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v a n i l l a ♥ t w i l i g h t by dream_BIG
Chapter 3 : My Quidditch Captain has Officially Gone Cooky.
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chapter image by maddy herself :) {no worries, this isn't really her}

hey, all! so, yeah, i've been updating this as fast as i can! why? because it's already done, so...why not, eh? i'll try and get these chapters out as fast as possible, so keep your eyes peeled!
disclaimer: i am not j.k.rowling. this reality check brought to you by dream_BIG. reality is a bitch, people. you must face it and move on.

V I C T O I R E . W E A S L E Y

Ugh. I hate Wood. I hope he rots in hell forever for this torture. I mean, Uncle Harry was always talking about Wood’s insane father, but this…this is a hundred times worse.

Want me to prove it?

Exhibit A: He pulled us out of bed at 4 a.m. – before the sun even thinks about coming out, mind you – to come out on the pitch and practice Quidditch. In December. In the dark. When it’s cold.

Exhibit B: THIS.

By ‘THIS’, I mean what Wood is currently making me do.

Which would be…argh…talking in a friendly way to Lupin.

He wants us to become…*cringe*…friends.

I know!

I thought he was insane, too! Me and Lupin actually laughed for a full ten minutes until we realized that he was actually serious!

That’s it. Anthony Wood has officially gone around the bend. He has ventured into the vast unknown depths of insanity and is never going to be able to come back.

I sighed again and rested my face in my palm. I was really hoping for Wood to turn out nice and normal, too. I really wanted it to happen. This way, he could fulfill his dream of becoming a professional Quidditch player and become famous and have a nice life. But now that he’s…mentally impaired, he won’t be able to do any of that.

And it was such a beautiful future he was working towards, too. Poor Wood.

“I’m starving.” I announced to no one in particular.

Yes. Along with making me do…this, Anthony has conveniently forgotten to feed me. It is now eight o’clock and I am HUNGRY.

See, in the gene pool that I come from, we have a lot of people who…well, to be frank, are pigs. If you want to survive in our family, you have to learn to grab and eat as much food as possible, before it all disappears into the stomachs of the other family members. God, just thinking about Uncle Ron stuffing his face full with as much food as possible makes me sick. I don’t know how Aunt Hermione put up with him for so long.

Though, after…what? Like, twenty-five years of knowing him, she’s probably used to it.

“I’m starving.” I said again, since Lupin had flopped into one of the desks and was now completely ignoring me. I don’t know what is so interesting about the floor, but he sure seems to be totally engrossed in it. I can’t really see his face past his arms, though. I’m just guessing that he’s staring at the floor. Or he might be sleeping. I don’t know.

“LUPIN. I AM HUNGRY. I WANT FOOD.” I announced loudly, since apparently I was a bit too subtle for him.

“What am I supposed to do about it?” He asked, his voice muffled by his arms.

“Something. Anything. I’m hungry.”

Okay, so I was whining. But he wasn’t listening to me, so I have every right to whine!

“Leave me alone. I’m trying to sleep.”

I gritted my teeth. I, a damsel in distress, am suffering from a severe lack of food, and all he cares about is himself?! Selfish tosser.

“Fine.” I sighed. “Then can I have the Map? I’ll go get something myself.”

His head snapped up, expression wary. “What map?” He asked.

Lupin, my friends, is a terrible actor.

“Oh, just the map of New York City you have laying around. What do you mean, ‘what map?’ What other map am I going to need in this situation? The Marauder’s Map, idiot.” I snapped.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He said calmly. “I don’t have a Marauder’s Map.”

I walked towards him until I was inches away, then grabbed his collar and pulled him roughly up. Linda suddenly shoved the thought of snogging him senseless into my head, and I gritted my teeth. Shut up, Linda. Now is not the time. “Give. Me. The. Map.”

He looked slightly frightened as he leaned away from me.

“I don’t know what map—”


“Now, now, Weasley.” He smirked, freeing himself and leaning back on the desk. “Let’s not lose that temper. If you ask nicely, I might even miraculously remember which map you’re talking about.”

I gritted my teeth again. “Janice is fine.”

He looked confused for a moment, the smirk sliding off his face. “Janice? Who’s Janice?”

“Janice. My temper. James named it Janice.” I waved my hand around vaguely.

“Oh!” He suddenly grinned. “I remember that! It was that time after you yelled at him and Fred for turning your hair blue.”

