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'Til Death Do Us Part: The 3rd Installment by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds
Chapter 9 : Do You Want to Know a Secret?
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*the plot and the OC's are mine, the rest belongs to J.K.

**Sorry it took so long but anyone who was waiting for this should thank tinytonks11 or else it probably would have been a lot longer wait. I hope you enjoy this chapter. This chapter really moves the plot a long and a lot of things you all should recognize will start setting into place. Let me know how you feel about it and as always enjoy!

There was crying. The sound only got stronger as Shay made her way down the demolished hallway. How she made her way to this point, she had no clue. It was as if a bomb had gone off and the only traces of the house left over were the supporting structure and dust from the drywall. Shay made her way towards the consistent crying. She felt frantic and desperate but had no recollection of why she felt that way.

“Just hold on! I’m coming!” Shay yelled out as she finally reached the doorway of her destination.

There was a large pile of rubble in the middle of the room and cold air swept through the holes in the walls. Shay covered her mouth in horror when she saw that a pair of legs was sticking out of the bottom of the wreckage. She ran over and began digging. The crying was growing stronger and louder as she dug deeper and she knew that she could save who ever was at the bottom of the pile. She couldn’t dig fat enough. Her fingers were bleeding from the sharp edges of shrapnel pile. But before she could reach the person, she found the source of the crying. It was a baby. He was just about a year old with pale skin and black hair. He was red from crying for so long and there was a small trail of blood running down his face.

Shay tried to calm him down while she inspected the cut that the blood was coming from. It was an oddly shaped cut. There was what seemed to be a lightning bolt on the child’s forehead. Shay went to wipe some of the blood off of it but when she touched it, the baby stopped crying completely. Then all Shay felt was bewilderment as the baby’s emerald eyes stared into her own.

“Hey,” Sirius said after Shay opened her eyes.

“Hello,” Shay said back and stared at him.

She recognized him from the day before but she couldn’t remember his name.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” Sirius asked with a small smile.

“I remember your face. You can’t forget a face like that. But, no, I don’t remember your name.”

“Sirius Black.”

Shay let out a small laugh.

“Is there something wrong with my name?” Sirius asked, semi-offended.

“No, it’s just that it doesn’t suit you. Sirius Black sounds dark and mysterious. I don’t think you’re either of those things.”

“And what makes you think that?” Sirius asked.

“Someone who is dark and mysterious wouldn’t watch over someone they barely know.”

“Barely know you? Shay, we’ve been friends for ever twenty years. You’ve been gone for seven months and I never want to loose you again. If that means watching you while you sleep, then so be it,” Sirius said with sincerity.

Shay smiled back at him.

“You look beautiful. I missed that smile.”

“Now I know you’re lying. I looked at myself yesterday. My face is all cut up and black and blue, my hair looks like a rat’s nest and you can see every bone in my body. I have no clue what I’m supposed to look like but I am no where near beautiful.”

Sirius began to dig in his pockets and brought out his wallet. He opened it and pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Shay.

“Who is that? Your girlfriend?” Shay asked as she looked at the blonde beauty that was wrapped in Sirius’s arms.

Sirius let out a bark of laughter before answering her.

“You could say that. That’s you Shay.”

Shay looked dumbfounded as she examined the picture again. She didn’t want to believe it but the girl in the picture had the same eyes as her.

“Well, that’s how I used to look,” Shay said and handed the photo back to Sirius.

“You’ll look like yourself soon enough. Madam Pomfrey is one of the best healers around. And even if you don’t, I’ll still be here and so will everyone else.”

Shay smiled in appreciation but hoped that Sirius would drop the subject.

“So how did you sleep? I imagine you haven’t slept very well in the past seven months.”

“Madam Pomfrey gave me a sleeping potion, so I didn’t really have a choice. But I did have this really strange dream. It felt so real; maybe it was an actual memory.”

“Tell me about it. Maybe I can help you,” Sirius said and leaned forward in his chair.

“I was in this house and it was destroyed. I was walking down the hall, towards this crying. It was constant and the only thing I could think of was getting to whoever was crying. Then I got there and there was this big pile of rubble and a person beneath it and I started digging. And I found this baby and he had black hair and blood on his face,” Shay stopped when she felt herself get upset.

Sirius’s face had gone white. He was sure that she had dreamt of Cillian and he didn’t know what to do.

“Hey guys,” James said as he, Lily and Harry entered the infirmary.

Shay instantly recognized the child.

“That’s him. That’s the baby that I pulled out of the rubble,” Shay said to Sirius.

Sirius, James and Lily all looked bewildered.

