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Betting on the Heart by MiaMarauder
Chapter 8 : Smooch Him
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Disclaimer: I donít own anything! This is all J.K.Rowling's my hero!

Do you guys fancy the new chapter images? Cause it's all thanks to the lovely TDA people.

Thanks to PrincessTutu@TDA for this beautiful creation!Betting on the heat #8

I read under a big tree, in Johanna's backyard. Her backyard was huge! Her patio had a BBQ(some muggle cooking thing outside) on it and tables and chairs. She had a pool the was next to this built in mountain, that you can jump off. The rock mountain also held up the slide, to the pool. Coming off the rock mountain was a waterfall.

If you walk further then the pool, her whole backyard is just open space for the Quidditch pitch. Her whole backyard was surrounded with trees to block the pitch. They also had spells on the backyard, just in case if a muggle did come by here.

I was sitting just off of the pitch. I was leaning against the tree trunk. I was trying to read 'Muggles Who Notice' but my mind was drifting off.

I haven't spoken to Chris since the whole 'breakfast thing'. Its been 5 days already and we've been avoiding each other. I just really didn't thing what I would say to him once I was here.

We kissed. It's not a big deal, but... I feel like I have this huge secret on my back and I feel guilty that I can't tell my best friend. I'm scared of the way she may react. I don't want to lose her... or Chris too. And I don't even want to think about the whole Sirius thing.

I put down my book and rubbed my temples. I have such a headache. Good thing Lily comes tonight, I could finally talk to someone.

I looked around and saw that it was getting dark. I grabbed my book and started to head inside. I was starting to get chilly in my shorts and tank top. I'll grab a sweatshirt on my way to Johanna's room. She should probably be out of the relaxing room by now. It's been like a half an' hour. She said, "she had to relax and get ready for when the boys come". She defiantly wants to look good for Remus. I on the other hand grabbed a book and headed outside.

I walked back inside getting the chills. I defiantly need to start wearing jeans in here.

I ran up the stairs to 'my room'. Johanna thought it would be best if I slept in here to get used to it. I took the room with the broken shower though. I thought it would just be easier instead of all the boys fighting.

I walked into the green bedroom. I already put my clothes in the draws. My books on the shelf and my school books in the corner. I grabbed the big red sweatshirt and put my hair in a messy bun. I switched off the light and headed to the third floor.

I hate how I have to go past Chris's room, just to get to Johanna's. Another reason to be 17.

His door was slightly open and I heard music low. I peeked my head in alittle and he wasn't in there. I quickly went off to Johanna's room.

She wasn't in here as well. I put on her radio, that we bewitched to play muggle music. turned on my favourite station and went on her balcony. It was a good view of the backyard. I looked to the Quidditch pitch and saw Chris. It seem he bewitched the Quaffle to come back, when he hit it into the goal post.

I forgot that he was on the Quidditch team. He played Chaser like James. But he was the extra guy to play, if a person got hurt. The captain didn't like him he once said. He's really good, maybe the new captain will let him actually play. I smiled at the way his face was so concentrated. He look really handsome with his hair wind sept.

"Oi!" Johanna yelled behind me. I turned to see Johanna in a blue tank top, tucked into her grey skirt. Johanna looked me up and down, "You better change for Lily. We are going to get all fancy for dinner tonight."

I walked inside the room, "Yeah, yeah soon. Can I use your shower?"

"Eh, I don't like when other people use my shower. I know I'm being git but just use Chris's, its connected to the hall. He won't mind and once your out, come in here," I gave her a questionable look. "So you can borrow something fancy," she said like it was obvious.

"Alright, I guess..." Merlin I hope he stays outside.

"I'll go get you hair stuff, he probably has all boys stuff in there," she said walking in her closet, towards her bathroom.

A minute later she came out with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a towel. I went out in the hallway and head towards Chris's bathroom. I walked in and it was a nice shade of blue to match his room. A shirt was on the floor but other then that it was really clean for a boy his age. twenty minutes later I was cleaner and smelled beautiful (thanks to Johanna's body wash). I wrapped a towel around me and stepped out of the shower. The mirrors were all steamed up so I just had to hope I looked good. I did two flips with my hair and grabbed the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I opened the door and got chills from the cold air. I walked out and saw Chris leaning on the the wall, next to the bathroom door.

I clutched my towel closer "Hi?"

He looked up and looked alittle startled. "Sorry Layla, I didn't- I was just- sorry..." He said looking me up and down.

"Christopher!" I blushed. But just to make the situation better I laughed.

"Sorry! Sorry! I didn't mean- I was-" I held up my hand. He was blushing so much, it made him look cute.

"It's fine. Don't worry about it. You were just waiting to take a shower?" He nodded his head.

