Tears flowed freely down Gabriella’s cheeks as she was about to be raped by Blaise Zabini right there in Hogsmeade. Her heart raced, as she knew she could not avoid the inevitable. She closed her eyes for a second, and when she reopened them, she saw a flash of red light. It hit Blaise and sent him flying backwards, causing him to land on the ground beneath him with a hard thud. She looked around to see who had saved her and her watery eyes fell upon Draco Malfoy; the last boy on Earth she expected to save her. Gabriella wanted to say something, but they were rudely interrupted.

Severus Snape came rushing over, his black cloak flowing behind him. He had been in the Hogs Head when he heard the commotion and saw the flash of red light. It was no shock when Draco saw him, because shady characters came to the Hogs Head, and Snape was definitely shady.

Snape looked to Blaise on the ground who was struggling to get up from the simple Stunning Spell. Then, he looked to Gabriella who seemed frightened, and then to Draco, giving him a questioning look. “What’s going on?” He questioned in a demanding voice.

“Blaise tried to rape me.” Gabriella replied, wiping tears from her eyes.

Snape raised an eyebrow at her and looked at her apparel. “Well, maybe Mr. Zabini could control himself better if you dressed more appropriately.” He spat cruelly through clenched teeth, his eyes full of disgust at her obvious choice in apparel.

Gabriella became more upset and wrapped her arms around her chest, covering her cleavage.

Snape turned his attention to Draco. “Did Mr. Zabini attempt this?” He asked to clarify Gabriella‘s statement.

Draco thought for a moment, pondering possible problems. “No. It appeared this way from afar which was why I stunned him,” he lied. “Up close she didn’t seem upset, but furious I had stunned him, Professor.”

Snape paused for a moment. “Since there is no proof, Mr. Zabini cannot be punished.” He said before leaving them in the alleyway his black cloak billowing once more in the cool autumn breeze as he headed back to the Hogs Head.

Blaise smiled evilly as he walked away unpunished even though it had taken him quite some time to pull himself off of the ground. Gabriella glared at Draco with hate for lying to Snape. First he saved her, and then he covered it up. “What the hell did you do that for?” She asked angrily.

Draco knew he was in a tough situation, but he had to explain his actions. “If we didn’t let Blaise get away with this, he would tell people about your Dark Mark.” He explained.

“And what makes you think he won’t?” She asked, furious with him.

“Because he knows I saw him and could go straight to Snape with the truth.” He explained, making his decisions clear.

Gabriella looked annoyed. “Bullshit. I think you just like hurting other people,” she theorized. “You’re a sadistic bastard!”

With this insult, Gabriella punched him in the face. Draco fell to the ground and groaned because it actually hurt. His mind drifted back to the time Granger had punched him square in the nose and he ran away, quite like a girl. His intentions were to try and cover up the incident, but of course, the rumors spread, and he still lied about it. Draco watched as she ran off though, but he noticed a letter had dropped on the ground as she rushed off. He struggled to stand up, but luckily, his nose wasn’t broken. Instead, he had a black eye.

Once Draco stood up, he picked up the letter she had dropped. He looked at it, realizing it was the letter from earlier. He shoved the letter in his pocket and decided he would read it later to discover what all the secrecy had been about earlier. He headed back to the castle, away from Hogsmeade, as he thought to himself. Bloody bitch! I should have let her been raped, he thought. First I save her, cover her secret for her, and then she punches me to thank me. Ugh! I hate her. So why did I save her then? He questioned, before finally reaching the castle.

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