“To match yours.” I muttered. “They always liked your hair.”

He fingered it and grinned. “Thanks. I still don’t know why they would dye your hair to match mine, though.”

“How about,” I smiled hopefully. “We go down to the kitchens and discuss it on the way?”

He narrowed his eyes at my hopeful expression, then sighed in defeat. “Fine.” He strode to the door and held it open for me. “Apres-vous, mademoiselle.”

I rolled my eyes at him and stepped out.

“So.” He said after a moment of awkward silence. “James and Freddie dyed your hair to match mine because…?”

“Oh. That.” I let out a nervous chuckle. “They thought it would be better if we matched.”

“Um. Why?” He asked, puzzled.

“Because, you know, the parents are always, you know…” You know.

“No, I don’t know.” He still looked confused.

Oh, COME ON, Lupin! How daft can you get?! Can’t you comprehend what I’m talking about here? Do I have to spell everything out for you?

Argh. I guess I have to say this. Okay, Victoire, if you focus on something else after you say it, it won’t be as painful. Okay. Just say this.

“You know…they’re under the misimpression that we’re a match made in heaven.” I said in one, long, really fast breath. I winced at the thought.

Oh.” Comprehension and embarrassment dawned on his face. “Oh. Really?”

I sighed exasperatedly. “Yes, really. Haven’t you ever noticed before?”

I can’t believe we’re having this conversation. Someone, please step out of the shadows and kidnap me. Please. Anything to get away from here.

“Well, not really…” He said. “I mean, now that I think of it, I realize that they were dropping, like subtle hints, but I never noticed before.” He shrugged.

“Boys.” I muttered, rolling my eyes to the ceiling. Then, “Subtle hints? Like what?”

He laughed. “Oh, you know… ‘Tori looks nice today, huh?’, or ‘Hey Ted, make sure Tori isn’t snogging random boys in broom cupboards at school…though she can snog you anytime she likes.’ Oh, and I remember that one time, Ginny randomly came over and said, “Teddy, I know how you feel. You are desperately in love with Victoire, and that’s perfectly fine! We are all rooting for you, okay? Just so you know. You have our permission to drag her into your bedroom and do naughty things to her all night if you want. In fact, we’d like that.’” He shuddered. “That was one very traumatizing conversation. And not that I think of it, they weren’t really subtle at all. Your family always gets to the point and heart of the matter, don’t they?”

I floundered around in my head to get my gaping mouth shut. If I don’t do it soon, bugs will be flying in. But, I’m just…um…wow. Lupin…Parents…Teddy…Snogging…Bedroom…Naughty…Love? Um. I’m speechless. Even my brain can’t form a coherent thought.

Just…WHAT?! MY FAMILY IS FUCKING INSANE!! ‘Drag her into your bedroom and do naughty things to her all night if you want’?! WHAT THE FUCK, AUNT GINNY?!

I don’t know. Linda mused. I don’t think it’s too horrible, really, snogging Teddy. He’s hot, you know. I, for one, would quite enjoy doing…naughty things…with the delicious piece of man-candy that is Teddy Remus Lupin all night long. Mmm-mmm.

Ah, Linda. How wonderful to have your uninvited, annoying voice in my head.

The pleasure is all mine, Tori. Especially since I can get an amazing look at Teddy Lupin’s perfect, beautiful, handsome face from right here. What a nice view. DAMN, that boy is way attractive. It should be made illegal to be that hot. He should have to pay a fine…ten heavy snogging sessions a day. Oh, yes. That sounds good. Tell him that.

Shut up, Linda. Teddy Lupin isn’t, and will never be, even close to attractive.

Admit it. He’s bangin’.

What are you, Linda, American?! And he is NOT!

Yes, he is.

No, he isn’t, and get out of my head!

I can’t get out, Victoire. I’m a part of your brain. I’ll always be here.

Yeah, to pop out and start bothering me at the worst possible times during the day.

Just doing my job, babe.

“Umm…Weasley? Are you okay? You haven’t gone into shock, have you? You know, if you don’t close your mouth soon, things will be flying in...”

I snapped my mouth shut and moved my bewildered gaze to Lupin’s face. “Who said the first two things?” I demanded.

“Um…” He looked uncomfortable. “Well, the first was…um, Hermione. And the second was your dad.” He mumbled.

“WHAT?!” A couple of people fifty miles away probably didn’t hear my thundering shriek.

