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Black Rose by macerinut
Chapter 7 : HOGWARTS plus some Sorting from a Sorting Hat!
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"Dear Godric child, you have too much energy!"

"C’mon Ceci, don’t be a party pooper!"

She stuck her tongue out at him. "Gabs, you need to take a breath. Breathing’s good for you, you know."

"Kids, are you done your breakfast?" Hermione asked, her brown eyes darting around frantically as she rushed into the kitchen.

"Yes Mum," they chorused.

"And your suitcases?"

"By the door," Ceci answered.

"And you have your wands-,"

"In our pockets in our pants," Gabriel informed her. "We’re all ready Mum."

"Okay then. Your father was so upset that he couldn’t be here but unfortunately something important at work came up."

"We know Mum. Chillax, everything’s fine," her daughter assured her. "Now let’s Apperate!" Gabby made a face. Apperation was his least favourite way to travel, next to airplanes.

"Right. Portkey, where’s the Portkey... Ah, here it is!" Hermione triumphantly pulled a small toy train from her pocket. "Okay you two, grab hold."

A few seconds later, they found themselves in a dark corridor at the train station. Hermione grabbed both of their hands, totally oblivious to the eye roll her daughter gave her and hurried to the column that would lead them to platform nine and three quarters.

"Alright, I’ll go first." Hermione walked up to the column. "Best to do it with a bit of a run if you’re nervous," she advised and headed straight into it.

Or rather, crashed into it.

Blinking, she stepped back, putting a hand to her forehead. "Ow," she muttered. "What in Merlin is going on?"

"Mum, is it locked like when in your second year the two dunderheads crashed the car because they couldn’t get through?" Gabby asked excitedly.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, it is." She took out her wand and performed a quick spell to see what had been used. "Oh dear, it has a time lock."

"Meaning?"Ceci prompted.

"Meaning when we can’t get through this way. Sorry kids, I don’t know what we’ll do. Maybe we can Floo there-,"

"But there’s no time! Mum, there’s only one option."

Hermione stared at her daughter. "Ceci, really, I’ve never-," she stopped as she realized that it was their only option. And she was not going to let her children be the only ones late for their first day of school!

"Alright," she said crisply. "Grab hold of the train. We’re going home." Gabby looked at his mum curiously but still grabbed on, sighing. Ceci grabbed hold too, grinning.

As soon as they arrived back at the manor, Hermione ran up the stairs to the attic. "Ceci, grab Sirius’ portrait and ask him how we’re suppose to fly the thing!"

"Righty-o Mum!" She rummaged around in her pocket until she felt the correct miniature portrait. She pulled it out and it enlarged.

"Damn kid, you’re making me sea-sick," James said, looking a little green in the face.

"Shouldn’t you be at the train station? For that matter, shouldn’t you be on the train?"

"Stop being such a goody-goody Remus! Really, didn’t you eavesdrop just a little?"

"No Sirius, I did not. Now, why are we back at the manor?"

Sirius grinned, a mischievous twinkle in his eye. "Miss Witch Bitch locked the portal. They need to ride Sally."

"Actually, we need to know how to ride Sally. Emphasis on the how. "

"Um, let’s see... Oh yeah. You sit on her and then handle her just as you would a cross between a motorcycle and a broom."

"That’s not much help," Gabby commented, frowning.

"Sure it is," Sirius scowled, "ain’t nothing to it."

"Isn’t," Remus corrected. "And that thing is a death trap. Why you ever bought it-,"

"Bye boys," Ceci muttered, stuffing the shrinking portrait back into her pocket as her mother came running down the stairs. "Did you find Sally?" Hermione stopped and looked at her curiously. "The bike," she explained.

"Yes, I did. It-She is in my pocket. Outside. Now." The three walked outside and Hermione pulled a small black object from her pocket and placed it on the green grass. A few seconds later it began to grow until it became a large black motorcycle. Hermione eyed it nervously but walked up and got on. "Alright, Ceci you sit behind me and hold onto your brother who will be sitting in front of me."

"Who am I going to hold onto? I don’t want to fall off."

"It’s charmed so that you won’t. Right Mum?"

"No clue but knowing Sirius, probably not. Fine, both of you will sit in front of me."

"Mum, you’re petite. How will you see?"

"Good point- Ceci, your pocket is making strange sounds and it’s rather distracting."

"Oh." Ceci pulled the portrait a little ways out of her pocket. Sirius was still scowling. "Yes Sirius?"

"The seat’s adjustable! Really, you’d think I’d buy one that wasn’t?"

"Thank you and goodbye!"

"Aw, come on! It’s my bike..." His voice faded as the portrait was shoved back in her pocket.

"He says the seat’s adjustable so you should be able to raise it," Ceci informed her mum.