“Can I hold him?” Shay asked.

Lily walked over with Harry in her arms. She handed him to Shay and Shay and Harry just stared at each other.

“Where is his scar?” Shay asked.

“What scar?” Lily asked, completely confused by her best friend.

“He should gave a scar on his forehead. A lightning bolt scar,” Shay trailed off and traced the lightning bolt on Harry’s forehead with her finger.

“Shay, he’s never had a scrape in his entire life,” James said.

“But in my dream,” Shay said and handed Harry back to his mother.

“You had a dream about him?” Lily asked with concern.

“Yea, last night.”

“Shay, that’s impossible. You’ve never seen him before. I was still pregnant when you were captured.”

“But it was him. He has the same eyes. Emerald green eyes.”

The room fell silent and nobody was sure what to do.

“I think somebody’s going to try to hurt your baby.”

“I’m sorry if I scared you the other day. That dream was just so realistic,” Shay said to Lily as they sat and ate sandwiches on Shay’s bed in the infirmary.

Lily had come to help Shay salvage her hair.

“Don’t worry about it. James and I aren’t worried about it,” Lily said with clear self-doubt in her voice.

“I saw it in both of your eyes. Have I ever done anything like that before?” Shay asked.

“I’m not entirely sure. You never really liked to talk about stuff like that. Not that you were really allowed to anyway.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Shay asked while trying to swallow a mouthful of food.

Lily grimaced at her.

“That’s disgusting. If I didn’t know you so well I would have thought that you forgot your manners as well,” Lily said.

“Oh, you’re hilarious,” Shay said with a grin and took a big bite of her sandwich.

Shay really liked having Lily around. She knew that people weren’t lying when they said that she and Lily were best friends. She felt naturally comfortable around her.

“Is this better?” Shay asked now that her mouth was empty.

Lily just smiled and rolled her eyes.

“So what did you mean before about how I wasn’t allowed to talk about some stuff?”

“It’s not that you couldn’t talk about things, it’s something that you and Dumbledore decided would be best for your safety.”

Shay just nodded her head even though she didn’t understand.

When Shay looked at Lily again, she saw that Lily had tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Shay asked with concern.

“Nothing, I’m just being silly,” Lily said with a small smile and wiped her eyes a little.

“You can tell me what’s wrong, Lily. That’s what friends do, right?”

“It’s just…you were dead. We had a funeral for you. But you’re not dead; you’re safe. I’ve lost…we’ve all lost so any people that we cared about. But you came back, but you’re not here. I know this sounds selfish but I want you to know who I am when you see me.”

“I do know who you are. You’re Lily Potter and you’re my best friend. Your husband’s name is James and you have a son named Harry,” Shay interrupted.

“When you see me, I want you to know that I’m a muggle born and I don’t get along with my sister because she hates magic. I want you to know that I hated James from the day I met him until I was 16 and then I fell madly in love with him. I want you to know that I wanted you to be Harry’s godmother because you were always more of a sister to me than my own ever was.”

“All you have to do is tell me these things. I can be the person I used to be. I’m here now and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon. Not that Sirius would let me. I‘m surprised he’s not here right now,” Shay said with a smile.

“He’s with Harry and James,” Lily said quietly and Shay could see the conflict in her face.

“What’s wrong, Lily? Is there something you need to tell me?” Shay asked.

“It’s about leaving.”

Shay waited for her to continue as Lily tried to find what to say.

“James, Harry and I are going to be going away for a while,” Lily said and looked at her best friend who was confused and shocked.

“I don’t understand. Do you mean a vacation or something?” Shay asked but knew that that wasn’t what Lily meant.

“Shay, your dream wasn’t wrong. Somebody is going to try to hurt Harry. It’s the same man that hurt you,” Lily said and let her tears fall freely down her face.

“Why didn’t you tell me when I asked you? Why is he trying to hurt Harry?” Shay asked in a panic.

This man, this Lord whatever name she couldn’t remember, did terrible things to her. She doesn’t remember a thing that happened but she knew he did horrible things to her. To only imagine that he wanted to do those things to a baby struck fear and panic in Shay.

“There was a prophecy that was said in front of Dumbledore that Lord Voldemort found out about. Albus thinks that it would be the best for Harry to go into hiding until the war is over. If everything goes right, nobody will be able to find us, friend or enemy.”

“When are you leaving?” Shay asked and was holding back tears.

She felt as if she had just met her best friend and now she was getting taken away.

“Tomorrow. James, Harry and I will stop in and say goodbye tomorrow but then you probably won’t see us for a while.”

“I’m sorry this had to happen to you guys. I wish there was something I could do,” Shay said and wiped away the tear that streaked down her face.

