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A Perfect Mess by Ronsgirl29
Chapter 6 : A Run in With The Devil
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Scorpius P.O.V

“I’m an idiot. The biggest idiot there ever was. Do you think they give out awards for that type of thing? Because if they do, I’m sure I’ll be getting one any day now. Has there ever been a person more stupid than me? Just admit it, I’m a huge idiot! I’m a fucking IDIOT!”

Wow, is it even possible to say the word ‘idiot’ so many times in one sentence? Well whatever, I just did.

“You’re right mate, you’re an idiot.” Tony says, giving me a sympathetic pat on the back.

I run my hands through my hair, letting out a frustrated sigh. “I don’t know why I did it mate. I just panicked.”

Truth be told, I think I do know why I did it, but guys don’t talk about feelings. No, we’re too manly. He’s my best friend, so he knows that there’s more to it. But he doesn’t press the issue because he also doesn’t enjoy discussing feelings unless is absolutely necessary.

“Happens to the best of us. Just give yourself a day to calm down, then try talking to her again.”

“But what if she doesn’t want to talk to me? I basically bailed out on our plans at the last second, saying I had to help you with school work. How lame.” Really, with an excuse that pathetic, she had to have known I made it up.

“Well, its not that pathetic…” He says, trying to be supportive.

I give him an evil glare.

“Alright, it was pathetic. But really mate, Rose seems like a chill girl. I’m sure if you talk to her it will work out.”

Tony occasionally has rare moments of insight where he gives great advice. Sadly, this is not one of those times.

“True, but that’s probably the most generic advice I’ve ever head. Ugh, whatever. I sound like a girl. Let’s just forget about this and get some food alright?”

He flashes a bright smile at me, “Good plan, because I was starting to get worried that if you didn’t stop soon we’d have to go get you some tampons and a bra or two.”

I pick up a pillow from the nearest couch in the common room and chuck it at his head with full force, causing him to break out into laughter.

“Git.” I say, my eyes squinting and my voice full of venom.

“Girl.” He says right back.

There is a moment of silence, then suddenly the air is filled with our laughter. We finally manage to walk to the great hall, laughing the whole time. The pair of us walk through the door and of course the first person I see is Rose.

She sure looks beautiful in the morning.

“Don’t look now mate, but Weasely is staring.” Tony nudges me with is elbow.

Ha, like I didn’t already know. She’s probably staring because she saw me stare first. Oh god.

I quickly avert my eyes and speed walk to the Slytherin table. Smooth Malfoy. 

                                                                         * * * *
Rose P.O.V

He walks in and the bacon that was about to be in my stomach has now fallen to the floor. I look at him, well more like straight-out stare at him. His eyes meet mine and he looks away, practically running to his table. Oh god. He saw me staring. He must think I’m a weirdo. Obviously, cancelling our plans must have been a sign he doesn’t like me that way, and that shouldn’t bother me. Right? I have a boyfriend after all.

“Whatchya staring at Rose?” Arianna asks, pulling me out of my pensive state.

“Oh what? Um just spacing out. Sorry.”

She nods her head, I do space out a lot, so this kind of behavior isn’t unusual for me.

“So how was detention last night? I tried to stay up and wait for you, but by midnight I was dozing off so I just decided to go to bed.” Erin says after finishing off her second cup of coffee.

“Oh it was just grand. Scrubbing trophies for hours on end really is a character builder. I think I’m a much better person because of it.” Kyle snorts and spits some orange juice at me.

I make an absolutely disgusted expression, try to get the orange off me before it stains.

Kyle hands me some napkins, laughing the whole time. “Sorry Weasely, your sarcasm just gets the best of me. I can’t help it. You should know better than to be funny when my mouth is full of food and or drink.”

“Sorry, I’ll do my best to never be funny again.”

He chuckles softly, smiling. “Good good. You’ll be much cleaner this way.”

