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Lies, Love and Life by coutureandwit
Chapter 6 : A Time to Dance
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“May I interrupt?”

Just when I thought I would never have to see the owner of those piercing gray eyes ever again. Here he is standing with a smirk on his handsome face looking like he ruled the world. Just when I thought I had left summer behind, he comes waltzing right back in.


“Ella, ma cherie, is Liddy ready yet?”

“LIDS! You ready?!?”

“Ella, that was unnecessary. Go and find her.” Cue the eye rolling. I meandered to my room to find Liddy attempting to shove a lamp in her trunk. I honestly fear for that girl.

“Hey you, over there... with the lamp. Maman wants to know if you’re ready and she sent me as your personal escort to help you find your way.”

“Oi, whatcha want?” Lids snapped at me from the corner of the room.

"Darling, you don't need a lamp. That's right, put the lamp down." Merlin, I'm treating her like she is in the loony bin. She stood there holding the lamp. Then she chucked it at the wall.

“Lids, we'll talk about this later," she nodded, "anyway, we’re leaving in 10.”

“Ten what?”

Merlin that girl needs to grow a brain. I love her, I mean she is my best friend, but there are times when all rational common sense flies out the window. I’ve seen it happen. It's not pretty.

“Ten minutes oh daft one.”

Liddy glared at me and made a crude gesture with her finger. My bets are on the fact that she has temporarily forgotten she is a witch, which is nice for me at the moment. I smirked at her and then turned to go find Maman. Maman decided to take Lids and I to Greece for the summer in order to, "Clear your heads of all meaningless things before your last year of joy begins." Maybe Maman should be the one in the loony bin now that I think about it.

~*flashback ends*~

James looked behind him and started laughing.

“Xandy mate! It’s been too long."

“Aye, it has. Who is this lovely damsel you happen to be waltzing with?”

He knows perfectly well who I am.

“Oh! Ella this is Lysander and Xander this is Ella.”

“Ella,” his soft voice slowly pronounced. “Delighted to meet your acquaintance,” the unspoken word, again, was delicately transferred through his expression. James gave Lysander my hand and then he disappeared into the mass of dancing bodies. Probably going to go find some random girl to snog.

“We meet again.”

How the hell does he think he can just stand there looking down at me and smirking? Honestly.

"Well put Captain Obvious, and what happened to darling Drew?” I questioned carefully not wanting to divulge any of those thoughts swirling around in that mess I call my mind.

“I was not under the assumption that we would have the pleasure of seeing one another again, so I used a pseudonym.”


I glared at him, and then pointedly looked over his shoulder in order to avoid any eye contact whatsoever.

“You’re Oliver’s daughter I presume.” He's a smart one!

“Well spotted.”

“So how have you been?” I hate polite small talk. It's annoying and useless and mundane and I have the full capacity to continue my rambling rant...

Focusing my attention back on Xander/Drew, I snapped, “Why do you care?”

“Do I sense some hostility?” He's in Ravenclaw, really? This boy needs to go to the library and check out a book about talking to girls... Then again such thing probably does not exist. Or, he could go find a book that teaches him to be sociable.

“What did you expect?”

“I am well aware that there is unfinished business between us," he drawled.

No shit Sherlock.

“You left.” He did. It's the truth.

“I apologize.”

“Is that all you have to say?”


I resumed my glaring and stared over his shoulder into the void of space beyond it.

We continued this dance of awkwardness for a bit longer before I felt his hand on my back stiffen and he drew me closer. My face crashed into his neck and all of a sudden I was breathing in the familiar odor of sandalwood (his maman and her incense...) and aftershave. I looked up to see his jaw tighten and could hear a low growl emit from his throat.



Oh, he is one of the twins Molly was ranting about, lovely. Too bad he never told me he was a twin, or that he was a wizard, or what his actual name was.

“Where is she?”

I feel like a third wheel. It’s like they’re having a jealous spat, which I really should be having with dear Xandy right now.

“Why should I know?”

I am officially confused. Clarification, anyone?

“She is your girlfriend,” Drew/Lysander/Xander/Xandy spat at him. I am sensing some hostility here.

I just quoted him, oh God. Leave my head, leave my head-XANDER leave! You have spent way too much time there, leave, you’re not welcome.

“That is besides the point. Who is this delightful vision in your arms?” This Malfoy bloke is a slime ball.

“Not worth your time. Go find Rose.” Aww, he stood up for me, in a weird way. He’s still a wanker.

I heard steps retreat and stepped back. “Umm, Lysander? Everything alright?” I muttered, hoping he would hear me.

“That’s the git dating Lorcan’s ex. She has yet to see him drop the farce she sees on a daily basis. Once it dawns on her that he is in fact a miserable git, Lorcan will be right there for her. Like always.”


We danced some more. We didn’t talk. It wasn’t too bad. I mean it’s not like I’m dancing with the boy who stole my heart, ripped it apart and handed it back to me bleeding on a platter. Oh wait, correction, I am. When I left Greece I thought I was going to leave everything behind. I was prepared to move on and Liddy promised to help me. Him being here, dancing with me is not helping.

I really must owl her. She must be going in shock from not being able to see me for three days. I have that effect on people. He who I am dancing with cleared his throat as if to say something, but thought otherwise, wise man. This weird silence is steadily becoming filled with an awkward silent tension. I need to get out of here.

“Erm, Lysander? I really must be going, if you’ll excuse me?” New mantra: Be polite, be polite, be polite.

He nodded. I smiled. I left.


I woke up the next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. I looked over into the mirror and saw massive raccoon eyes, a bird’s nest (a pitiful excuse for the mop of hair on top of my head at the moment) and the downtrodden look of a toddler who just had their candy taken away. I smiled. Oh, that was not pretty. I need a shower.

Ten minutes later I emerged from the steam-filled room to find Molly going through my closet. I cleared my throat.

“Ahh finally. You’ve been in their for like half an hour.”

“Have not. It was like ten minutes.”

“Have it your way. I need to talk to you about something.” She knows. She reached into her back pocket and pulled out a letter. The edges are worn and it appears to have been read and handled repeatedly. She opens the letter. She begins to read it aloud.

“Dearest Ella,

The other ni-”

“MOLLY!” Shit, she knows.

“Do you care to explain this?” She has one hand on her hip and she is holding the letter in her other hand, like it is one of those red capes used in bull fights.

“How much time do you have?”

“As long as it takes.”

I nod.

"Let me change at least so I'm not telling you this story in a towel with my hair dripping down my back."

She nods.

I change into a loose shirt and a pair of black yoga pants, and I pull my hair up into a loose bun. I look over at Molly and gesture for her to sit on my bed and I slowly make my way over next to her.

I look up and begin.


I hope you all like! Oh and thanks to everyone who has reviewed, it means a lot!!!


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