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Eve Tempted by LindaSnape
Chapter 26 : Reconciliation
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Rose wanted things to be all right between herself and her family again. Scorpius insisted that probably nothing would change overnight. She hated to admit it, but she knew that he was right. She just wanted so badly for everything to go back to a somewhat normal state. Work was normal, but it wasn’t enough to distract her from the pain of being in a family that was torn. She hated this. She just wanted them to love and accept her for whom she was. The way that they always had. Before this. She should be able to marry the man whom she loved without having to deal with an unsupportive family structure! Especially one as vast as the Weasley’s. She found herself crying herself to sleep, a lot. She felt bad when Scorpius asked her what was wrong for she never found the words to say it, but she was fairly certain that he knew. He would just hold her until she fell asleep, crying into his shoulder. She had been doing that a lot lately and this annoyed her. It was supposed to be a happy moment for her when she gushed to everyone that she was getting married. The only person she had gushed to was Imogene and she knew that Imogene and Hezekiah were happy about it, but that seemed to be the only support and encouragement she had gotten. Granted it was better than nothing. Yet it seemed that someone other than her best friend ought to be supporting it. Her mother accepted it, but didn’t support it, and she knew that her father was probably going to never accept or support it and she hadn’t talked to her brother since he had blown him off in the parking lot near the castle. Yes, she was certain that this was probably the lowest she had been in a long time, which was a pity considering how happy the situation should have been. Yet it wasn’t and it was simply because her family were being wankers. The biggest wankers in the history of wankerage, yes, she was going to pretend that was a word. She didn’t care why they had their reasons for disliking for Scorpius, she wished that they’d simply put that aside for her happiness. She had sacrificed for them in the past, why couldn’t they repay the favor? It wasn’t like she was going to marry Rita Skeeter’s son or something. Honestly! She wished that her family would loosen up a bit. She hated being at odds with them all the time. Yet, her father all but ignored her at work, Uncle Harry gave her sad smiles and would talk to her if Ron weren’t around, and her mother would only talk when her father wasn’t around. It was all getting to be a bit ridiculous in Rose’s humble opinion. She sincerely thought that her father should get over himself. Then again, Draco should get over himself, too. She heard that he was making Scorpius’ life hell, too, since this engagement. She really thought that they ought to lock their father’s in the same room and not let the men out until they at least agreed to disagree. Sure, they might not like each other, but she thought that they could get along for the sake of their children! Was that so much to ask? She rather thought not. The way that situation handled was quite ridiculous, at best. Not to mention the attitude of her colleagues was doing nothing to improve her mood. They were all whispering behind their hands when she walked past as if she couldn’t hear their malevolent whispers. She wasn’t blind nor deaf, thanks. Not to mention, Evangeline Nott had tried to take her out on more than one occasion and Zacharias Smith had given the woman nothing but a slap on the rest. Something that not only peeved Rose, but Scorpius. She wished that everyone would stop taking this so badly. Yes, she was marrying Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. She hardly thought that it meant that the world was going to come to an end right then and there. Excuse her for not thinking the world revolved around her, let alone the Apocalypse. Honestly, these people absolutely had no clue what they were talking about. That’s what angered and vexed her to the point where she just wanted to slap someone silly. Yet Rose knew that nothing was won from violence, it’s what she wanted to do. The only family member that supported her was Victoire and she couldn’t always visit her because she knew that Vic and Teddy were busy with their new baby girl, Ariel Fleur Lupin. She hadn’t been there once to visit, something that made her feel guilty, but she was sure that she wasn’t welcome considering the way most of the family had been avoiding and ignoring her like the plague, as of late. It really upset her that they were acting so childishly in a moment in her life where she would like to treasure and savor the moment not repress it as if it were something disgusting or vile. 