After that everyone starts their own little conversations, chatting about this or that. I nudge Erin and whisper into her ear. “James mentioned you last night.”

She turns a bright shade of pink, and I smile satisfactorily, I just knew she liked him!

“Oh?” She whispers back, her cheeks still flaming. “What did he say?! Um, not that I really care or anything…”
“Well, if you don’t care then why would I tell you?” I smirk, god I am so evil. It’s great, isn’t it?

“Right right. Fine then, don’t tell me. See if I care.” She huffs, turning to talk to Harmony.

She’ll come crawling back soon. For some reason she just won’t admit she likes him. I don’t understand why. Maybe she’s afraid of rejection? But James is crazy about her too, so hopefully those two will work it out soon.

I can kind of see why Erin would be apprehensive about liking him though, he is a bit of player. But I know James, and when he really likes a girl he treats them right. (Well most of the time…)

                                                                   * * * *

The Hogsmeade visit was wonderful, despite the change of plans.

Mitch and I spent the first part of the day together, hitting up all our favorite shops. I forgot how much I liked spending time with him. He’s laid back, makes me laugh, and a great snog I might add. But I just can’t shake the feeling that there’s something missing. Hopefully that feeling will go away soon.

After we hung out all morning, the gang met up for lunch at the Three Broomsticks. James shamelessly flirted with Erin, while Arianna and Jeff continued their ongoing phase of snogging more than talking. Madison and Harmony gossiped, Mitch talked with Kyle and Charlie while Justin and I argued about Qudditch teams. I won of course, never doubt a Weasely when it comes to Quidditch.

Mitch had to go in early, he hadn’t done any of his charms homework so he wanted to try to get some of it done. He didn’t leave before we got in another proper snog (or two) much to the dismay of James who always makes disgusted noises when I kiss anyone. Says it’s not “lady like” to snog in public. Pshh, James makesout for the whole world to see all the time, so he’s got no right to judge.

By the end of the day I had successfully avoided running into Scorpius. Not that I didn’t want to see him, but I’m positive he doesn’t want to see me. I’m being a tad over-dramatic, but I’m a hormonal teenager goddamit! It’s my right to blow things out of proportion.

                                                                     * * * *

Scorpius P.O.V

Well Hogsmeade was kind of a suck fest.

The first part of the day was actually pretty fun. Tony, Ryan, and I spent it goofing off in various shops. Ryan managed to turn Tony’s hair purple for a whole two hours without him noticing. It was hilarious. He may never have noticed if it hadn’t been for Maria Oswald. Her and a group of her Ravenclaw friends came over to flirt with us, (which I didn’t mind because they are rather hot, but my heart wasn’t in, I was too busy thinking about Rose) and she just HAD to ask Tony why his hair was purple. His face was priceless when he saw it in the mirror though.

And the funnier thing is, he managed to get a date even with his purple hair. After he saw his hair he said it didn’t matter what color his hair was, he was still “a babe magnet.” I now have to pay him 5 galleons. Stupid Beth Howell had to say yes to him. Weren’t Ravenclaws supposed to be smart?

After we had had our laughs, we decided to go get food at the Three broomsticks. Boys eat a lot if you didn’t already know. This is where my day got significantly worse. Rose was there with all her friends, and her boyfriend. I wouldn’t have minded so much if she wasn’t spending so much time with her tongue in his mouth. I mean really, they must have snogged about 4 times. Now if she had been snogging me, well then that would have been fine, but with him it was just nasty.

Plus Potter was there. I gave him the evilest look I could muster, and when he saw that he shot one right back.

I hate him now more than ever, it’s because of him I cancelled plans with Rose. After the fight in detention, I saw how distraught Rose was when she was trying to stop us. If she got that upset about a silly argument, just imagine how bad it would be if we ending up dating (yeah, a guy can dream) and I got in a fight with Potter. I just don’t want her to be put in a position where she has to choose between her family or me. Especially because I know who would win. So I decided to save myself the pain, and hopefully her as well, and stop it before it started. 

