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Wanted: Dead or Alive by Scarlett Fire
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: Wanted.
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters, etc. Those belong to J. K. Rowling... I do own the plot and any new and orginial characters that may appear.

Chapter 1: Wanted.


Blaise Zabini stared at the poster, disbelief flashed in his eyes, reflecting in the shop window back at him. He scowled and ripped it down.


Wanted; Dead or Alive, it said. Blaise Zabini, an ex-death eater and murderer. He snorted and kept reading. Last known location: Hogsmeade. Associates: Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Fenrir Greyback, Theodore Nott, Daphne Greengrass, Pansy Parkinson, Millicent Bulstrode, Tacey Davis, Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger.


Those last two names made his eyes go wide. Ginny and Hermione? Oh, come on! Why would they bother helping him? They had their own lives to lead.... And Blaise hadn’t seen them since the battle of Hogwarts.


He scrunched it up and tossed the paper into the gutter. Why were they putting these up in Knockturn Alley? Blaise slapped a hand over his face.


“Idiot,” he muttered and pulled his hood up higher.


Only criminals and those up to no good would enter Knockturn Alley. Blaise sighed and headed back towards Diagon Alley. Then again, it was kind of pointless putting them up in Knockturn Alley. Way too many criminals lurked there and they wouldn’t turn in a fellow criminal, would they?


Blaise entered Diagon Alley and decided to ignore the strangeness of it all. Theo was waiting for him.


Blaise glanced up and down the street before joining Theo by the Leaky Cauldron entrance of Diagon Alley. The hooded Theo shifted uncomfortably as Blaise joined him.


“Come on, let’s go,” he hissed and the two young men vanished into the Leaky Cauldron.


Blaise and Theodore slipped through the tavern and out into the London streets. Blaise sighed and glanced at Theodore. He was smiling.


“Almost there,” he whispered and Blaise nodded.


They walked on in silence for a moment before something nagged at Blaise.


“Where are we going again?” he asked and Theodore sighed.


“We’re going to visit an old friend,” Theodore said and pulled his cloak closer.


Wind ripped past them, flinging their cloaks up into the air. Blaise knew who Theo was talking about without having to ask. Draco Malfoy.


“But it’s been ten years!” Blaise exclaimed. Theodore just sighed, again.


“So?” he questioned and turned towards his friend. “Draco will help. Doesn’t he always help? I saw Pansy a few years ago. She said that she had been hiding out at Draco’s.”


Blaise sighed and crossed his arms over his chest as another burst of wind blew past. Theodore watched his friend, his eyes hidden by his cloak hood and groaned.


“Will you give it a rest, Blaise?” he said and turned away, scanning the nearly empty street. “We’ll be fine. Draco was one of us, remember?”


“Theo,” Blaise began but Theodore cut him off.


“No, Blaise,” he snapped and started walking. Blaise hurried to catch up. “We’re going to Draco’s. No more arguing or we might get caught.”


“We’re going to get caught anyway,” Blaise muttered then fell silent as Theo turned a corner.


The two hooded figures paused in the shadows, span around once on the spot and were gone.


Their world span around them for what seem like a long time and then Blaise suddenly stopped spinning and stumbled, straight into a tree, smacking his head against a low hanging branch. A few seconds later there was a loud crash and Theodore, who had tripped over a root and landed on his back, cursed loudly.


“Theo!” Blaise hissed and pushed away from the tree.


Theodore groaned and rolled onto his side. “Where are we?” he muttered and rubbed the back of his head.


Blaise took a quick look around then frowned. Why were they here of all places?


“It...It looks like the Forbidden Forest,” he whispered.


Theodore shot upright. “What?


Blaise stared through the trees at the castle, lit up by a thousand or more candles.


“Take a look for yourself, Theo,” Blaise said leaned against the tree. “I’m not kidding.”


Theodore grabbed a nearby branch and hauled himself to his feet. “You’re saying we’re at Hogwarts?” he asked. Theodore’s eyes went wide and he swore under his breath. At some stage his hood had fallen back.


“Yeah,” Blaise replied, a sour note to his voice. “That’s what I’m saying.”


“Shit, Blaise,” Theodore whispered. “You think he’s in there?”


They exchange a startled look then returned their attention to the castle before them. Was Draco really in Hogwarts?


“I really don’t know, Theo,” Blaise whispered back.


The exchanged another startled glance and fell back against their own trees.


“Well,” Theodore muttered. “That sucks.”


Just then a twig snapped, somewhere off further into the forest. Both boys whipped out their wands and pointed them towards the source of the sound. The forest fell silent for several minutes until another twig snapped and then light flared up just in front of them, blinding Blaise and Theodore.


“Who’s there?” snapped a young man. Blaise squinted, trying to make out the stranger’s face. “What do you want?”


“We could ask you the same bloody thing!” Theodore snapped back.


“Put out the damn light!” Blaise hissed, “Some might see.”


“Blaise Zabini?” the young man asked. His voice was familiar.... Blaise knew that voice... “Theodore Nott?”


“Draco?” they said in unison.


The light was lowered and suddenly Draco’s blonde hair and steely grey eyes came into view.


“It is you,” Theodore whispered. Blaise just stared.


“What the hell are you two doing here?” He hissed. Draco’s eyes were narrowed and now her look positively pissed.


“Looking for you,” Theodore shot back, glaring at the blonde before him.


Draco looked puzzled for a moment and then he frowned.


“Why?” he asked, looking from Blaise to Theo and back.


Blaise sighed and conjured up the poster he had thrown away earlier. It appeared out of thin air with the wave of his wand and hovered towards Draco, who snatched it out of the air and read it.


He was silent for a moment and then Blaise could see the anger gathering. It got darker and darker until Draco exploded, “What the fuck do they think they’re doing? If I’m not on their stupid list then why did they put my name on here?”


He looked up to see a brooding Blaise and a bored Theodore. Draco sighed and scrunched up the paper.


“You two better tell me exactly what’s going on, right now.”


*                              *


An hour later and they were still in the Forbidden Forest.


Draco paced back and forth in front of them, the poster scrunched up in one hand and his wand in the other, knuckles white from how hard he was gripping it.


“So,” Draco said and stopped pacing, rubbing his temple. “You are both on the run?” Theodore pushed away from the tree he’d been leaning against. Blaise just stayed where he was, watching the castle with his back to the two young men.


“Are you a troll or something?” Theodore snapped and stepped forward, trying to make Draco shrink back. “Of course we’re on the bloody run!”


Draco pushed him away. “I think we get the point, Theodore.”


Theodore sighed and threw his hands up into the air.  Blaise shot Draco a glare.


“Well, genius,” he hissed and turned around. “Now what are we going to do?”


The three of them exchanged glances. Draco sighed and turned towards the castle.


“Alright then,” Draco said and glanced back at them over his shoulder. “Come on. You two might as well come in.”


Blaise and Theodore exchanged a curious look. Theodore shrugged and the two young men followed their old school friend out of the forest and across the grounds, towards the castle.


*                   *                   *

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