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Hopeless... by spam_up_sam
Chapter 6 : Perfection
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A/N: Enjoy!

     If Scorpius had taken any wisdom from the seven years he'd spent living in the company of the volatile and somewhat impulsive Rose, he really should have known that trying to kiss her, when driven by the influence of a fair few glasses of wine rather than that big brain of hers, would end in some form of grievous bodily harm. It was inevitable. A screaming truth he'd always known. Scorpius, in all the magic of the moment, wrapped tightly in the scent of her skin and the gleam of her eyes, didn't let his years of experience get a word in edgeways. It was that painful moment all over again, only this time she'd slapped his face rather than kneed him in the baby maker. For that he was eminently gratefully, although, that didn't make him feel any better.

     In fact, as a small, stinging, red hand print formed on his right cheek, bleeding a crimson, flaming glow over his pale complexion, he couldn't do anything but blink and gape at her. Opened mouthed and in a state of quiet shock. Shock that he'd been so bloody stupid. Maybe this was just how it was supposed to go, maybe he just wasn't any good at seduction and Rose was sent here to stop him from ever trying.

     At this moment in time, the non violent company of Lord Lilymort was looking quite attractive. So what if he couldn't stand her? Silencing charms were there to be used! He'd rather be bored to death than spend every day of his life being battered by Rose, however sexy she looked when she was adamantly apologising to him for her brash and unthinking actions.

     At least, from the way she was biting her lip and trying to gingerly soothe his sore cheek, he figured she was apologising. It seemed that slap to the head knocked his sense of presence out of key, he really couldn't take in a word she was saying over the angry buzzing of 'I told you not to do that' going on relentlessly in his mind.

He felt rather faint if truth be told.

     Rose, on the other hand, looked utterly concerned and Scorpius, though at the moment it was only a faint gleeful whisper against the self inflicted barrage of abuse going on in his head, couldn't help feeling quite smug about how she was cooing over him like a precious, loved and highly appreciated individual. If only she'd expressed that before she got happy with the slapping.

   “Oh bloody hell, I've...I've given you brain damage! Why aren't you talking?” Rose chattered on incessantly, worry bleeding into her tone. “Talk Scorp! Say something obnoxious, insult me! Come on, anything! Show me that brain of yours is still working, maybe that hit did it some good.”

     Scorpius couldn't help but snort indignantly at that and his sudden noise of acknowledgment seemed to relieve Rose slightly of her guilt. He rubbed his cheek with a childish pout, eyes locked on her deep brown shining pools, completely open to read and drown in, unsure of what to do as she kneeled in front of him between his spread out legs. Seeing her chewing away on that fuller bottom lip as she sat in such a way that her every curve was set out enticingly for him to get a good look at gave him the insane urge to try and kiss her again. On the other hand, Scorpius, not having much of a high threshold for any sort of pain, grimaced churlishly as he experimentally moved his jaw. He might hold off the kissing attempts until the pain in his cheek had significantly subsided.

   “What in Merlin's blazing name was that for?!” He grunted menacingly.

     Rose, biting the inside of her cheek to fight back that niggling sarcastic comeback dying to come out, leaned a little closer and tried to smile as charmingly as she could. For a flickering of time, the glower on his face faded at her closer proximity until he remembered his face hurt and it was right back to glaring. She sighed feebly.

   “I'm a control freak! Okay, I'm a bloody control freak!” Rose groaned honestly in explanation, “Blame my mother!” Her gaze lowered in her embarrassment to his collar, tracing the sharp line under his jaw, slightly crooked. With a tentative hand she reached out and straightened it, her mouth twitching at the hitch in his breathing when her fingers brushed over his neck. Warm on cold. “I wanted it to be perfect, our kiss. I just wanted it to be perfect.” She mumbled barely audible.

Scorpius, as she expected, was as usual his charming self, “You.” He grinned, seemingly highly amused. “Are.” That grin grew even wider. “Insane, darling.”

Rose frowned angrily, “And you're a right idiotic, pri-”

   “But that's why I like you!” He exhaled deeply, cutting her off before a tirade spilled out and closing his eyes as he lay his head back against the tree trunk, smiling sanguinely at feeling Rose shuffle that little bit closer. “I've always gone for the kind of women who put all my eccentricities in shadow.”

   “Oh, thank you, such flattery!” She drawled sarcastically and flicked his forehead.

   “What?! It's true! What girl would refuse a kiss, not to mention one from a handsome chap like myself, because there happened to be too much bloody moss about!? Honestly, setting doesn't matter Rosie, not to me at least. It's not where you are that makes it 'perfect', it's who you're with, it's how you feel. Hell, you could be at a rubbish dump and as long as that one person was there, kissing you, it wouldn't matter-”

   “Yes it would!”

   “I'm not going to argue,” Scorpius sighed tiredly, “If you're quite done embarrassing me for tonight and you have no intention to put me out of eight arduous, unrequited years of pining after you, of all the women I could go after...I'm going to find a bowl of your Grans apple tart and retreat to bed like the jilted lover I am.” He finished with a pout.

