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Conquest by writers_passion
Chapter 1 : A New Challenge
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Draco tossed a crumpled letter into the fireplace and smirked at it as he saw it burn to a crisp. It was the third time he had done so that week and, of course, it wouldn’t be the last. This time it was from Amanda Opal, describing her inner most feelings about how he was the most amazing guy she had ever been with. “And I know we’re going to last,” she had written, and that was when Draco laughed out loud, crumpled her letter which was scribbled with hearts and threw it into the fire.

“Time to cut that one loose,” He said to himself, placed his hands behind his head, and put his feet up on the lounge’s coffee table. Draco Malfoy wasn’t Mr. Commitment and wouldn’t be for a very long time. Aside from the fact that he was barely eighteen, having just celebrated his birthday with the young Miss Opal, he was simply looking for a good time. “And to add her name to the list,” Draco smugly noted, and conjured a quill and wrote her name down in a small journal that he kept. That journal of his, he smiled as he gently tapped it with the feather end of his quill, held the names of how many girls? He had lost count long ago, but was now merely counting the pages in the little black book. Because of his journal and what was contained in it, Draco was the king of Hogwarts and the ruler of Slytherin House.

“Reminiscing old mate..?” Blaise asked him. Draco looked up, smirked, and snapped his journal shut.

“What gave me away?”

“That look on your face,” Blaise chuckled and sat down on the armchair opposite his friend. He looked over to the fireplace where the remnants of Amanda Opal’s letter were being consumed by the flames. Shaking his head, he turned to Draco who had been staring at the fire as well.

“Another name added to the list, I expect?”

“Of course, and as petty as it is for me to say this, the fireplace looks even grander with the emotions of a young girl’s heart burning in it.”

“For Merlin’s sake, Draco, a little compassion,”

Draco cocked a brow at Blaise and then the two of them let out hearty bits of laughter. Sarcasm was best used for them in times like this, and they always found it utterly amusing.

“I’m surprised you haven’t run out of room in that journal.”

“On the contrary, I’ve had to magically add a few pages.” Draco told him as he twirled the book in his hands. “I don’t think there’s a single girl I haven’t shagged.”

“And yet they still flirt with you after knowing how deceitful you are. It’s bloody unbelievable.”

“And funny as hell,” He snickered. Sighing, Draco frowned at his journal and chucked it to the other side of the sofa he was laying on. “But there’s one girl I’m dying to add to the list.”

“Who’s that?”


“Granger..?” Blaise asked with a confused look on his face. “Mudblood Granger..?”

“Yes, Granger… Mudblood, goody-two-shoes, I’m the effing brightest witch alive, Granger.”

“But why..?”

“Because she’s the untouchable one, that’s why.”

Draco picked up his journal and stood. He paced behind the sofa and ran his free hand through his soft golden hair and grinned.

“The other girls are too easy, Blaise.” He said to him. “They already want to screw me, but Granger doesn’t. She hates me. She wouldn’t get within a hundred feet of me if Merlin himself paid her to. I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but it’s not about blood. Far from it… This is about me, Draco Malfoy, bedding Hermione Good Witch Granger; Potter’s best friend and Weasley’s whatever the hell she is to him. I’m already graduating and leaving behind a legacy. Might as well leave with a bigger end than intended…”

“Good luck with that one, mate.” Blaise said with a crooked smile on his face. “Don’t forget that after you master your biggest conquest, Potter and Weasley will come to kill you.”

Draco chuckled and then laughed. He gripped his journal tightly and tapped his fingers against its expensive leather. “Let ‘em try,” he responded, and headed up to his dormitory in order to add an extra blank page to his journal, his lovely pride and joy.


Draco was feeling rather cocky last night before going to bed and went through page after page of the names of the girls he had listed in his journal. He grinned to himself as he got down to the last page where he had newly written Amanda Opal. He downright smiled at the imagining of Granger’s name right underneath it. No, she’d get a page of her own… Draco thought. He’d write every intricate little detail about his encounter with her; what she felt like, smelled like, everything. It made him giddy just thinking about it, and so the next morning, he dressed to his normal perfection, checked his mirror twice to make sure he hadn’t missed anything, and went downstairs to breakfast with Blaise at his side.

“Don’t look now, mate, but you’re other half is coming after you.” Blaise whispered to him. Draco looked behind him, and tried to groan inaudibly, but it didn’t work out that well. Amanda Opal was walking up to him with a smile and yet a worried look on her face.

“Draco, didn’t you get my letter last night?” She asked him. “I was hoping to get a response back from you.”

To be honest, he was trying very hard not to snicker. Amanda had that pouty look on her face like all the other girls inevitably gave him. It was that look that read I-waited-up-all-night-for-your-letter; a letter that Draco wasn’t going to give to her or any girl for that matter. And if he stared into her eyes properly, it almost looked like as if they would soon swell with tears if he didn’t respond to her liking. Draco, for a change, had thought about being sincere and about breaking up with her, but then the pretty witch did it; she called him, “Sweetie.” For the life of him, he couldn’t stand pet-names. He could tolerate it for a time just to get what he wanted it, but after that was dead and gone, Draco’s tolerance went down to zero.

“It’s over between us, Amanda.” Draco told her bluntly, and watched her face fall into immediate despair.

“B-but, I don’t understand why!”

“It was good while it lasted, and I’d like my scarf back as well.”

