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Draco Meets His Match by xxstaindrosesxx
Chapter 2 : The Mark of Destiny
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A/N: And now here is chapter 2 edited a bit! When I say edited, I don't mean changing the story though. I would never change the story since it is already completed, so don't expect too many changes, just a few to make it sound better.

Now morning, Draco had already dressed for the day in his usual school attire before he headed down to the Slytherin common room where his lackeys waited as always. Goyle and Crabbe sat on their usual dark green leather sofa they marked as their own, and Draco sat between the two of them. He noticed Gabriella sat in the corner at a wooden desk where students attempted to do homework, which failed most of the time since Slytherins weren’t too keen on doing homework themselves.

Draco watched as Gabriella continued to read. She turned the page and he wondered what could be so interesting. He tried to see the title from that distance, but it appeared to be upside down. He found this rather amusing as he turned to Goyle to point out the situation. “Your sister is turning into Loony Lovegood by reading a book upside down.” He teased, pointing to Gabriella as if Goyle needed the guidance due to his own stupidity.

Goyle turned to look at his sister and he wrinkled his nose in disgust when he saw her reading the book upside down. “Hey sis. Why are you reading a book upside down like Loony Lovegood?” He questioned.

Gabriella lowered her book slightly, glaring at him. “For your information, I’m not reading the book upside down. The cover was misprinted.” She explained, raising the book back up and continuing to read.

Goyle just shrugged and turned his attention back to Draco. Draco smirked as an idea struck his mind with an ingenious plan. “I think it is time we bring your sister into our little group.” He suggested.

Goyle raised an eyebrow. “Really?” He asked.

Draco nodded. “Yes, and I think you should talk to her about it.” He explained, wanting his lackey to do his work for him.

Goyle nodded and stood up from the sofa. He walked over to his sister who was only a few feet away. As he approached, Gabriella slammed her book down on the table and glared at her brother. “You’re not done bugging me yet?” She asked, extremely annoyed, the agitation sounding in her voice.

“Draco wants you to join our group.” Goyle mentioned as if it was no big deal.

Gabriella seemed even more agitated than before. “Well, you can tell Draco that if he wants me to join, he can ask me himself.” She snapped at him before picking her book back up and ignoring him once more.

Goyle did not seem hurt by his sister’s rudeness as if he tolerated this behavior on a daily basis. He walked back over to the sofa and sat down back in his usual spot. Draco looked at him curiously. “Well, what did she say?” He asked, anticipation getting the best of him.

“She said if you want her to join, then you can ask her yourself.” Goyle replied, putting it in his own words.

Draco smirked as if he enjoyed the challenge. He stood up from the sofa and strutted right over to her as if he was confident with himself. “Hey Gabby.” He said, greeting her.

“That’s Gabriella to you.” She responded, not looking away from her book to acknowledge his presence.

“Fine. Gabriella, I think you should join our group.” He explained, with his usual suave smile.

Gabriella slammed her book shut and stood up to face him. “You think? I didn’t know you could think.” She ridiculed him rather harshly.

Draco seemed taken aback. “What did you say to me?” He asked, as if he didn’t hear her. Not very many people spoke back to him in such a manner, except that stupid Potter and his friends.

She smirked at him. “You heard me.”

Draco glared at her and stepped closer. “Nobody talks to me like that!” He exclaimed, becoming angry by her nonchalant attitude towards him.

Gabriella’s smirk turned to an evil smile. “Well, I just did.” She taunted, continuing to provoke him.

Draco’s face turned red with anger. He grabbed Gabriella by the shoulders and pushed her against the wall. He stared right in her face, his breathe upon her. To his surprise, she didn’t seem phased at all because she was still smiling evilly. Goyle came running over with a look of confusion and fright. “What are you doing?!?” He asked loudly, enough for the entire common room to hear and then pick up on the conversation.

Draco turned his head to Goyle, keeping Gabriella pinned against the wall. “Teaching your sister a lesson.” He responded with his face still red from anger.

“It’s alright Greg. I bet he doesn’t have the balls to hurt me anyways.” Gabriella provoked him, that smile never once fading from her beautiful face.

Draco turned his head back to face her. His face turned redder with anger. He raised his hand and slapped her across the face, her head turned to the side as he did. Some hair fell into her face, but when she turned her head back, Draco could see her bottom lip was bleeding. He smirked as if pleased with himself. Gabriella sucked the blood from her bottom lip before spitting it in his face. She laughed, but Draco became furious. He grabbed her wrists tightly and pinned them above her head. “Stop it!” Goyle shouted, disliking how his sister and best friend were treating each other.

Draco ignored him and wiped his face with the sleeve of his free arm. He wanted to strike her again, but he noticed something. While her arms were pinned above her delicate little head, her sleeves slid down. That’s when he saw it; the same snake and skull which was on his arm. The mark of the Dark Lord, which symbolized a Death Eater. She was one of them. She was just like him.

Draco was shocked, as he had never pictured her for a Death Eater. She seemed to be different; more reserved, and not like most Slytherins, but now he was wrong. Being a Death Eater meant being worse then other Slytherins, so he found it hard to believe. Bellatrix LeStrange had been the only female Death Eater to Draco‘s knowledge, but that no longer rang true. Draco knew Bellatrix wasn’t pretty for a Death Eater, which made her nothing like Gabriella.

