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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 5 : Indescribable
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Chapter 5

                        The darkness surrounding him, silence heard. Nothing going through his head, not even Ginny. His heart, beating slowly. Thump…..Thump…..Thump. Still no sight of anything, or anyone. His legs, feeling as if he didn’t have any. His arms, burning as if they were broken. His neck twisted in all different directions. The pain overtook him, he wanted to scream but nothing came out. Then, he heard a high pitched sound, his ears bleeding. His eyes fluttered open and he was in a white room all alone. He was strapped up in all different tubes and bandages. 

            “Oh Mr. Potter you’re awake. Please take this,” The blonde healer said, handing him a black potion “It’ll help ease the pain.” Harry took it in one gulp.

            “What… happened to me?” Harry asked while trying not to focus on the horrible tasting potion. 

            “You were severely injured. Many, many spells were used on you Mr. Potter. Fortunately, the person who hurt you was captured and sentenced a lifetime in Azkaban.” The nurse explained.

            “What spells were used on me?” Harry asked. He was rather curious why he had all these cuts and the tubes sticking up his nose.

            “The cutting spell was the most sever, then the torture curse, and then Sectumsempra was also used.” The nurse said while getting him more fluid.

            “Who got me?” Harry asked.

            “We will answer your questions later Mr. Potter, you have to rest for now. I will be back in thirty minutes to check on you. In the meantime, you have a visitor.” She said opening the door and a high pitched scream came from the doorway. A bush of red hair came rushing in and hugged him.

            “HARRY! Dear are you alright?” Mrs. Weasley asked, holding the side of his head.

            “Yes, Mrs.Weasley I’m fine.” Mrs. Weasley looked rather pale, she probably found out about the missing teenagers, or to Harry, missing friends. She looked at him and her eyes watered, then the tears spilled over.    

            “Do you know where they are?” Mrs. Weasley whispered in a heartbreaking tone. Harry’s mind filled up with thoughts. It was like a stock exchange, things being yelled out interrupting others. ‘Where are they?’ ‘Why Ginny?’ ‘Where the hell are my best friends?!’ were some of the thoughts going through his head. 

            “No I don’t, I’m so sorry Mrs. Weasley.” Harry said back. 

            “Oh no Harry it’s not your fault. It’s those bloody Death Eater werewolves.” Mrs. Weasley started cursing under her breath. “Harry, when was the last time you talked to them?” Mrs. Weasley said, her voice, trembling. 

            “I saw Ron and Hermione last night, and Ginny and I had breakfast this morning.” Harry said.

            “Ok dear, I’ll let you rest now.” Mrs.Weasley said and then left, little sobs escaping her lips.

            Harry spent three more long days in St.Mungos. After he was released, the first thing he did was go to Kingsley and have him notified. Kingsley has sent Aurors everywhere still no sign of them, the only thing they found was Ginny’s shirt on the ground. The little white shirt, covered in blood. Who knows if it was her own, or someone else’s, nobody knew. Harry didn’t sleep for two days because of his nightmares. He had nightmares of Ginny lying on the ground blood coming out of her, every which way. And he was trapped in a box and he couldn’t get out, all he could do was watch.

            “Harry, Harry wake up.” Someone said shaking him back to reality. 

            “What do you want Percy?” Harry said putting on his glasses. It wasn’t Percy after all, it was Mr. Weasley.

            “Oh sorry Mr.Weasley, I’m not that much of a morning person.” Harry explained.

            “Harry, I have known you for a long time. I think I might know that.” Mr. Weasley said. “You were having nightmares and Molly sent me up here to check on you.” Mr. Weasley said.

            “Yeah so when will the dreamless sleep potion be ready?” Harry asked.

            “It will be done in two days. You have one more night to fight through. You’ll do fine son. Breakfast is ready, be down as soon as possible. We are searching today.” He said patting Harry’s leg and walking out of the room. 


            The next month was a nightmare. No more signs of any of them. The only trace they found was a trap, which leaded to an abandoned house. Harry was lonely as ever. He still had Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Percy, and Luna but it just wasn’t the same without them. The nightmares had still come, even with the dreamless sleep potion. Only terrible nightmares could break through a potion of that strength. 

            “Harry! Wake Up!” Someone yelled, shaking him.

             “What?” Harry asked putting on his glasses. Then, he saw who it was, it was Ron. Harry immediately grabbed his wand. “What day did we meet and what year did you get attacked by a brain?” Harry asked. It was the first question that came to mind. It looked like the real Ron though he was filthy, and twigs were in his ginger hair. 

            “September first in our first year and our fifth year.” Ron said with his arms up, surrendering.

            “Where have you been?!” Harry said, practically screaming.

            “I’ve been with these death eaters and I know where they are,
it’s just I can’t go back.” Ron said.

            “And why can’t you do that Ron?” Percy said standing in the doorwary, coffee in hand.  

            “There’s some sort of shield around them, once you leave you can’t get back out. I can’t go back without using some sort of spell.” Ron said. Mr.Weasley walked in and then said;

“I happen to know the Minister of Magic, he could undo any boundary that they have set and he can track them.” Mr. Weasley explained. 

            “Ok then, let’s go see Kingsley.” Ron said. “Harry you might want to put on some real clothes.” Ron said, gesturing towards Harry’s sweat pants and t-shirt.

            “Yeah, okay, I will meet you guys by the pitch in five minutes.” Harry said grabbing jeans and a plain white shirt. They all left and Harry dressed himself, thoughts going through his mind. Every thought, every memory, every little thing that involved Ginny, he thought of. Walking down the stairs, he saw pictures of her. Laughing, crying, and getting noogies by Fred and George.