Amanda watched in horror as Draco had the audacity to unravel the scarf that was draped about her neck and place it on his own. He then turned on his heel and continued to head into the direction of the Great Hall. He could faintly hear her crying, or trying not to, and Draco simply hummed a happy little tune as he sat down at the Slytherin table next to Blaise.

“Broke another heart I see,” a feminine voice reached Draco’s ears. He looked up from his morning pumpkin juice and saw Pansy walking up to the table and sitting down in front of him. “She’s bloody hysterical and won’t have the common decency to go sob in a room.”

“Hell, am I the only one with a heart, here?” Blaise asked aloud. Draco and Pansy eyed each other and then in unison said yes. Draco subtly shook his head at his dear friend. Blaise was his best mate for years –even before Hogwarts –but it was a bit of a shame that he in truly cared too much.

Just as he was thinking this, Draco’s attention was caught by the Great Hall doors. She had finally come in –Granger, with Potter and Weasley of course, all smiles and carrying that awful truck-load of books in a bag over her shoulder. The brightest witch of her age, naturally, if she’s reads that much… And since she held the smarts for witches, he held the brains for wizards. Yet unlike the pretty mudblood, Draco didn’t flaunt it. He would suffer social suicide if he became a teacher’s pet.

As he ate his breakfast and secretly watched Granger chat it up with her friends, Draco began to wonder how the hell he was going to get close to her. She was going to be a challenge indeed, because unlike all the ditzy girls he had the pleasure of shagging, they had already liked him. Granger on the other hand hated him with all her being. There was an extra and uncomfortable hurdle that he had to jump, and that was first getting her to like and trust him.

“What do you keep staring at?” Pansy asked Draco since she had been watching his eyes go pass her shoulder endlessly. Blaise stuffed a bit of toast into his mouth and chuckled.

“It’s more or less who he keeps staring at. The old man’s got his eye on his soon-to-be greatest victory for that journal of his.”

Pansy, now curious, looked behind her shoulder. She turned back to Draco with her eyes opened wide and a look of disgust on her face.

Granger..? You want to screw her? Merlin, have you run out of so many options that you’re going to the bottom of the social ladder?”

“Oh I have options, believe me.” Draco told her. He got a final glance of Granger as she got up to leave. “But I thought that I could go for a bit of challenge.”

“A worthless challenge, if you ask me.”

“Well, last time I checked, I wasn’t asking you. Excuse me,”

Draco dabbed the corners of his mouth with his napkin, grabbed his things, and headed out of the Great Hall. Blaise called across the hall and asked him where he was going. Draco called back with a smile that he was going to “get started on his challenge.” Granger had left the Great Hall alone, and it didn’t seem like as if her friends were going to follow her anytime soon. He had his first class with her, Advanced Transfiguration, and since there was fifteen minutes until the class started, he figured that that was where she was going. Draco grinned when he saw that he was right, and at the end of the corridor stood Granger, hands cupped and waiting for the door to unlock itself. Draco was standing afar off, trying to figure out a way to do this. Simply walking up to her and starting a conversation would arose her suspicions. She wasn’t a twit, and would ask questions.

Damn… He thought irately. He knew that it would be difficult, but he didn’t think it would be so hard this fast. Alright, Granger hates you, so what to do to make her like you? Show her you’re a sincere person. That sounded fair enough, and to do that Draco decided that he would have to first do a not-so-nice thing. He took out his wand from his robe pocket, twirled it between his fingers, pointed it at Granger’s bag, and muttered a small incantation. In a second there was a loud ripping sound, and all of Granger’s books fell out and onto the floor.

“Oh, great,” She mumbled, and bent over to pick them up. This was his cue, and Draco strode over and began to help her pick them up.

“You carry too many books in there, Granger.”

Hermione looked up from the ground in surprise. She wasn’t expecting of all people to be helping her to pick up her fallen books would be Draco Malfoy. At the very least she would’ve expected him to be scoffing at her like usual. Before she knew it, most of her books were in his hands, and being shoved into her own. Hermione stood up and didn’t bother to hide the confusion on her face.

“Um, thank you?”

“You’re welcome.” Draco replied, and then held his hands behind his back. As of right now he, for the first time in his life, had no idea what to do next. He had Granger’s attention now, and by the look on her face, she was trying to figure out what the hell he was up to. She was right in thinking so, naturally, but now wished that she wasn’t so damned smart. Now Draco was sure that he was looking like a fool, just standing there next to her, when they both knew that he was never on time; especially for Advanced Transfiguration of all bloody classes. Internally sighing, he saw the cover of one of her books, recognizing that it wasn’t a school book and one that he had read on his own, and thought that he might say something about it. Sure, Granger would eye him funny and maybe give a snippy comment or two and ask him why he cared, but at least it would provoke conversation.

Unfortunately, before Draco had time to execute his newly forged plan, the door to the classroom magically unlocked, and Granger threw herself into the room. He wasn’t sure if it was because she was so put off by him, or because she really had that much of a love of learning. Neither of that mattered, though. Draco’s chance was shot, and now he was stuck having to enter class ten minutes earlier than usual.

“Hell,” Draco muttered and then walked inside of the classroom.
author's note: okay, so here's the second story i've been working on, of which i must admit was sparked after watching Cruel Intetions (i love that movie!!) so, hope you liked the first chap, and please leave a review!


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Conquest: A New Challenge


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