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Who You'd Be Today by amillionstoriestotell
Chapter 7 : "I guess you could call us guardian angels." AKA Rose Angel
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I guess I never realised what would happen when I was gone. How my family would feel, and why I died. But no-one ever wants to think about their own death, or the death of a loved one. Watching over my family, I wish I could’ve made some sort of plan, but I was eight. What was I to do? I didn’t expect to be dead before my ninth birthday.
Dad was breaking down, Mum wouldn’t show her grief, and Hugo was using his art to let out his pain, and make me look like a triangular potato.

No one really understands death. The people that understand it are dead, and are never coming back. People believe that there is a heaven, and a hell. I know there is a heaven, because I am there now, looking over my family. That’s my heaven anyway. In the case of hell, I don’t really know, I’ve never been. But I don’t mind, sunburn is something that makes me look like a lobster. I can’t put up with it, and it’s something that Grandma Molly doesn’t have a muggle remedy for. People also believe in resurrection, which I believe is a myth. Just because Jesus did it, doesn’t mean everyone else can. Although we would like to think it’s true. Most people just say it can happen because they need something to believe in, and some truly believe. And that’s ok, because maybe one day, it will happen. And we will be looking stupid.

“Rose!” called a voice. I turned around to see my friends waiting for me. Elly, Isaac, Julia, Matt and Maya. It was Maya who spoke. I ran out onto the patio, where they stood, and grabbed my school books off of the table.
“Come on! She’ll kill us if we’re late again!” Said Matt, starting to run. We followed him. Our little group ran into a room, attached to a building that was white and pearly. All of us took our seats whilst ignoring the stares of our classmates and of course our teacher.
“Nice to see that you’ve graced us with your presence. Now, as I was saying, World War One was a time when many of our residents joined us....” Our teacher told us.
I looked over to a boy sitting in the corner, staring into space with an angry expression on his face. No-one knew his name. He hardly ever talked. Everyone just knew him as The Boy. All I knew about him was that he was always in trouble with HIM for visiting people on earth. He kind of worried me. I wished he would talk to us and tell us about him. But I knew that he missed his family and bugging him to tell me would not change that.
I zoned out and sighed. Another boring day. If heaven’s thought to be so perfect, why is there still school?

Later that day, Matt, Julia, Maya, Elly, Isaac and I settled in our usual spot in the field.
We sighed and sat on a white blanket.
“I saw my Mum today. She was shopping with Kate. She was upset.” Said Elly quietly. Kate was one of her older sisters. Her parents had a hard time after her death from in a car crash, and were getting a divorce.
“My Dad’s booked a gig. He’s getting paid big time, and my Mum’s taking Amadeus and Artemis to visit him while he’s away. Maybe life for them is looking up.” Isaac told us. He had died of cancer, just as Maya had drowned, Julia had an asthma attack and Matt perished in a fire. After our deaths, our appearance changed back to what it always was. Isaac’s hair grew back, Matt’s burns went away and my look of shock disappeared.
“I visited my Dad today.” I said. My friends gasped.
“You didn’t!”
“HE is so going to yell.” We all knew who Julia was talking about.
“I don’t care! My Dad’ll let go now. He can finally try to be happy!” I protested, looking at the looks of shock on my friends’ faces.
“I think it was the right thing to do. Like when I saw my Mum. And now they have Faith. They’re all happier. HE won’t be that mad, but he’ll lecture.” Faith was Maya’s little sister. After Maya visited her Mum a year and a half ago, she became pregnant. My friend was an only child, and used her thoughts to bring her mother a child, which she wanted so badly. It’s weird how we can do things like that, but amazing to us, as we used to be human. Faith was named after the faith her mother had in Maya’s soul. Maya watches over her baby sister with pride. She will never let anything happen to her, and they two are uncannily alike.

We all missed our families so much, and wanted the best for them, but visiting them caused us so much pain, yet gave hope to the people we visited. They still had life in them, as dismal or as exhilarating as they had been since our passings. We encouraged our family and friends to live life to the full yet take it as it comes, because as soon as you know it, you’re gone, and there is nothing you can do about it.
Our lives had all been short but meaningful. It was hard to watch our family grieve, to see what we were missing, and how everyone’s lives turned out. The world didn’t stop spinning because we had gone, nor did the sun stop coming up every morning. None of us had made a significant passing. There were no news stories, no dedications, no plaques. But we were loved and missed by our family and friends. Each of us protected our family members. We guided them, and helped them down the road of life. I suppose you could call us guardian angels.
From our family members’ views, our deaths were terrible and heartbreaking blows. It seemed to them that the days got longer, and the world was collapsing.

In our ‘heaven’, we all stuck together. Our family members were here, but our friends turned into our family. I had found Teddy’s mum and dad and my Uncle Fred, but I still missed the countless family members that were on earth. I could tell James was having a bad time, but I had a feeling that he would feel better soon and that visiting him would do him no good. Al and Lily were sad too. They missed me and I missed them. We had grown up as close as siblings, but now all I could do was guide them and help them to be the amazing people they always had been.
I sighed again and looked around. I smoothed out my dress. We all wore white clothes here. The boys in t-shirts/shirts and trousers, and the girls in dresses/ skirts and cardigans. We were in a clearing of a field of white daisies. I could see Eva running and laughing. Alex was close after her yelling a song out.
I laughed at his ability to be so carefree.
“I bet I can beat you to the tree house!” Matt said to Maya.
“Oh you are so on! Come on Rose, we can beat him!” She said to me.
“Ok.” I replied.
“On your marks, get set, GO!” said Isaac. We all stood up and ran. I realised that there were many people running and playing in the daisy field, many of them children. I smiled and continued running. We all had lost a part of ourselves when we died, and we all missed our loved ones. But we were here now, and our lives were changed. Heaven always seems so far off, a make believe place, but it isn’t. My day had come, and I was counting down the days until my family came too. But for now, I was happy, and there was nothing else I could have asked for. My life went on.

Author’s note –
Aww, I don’t want it to be over! So did you like it? If so, I’m thinking about doing a spin-off about the lives of Rose’s friends. Your choice, and if you choose yes, please tell me who it should be about! Thank you so much for reading!!!! Please review!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!
BTW Isaac’s family are all named after historical figures. E.g. Isaac Newton (Scientific figure), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Famous composer), and Artemis (Greek goddess of the hunt and protector of the young)

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Who You'd Be Today: "I guess you could call us guardian angels." AKA Rose Angel


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