Though, I’m not sure how well that’s going to work out. We Malfoy's have a tendency to go for what we want regardless of concequences. Yeah, I know, it's a problem. But who knows, maybe things will go in my favor.                                                                
                                                                    * * * *

Rose P.O.V 

“Can you believe the looks Malfoy was giving me in there?” James says to Justin as we start heading back to the castle.

Wait, what. Scorpius was there? Does that mean he saw Mitch and I? Should I even care if he did or not?

“Yeah I saw that…. What a wanker…” He sounds very distracted, probably because he’s too busy watching Harmony’s backside as she walks in front of us with Erin and Charlie.

But I don’t care about him at the moment, I need some answers!

“James, did you just say Scorpius Malfoy was in there the whole time?”

He’s eyes narrow slightly in bitterness, “Sadly, yes. Why?” His left eyebrow goes up in a questioning way. I’ve never been able to do that. I’m kind of really jealous.

“Oh, um no reason. I’m just surprised that you two could be in the same room that long without killing one another.” Another great cover up by Weasley.

James’s eyebrow remains raised (again, how do people do that?) but he just shrugs. “I was otherwise preoccupied.”

His cheeks turn a slight pink. “Right, I forgot, you were too busy flirting with Eriinnnn.” I say in a sing-songy voice.

“Was not.” He says indignantly.

“You would have to be blind not to see that you were flirting with her.” I smile, for being such a ladies man, he sure gets embarrassed about girls.

He must have caught on to the fact I was inwardly making fun of him because his tone changes dramatically and he runs his hand through his hair, attempting to look cool. “Well I am Hogwarts number one stud, I can’t help if I flirt. It’s like breathing to me.”

I laugh and give him a shove. “Well its good to see your ego is in check.” 


We make it back to the castle, and I‘m still thinking about what James said.

If Scorpius had been there giving him dirty looks, then he must have seen my little snog-a-thon with Mitch. I wish he hadn’t see that, for some reason it makes me disconcerted. Maybe it’s because I would choose to snog him over Mitch any day.

No Rose, bad thoughts. Mitch=Boyfriend. Scorpius= I’m not even sure what, I guess ‘boy that is sort of friend.’ I need to remember that. The lines between reality and imagination are often blurred in my mind. I know, it’s a problem. I’m working on it. It’s on my list of things to do, right after learning to do that eyebrow thing.


Upon entering the common room, I’m basically assaulted by Lily and Carly.

“Rose, Rose, Rose! Hugo and Al! Come quick!”
“Al and Hugo Rosie, you better help us!”

They speak at the same time (my family sure does that a lot) so I don’t really know what they are saying.

“Wait, what? Hugo and Al? What did they do?”

They ignore my questions as Lily grabs my arm, dragging me back out the portrait hole, taking me to a corridor on the second floor.

“We’ve been looking for you all over!” Carly exclaims.

“We tried to get them to stop, but they won’t listen!” Lily says with distinct frustration.

“Stop what! What’s going on!?” I shout at them, why won’t they just answer? But right when I say that, I see Al and Hugo and I no longer wonder what’s going on. There they are, supposed best friends, dueling each other in an empty hall.

“CONFRINGO!” Yells Hugo, but Al dodges it. Instead the curse hits a suit of armor, causing it to explode.

“LEVICORPUS!” Al fires back, successfully lifting Hugo into to air.

“WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TWO DOING?! STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!” Not excepting me, Albus unceremoniously drops Hugo to the ground and then stares at me, neither of them speaking.

“Well go on then! Please tell me the reason why you two are trying to kill each other.”

Al is the first to speak, “I found him snogging MY girlfriend!” He says angrily, slurring his words.

“Are you drunk Albus?” I ask, there is definitely a smell of firewhiskey in the air.

“I only had a drink or too… BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT. He. Snogged. My. Girlfriend.” He slurs out another sentence.

