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The Real Thing by pirette08
Chapter 5 : Stolen
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A/N: Before I get asked again, this IS going to be a Harry/Hermione story, sorry if that disspoints anyone but I do believe the hints have been clear as has the banner. To those of you who keep giving me such wonderful reviews, thank you and keep up with the good work =) I really do appreciate it . Again, the song belongs to it's owner who is mentioned underneath the lyrics.
Chapter 5


You have stolen my heart

You have stolen my heart


Our dreams assures

And we all, sleep well , sleep well

Sleep well, sleep well, Sleep well, sleep well


-“Stolen”-Dashboard Confessional

      ‘I know it was a spur of the moment thing?’
Hermione asked herself angrily. ‘What were you thinking?’
        Hermione was sitting in the living room, her lap inundated with parchment. It was a crisp October afternoon and she was all alone at Grimmauld Place. Ron was at the Hogsmeade branch of the Weasley Wizard Wheezes working frantically for the Halloween season and Harry had gone off to visit Ginny during her first Hogsmeade visit of the term. They had reconciled after Harry received a lengthy letter from Ginny, apologizing for the outburst she had made back when she had arranged a romantic night for the two in her bedroom. Hermione was sure Harry had reluctantly accepted Ginny’s apology though she couldn’t wrap her mind about why Harry didn’t seem into his relationship.

The N.E.W.T.s were around the corner and Hermione was studying fervently. She turned her head as she heard the front door of the house open.

“Harry, you’re back early.” Hermione said brightly.

“Yeah, Ginny is the new Gryffindor Quidditch Captain so she had had to cut our date short.” said Harry as he removed his cloak and hung it on the hook by the door.

“You’ve been at it since I left?” Harry asked eyeing the numerous pieces of parchment that was spread out on Hermione’s lap and the floor.

“Yeah, the N.E.W.T.s are next week you know.” Hermione said matter-of-factly.

“Already?” Harry asked taken aback.

“Mhm.” Hermione replied going through her Ancient Runes notes for the umpteenth time.

Harry reached forward and closed the book on Hermione’s lap.

“Harry what--”

“We won’t be studying today.” said Harry pulling the book from Hermione’s hands.

“Why not?” Hermione asked curiously.

“We’ve been cooped up here for too long.” Harry said placing Hermione’s book on the coffee table. “It’s beautiful day outside, why don’t we just go to the park?”

“By park you mean the little playground around the corner?” Hermione asked amusedly.

“Yes.” Harry answered.

Hermione laughed.

“That’s for children.”

“So what? Let’s not act our age for once” said Harry whimsically. “Just relax on the swings. It’ll be free of kids, term hasn’t ended yet.”

“Well all right, only because I agree that we have been locked up inside here forever.” said Hermione.

     After Harry and Hermione put on their cloaks and scarves they walked briskly to the playground around the corner from Grimmauld Place. The multi-colored foliage littered the pavement, reminding them that fall was fully alive. They arrived at the playground. It was deserted just like Harry had said. The swings swung back and forth, eerily, by the wind. Harry and Hermione walked toward them and sat down in the belt of the swing.

“The last time I sat on one of these, was the summer I received my Hogwarts letter.” said Hermione remembering that day with a smile.

“How was that day for you? I’ve always been curious.” Harry said as he gently swung himself forward.

“Well, I was sitting on the swings, crying because Emily Hunter had called me a teacher’s pet.”said Hermione thoughtfully. “I felt so alone; everyone in school shunned me because I was the smart one.”

“That’s awful” said Harry.

“Yeah.” said Hermione. “I got my letter right there, in the park. The kids all ran away because they were terrified of the gray owl that swooped down right in front of me.”

“I saw that it had a roll of parchment in its mouth and I took it. When I unrolled it I saw that it was an envelope addressed to me.”

“Was it hard to believe?” Harry asked curiously.

“Yes, I mean I grew up with the most rational thinking people. We all thought it was joke,” said Hermione. “But when McGonagall appeared at my house we knew it was real.”

“Were your parents reluctant to let you go?” Harry asked.

“Not when they heard that Hogwarts was the best school of its kind in the Wizarding world.” said Hermione chuckling at the memory of her parent’s enthusiasm after hear that piece of news.

“But I was scared.” Hermione confessed.

“But Hogwarts was a place where we could finally belong.” said Harry. “That’s how I saw it at least.”

“Yeah but I was odd even in this new world. When McGonagall told me that there were kids who grew knowing magic and seeing it every day,” she said pensively. “I was worried that I was never going to catch up.”

“So you did what you do best.” said Harry smiling. “Memorized all the texts before school started.”

Hermione nodded.

“I knew I would probably get on peoples nerves for knowing too much,” Hermione admitted. “But I just couldn’t go into the Wizarding clueless.”

“Yeah.” replied Harry staring at the floor.

“So you’re set up on being an Auror?” Hermione asked getting Harry out of his reverie.

“Yeah. Though I’m not sure there’s much to do as an Auror now that Voldemort is gone.” said Harry.

“Well there’s always going to be mental people who are going to want to control the world.” said Hermione jokingly. “I’d say that job is secure.”

“What did you end up picking?” Harry asked curiously.

“I want to give Magical Law a try. I want to make sure the injustices that happened during the war never happen again.” Hermione answered.

“I think you’ll be great at It.” said Harry earnestly.


         Hermione felt herself blush, though she wasn’t sure if it had been because of the compliment, or the chilly weather.

The wind howled around them as it pushed upon the trees and wrenched multi-colored leaves from the boughs.


“I think we should head back, the weather is getting a little pesky.” said Harry.


They walked slowly out of the playground, talking amicably about the past. They were just around the corner of Grimmauld Place when Harry heard a whirring sound behind them. A cyclist was pedaling hard their way, nearing closer and he seemed to not care that he was about to run into them. Instinctively, Harry turned Hermione around and pushed her out of the way.

“Don’t block the pavements you bloody pedestrians.” yelled the man as he cycled past them.

“You bloody git!” Harry shouted after him.

Hermione peeled herself from the wall Harry had pushed her into.

“What’s his problem?” Hermione asked, looking at the cyclist as he sped from view.

“No idea.” said Harry. “Sorry that I pushed you. Are you all right?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” said Hermione.

“Hang on” said Harry getting closer to Hermione. “You’ve got some twigs in your hair.”


Harry accidentally bushed his hand against Hermione’s cheek as he pulled twigs out of her hair.


“Thanks.” said Hermione blushing as she noticed their closeness.

“No problem” said Harry.

“Are they all gone?” Hermione asked chuckling that Harry had forgotten that he still had his hand in her hair.

“Oh uh yeah…” said Harry quickly retrieving his hand.

“Well I’m going to go eat some of Kreacher’s pecan pie and pick up on studying again.” said Hermione nervously.

“Yeah I’m going to go study too.” said Harry.

“It was a nice idea, going to the playground.” said Hermione as they walked through the no longer gloomy, narrow hallway of Grimmauld Place.

“Yeah it was.” replied Harry.

“We should do it more often.” Hermione muttered.

“Anytime.” Harry said earnestly.

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