“All you have to do is get better. And make sure Sirius doesn’t get too bored,” Lily said with a smile.

“Does he know yet?”

“James is telling him today. I’m going to go meet up with them later because we have a favor to ask Sirius,” Lily said.

Shay didn’t ask about the favor because she could tell Lily didn’t want to talk about it.

“We’ve almost got Madam Pomfrey convinced to let Jack stay here with you,” Lily said, changing the subject.

“Who’s Jack?” Shay asked.

“He’s your dog. Sirius didn’t tell you about him?”

“Is he big and black and furry?”


“Well don’t tell Poppy but he’s been coming to visit me every night since I’ve been here,” Shay said with a smile, thinking about how much it helped having a companion at night.

“Shay, that’s impossible. Jack is by Harry’s crib every morning and night.”

“Do you think it’s just a stray?” Shay asked.

Lily smiled and nodded her head.

“Yea, something like that.”

Lily came home to a house that was quieter than normal. Harry was on the family room floor playing with a variety of toys while Sirius was sitting beside Harry and James was lying on the couch.

“I told Shay that we would stop by tomorrow before everything,” Lily said as she sat on the other side of Harry.

“How’s she take the news?” James asked.

“She was confused but I think she understands now. How are you doing?” Lily asked Sirius.

“I’m going to miss you guys but if this is what is going to keep you all safe then I’m all for it.”

“Sirius, we have a favor to ask of you,” Lily said and scooped up Harry into her lap.

“Yea, what is it?”

“James and I want you to be our secret keeper,” Lily said.

“What’s a secret keeper?”

“It’s the spell that Albus told us about. To complete it we need one person who will know our location and keep it a secret. We want that to be you, Sirius,” James said.

“Wow, that’s a big favor. But of course I’ll do it.”

“Thank you Sirius. You don’t know how much this means to us,” Lily said and looked down at Harry who was yawning and getting ready to fall asleep.

“James, Harry’s ready to go to bed. Do you mind tucking Harry in while I chat with Sirius?” Lily asked.

James gave her a questioning look but agreed and carried Harry out of the room after Lily and Sirius said goodnight to him.

“So what did you want to talk about?” Sirius asked.

“What are you doing with Shay?”

“What do you mean?”

“Going to Hogwarts every night as Padfoot. Sirius, do you realize how much danger that puts you in? What if somebody found out about you being an illegal animagi? What about James and Peter? Or heaven forbid somebody following you to Shay. Sirius, I don’t think you thought this through at all.”

“Yea, I guess I didn’t. I’m sorry but I can’t stand to be away from her. I feel that if I take my eyes off of her she’ll be gone. Do you understand that?”

“I actually do Sirius. This miracle happened and now she’s back and I’m leaving. But Shay’s not going anywhere. She’s safe now. In fact she’s at one of the safest places she could be. Just promise me that you won’t screw this up. You got the second chance you wanted. But if you hurt her again I will come out of hiding and kill you myself,” Lily said with a smile.

“I would never put her through that again. I promise.”

Lily got up to join James but spoke again before she left.

“You are going to have to tell Shay that it was you visiting her every night. She’s going to miss having Padfoot around,” Lily said and bid Sirius a goodnight.

“Are we doing the right thing?” Lily asked James, as they got ready for bed.

“Absolutely. It may not sound appealing to go and hide somewhere but we have to think about Harry. This is his future we’re talking about.”

“You’re right. It just feels wrong to leave right now though. Everything is all screwed up,” Lily said and sat on the bed.

“Yea, it is right now but think about when this whole thing is going to be over. Everything should be back to normal by then and we can live the rest of our lives happily ever after,” James said and kissed Lily on top of her head.

Both of them were ready to get into bed when they heard a knock on their door.

“Come in,” James said.

“Hey, sorry to bother you guys but I have an idea,” Sirius said while leaning against the doorframe.

“An idea about what?” Lily asked.

“This whole secret keeper thing. Who do you think people are going to expect to be the secret keeper?”

“Most likely you or maybe even Shay if she wasn’t supposed to be dead,” James said.

“Yes exactly. What if you guys used somebody that nobody would expect?” Sirius suggested.

“Like who?” James asked.

“My first suggestion would have been Shay because of that steel trap mind but she can’t even remember her last name,” Sirius said.

“What about Remus?” Lily asked.

“No, it’s too risky. People would expect it to be him. Who is someone that you trust who is loyal and quiet and nobody would expect him to carry a responsibility that big?” Sirius asked with a smile.

“Peter,” James and Lily answered in unison.

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