“Is this true Hugo? Because that’s low, even for you.” Would my brother really do something that awful?

“It’s not!” Hugo says to me, then turns to Al saying desperately, “I tried to tell you, but you won’t listen. She came on to ME, not the other way around. She practically jumped on me. I was trying to push her off when you walked in.”

Al scoffs, “Yeah right, like any girl would want anything to do with you. You’re just a filthy, lying, girlfriend stealing, git!”

Oh no he didn’t.

“Al, that’s uncalled for-” I’m about to defend my brother (shocker, I know) when he let’s out a weird growl noise and lunges at Al. Next thing I know, the two of them are rolling on the ground, beating the crap out of each other.

“Now this is just ridiculous! Incarcerous!” I shout, binding the boys in ropes so they can’t bash each others face in.

“Lily, go get James. Carly, go get Fred. I’ll watch these two.”

The pair of them scurry off, while I try to get the boys to work it out. That only gets them angrier at each other, so eventually I just put a silencing charm on them. There’s only so much bitching a girl can take.

James and Fred arrive, obviously the girls didn’t tell them what’s going on because there’s a look of surprise on their faces.

“James, you take Al somewhere and Fred, you take Hugo. They can’t be trusted to be in the same place.” I order, being a prefect has really helped me improve my bossing skills.

“What happened to them?” James asks.

“Apparently, Hugo snogged Al’s girlfriend. According to Hugo, it was the girl that started it. He says he tried to push her away, but Al walked in right at that moment. Though, I don’t know whose telling the truth just yet. I had to bind these two and silence them before I could get much figured it out. If I hadn’t, they’d probably still be throwing punches.”

Both Fred and James nod their heads. “Right. Well then, let’s get these two out of here.” Fred says, picking Hugo up off the floor. James does the same for Al and they take the boys out. “Oh and get Al some sobering potion, he’s gotten his hands on quite a bit of fire whiskey!” I shout to them down the hall, but I’m not sure if they heard me.

I really hope they work it out soon, I have enough problems of my own to worry about. 
                                                                       * * * *

A couple weeks pass and Al is still giving Hugo the silent treatment. I’m starting to feel bad for my brother. I think he may actually be telling the truth this time, but Al won’t listen. Of course I tried to talk to the little tart that caused all this, but Hugo begged me not to bother her, saying it would only make things worse for him. So being the wonderful sister I am, I obliged. But only on the condition that they solve this soon, or I’m going to find that girl and force her to tell Al what really happened.

Speaking of silent treatments, Scorpius has yet to talk to me since our detention. I was tempted to talk to him, but I figured that if he wanted to talk to me, then he would. So I suppose I’ll wait till that time comes.

On a happier note, James has made a lot of progress with Erin! It’s rather adorable. He’s trying to be a gentleman and all that. You know, carrying her books, asking about her day, helping with her essays, etc. They both keep denying it, but it’s only a matter of time before they start dating. Why couldn’t things with Scorpius and I be as easy as it is for James and Erin?

Alright, maybe I should stop being off in my own little world and focus on my prefect duties. Talking to yourself is just weird, even if it’s only in my head. I clear my thoughts and start to actually patrol when I hear a crash followed by a booming laugh and soft giggling. What the heck?

I turn the corner and hear the giggling is coming from behind the tapestry.

Ha, ha. Look’s like we have some students out of bed. I’m wonderfully evil in that I never grow tired of getting little brats in trouble.

I quietly sneak up and pull back the tapestry whisper shouting, “GOTCHYA!”

The girl lets out a small shriek and the boy turns bright red. I would recognize that shriek anywhere. It’s the shriek of the devil.

The devil no longer looks afraid when she see’s me, instead she smirks. That bitch. “Weasley, what do you think you’re doing?”

Yeah, you heard correct folks, Maria Oswald had the nerve to ask me what I WAS doing. I can’t believe we used to best friends. The thought of that makes me cringe now.

