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Chaos In The Order by Emilyinlove
Chapter 14 : Fight
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, movies, series or anything related to it. I also do not own Vans, Sailor Moon or High School Musical. I wish I did though. You do too.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! I'm so sorry for the long wait! I know I keep doing this, but please don't lose faith in me. Please! I am going to be updating more often now that I'm at the beginning of a new semester (well, third week in, but still). So nag me. Please. Nagging does help, because I got one review on one of my stories that kind of inspired me to start, so I'll hopefully be more frequent with my updates. Thank you all for hanging on, and here is the fourteenth chapter of Chaos in the Order!

Chapter Fourteen: Fight

Lindsay, Emilie and I were sitting the living room of Grimmauld Place, waiting for Mad-Eye Moody to come in with Remus. We were all in sweatpants and baggy t-shirts, ready for whatever they would throw at us. Well, not really. We were actually scared out of our minds knowing that Moody would be training us.

"All of you, up!" He barked and we all jumped to our feet, not wanting to know what he would do to us if we didn't, but also due to the fact that he came from the opposite direction we expected him to and frightened us all half to death. "All of you go for a five kilometer run and then meet back here."

"I am not going for a five kilometer run. That has absolutely nothing to do with fighting," I said and he just looked at me. I held my ground as best as I could, but was crying my eyes out on the inside.

"You want to know why I'm making you run? Huh?" Moody questioned and I nodded. "Because there are some situations where running is your only choice if you want to live."

The way he said that haunted me. It was so eerily said that I automatically turned around and ran out of the front door and began to run. I hated running. With the passion of a thousand burning suns. I did anything I could to get out of it when I went to muggle high school, but now? Goodness gracious.

Halfway through, I started slowing down, panting and out of breath before my body continued running.

"WHAT THE HELL?" I demanded as my feet pounded against the concrete against my will, even though my thighs were burning as were my lungs.

"It's some sort of spell!" Emilie called out from behind me. "When you started running, you were accepting some sort of spell!"

"Dammit!" Lindsay exclaimed from in front of me.

We finished the run and when we got back inside Grimmauld Place, we all collapsed on the ground, ready to pass out. We all glared at him as he smirked.

"Tired? Angry?" He taunted. "Good. Follow me." We dragged ourselves into the large, empty room that he was now standing in the middle of. "Oh suck it up and stand up." Moaning and groaning, we picked our greatly protesting bodies off the ground and stood. "You all seem pretty pissed off. Send any spell you can think of at me."

We glanced over at each other for reassurance before shooting spell after spell at him, which he either reflected or dodged. The last three we sent, he reflected, sending them straight at us, causing us all to drop to the ground to avoid getting hit by them.

We all stood up again and stared at him in awe. "And that is how you dodge and reflect. But in case something happens and you" - he pointed at me - "are too weak to do any magic, and something happens to the two of you" - he pointed at Emilie and Lindsay - "and you lose your wants or they're taken during battle, you need to know how to fight - muggle-style. So we'll be working on defensive and offensive jinxes and spells, muggle fighting including martial arts and gymnastics, and your endurance."

That weekend was a living hell. It was like suicide, only worse, but we sure learned a lot. And after the fighting lessons with Moody, we worked on Occlumency with Remus, which was pretty easy. He had these devices that held up crystals by very thing string. He told us to look at them and let everything go. Apparently I had stayed in the trance the longest. We weren't going to start using Occlumency against Legilimency until next week, so instead we learned how to clear our minds in a moment's notice.

I walked into the common room Sunday night, and every muscle in my body was screaming in protest with every step I took until I just fell over onto the couch where Harry had previously been working on his homework all by himself.

"Everything hurts so badly!" I moaned and he chuckled. "It's not nice to laugh at the expense of others!"

"I take it Moody made you work really hard?" Harry asked.

"Yeah," I answered, too sore to nod as he stroked my hair gently. "Five kilometer runs. Each morning. And I have to do one every morning because he'll know if I don't."

"Harsh," Harry noted, and if I hadn't been so sore and stuff, I would've hit him. Hard.

After about a week, my stamina had increased a lot. I was getting up an hour and a half every morning so I could go running, and then work on my yoga as Dumbledore suggested. He was right about that, you know. I was feeling much calmer and relaxed every day because of that. Well, until I did my daily candy stash raid. Then I was hyper, but not angry or stressed out.

I had a feeling Harry was getting a little upset about how much I was gone, because I had fighting lessons every second weekend. Usually that wouldn't make a difference except that next weekend I had fighting lessons, but I had to leave right after classes on Friday to go see the fairies. I didn't even get to have dinner at the school! That sure to be a bundle of joy! But this weekend, however, I had a photoshoot which I was really looking forward to.

"Okay Emilia, we want some really natural ones at the end, so when we do those ones, we'll put on some music and you can dance around, laugh, and whatever. We could probably even get some of your friends in here. But before that, we're going to do some costumed ones. Alright?" The photoshoot director asked in his thick Italian accent. I nodded before going behind an opaque screen and changing into a short, silver dress with a blue stripe going down the middle. There was silver high-heeled boots that reached a few inches below my knees and silver cuffs around my wrists. On my head there was a silver headband-type thing that resembled one of the "tiaras" that all the Sailor Scouts wore in the TV show, Sailor Moon.

The eye make-up was darker, with shades of silver, black, and dark blue. All of the costumed photoshoots we were doing in the costumes from the music videos we'd be filming, and for the actual concert.