"I saw you playing, you were brilliant," he blushed more and smiled. I turned around and made my way back to Johanna's room. How I got through that conversation was a mystery to even me.


An hour later, after the hair pulling and burning. Ten times applying make-up and washing it off. Twenty shoes tryed on. Ten dresses in the no pile. And finally picking an outfit. I looked fancy.

"Oh Layla! You look to die for! To bad the boys aren't coming tonight!" Johanna yelled spinning me in front of the mirror.

"Well it's all thanks to you!" She was the one who did my hair (burned and pulled). Did my make-up (She kept on re-applying it cause she didn't like the colours. And poked me in the eye!). And picked out my outfit (went through like a billion clothes till she finally let me borrow it). But after the hour, I had to give my self a clap on the back. I looked pretty. I was wearing a beautiful dark blue dress with a grey cardigan. With bright black high heels to match.

"You were already beautiful, I just made you look fancy." She smiled and walked out of the room. I followed as she led the way. "Alright, so Lily will be here in thirty minutes. So it's what time now?" She looked around for a clock. Surprising there wasn't one. Just paintings on the hallway wall.

"Chris!" She screamed coming up to his door. She knocked impatiently.

"Yeah, yeah hold on!" He shouted in his room. After a second or two he opened the door.

"What the hell were you doing?" She said walking into the room searching for a clock.

"I was in the bathroom cleaning..." He trailed off looking at me. I blushed my famous red.

"Right, so it's 5:00! So then Lily will becoming at six! Well I have to go downstairs and help the house elfs," she said heading out. I was about to follow, "Layla you don't have to help your the guest. Go play in the game room or something," she said skipping away. That left me and Chris alone. Finally maybe we can talk before he leaves tomorrow.

I turned around to face Chris. He was leaning on his door post.

"Can we talk?" He smiled his famous croaked smile.

"Yeah, sure."

He gestured his hand into his room. I stepped inside very slowly. His room was a dark blue. He had draws for his clothes, a book shelf with mostly Quidditch magazines, a desk with a radio on it and a bed. In a corner was his Quidditch stuff.

He led me to the balcony. It looked really lovely out. The sky was full with stars and their was a full moon. It looked beautiful so bright and round.

"You look very lovely," he said smiling down at me.

"Thanks," I said blushing alittle. It was silent again.

"I just- Layla... that kiss we shared really meant alot to me," he said looking away to the night sky. "I really fancy you and I want something to happen between us," he said low and slow. He moved his hand on the balcony bar, so his hand touched my hand. His fingers were soft and warm. "I fancy you. I've always fancied you. I just thought you wouldn't go for me. And I know I'm younger but it- it shouldn't matter.

All I could do was stare up at him wishing, I knew how I felt. A wave of emotions are going through me. I felt guilty for fancying him. Sad that my best friend doesn't know. Scared how she might react and find out. Worried that she might de-friend me. And confused...about Sirius... I shouldn't even be thinking of him right now. The boy I liked for so long just told me 'he really fancy me' and I think of Sirius Black. Confusion was all over my face.

Chris looked down at me. "I'll make this clearer. Will you go out with me?" He said grinning.

I should be grinning! Why aren't I ecstatic! "Chris, I- I have to tell Johanna I like you, before this becomes something," I gave him a sad smile. I won't go behind her back.

He looked like he was just crushed my a rock. I never want to see his face like this again. "I understand. Just give me your answer when I come back," he kissed me on the cheek and walked off, out of his room.

I just watched him go. I just watched the boy who I might of, could of loved walk away. I looked up at the moon for some guidance. But I already knew what to do. I had to tell Johanna.


"LILY!" I shouted giving her a big hug.

"I missed you too love," she said in a strangled way.

"LAYLA! Give her time to put her bags down!" Johanna yelled.

"Fine!" I said letting go and stepping back. That made Lily actually step out of the fire place. She put her bag and trunk down, on the side.

"Alright," she put out her hands.

"LILY!" Johanna and I shouted tackling her. "We've missed you!"

"I missed you guys too!" Lily said under us. We got up and help Lily up as well.

"Merlin! I wanted to leave forever ago!" Lily yelled going up the stairs, with her luggage. Ziggy tried to take it from her but Lily doesn't believe in house elfs. She doesn't like how there treated like slaves.

"I hated it there! I hate Petunia and her stupid boyfriend! They snogged on the couch! I almost threw up!" I forgot how much Lily talked. I MISSED HER SO MUCH! "Mother and father hate him as well! Daddy said that he didn't fancy him since he sat in his chair, at dinner. I barely eat that night too!" I chuckled and realized we were already at Lily's room. She had the bright yellow guest room. The room she always had when she stayed here. "God he's such a tosser wanker! Excuse my language," Lily blushed. "But yeah. Oh! You girls look stunning!" Lily yelled noticing how we looked.

