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Draco Meets His Match by xxstaindrosesxx
Chapter 1 : The Mystery of Gabriella Goyle
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A/N: So this is one of my older fanfics, but I am going to go through it and edit it a bit. I wrote this over four years ago, and in that time I have become a much better writer, and so I feel it needs a bit of a face lift. I also changed the banner, so this story will definitely be new to some people, and if not, well, feel free to read again! I also had this story up before, and had to take it down to edit it and what not, so reviews would be greatly appreciated since I lost a majority of them. 

And if any of you are interested, I am currently working on my fics and bringing them back to hopefully finish them. It's been a long time, but I hate to leave things unfinished. You might want to check those out as well, but I hope you like the little updates I've done to this story to make it better. I'm going to try and update all of the chapters little by little, and then begin working on Prankster in Love to update as well. With that said, happy reading!

Draco Malfoy sat on the couch in the Slytherin common room. His seventh year had arrived and Draco chose to return to Hogwarts one last time. The summer lingered on with dread since Lord Voldemort was not pleased with his failure to kill Dumbledore. His own parents, trapped like slaves under the Dark Lord after failing to succeed in his task. His parents offered the Malfoy Manor as headquarters for the Death Eaters and Voldemort to try and compensate for their son‘s short comings. His parents were still considered trash to their Lord, and he knew it was his fault. Draco ruined everything for his family by failing, and so now he felt relieved to sit between his two best friends; Crabbe and Goyle.

Draco sat quietly while his two lackeys shoved their mouths full of candy. He did not mind considering it was their usual routine, and it was far better then staying at the Manor to be ridiculed and lectured any further. He eyes fell upon the girl sitting on the sofa across from them. Her nose in a book, Draco found it quite odd for a Slytherin to be studying instead of paying someone to do their work. He watched her flip the page, and he studied her brown curly hair, which fell to the middle of her back and down her sides. She had become taller and more beautiful over the years, and Draco was glad she did not inherit her brother’s looks. Yes, he felt relieved Gabriella Goyle looked nothing like her brother, Gregory Goyle.

The fact is, Gabriella Goyle had always been there, but more in passing. Draco had met her back in his second year when she was a first year, and he was shocked to learn Goyle had a sister. He had never mentioned his sister, and now she was a sixth year, only a year younger, and Draco could barely remember Goyle mentioning her throughout the years. She was different from other Slytherins; always reading a lot and doing her own homework. She never beat up or paid other students to do her work for her, and yet she always received excellent grades. Draco did not understand why she was not in Ravenclaw or friends with someone like Hermione Granger, but he left her alone because she was Goyle’s sister and she did not bother them.

Draco never had a problem with Gabriella, or Gabby, as Goyle called her. She would follow them around sometimes, but it was usually to talk to her brother. She was never in their way, and she never pestered them. He never understood why the girl hadn’t joined their little group, but then again, he had never given it much thought. He wondered if she even had any friends. He could recall Pansy talking to her one time, but when he overheard them, Pansy was just trying to gain information about Goyle. Draco came to learn about Pansy’s true nature throughout the years. She was the type of girl who would try and seduce a guy, but when he rejected her in return, she would move onto the next one. She had tried too hard to be with Draco, so he blew her off, and that was why he assumed Pansy talked to Gabriella about Goyle. He was probably her next target.

Draco always had Slytherin girls coming onto him, but he never paid much attention to them. Gabriella had never showed interest in him. She was different then Pansy; more reserved, which explained her always reading and completing her schoolwork. It was no shock to him when she had become a prefect in her year. He was still the prefect in his year after he did not become Head Boy. It did not bother him, considering he did not want the responsibility. Already in charge of snot-nosed little brats younger than himself, the idea of an added responsibility did not please him. The only upside of being Head Boy was the ability to deduct house points, and there were several students in the school he wanted to deduct points from more than anything, if only to see the look of shock on their face. Some might even cry, and to Draco, that was an added bonus, but with everything happening, he did not expect to receive the position since he had shamed Voldemort and Snape who was now the Headmaster at Hogwarts.