     Rose, not really knowing what else to do, quickly sat herself down on his thigh and placed two restraining hands firmly on his chest to keep him exactly where he was. Scorpius could easily move her off him if it was what he so desired, and he reckoned Rose knew that too, but deep down, he knew her keeping him there was exactly what they had both wanted. Inside Scorpius was feeling really rather optimistic.

   “Kiss me.” He whispered suddenly, “Forget where we are. It's that simple...”

   “Not here.” She frowned giving the place a quick grimace.

   “When you have someone, when everything's stripped away and all you're left with is excitement and want, that's what makes a kiss. You're not supposed to calculate, or make a bloody story board and itinerary of events. You're not supposed to have a clinical relationship, you just have to feel and-”


   “But nothing Rosie! There's nothing except me liking you and you liking me. It doesn't matter about the backdrop, it doesn't matter about the words, all that matters is my lips on yours and your hands in my hair. We're not perfect, and we don't have ideal lives or stupid model relationships! We don't suddenly fall in love at the turning of a page! That isn't human nature, emotions aren't rushed so they can meet a word count. We're the perfect example, how long has it taken to get our stubborn, ignorant arses here?”

   “Too long.” She whispered, his words sinking through her skin, making more sense than she ever expected.

   “Exactly. I'm not your Mr Darcy, darling, and you're not Elizabeth, we're just Rosie and Scorp, and this is how it is. Plain and simple. I don't need a beautiful lake and moon filled sky to find perfection in you, Rosie...” He smiled sheepishly and slowly reached out his hand, cupping her cheek and stroking his thumb over the soft, creamy skin. His other hand slipped around her waist to the small of her back and knowing, definitely, it was now or never, he pulled her flush against him. Their bodies pressed together, heat enveloping their embrace in the cool summer air. Scorpius, after so very long, laced his fingers into the silky tendrils of her hair and felt her body melt willingly into his own as if that was exactly where it was supposed to be. “I just need you not to slap me.” He told her solemnly but a soft, slow grin spread over his features.

Rose blushed a deep, dark, red and chuckled embarrassed as she let her hands smooth across his broad shoulders and twine around his neck, “I'm sorry about that.”

     His nose slowly brushed against hers in a sweet, delicate kiss, eyes heavy with lust as his lips ever so slightly grazed against Rose's. The sting on his face seemed to vanish when she closed that slither of space still lingering between them. In the moment their lips met, it was a feeling neither of them had really experienced, it was the kind of fire you didn't want to give up, the kind of heat that could sizzle away for years only growing stronger.

     Scorpius kissed her with everything he'd been holding onto, every dream, every argument. All that tension, forever hanging in the air and fuelling the passion and power of his mouth. They moved together in a rough, desperate manner, too anxious to taste one another, to truly slow and enjoy their time. He left her mouth, breath ringing unevenly in his ear as he trailed a line of hot, open mouthed kisses down the nape of her neck, tongue lapping at her sweet, rousing flavour. Those long delicate fingers of hers knotted into his hair, pulling playfully to bring him back to her waiting lips.

     When Rose pulled back with a delicate, secret smile and brushed the fallen locks from his forehead, Scorpius couldn't help but stare. For the first time in a long while he was entirely lost for words. He'd never seen her as beautiful, the dusk glow of her skin, ethereal and refulgent, the dark rouge of her hair a shade so intriguing and her eyes, they made his knees go weak. Right then he couldn't have thanked god enough that he was already sitting down and he added an extra thank you for the fact he had Rose, finally, intimately nestled in his lap.

   “I think...” Rose mused, trailing a finger over his lips and smirking irresistibly when he fluttered kisses over the tip, “ were quite right about the kissing.”

Scorpius returned her smirk, wrapping his arms tenderly around her. “Is that an admission of my genius?”

   “In this instance, yes...” She chuckled and looked around with an amused smile, “it was an outdoorsy, mossy kind of way. But yes, you are rather clever.”

   “Such adulation, Weasley. You know, I would say you're trying to seduce me. Am I right?” Scorpius asked in a deliberately deep, velvety voice, quirking his lips up in an elegant half smirk. “I certainly hope so.”

   “Hmm...” She mused huskily, “ it working?”

   “All you had to do was smile.” He winked.

Rose's face flushed, “You're so bloody cheesy!” She laughed and grabbed him forcefully by the collar, crashing her lips against his enthusiastically. “I think we've eight long years to make up for, don't you?” Rose whispered with an impish grin that sent electrifying shots of excitement to Scorpius' southern regions.

    He nodded adamantly, getting up far too quickly to be acting cool. He didn't care, he had his Rosie, finally. He was really quite looking forward to being Al's best man again after all.

     Scorpius never let his eyes leave Rose, she joined their hands and pulled him close, with a soft kiss on the lips and a wink that promised a lot of well deserved 'catching' up, Scorpius let her lead him out of the woods, no question or fear of getting slapped for kissing her left on his mind.

Scorpius had to admit, this day had ended quite well considering.

A/N: Ahh so, is all forgiven??
Just two more chapters! =[ 
Let's just say something gets revealed in the next chapter. Any guesses? I think I made that pretty ambiguous lol
Tell me your thoughts on how their get together went? Afterall, I did make you wait quite a while for it to all come together. I hope you liked =]
Thank you all so much for reading, and reviewing if you do!

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Hopeless...: Perfection


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