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Undoing by PrincessPadfoot
Chapter 1 : Walking
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Long hard days were always spent working, usually at a desk pouring over papers after papers of boringness. Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, had had one of those hard days. His head was beginning to ache and he really wanted a lemon drop.

He pulled open his desk drawer and was very disappointed to find an empty bag sitting at the bottom of it.


“Oh bollocks!” Albus swore to himself. He frowned as he slouched lower into his chair. He wouldn’t be traveling for another week or two and Honeydukes hadn’t yet accepted his plea to stock his favorite muggle sweet


Albus glanced at the various papers strewn about his desk. He sighed at them and gingerly rose from his seat to stretch his legs a bit. He walked around his desk and pondered a pondering thought. He wondered what new sweets Honeydukes had thought up since he was there last.


With his head focused solely on sweets. He decided a nice stroll to Honeydukes was in order. He gathered his walking cloak and headed towards the grounds.


Hogsmede had been, and will always be, one of Albus Dumbledore’s favorite hot spots. He loved walking along the lane and popping into the different assortment of shops looking for things that he might need or want. He especially favored Honeydukes, and was there almost every week to stock up on his favorites.


As Albus meandered down the lane towards Honeydukes, his mind wandered. He remembered when he had first had a lemon drop. He laughed as he remembered the ill fated journey into muggle London. He had been dared by another young boy to go to London and bring back proof that he had been there. Albus, wanting to impress the boy, hopped on his broom and flew to London.


He had landed in an empty alleyway, and had made his way through the crowd. He got caught up in the sights and had been jostled by the crowd. He had wandered around aimlessly for hours wondering what he should bring back and where he should go to take off. He happened upon a little candy store off the beaten track.


He had bravely walked in and peaked at all the candy that surrounded him. A nice lady had taken pity on his disheveled look and had given him a small bag of lemon drops and sent him on his way. He had popped one in his mouth and had instantly fell in love.


Smiling at the memory, Albus continued on his way. As he passed the first shops in the main street, he wandered why he had never before realized that his memory of that day so long ago, did not include his brother. He frowned as he thought of all the times he had purposely excluded his brother from his social circles. He sighed as he remembered how he felt way back when.


He approached Honeydukes and the soft glow of the shop looked inviting and warm. He paused a moment, then considering his options, took hold of the door and walked into the bliss of sugary sweet air.

Albus left Honeydukes an hour later with a big bag of sweets tucked under his arm and a lollypop secured between his lips. He hummed a little tune for no particular reason and decided that he had had enough fun in the village and really should be headed back to the castle.


By this time, the sun was low in the sky and a slight chill had begun to creep across the land. Albus hastened his steps hoping that he would make it to the castle before dark. He was also slightly hungry and he knew that the house elves had prepared a delicious dinner tonight for the remaining staff members.


Albus had almost gotten to the road that linked Hogsmead to Hogwarts, when he heard a popping sound on the road ahead. Knowing instantly what had made that noise, Albus quickened his step even more in order to catch up with the Witch or Wizard who had just apparated.


He hustled slightly and soon heard hurried footsteps ahead. He rounded a bend and caught a glimpse of a red headed female hurrying to the castle gates. Albus stopped where he was. He had recognized that head of hair, and he knew exactly what business it had up at the castle.


Sighing to himself he slowed his pace and trudged on rather slowly back to the castle. All thoughts of dinner and unfinished paperwork vanished from his mind. He knew what waited for him on the road ahead and he dreaded the forthcoming conversation. As he made his way to the castle gates, a silver cat patronus ran up to meet him. The cat announced in McGonagall ’s voice that Lily Potter was here to see him and she was waiting up in his office.


He thanked the cat and walked across the lawn to the castle door. He paused for a moment and looking behind him, he watched as the sun said goodnight to him. He always loved watching sunsets, even when he was a boy he would sneak out his window and climb onto the roof of his house just to watch the fading rays slip into darkness.


He smiled to himself at that long forgotten memory and braced himself for what was to come. As he made his way up the many staircases, his mind returned once again to the woman awaiting him in his office. He wasn’t surprised that she was here, he had just hoped that she would have come tomorrow or the next day. His Gryffindor courage hardly ever failed him, but he was dreading what he knew was going to be a difficult conversation.


He really wanted his courage to come to him now when he had to deliver the bad news to one of his most beloved students. He wanted so much to be able to change what had happened, but who was he to meddle with time? He waited for a moment outside his door and prayed for the strength to open it. This was not going to be an easy conversation and he needed all his wits about him.




A/N So...yeah. This is my first fanfic, so please be nice and leave a review!! Much thanks goes out to my best friend Mini Moony, you rock! A ton of hugs and kisses to my beta Rayn who caught all my mistakes!!!

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