“Calm down, Weasley. We can’t have Janice freaking out now, can we?” He looked nervous.

“Tell me they didn’t say that. Please.” I pleaded.


“Argh. Noooo. I hate my family. I hate them.” I moaned. I don’t, really. I love them. But they’re a right pain in my arse.

“Um. We’re here.” He said suddenly, and I stopped moaning and looked at…a painting. Of fruits.


“I think you need new glasses. This isn’t the kitchen, Lupin.”

He grinned. “Tickle the pear.”

“Tickle the what now?” I asked disbelievingly.

“The pear, Weasley. Tickle the pear.”

“Have you gone mental?”

“Just do it.” He sounded like he was at his patience’s limit.

“Okay, then.” I shot him another wary glance, then hesitantly reached forward and tickled the painting, feeling extremely foolish.

Nothing’s happening. That dickhead! He was probably just making fun of my gullible-ness. Next he’ll be telling me that my picture is under the definition of ‘gullible’ in the dictionary. And me, being the stupid idiot that I am, will most probably go and check, just to be sure.

“Oh!” I gasped, as the pear suddenly sprouted a handle. So he wasn’t making fun of me! I knew there was good somewhere in that evil brain!

…okay, I didn’t. But still. I grabbed the handle, pulled and walked through, into the most amazing place I had ever seen inside this castle.

“Wow.” I whispered in awe, looking around me. There was food everywhere. On tables, shelves, even on tablecloths on the floor. Little elves were bustling around, some of them carrying trays of food, others making food, others decorating food. It was like a beehive…but instead of boring old honey, this beehive makes beautiful, colorful, delicious food.

This can’t be real. I must have died and gone to heaven.

“Pinch me.” I said in a dazed voice. “This has to be a dream.”

“It’s not a dream.” Lupin assured me.

“But that’s what you would say if you were in it.” I countered.

He rolled his eyes and reached over to lightly pinch my arm. “Here. Happy? It’s not a dream.”

“It sort of hurt! It isn’t a dream! This place is amazing! Thank you, Teddy!” I yelled excitedly, and without thinking, I threw my arms around him and gave him a huge hug. Then, still grinning happily, I pranced off towards the cakes, hoping that a house-elf would kindly spare a couple of bites for me.

T E D D Y . L U P I N

I couldn’t help but let a huge smile spread across my face as I watched her blonde hair whip out of sight.

Victoire Weasley voluntarily touched me. And she didn’t just touch me. She hugged me. After we had a civil conversation.

This can’t be real. I must have died and gone to heaven.

Don’t you dare pinch me! I never want to wake up from this dream.


“I’m gonna be sick.” Victoire whispered, looking rather green in the face and clutching her stomach. “I’m going to hurl, Lupin.”

I shot her a disapproving glance. “That’s what you get for eating that whole cake.”

Yes, you read right. Victoire Weasley ate a whole chocolate cake. All by herself.

“But it was so good.” She sighed, closing her eyes contentedly. “I just couldn’t stop.”

“Victoire.” I said exasperatedly. Saying her name shot a thrill through me, and I loved it. “You simply cannot eat a whole chocolate cake by yourself. It’s not healthy. You’ll get fat.”

She rolled her eyes at this, and then immediately groaned and clutched her stomach again. “Veela genes.” She got out. “I can’t get fat.”

Oh, yeah. Veela genes.

“Still.” I persisted. “You ate that whole cake and look where that got you.” I indicated her current position, which was on the ground in the middle of the kitchen, surrounded by crumbs of chocolate. She was curled into a little ball.

“Oh, shut up.” She grumbled. I decided to not tell her about the huge smear of chocolate on her cheek. It was sort of cute.

“When will you ever learn?” I rolled my eyes to the ceiling.

“When you stop being a prat.” She glared at me.

“Then you should have learned ages ago.” I smirked at her, and she scowled.

“Guess I sort of set that up for you.” She muttered angrily.

“Yep. It was the perfect comeback.” I flipped my hair out of my eyes and shot her a cocky grin. She rolled her eyes.

“Lupin, your ego is already large enough to begin with. Let’s not push it.”

“Oi.” I glared. “I’m just saying the truth. It’s not bragging if it’s the truth.”

“Yes, it is.” She shot back. “Look, if I told you that I think I’m the hottest girl in the school –” She paused to flip her hair over her shoulder in an over-exaggerated fashion – “what would you say?”