"Wonderful. Alright, hop on." Hermione walked over and, with a grimace, climbed onto the bike. Ceci got on after her and helped pull her brother up and in front of her. Sally was larger than a normal muggle motorcycle and far more fancy looking.

"Of course this thing doesn’t have seatbelts," Hermione muttered disapprovingly, "let me see if I can... Blast it! It’s charmed so that it can’t be charmed with protection spells! Stupid Black!"

There was a mutter from her pocket which she ignored. "We’ll be fine Mum," Ceci said, tactfully raising her voice so that Sirius’ rather strong remarks couldn’t be heard. "Just-,"




"We just hit an owl." Gabby sounded dazed. "Dear Godric! We hit an owl! And... now we’re falling. Falling very fast!"

"M-Mum! Building! Huge building! PULL UP!"


"Have you seen Ceci?"

Julian shook his head. "No, not yet."

"But it’s almost time for the-,"

"Welcome Hogwarts students!" MacGonagall beamed down at them. Her hair was now mostly white and her face was wrinkled but her green eyes still held their intelligence and could make seventh year boys cry like little babies. Not that she liked it, well, maybe a little. It was good to be Headmistress. But lately, things in the Wizarding world were growing more dark.

She quickly pushed that thought out of her mind. This year was sure to be... interesting, with the new arrivals. Very interesting.

"As well as our new first years, we also will have a few transfers from Beauxbatons joining us this year. They shall be Sorted first and then the first years. So, let us begin-," her sentence was cut off as a large black object blasted through the doors and hurtled into the Hall. It landed on the floor, in between the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor tables, directly in front of where the Headmistress stood at the teachers’ table.

Cecilia Rose was the first one to dismount the now smoking, large motorcycle named Sally. She scanned the room with cold grey eyes before breaking into a grin.

"Take that Hogwarts!" she yelled, punching her fist in the air. "I rule, you... well, drool is rather general and not insulting enough," she added thoughtfully, "hm, what rhymes with drool? Fool? School? Tool? Ooh, that’s the one! Now, let’s see... I rule all of you fools and I’ll rule this soon-to-be-my-kingdom school because you all are tools! Except the teaches." She caught sight of Teddy, trying to hide among the numerous redheaded Gryffindors he was sitting amongst. "Hi Morpho-Boy Quacker! Miss me?"

"Why is she making a fool out of herself calling to them and not to us? We’re her friends, not them!" Laurel sniffed.

"Do you really want to be identified with her right now?"

"Well, when you put it that way..."

"Cecilia, sweetie, I know you’re happy to be alive and all, but do you mind?"

"Huh- oh yeah. Forgot you were there Mum," she said, giving her a sheepish smile. Hermione just rolled her eyes and ran a quick check with her wand on herself and her children to make sure they weren’t hurt in any way.

"Wow, so this Hogwarts," Gabby said in awe. He gazed up at the high ceiling, reflecting the night sky and grinned. "Was it this big when you went here Mum?"

"Yes, it was," she laughed. "Now, you have both have your things?" They nodded. "All your suitcases and wands and everything you’ll need?" They nodded again. "Alright. I love you both," she said, pulling them into a hug, "and I’ll write to you soon. Keep safe and study!"

"Yes Mum," they chorused.

Hermione smiled at them and hastily looked away so they wouldn’t see the tears beginning to form in her eyes. "I love you," she repeated as she climbed back onto the bike. "And remember, Malfoys don’t take crap from anyone!"

"We’ll remember Mum," Ceci promised.

"Oh and make sure the portraits don’t get too out of hand or too rowdy!"

"Bye Mum!"

"And brush you teeth!"

"Mum," she looked at her mother exasperated, "GOODBYE!"

Hermione gripped the handles tightly and with a final smile at her kids, rode the bike out of the Hall, whose doors were thankfully still open, before taking off in the air.

"Don’t see that every day," Lily remarked. Teddy whimpered from where he was hiding under the table beside her.

"I’d rather not see HER ever again!"

"Heh, yeah right, Morpho-Boy!" She grinned happily as he scowled up at her. "Don’t be such a baby!"

There was complete silence as the doors banged shut. The Headmistress, who had not spoken a word, stepped down from where she stood and walked towards the new arrivals. Evaluating them carefully, she looked Cecilia in the eye and said, "Cecilia Rose Andromeda Narcissa Black-LeStrange-Granger-Malfoy I presume?"

"Aye, you presume right, Headmistress."

"And this young man would be-?"

"My little brother, Gabriel. We’re not late, are we?"

"You made it just in time." The Headmistress frowned at her. "And why did your mother use that form of transportation to get you two here?"

"Someone, we’re assuming Miss Witch Bitch, more commonly known as Ginny Potter, time locked the portal to platform nine and three quarters. Hence, Sally."