Johanna and I both laughed, "Thank you, thank you. I take all the credit!" Johanna yelled bowing.

Lily giggled, "Well you must help me then!" You didnt need to tell Johanna twice. She grabbed Lily's hand and pulled Lily to her room. I followed lazily.

"Sit!" She ordered Lily, once she got into the closet. I grabbed one of the magazines and sat on the floor. When all of a sudden, Johanna pulled out a medieval looking torturing device.

"What the bloody bonkers is that?!" I yelled scared for Lily. Bonkers...? I've never said that in my life.

"Calm down! It's a muggle curling iron! I'm just putting it on the side," she said placing it on one of her shelf.

"So Lily. Weird question... but uh. You and James. Nice to him now. What up?" I said curiously, wanted to get to the bottom of this.

"What do you mean?" Lily tryed acting innocent. well actually it was really easy for her... but SHE'S LYING THROUGH HER TEETH!

"Don't act all git like! We know something is up! I have a wand and I'm not afraid to use it!" Johanna threatening her.

"Alright! Alright! Keep your knickers on!" Lily yelled. She sighed, "Alright, it was right before testing and I did notice before that James was changing. So I was going to Potions," she turned to me. "When I left breakfast early. Don't ya remember? Right before Hogsmeade."

I remember day very clearly. Wow. That day feels so far away.

"Well anyway I was heading down there and Sirius and James were in front of me. So of course being me, I kept my distance. But I saw Sirius push a first years Ravenclaw books down. I was about to go tell him off but..." She grinned, "James slapped Sirius on the back of his head and helped the boy. He actually picked up his books for him! He dint even see me! When I saw this I was stunned. It was really really lovely..." She grinned a big grin. AWW THATS SOOO CUTEEEE!

"AW!" Johanna and I cooed.

"Plus! He didn't even send me one letter! This whole month! I atleast get about six! I was thinking about him all through out the month!" She yelled. Wow. James plan is working. That boy is either very smooth or an evil genius. Make note: Ask James if he saw Lily; that day in the hall.

"OW! Johanna that was my bloody ear!" And that was end of our cute conversation.

"Well, sorry if your 'bloody ear' are so big!" Johanna mocked. I flipped the page of the magazine lazily.

"Well, I'm sorry that your such... a foul git! You could have combed my ear off!" Lily yelled. Wow. I would not call Johanna a 'foul git' when she is doing your make up. I should probably interfere. I turned the page of the magazine again.

"I could blast it off, if ya want!"

"Ladies. Ladies. Relax. Both count to ten. Then say sorry," I said lazily.

Ten seconds later "I'm sorry," they both said in sync.

"So, do you fancy James then?" I asked. Making things go back, to what it was before.

"I don't know... we'll see this year," Lily sighed.

"Well, what if he makes a move?" Johanna asked and mumbled a spell to curl Lily's pin straight hair.

"Makes a move? What move? What do mean make a move!?" Lily asked, her voice getting higher.

"Lily calm down!" Johanna yelling, like always. Why is she so loud? "Ya know 'makes a move' like uh... tries to hold you hand or something. Or asks you out again."

Lily thought for a moment "Well... to tell you the truth. He hasn't asked me out since the Hogsmeade trip. Usually he would try to get me before vacation..." Lily sighed thinking again.

I burst out in laughter, "Remember that time he followed you!"

Johanna burst into a fit of giggles, "And you... you kicked him in the groan!" She shouted through her laughter.

Lily chuckled, "That was in fourth year. I just wanted to read my book. But he instead that it was way to dangerous in the halls to the library. And that he should escort me there. After the first few minutes it was totally fine. I was keeping my cool. Then he tryed to put his arm around me... bad idea," she said, shaking her head.

Johanna and I were laughing so hard.

"Oh grow up you two!" Lily yelled rolling her eyes.

"Okay... okay. So what if he does ya know, tries it again," I held back a giggle.

"Then... I don't know. I don't think he will though."

"Learned his lesson then!" Johanna yelled. I burst out a giggle.

Thirty minutes later, Johanna was finally putting the final touches on Lily's face.

"Oh you look so lovely! Now we just need clothes and you're good," Johanna said stepping back and admiring her work.

"I have something. It's packed so I'll see you down there," Lily said. We all headed out downstairs.

"Lily if I don't see you in 20 minutes. I'm coming to look for you! I get lost in this house too," I said sarcastic. Lily laughed, while Johanna rolled her eyes.

Lily walked in to her yellow room and Johanna and I headed downstairs.

"Chris! Dinner is in 10 minutes!" Johanna yelled passing his room.