“I would agree with you.” I responded seriously, without thinking. “Because it’s the truth.”

Shit. I just said that out loud, didn’t I?

Great. Just great.

She opened her mouth, looking surprised, and then flushed a pretty pink color. “ – well, thanks.” She muttered, looking down.

“Hey.” I leaned over and made her look at me with a finger under her chin. “There’s no need to be embarrassed. It’s the truth.”

She flushed pink again. “New subject.”

“Okay.” I responded cheerfully. “Do you want a potion to make the stomach ache go away? I could get one from these elves, you know.”

“What?!” She yelled in a strangled shriek. “I’ve been down here for half an hour! Why didn’t you say anything before?!”

I grinned at her. “Well, you needed to learn your lesson.”

“This isn’t fucking school!” She said, still looking indignant.

“Technically, it is. And just because we don’t have classes today doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new.”

“Shut up, Lupin, and just get the fucking potion.”

“What’s the magic word?” I asked in a sing-song voice. Ha. I enjoy her anger.

“Please.” She spat out between her teeth. I could practically hear her murderous thoughts.

I smirked at her and asked a house-elf for the potion. It was in my hands almost immediately.

“Give it!” She reached forward in anticipation.

“Ah, ah!” I raised it above my head, ignoring her outraged look. “I think I deserve something first.”

“What?!” She yelled disbelievingly.

“Be nice, Tori.” I clucked at her.

I am enjoying this. Immensely.

“What do you want.” She hissed.

“Hmmm…”I pretended to think. “I think I’d like a kiss.”

“A what?” She sounded shocked.

“A kiss, Weasley. A kiss.” I enunciated clearly.

“I could get anyone to kiss you without much persuasion.” She waved it off. “Name the girl and I’ll get it done. Just give me that potion.”

“Okay. I want a kiss from…Victoire Weasley.”

“Sure, sure.” She reached towards the potion again. “I’ll talk to her and – wait, what?”

“Victoire…Weasley.” I pronounced clearly, smirking at her shocked expression.

“Oh, no.” She folded her arms across her chest. “There is no fucking way that I’m kissing you. I’d rather eat James’ dirty underwear.”


And ew.

“Okay, then.” I shrugged, pretending like that didn’t just send a knife through my already mangled heart, and then tucked the little potion safely into my pocket. Her eyes followed the bottle. “No potion for you.”

She whimpered and pouted. “Please?”

“Not until you kiss mff!” My lips were suddenly covered by hers.



She’s kissing me.

Okay. Okay. Victoire Weasley is kissing you. What do you do?

Well, I could start by kissing her back, for one. That would be good, since this is probably the first and last time that will EVER happen. Might as well just make the most of it.

So, I wrapped my left arm around her waist and slid my right hand into her hair, holding her face securely to mine as I moved my mouth against hers. To my immense surprise, her lips moved rhythmically with mine and her arms came to twine around my neck, fingers locking into my hair.

A shiver of pleasure shot down my spine, and I pulled her closer, tilting my head to the side. Her arms tightened around my neck and her tongue slipped out and pressed softly against my bottom lip.





Okay, okay. Keep breathing, Teddy. Keep breathing. Just keep your cool.

Her tongue pressed harder against my lips, and I suppressed a moan as I opened my mouth and let her tongue slide in, meeting it in the middle with my own.

She tastes like chocolate and strawberries, and…Merlin. She’s intoxicating.

I’m making out with Victoire Weasley. Snogging her. Intensely snogging her. And did she…HA! She sort of whimpered! SHE’S ENJOYING THIS!

God, you can kill me now. My life has been made. The reason for my living has been fulfilled. I will die a happy man.

Because not only is Victoire Weasley voluntarily touching me, she’s actually snogging me. VOLUNTARILY. My hand pulled out of her hair and I slowly moved it down across her body, feeling the soft curves underneath my palm. She shuddered, hummed, and arched into me, and I gripped her tighter around the waist, going as close to her as space permitted.

If this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is.

Suddenly, my arms were empty and my mouth felt cold as she pulled away. I opened my eyes just in time to see her smirking and downing the whole potion, which she had sneakily pulled out of my pocket, in one gulp. Then, still smirking, she waved at me and pranced away.

Well, fuck me. 

teddy and tori action, yeahhh!!
tell me what you think, my loves :)

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