"The bike. It belonged to Sirius Black- shut up already!" she yelled, smacking her pocket. "Dear Godric..." she pulled out a portrait and it enlarged. "What the hell is your problem now Black?!"

"HIYA MINNIE!" Sirius screamed cheerfully. "MISS ME?"

"I want to see my son-,"

"I want to see my grandkids-,"

"And I want chocolate but we can’t always get what we want, now can we," Ceci muttered mulishly. "Now shut yer yaps before I burn you all and send you were you belong!"

"I find that offensive," said Sirius, looking highly offended. "You’re an extremely rude child."

"Learned from the best. Now zip your lips and let me get on with this already wretched night. Okay?"

"Fine," the three portrait figures muttered. Cecilia sighed and shoved them back in her pocket.

"Alright then," she looked around the Hall carefully before continuing, "shall we get Sorted now?"

"Yes. If you and your brother would just go and sit next to the other transfer students, we may begin." The young witch nodded and grabbed her brother’s hand, hauling him off to where her friends were sitting.

"Hello dearies, I don’t suppose you have any chocolate?"

They shook their heads. Ceci frowned before reaching into Julian’s robe pocket.

"Hey! Do you mind?" he sputtered, his blue eyes wide. His friend simply smirked and triumphantly waved a chocolate frog under his nose.

"Sweetie, the point of having a secret chocolate pocket in your robes is so that you may keep your chocolate secret and well hidden."

"That was my last one," he said mournfully as he watched her devour it.

"Laurel Zabini!" The Headmistress’ voice rang out and Laurel gave them one last small smile before standing up and walking over to where a chair had been placed on the platform. She sat down and the Sorting Hat was placed on her head. A minute went by and then...


The three left cheered loudly as did most of the surprised Gryffindors. Laurel walked to her new table smiling. After hearing of her brother’s adventures and knowing Hermione, she knew that even though she was decided from a long line of Slytherins, Gryffindor was just as good. She took a seat next to Lily and was quite surprised when her knee connected with Teddy Lupin’s forehead, which, like the rest of his body, was still cowering underneath the table. The rest of the Hall soon joined in on the applause, breaking out of the stunned stupor they had been in.

"Julian St. Regardent!" Julian gulped and walked over, taking a seat. As the Sorting Hat was placed on his head, his expression grew curious and then annoyed.

"SLYTHERIN!" He took the Hat off and gave it back to the Headmistress before walking to the Slytherin table with an almost thoughtful expression on his face.

"Gabriel Malfoy!" Gabby looked at his sister worriedly.

"What if-," he began.

"What if nothing," she whispered. "Gabs, everything will be fine. It doesn’t matter what House you’re in, if any one tries to pick a fight with you, they’ll regret it for the rest of their lives." She stood up and hugged him quickly. "Now go get Sorted!"

He smiled at her and then ran over to where the chair was. The Hat was placed on his head and moments later called out its verdict.


Ceci let out a high pitched whistle as her brother sat down beside Julian, beaming proudly. She was the last one left and waited for the Headmistress to call her name or names. She was rather curious about how she’d be introduced.

"Cecilia Rose Black-LeStrange-Granger-Malfoy!" There was a loud snort from her pocket which Ceci quickly muffled with her hand as she skipped, literally, to the empty waiting chair. The Sorting Hat was placed gently on her head.

"Well now," droned a scratchy old voice. "What’ve we here?"

"Hogwarts’ worst new nightmare," she answered primly.

"Sure of yourself, eh? That’s good as long as you don’t get too self-lovin’ like all of your folk. I know your line girlie," he chuckled, "I know ‘em well too. The Blacks, the LeStranges... None met too pretty ends. Your own ‘rents included."

"I have adopted parents," Ceci said through clenched teeth. "Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. Remember them?"

"Two of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever had the pleasure to come across. Your mother’s mind was exceptional as well, as is yours." He felt her tremble and relented a little, his harsh voice softening. "But I don’t think yours is as swollen in the crazy part as hers was. You’ll want to follow a different path I assume?"

"Yes." Her voice was no more than a whisper.

"Alrighty then. And remember kid, I like chocolate cupcakes." He smirked before bellowing, "RAVENCLAW!"

There was silence.

Complete. Utter.


Author's Note:  Heh, I may have forgotten to update. Just a little. Little tiny bit. Anyways, anyone surprised at the Sortings? Did you like my take on the Sorting Hat? I was thinking of including the others' talks with the Sorting Hat but it might've ruined plotlines later on, hehe. 

And for any of you guessing on romance and relationships, don't count your chickens too soon. Or eggs. Or anything rather. Erm... yeah, anyways, new characters shall be introduced in the next one, hopefully I'll remember to introduce them, and... yeah.

Um... please, pretty please with a chocolate frog and Draco Malfoy on top, review? Reviews help me keep my inspiration up! Any comments, thoughts, ideas welcomed!

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