Draco watched as Gabriella closed her book and stood up from the couch, her hair bouncing with every footstep. She walked off to the girl’s dormitory for the night so Draco turned his attention to Goyle who was still eating candy with Crabbe. “It occurred to me that your sister has been attending this school for six years now, and we know nothing about her.” He explained.

Goyle just shrugged as if he wasn’t interested in the topic.

“Well, you don’t talk about her.” Draco mentioned.

“We’re close at home,” explained Goyle. “It’s just different here.”

“She’s not like other Slytherins.” Draco said, stating the obvious, or at least what he had observed of Gabriella.

Goyle started laughing. “Obviously you don’t know her.” He said, between laughs.

Draco raised an eyebrow as he suddenly became interested. He wanted to know what Goyle meant. “Why?” He asked.

“Let’s just say,” paused Goyle, “you don’t want to take her baby doll when she’s five years old.”

Draco became even more intrigued. “Why?” He asked, quirking a brow in interest and curiosity.

“My room looked like a tornado hit it. Everything was scattered and broken, and even some of my toys went missing,” explained Goyle, appearing quite agitated as he remembered the event. “And this was before we could even use magic. She did that with her bare hands.”

Draco smirked as he thought the story was kind of funny. He could not picture someone so reserved as Gabriella doing such a thing. “Oh, and you remember that black eye Pansy had last year?” asked Goyle. “She didn’t get it from falling on a door knob. Gabby gave her that black eye.”

Draco gave his best mate a confused look. “What? Why did she do that?” He asked, really having no clue, even though Pansy was more than annoying, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

“Pansy wouldn’t leave her alone,” replied Goyle. “She kept asking Gabby things about me, and when she wouldn’t respond, Pansy made fun of her, so Gabby punched her.”

Draco snickered. “It was one of Pansy’s better looks.” He teased, knowing Pansy looked like a pug dog, minus the wrinkles, although in a few years, surely the girl would turn south with gravity getting the best of her.

Goyle and Crabbe laughed. “Yeah, but wait until you hear Crabbe’s story.” Goyle mentioned with a grin plastered across his face as if he found this story Draco hadn’t even heard yet rather amusing.

Draco turned his attention to Crabbe, his interest suddenly peaked even further. Goyle was an idiot, so if he had a story involving the girl, then it had to be a dozy. “What?” He questioned, wanting to hear this story and sounding a bit like a kid asking his parent about a surprise.

“I got kind of fresh with her last year and she kicked me in the balls.” Crabbe explained, wincing as if he remembered the event like it was yesterday. His own hand nearly went to his crotch just thinking about it.

Draco raised an eyebrow at him. “Fresh?” He questioned, as he began to laugh. Although Crabbe was nothing more than a complete imbecile, Draco had to admit the word fresh fit quite well. That sounded exactly like something Crabbe might do.

“I couldn’t help it. She became hot.” Crabbe swooned, sounding stupid as if he knew nothing about girls. The closest relationship Crabbe ever had - at least in Draco’s opinion - was with the candy he shoved into his mouth at this very moment.

Goyle picked up the couch pillow and threw it at Crabbe. It hit him straight in the face, but he didn’t seem phased as he placed the pillow next to him on the couch. “Ugh!” exclaimed Goyle. “That‘s my sister you‘re talking about, so I‘d appreciate it if you kept your mouth shut.”

Draco laughed at the both of them, and then stood up from the couch. “I’m going to crash for the night.” He said, before walking off and heading to the boys’ dorms.

Goyle and Crabbe were close behind as Draco changed into his pajamas. He crawled into bed and a smirk spread across his face as he thought about the stories he had heard about Gabriella. Then, he closed his eyes and fell asleep until tomorrow waited for him.


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