Her mother insisted upon her coming to a family get together with Scorpius and she was more than reluctant to come seeing as her support system had failed her, but Scorpius insisted that she wasn’t going to become on good terms with them again if she avoided them the way that they were avoiding her. It was June. It had been nearly a month since she had a decent conversation with anyone in her family. When she walked in through the door with Scorpius, Victoire set baby Ariel (who she could see had not inherited the metamorphagus gene yet still had Teddy’s hair [at least his natural hair color which was a dark brown almost black] and Victoire’s eyes) on Grandmother Molly’s lap and hugged her tightly. Rose hugged her back. She was such a great cousin and so supportive, she loved Vic. She would most certainly be a member of the wedding party, if she accepted, that was. Teddy hugged her too, and she smiled. She was glad that both Teddy and Vic were kind enough to love her no matter what. Their love was unconditional as was their support. Both of which, she appreciated, very much so. They finally drew away and Victoire brought Ariel over to Rose. “You want me to hold her?” Vic nodded, insisting that she had told baby Ariel all about her cousin Rose. The baby looked at her, with a smile, as if understanding her mother, and gently pulled on a strand of Rose’s hair as if saying hello. She then reached for Scorpius’ finger and cooed when he leaned over to look her in the eyes. “I think she likes you,” Rose grinned. Scorpius smiled, nodding in agreement. “Now if only we could get the rest of the family to win you over so easily,” she muttered to which he snickered. She bounced the baby in her arms, ignoring the wary look Fleur was giving her. Just because she was engaged to a Malfoy didn’t mean she had forgotten how to hold a baby. Stupid stuck up French whore. She knew that was a terrible thing to consider one’s aunt, but to be quite honest, Rose didn’t care. Her aunt wasn’t acting much like an aunt nor her uncles like uncles or her cousins like cousins. Arthur looked at her sadly, and she could tell he was ashamed, but he wasn’t saying anything, either. Her grandparents had annoyed her highly, too. She wanted to bolt right out the door, but she knew that she couldn’t. Not only was she holding Victoire’s baby but she knew at least two people in this room supported her along with their innocent baby girl. The baby cooed, pulling gently on Rose’s hair as she gurgled. “That’s quite a story you’ve go there,” she cooed at the baby, who giggled as if she understood Rose before gurgling again, she stroked the baby’s dark tresses from her eyes before giving her back to Fleur. She was tempted just to leave now. The deafening silence was awkward. Hermione hugged her tightly, thanking her for coming, she told her mother she was half-tempted to leave. Hermione nodded, in understanding. Rose went to turn on her heel when her cousin Molly pelted out of nowhere and hugged her, Lucy shyly ambled forward, not meeting Rose’s eyes. “I’m still mad at you, but I don’t hate you, Luce,” Rose remarked, hugging her cousin Lucy who buried her head into Rose’s shoulder. Dominique sauntered slowly over with Roxanne. Then came Hugo, James, and Albus. Then so many people were giving her hugs, she thought her family must have all given her hugs at least a hundred times by the time she was released. She smiled faintly. “I hate to ask an obvious question, but does this mean that we’re reconciled? Because I’ve missed all of you and I hate fighting,” she insisted. “I don’t want you all to be angry at me again or to be angry at all of you again. I love you all even if some of you drive me crazy on more occasions than one,” she remarked. There was collective laughter at this. The only person who hadn’t hugged her yet was her grandmother, Molly. She went to seek her out. “Grandma,” she insisted softly. “I thought you’d understand better than anyone else that you can’t choose whom you fall in love with,” she protested. “You and grandpa eloped for Merlin’s sake. I thought that maybe you would understand.” She frowned at her grandmother. “Gram, please don’t be mad at me. I love you and I hate it when we fight,” she protested. To this, Molly finally caved, and Rose was startled to see that she was crying. “Grandma, what’s wrong?” she protested, utterly bewildered at the way her grandmother was reacting.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Rose, you’re right. We’ve both been a bit stupid, but mostly me, I know. I’m sorry, I just didn’t like the idea of you being with a Malfoy. You have to understand Lucius has never been kind to us nor has Draco. Stupid prejudices sometimes run through the family line, I suppose. But you’re right. I should have known better. We all should have known better,” Molly sighed. “As long as you’re happy, that’s all that should matter,” she smiled.

“I am happy.”

“We’ll have to throw a ball in your honor for the wedding, eh?” Molly asked with a small smile. “Can’t have a ball for Teddy and Victoire without having one for Rose. A wedding is important, too, don’t you think?”

“Oh quite,” Rose agreed.

“Rose, help,” Scorpius wailed. “I think your cousins are becoming too attached to the idea that we’re going to be family,” he whined.

Rose rolled her eyes, laughing when she saw Scorpius. James had given him an atomic wedgie and put dung bombs in his hair, Hugo had plastered him in whip topping, and Albus was using him as a couch. Molly snickered at the sight of him, too.

“All right, you lot, stop harassing the boy,” Molly insisted.

“But grandma, if he’s going to be a Weasley, he’s going to have to go through a right of passage,” Albus said matter-of-fact.

“Yes, well, if you don’t get off my fiancé’s back, I’m going to get you a right of passage, all right,” Rose remarked, holding up her fist.

“All right, all right,” Albus insisted, rolling his eyes.

Scorpius looked relieved when Albus, James, and Hugo walked away. Rose laughed at his expression with a warm smile on her face. “Welcome to the family,” she remarked, as she cleaned the whipped topping off of him and pulled the dungbombs from his hair. She had to admit that her cousins were annoyingly predictable when it came to pranking someone. Yet she never thought they would have taken so quickly to Scorpius. Of course, they might just be trying to scare him off, but she knew that wasn’t about to happen anytime soon, no matter how absurd their antics. Of course, they could keep trying, but that didn’t mean that it was going to happen any time soon, for it wouldn’t. They were going to have to get used to the fact that one day she would be Mrs. Rose Malfoy. To her, that didn’t seem to have a ring to it that was half-bad. Though, if one should ask her father, he’d probably disagree with that. Scorpius let out an exasperated sigh when she finished cleaning him up. “I swear to Merlin you will not get such a warm reception at my house, guaranteed.”

To this Rose laughed hard. She was getting a funny mental image of Draco Malfoy trying to prank someone and failing horribly. “Well, that might just be for the better, love. I don’t want atomic wedgies, whipped topping, dungbombs, or someone sitting on my back.”

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