            “Come on! Let’s go!” Ron yelled through the back door, so Harry went out and saw them standing with Kingsley. 

            “How’d you get here so fast Minister?” Harry asked trying to be polite.

            “Please Harry call me Kingsley and I got a floo call from Arthur to say come here immediately and here I am.” He explained. “Ron would you explain to me what happened?” Kingsley asked, but it wasn’t really a question.

            “Yes sir, while Harry was downstairs Hermione, Ginny, And I were captured by death eaters but to be specific, werewolves. Three of the four took some of our hair and had some polyjuice potion so they pretended to be us. The other one took us to Scotland and which is where they are now. They duplicated Ginny’s shirt and put some blood on it so set some sort of distraction,” Everyone was listening intently to Ron’s explanation. “So they took me there and they kept a close eye on Ginny, knowing that she was Harry’s girlfriend but not on me or Hermione. She is getting help for Ginny right now I predict.” 

            “Wait so Ginny knows this?” Kingsley asked curiously.

            “No we knew that she would object, she said the only person that could save her was Harry or herself.” Ron said this while looking at Harry.

            “Ron, take me there.” Harry said holding out his arm.

            “The spell is Serlous Boretom good luck.” Kingsley said, apparating away as did Harry and Ron. 

            They showed up to this old, run-down shack. “Ron is this it?” Harry asked.

            “Yeah but it’s a couple miles away, we have to walk a while.” Ron said and started to walk off towards the west. Harry followed him and step after step, Harry started to have second thoughts. 

            “What if we are too late?” Harry asked Ron.

            “Harry, calm down. We have a while to go and she is completely fine. They passed the moon cycle during the war.” Ron explained.

            “Oh that makes me feel so much better.” Harry said sarcastically. After that being said, nobody spoke for two hours, a record for Ron. They reached the clearing, it was all set up as a tent, and at least they had already cast the spell to make the boundaries disappear. That’s when he saw here, sitting next to one of the werewolves. She had cuts on her arm, and her eye was bruised. She looked around and saw a raven-haired man peeking out from behind a tree. She smiled but knowing that if she smiled too much she would get caught, she set back her depressed look. 

            “Hey baby.” One of Greyback’s friends said, running his hand up and down Ginny’s back.

            “Don’t touch me.” Ginny said, angrily. Jealousy washed over Harry as well as anger. The werewolf, Jeff, put up his arms in surrender

            “We have one feisty girl here. One feisty, hot girl. How about you go change into the dress I’ve put into your tent and come back out here.” He said. Ginny stood up and Jeff spanked her. Ginny looked around and gave her a glare. 

            “We have to do something.” Ron whispered.

            “No really?” Harry whispered back,

            “Yeah.” Ron said. Harry rolled his eyes and got ready. He would wait until Ginny was somewhat dressed. They waited until they saw Ginny wearing the tightest, shortest, and most revealing dress either of them had ever seen. She was beautiful but it was beautiful torture. 

            “Wow.” Harry said. “Let’s go.” 

            “Ok.” Ron replied.

            “This stops right here boys!” Harry yelled walking into the campsite. Only one werewolf was out and the rest were sleeping. 

            “Oh it does not stop here.” Jeff growled. 

            “Oh yes it does!” Mr. Weasley yelled from above. Thirty feet above the canopy, were a least forty aurors plus the Weasley kids. Ginny smiled but then realized what she was wearing. She walked over to the log around the campfire and grabbed her jacket. She instantaneously threw it over her back and zipped it up. The whooshing of the brooms could be heard a mile away. No other werewolves had woken up so it made it an easy capture. The rest of the werewolves got stunned before they could even fight back. The one that was awake was captured and was sent to Azkaban. 

            After all the chaos was done, the aurors were gone, taking the werewolves to Azkaban. It was just the Weasley family, Harry, and Hermione. Ginny ran up to Harry and jumped onto him, wrapping her legs around him. Hermione and Ron stood there holding hands, grinning. 

            “You came!” She exclaimed. “You came, you came, you came!” Ginny said. She kissed him full on the mouth. The rest of the Weasley family seemed to turn away, including Hermione.

            “I missed you so much.” He whispered. He put her down. “Now shall we all get back to the Burrow and be safe and sound.” Harry said. 

            “Not so fast Potter.” Dart, another werewolf said. “AVADA KEDAVRA!” They yelled, his wand pointed straight at Ginny.

            “NO!” Harry screamed and he saw Ginny’s lifeless body lying on the forest floor.


            “Harry, Harry! Wake up shhhh it’s ok Harry you’re with me.” The soothing voice woke him up.

            “Your alive!” He said hugging Ginny. “I’m having a Déjà vu…” Harry said. 

            “Yeah you did that last night too. What is with you?” She asked.

            “What was the last thing I did?” Harry asked. He looked around and realized he was in the lounge.

            “You and I had breakfast, and then I went upstairs to get changed. I walk down here and you are thrashing around on the couch, having a nightmare. You seem to have fallen asleep.” Ginny explained.

            “And woken up the rest of the house.” Ron said walking down stairs, zombie-like. Harry checked his body, no cuts or bruises. Except for the ones from the Battle at Hogwarts. 

            “Wow that is so weird.” Harry said, examining his body.

            “What?” Hermione asked. Everyone but Ginny was still in their pajamas.

            “I just had the weirdest dream.”


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