“Excuse me? I think I should be asking the questions here Oswald. It’s after curfew, and I don’t think ‘sucking face’ is a valid reason to be out of bed.” It’s my turn to smirk as the boy turns even redder and Maria looks a little bit embarrassed. I consider that a win.

But just as soon as that moment of weakness comes, its gone. A evil smile spreads across her lips, “So? What are you going to do about it, Weasley.” God she is so dramatic,  she emphasizes Weasley and then she actually poked me in the chest as she said it.

“First of all, do not, and I repeat, do not touch me ever again. Second, you need to get over yourself. Seriously, you think you’re so much better than everyone, when in reality you’re a slaggy cow. Thirdly, I’m taking 20 points from Ravenclaw for disrespecting authority and breaking rules. Now get to bed and out of my sight, you bore me.” I even fake an awesome yawn at the end. Go me.

She looks absolutely livid, excellent. Before she can respond I cut her off, “If you speak again it will be 30 points. Now GO.” I point down the hall. She lets out a angry scowl before huffing out of sight. The boy is still frozen in place when I realize who he is “Oh, and I better take 10 points from Slytherin too, sorry Ryan, but the rules are the rules.”

I speak to him with kindness instead of hostility, causing him to smile. “No worries Rose. That was great by the way. Really stuck it to her.” He laughs softly.

Huh? “Shouldn’t you be mad I just told your snog buddy to sod off?”

Ryan chuckles once more, “Naw, I mean, I’m not going to thank you for it, I was rather enjoying it. But that doesn’t make what you said any less hilarious. I’ve never seen anyone talk to her like that.”

I’m glad someone appreciates my witty insults. “Yeah not a lot of people have the guts, but she deserved it, the little git.”

My fist clench slightly, Maria often brings out my violent tendencies.

“Hm, alright, whatever you say.” He smiles, “Though, being out after curfew isn’t THAT bad Rose.”

I let out a snort (classy), “Oh, it’s so much more than that. More like 3 years worth of bad karma working against her.”

“Huh? Bad karma?” Ryan’s forehead furrows in amusement and confusion.

“Nevermind, nevermind.” I sigh, no one see’s the evil that is Maria Oswald.

Ryan laughs again, this boy is always laughing. “Well maybe I should escort you back to the Slytherin common room, I wouldn’t want you hooking up with any other demons.”

“Alright ma'am, if you insist. But beware, I can‘t always control myself.” He winks and this time it’s my turn to laugh.


“Jeez the dungeons are cold!” I say whilst shivering, just reaching the entrance of the Slytheirn common room.

“Eh, you get used to it,” Ryan smiles kindly.

“Ha, whatever you say kid. Now get inside, and don’t let me catch you wandering about late at night again okay? Especially not with Oswald. You may have thought she was snogging you, but really she was trying to suck out your soul.”

He laughs like mad, having to cover his own mouth to avoid waking up teachers. “I’ll be sure to remember that Weasley. Goodnight your prefect-ness.”

Ryan turns and I’m about to leave when I a take a deep breath, and ask him a question I’m dying to know the answer of.

“Wait, Ryan?” I whipser tentatively.

“Yeah Rose?” He turns back to face me.

“Has Scorpius mentioned anything, ya know, about me?” I ask, feeling like an idiot as soon as I say it. Oh god. Where’s a time turner when you need it?!

“Scorpius?” Ryan says with a chuckle, “Yeah, he may have mentioned you once or twice.” He says it in a way that I feel I’m missing some joke.

They must all think I’m a total laughing stock.

“O-oh, okaa-yy then. I-I’ll justt go-o now.” My words are practically choked out. I’m not sure if I should be angry or upset. No one makes fun of Rose Weasley and gets away with it. Though, I don’t think I’ll be calling Scorpius out on it anytime soon.