Draco was so surprised, he released her wrists from his grip. He stepped backwards to release her from the wall and Gabriella quickly pulled down her sleeve to cover up her Dark Mark. Goyle put a hand on his sister’s shoulder. “You alright?” He asked sincerely.

“I’m fine.” She replied, looking at Draco and wondering what he thought about all of this.

Goyle pulled out his wand from inside his robes and pointed it at his sister’s bleeding lip. “Episkey.” He uttered the incantation, displaying a bit of affection for his younger sister that Draco did not think the boy was capable of.

A blue glow eminated from the tip of his wand and Gabriella’s lip healed. “Thanks.” She said to her brother graciously.

Draco’s mouth opened as if he was going to say something, but then he closed his mouth. His brain seemed unable to form a sentence, and his brain seemed to be disconnected from his mouth so he couldn’t produce proper speech. He was still too shocked from seeing her Dark Mark to comprehend anything. He knew Goyle had one, and so did Crabbe, but he didn’t understand why Gabriella had one. Most importantly, why didn’t Goyle tell him? After all, Goyle didn’t seem surprised, and he saw what was going on. Also, Goyle was his best friend so he didn’t understand why Goyle would hide this from him.

Just then, Professor Snape came storming into the Slytherin common room. He looked furious as he made his way over to Draco, Goyle, and Gabriella. He glared at Draco with his hateful cold eyes. “I’ve been informed by another student that you were forceful with Miss Goyle.” Snape said through clenched teeth, his tone of voice accusatory despite not witnessing the event first hand.

Draco had never seen Snape so angry, except when it had to do with Harry Potter. “She provoked me, sir.” He explained, as if it was an excuse for his actions.

“You should know better then to hit a fellow,” said Snape, pausing.

The pause bothered Draco. Could Snape know Gabriella is a Death Eater?

“Slytherin,” finished Snape. “Especially a girl. Now follow me to my office.” He demanded and Draco knew it was anything but a request.

As Snape started to walk off quickly, Draco turned around one last time to see Gabriella smiling as if she had been pleased to see him in trouble. He turned back around and quickly trotted off to keep up with Snape. He thought about her as he followed Snape. “She’s so awful,” he thought. “Nobody says things like that to me and gets away with it, but she just did. She fought back, and now I’m in trouble with Snape when I’m his favorite.” He formed his hands into fists as he became angry just thinking about her. “If she wasn’t Goyle’s sister and a Death Eater, I would kill her,” he thought. “Wait. I should anyways. Ugh. She’s so awful. I hate her.”

After a few minutes, they reached Snape’s office, which was now Dumbledore’s old office since Snape had become Headmaster. “Sit down.” Snape demanded, sitting down at the chair behind his desk.

Draco sat down in the chair in front of the desk. Now facing Snape, he couldn’t read Snape’s expression. Then again, Snape was pretty much expressionless most of the time. He did not understand why he was in trouble now, when he was always getting away with things. Snape never seemed to punish him, but maybe his luck was changing after being unable to kill Dumbledore. He figured it was best to keep quiet and let Snape talk first. “The Dark Lord has asked me to speak with you.” Snape explained, getting straight to the point.

Draco’s heart raced as he became scared. The Dark Lord had not been exactly nice to him after he failed to kill Dumbledore. Then again, surely Voldemort didn‘t have the capacity to be civil to anyone unless it achieved his ends. “About what?” He asked, even though he was scared to know the answer.

“He wants you to keep an eye on Gabriella Goyle.” Snape explained, giving him a task, which was anything but what Draco expected.

Draco hated her and wanted to have nothing to do with her. Also, he now knew Snape did know Gabriella was a Death Eater. “Is he nuts!?” He exclaimed, not wanting this to be his task.

Snape slammed his fist onto the desk. “You do not question the Dark Lord’s orders!” He shouted, but then seemed to calm back down.

Draco was surprised at Snape’s behavior. He rarely saw him act out his emotions. “Well, that might be kind of hard to do after I hit her,” he complained. “Why can’t Goyle do it?”

Snape seemed annoyed, but he kept his cool. “He’s too close to her since he’s her brother.” He answered, which should have been obvious to Draco from the get go.

“Well, may I ask why I have to keep an eye on her?” He asked, trying to squeeze out as much information as possible.

“He has a special interest in her,” explained the current Headmaster. “But beyond that, I do not question the Dark Lord’s motifs. Now you can leave.”

Draco nodded and started walking towards the Great Hall for breakfast. He was annoyed and furious at the same time. He hated this girl; possibly even loathed her, and now he had to keep an eye on her. What did that mean anyways? Did that mean he had to get to know her, too? And why did the Dark Lord have a special interest in her? Draco wished he could not be around her, but he was a Death Eater and Voldemort always interfered in their lives. He wondered if he could ever have a remotely normal life, but he doubted it as he entered the Great Hall, where he saw her sitting at the Slytherin table. He saw Gabriella Goyle; the girl he had to keep an eye on, and it drove him nuts.

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