"Ch-Chris is joining us?" We were out of ear shoot, going down the stairs now.

"Yeah, is that a problem?"

"No, none at all," But it was A BIG PROBLEM. I just denied the poor bloke less then two hours ago. This is going to be some awkward dinner.

We were already in the dinning room and it took less then five minutes. And I was out of breath. How Johanna does it I have no idea.

Now Johanna's dinning room table was big. It looked like it could be set for twenty people. And It looked really odd for only four table settings. There was two chairs in the middle across from each other. Then the two heads tables. Which looked so far away from each other.

"Johanna..." I said looking at the table.


"Isn't the table a bit... to much?"

"You think?" Johanna looked at the table questionable. "Yeah i guess you're right." Johanna walked to the kitchen that was connected.

"Hooky!" Johanna yelled into the kitchen.

"Yes lovely Johanna?" Hooky; one of the house elfs came out of the kitchen.

"Can you please set this up at the kitchen table?"

"Yes mast-" Hooky was cut off.

"Hooky! What I say about that word. Don't call me master and that's an order," Johanna said in a joking manner. But Hooky understood.

"Yes, yes. Sorry sorry lovely Johanna," with a snap of her fingers the place settings were gone off the table. So was Hooky back into the kitchen.

"I usually let them do nothing," Johanna muttered to me. We both walked into the kitchen.

All four house elfs were cooking.

"The food lovely Johanna, will be served once master Chris and Lily are here," Ziggy said.

"Here!" Lily held coming in behind Chris. Lily was wearing a green dress. It was quite short but she was wearing tights. With no shoes on. Chris was just wearing a blue shirt and jeans. But he looked good in anything. Blue looks really good on him too. Which I think is his favourite colour.

"I almost got lost. But thankfully Chris saved me," Lily smiled at Chris. He just nodded his head taking a seat next to Johanna. Making him sitting across from me. Lily sat down next to me. Filling the space between Chris and I.

"When will you be leaving Chris?" Johanna asked taking the seat next to me.

"Uh... tomorrow morning early," he said putting food on to his plate.

It all got quite after he spoke. With the clattering of the plates and people asking other to 'pass the...'

"Well isn't this nice," Lily said after a few minutes. I was keeping my head down. Trying not to look up. I didn't want to make eye contact with Chris.

"What are we even going to do when the boys come?" Johanna asked.

"Well first night we can probably go into the pool," Lily suggested.

"James did say something about Quidditch," Johanna said dully.

Just then a pecking noise came from the window. It was a brown owl, caring a letter. It looked to be James owl. Johanna got up and opened the window. She took the letter from the owl and it stood their waiting for a reply.

Johanna read over the letter first. She grinned then read, "Dear Layla, Johanna, and Lily. I just wanted to let you know that we will arrive three sharp. Sirius, Remus and I will be sleeping there. Peter is not allowed. But he will be there tomorrow, he will just leave by ten. I hope this is alright. Answer back quickly. From James Potter." Johanna giggled. She grabbed a napkin and wrote back quickly. She rolled it up and gave it back to James's owl.

"What you say?" I said getting a look from Chris.

"I said it was fine," she said squinting at Chris. Meaning that she will give details later.

After that dinner went by fast. I wanted to know what the real letter said. I knew it didn't sound like James. It sounded way to formal. So after dinner we ran up to Johanna's room.

She handed me and Lily the letter.

Dear Johanna, Layla, and Lily flower,

The gang and I will be arriving at three thirty sharp. I just wanted to write all of you,
asking if it was okay if the guys and I bring some drinks. Have a little party for
the first night right? Peter will not be sleeping at your house Johanna. He wasn't
allowed, (hahahah) he will be leaving at ten. So write back as soon as possible.

From the guy ya know you love,

James Potter and the Marauders. (I know you girls fancy me the most though)

I was half laughing and half shaking my head at James.

"This is from the boy you might fancy. Ya know that right?" I said looking at Lily. She had the biggest grin on her face.

"Yeah, but he's right," Lily said looking up from the letter.

"Right about what?" Johanna said coming over to sit on the bed.

"We do fancy him the most," Lily laughed out. Johanna and I both looked at each other and jumped on Lily.

"You want to hug him... You want to smooch him... you want to love him..." We sang to Lily.

Okay I know what I said but I split this chapter in half. But the girl chapter was very necessary! And look you found out about James!
Okay... fine! Just hate it! Throw tomatoes at me! I promise the boys are in the next chapter!

Tell me in a review of how much you hate me and want to throw tomatoes at me! or... you can say how much you love me? It's fine whatever you want to do!

Oh and thanks for all the favourites and comments in the last chapter!

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Betting on the Heart: Smooch Him


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