Ryan instantly picks up on my feelings. “Oh I didn’t mean it that way Rose! Honest! Man, I’ve hurt your feelings haven’t I?”

I shake my head no, but it’s kind of obvious I’m upset and mad.

“I just thought it was funny because he mentioned you earlier today, and now you’re asking about him.”

I perk up, Scorpius talked about me?! But I don’t want to be anymore obvious than I already am being, so I just nod my head.

“Alright good, because the last person who made fun of me behind my back woke up in St. Mungo’s a month later.” I wink, laughing as I walk out of the dungeons.

                                                                            * * * *

I wake up in the morning in a significantly better mood. I got to bust Maria and I found out Scorpius talks about me with his friends. Still haven’t decided if that’s a good or bad thing… but for now I’ll go with good. 

I hear an obnoxious tapping noise coming from the window, looks like LunchBox is here with a letter! Yes, I named my owl LunchBox. I wasn’t the most creative kid in the world. I typically just call her Boxy for short.

Walking over, I open the window and let Boxy in. The letter is from Mum and Dad. (Okay, mostly Mum. Dad’s not much of a writer.)

Dear Rosie,

How is school going? I still can’t believe it’s your seventh year! Are you managing prefect duties, homework, and Quidditch practice alright? How’s Hugo? You’re watching over him I hope, he looks up to you.

I’ve got some exciting news of my own, S.P.E.W is very close to getting a very important law passed regarding House Elf freedom. If everything goes to plan, the enslavement of houselves could come to an end in the next couple of years.

I know you’re birthday is coming up, so I want to pass along your father’s yearly birthday warning. “Rosie, I don’t care how old you are, you’ll still always be my little girl. So don’t go around snogging boys and throwing parties. That’s an order young lady.”

While I don’t find your father’s approach very tactful, I know his heart’s in the right place.

Write back soon, I want to hear about everything!

With Love,

Mum and Dad 

I quickly write back a letter. Personally, I’m rather proud of it. I managed to sufficiently answer her questions almost 100% truthfully. Of course I lied about Hugo, saying he was doing well. I may have also omitted the fact that I’m dating Mitch, and I said nothing about Scorpius. Oh, and there’s those detentions she doesn’t know about… But everything else is solid.

I think it’s awesome my mum fights for the houselves, but she’s been saying they’re close to freedom for about 10 years. Undoubtedly, she has made things loads better for them. But, to be honest, I’m not sure if all her law idea’s would have been passed if she hadn’t been part of the golden trio. When you help destroy the evilest wizard of all time, people tend to listen to you more.

Oh, and I can’t forget dad’s wonderful birthday message. It’s basically the same thing every year, “Happy birthday, now don't have fun. End of story.” I love my dad, but he’s a real git when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Speaking of my birthday, I can’t believe I’m turning 18 soon. It’s a mind-blowing thought. My birthday is on Halloween (how lucky is that?) so James usually throws a big party in my honour. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with this year.

“Rose?” I hear Erin call my name as she walks in the dorm.

I close the window after sending Boxy off with my letter and turn to her. “Yesm, that’s me.”

She has one eyebrow arched, her voice sounding skeptical. “You have a visitor waiting outside the portrait.”

“A visitor? Who is it?” I try to raise my eyebrow as well, I fail. Like what the heck, am I the only one who can’t do the eyebrow thing?

“Scorpius Malfoy.” She says in disbelief. 

                                                                  * * * * 

A/N: Ah another unbeta'd chapter. I'm really sorry. I am. I'm working on the beta situation as we speak, I promise. I hope you like my story so far! I'm not sure if I'm too happy with how their relationship is shaping. What do you guys think? Do you think Scorpius acts like he likes her too much too soon? 
Any opinions, critiques, praises, questions, or anything else you have to say would be very appreciated! Review's are very helpful to us authors! 
Speaking of reviews, I'd like to make a shout-out to crazy_isthenew_normal and i~heart~you! You're reviews brighten my day! 

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