I was supposed to be an alien. The song was more alternative pop and the writers had interpreted the lyrics as a beautiful alien falling in love with an astronaut and trying to reach him.

We kept going from costume to costume, and let me tell you, there was a lot. I got to dress up as a medieval princess, "hot" and "cold", a superhero, a supervillian, a school girl, a pop princess, a queen of pop, a sexy bride, a female rapper with cute yellow booty shorts, a white tank top, a black sweater with white stripes down the side and lime green eye make-up and a circus ringleader. I also got to dress up in a red leather retro ensemble, a few different "rock 'n' roll" outfits, and a shiny, silver outfit that reminded me of a disco ball.

Before they let me change into my "natural" outfit, make-up and hair, I had to find my friends. So instead of leaving the room and wasting time, I tried communicating with Lindsay through "mind-talk" as we had started to call it.

Linds, I need you to gather the gang and meet me in classroom eleven.

Sure thing
, was Lindsay's response. I let the director know right away. I sat down on the couch and waited, but it wasn't too long until Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Brad, Lindsay and Emilie all came walking in.

"Wow, that is a lot of people!" The director exclaimed. "Okay, so who is who?" I stood up and walked over to where they were all standing.

"This is Harry, my boyfriend, and these are my friends Ron, Brad, Ginny, Hermione, Emily and Lindsay," I said. "Guys, this is Maurizio, the photoshoot director."

"Ciao," Maurizio said quickly, pacing thoughtfully. "I've got it!" He ran over to the wardrobe and started pulling clothes off the rack, handing them to all of us. "You can all go get dressed back there."

I went first and came out in a strapless silver dress that had an empire waist and reached a couple inches above my knees, a pair of black leggings that reached a couple inches below my knees and a pair of silver flats that matched the color of my dress exactly. I put on a few necklaces of varying lengths around my neck and a pair of large, hoop earrings in my ears.

I sat in the hair and make-up chair as the hair and make-up ladies put on a bit of mascara, blush and lip-gloss after having wiped off all the make-up from before, and then straightened my hair so that it was back in its normal style. I was happy that they chose to leave my blue extensions in, because I didn't want those taken out just yet.

Harry was done as well and was wearing a long-sleeve, grey and black striped shirt, a pair of light wash jeans with a black belt, black and white Vans, and a couple of black cuffs around his wrists. But something looked off to me.

When he came and sat beside me on the squishy couch, I made him stand up again. "Turn around," I said and he did as I said, before I decided what I needed to do. I yanked his sleeves up to his elbows, tucked the front part of his shirt into his pants and messed up his hair a little more. "Now that is hot."

He rolled his eyes as we sat back down on the couch. I curled my legs behind me and rested my head against him so that we were all cozy.

"So, how is my superstar enjoying this life?" Harry asked.

I smiled. "I love it, Harry. It's everything I've ever dreamed about and more."

"That's good," He said, giving me a kiss. "I can't wait to see you perform in your concert."

"I know! It's so theory," I said before the photoshoot director called me up and my music started playing even louder.

I was dancing around to it and posing playing at the slower part that was the beginning of the song. But then the chorus came on, which was full-born rock, I started jamming out, bouncing around and posing before Harry was called in. I noticed he looked awkward and tense.

"Relax," I whispered to him, draping an over his should, and lightly pressing against his chest with the other.

"I'm trying," He replied, looking like he was listening to the music carefully. "Is this you singing?"

"Yup," I answered as he twirled me around and tipped me backwards. He kissed me passionately before breaking apart.

"It sounds amazing," He said as the others joined in with us. We were all dancing and laughing as the photographer called out that it was the last shot. So I suggested we call jump on the count of three and we did, totally pulling a High School Musical move.

It was epic.

Later that night, back in the common room, I decided to bring up the Defense Against the Dark Arts thing. "So Harry, have you thought about the DADA thing?" I asked, plopping myself onto his lap and shifting around a bit until I was more comfortable.

"Yes, I have," He said and I sat up a little straighter, as did Hermione and Ron. "I think we should go with Ron's idea of poison - it's less obvious."

I groaned and rolled my eyes at him. "You know what I mean."

"Well, I have thought about it," He answered vaguely.

"And -?" Hermione asked from where she was curled up on the arm chair. I felt Harry shifting uncomfortably.

"You guys did hear what I said about it all being luck, right?" Harry asked and we nodded, Hermione sending me a meaningful wink.

"Harry," I whispered, so that he was the only who could hear me. "I need you to do this. I need you to teach us."

"Emily, please -"

"No, Harry, listen to me. Maybe if I had known more, I could've taught my little sister and she would've been better prepared. And I'm not in DADA anymore but I still want to be able to pass my OWLs," I told him before it was time to pull out the big guns. I gently ran my hand up his arm and whispered in his ear so that my lips were just barely touching his earlobe. "Do this for me?"

"Fine," He admitted defeatedly with a loud sigh. "Just you three though, yeah?"

"Well, Harry, don't fly off the handle or anything but...we thought you should teach anyone who wants to learn to defend themselves against Voldemort," Hermione explained. "It just doesn't seem fair that we don't offer it to others."

Harry looked thoughtful for a minute before saying, "Yeah, but I doubt anyone would want to be taught by me. I'm a nutter, remember?"

"But you're a cute nutter," I complimented, kissing him lightly on the lips. "And you might just be surprised how many people are interested in what you have to say. There's a Hogsmeade trip on the first weekend of October, right? How about we tell anyone who's interested to meet us in the village and we'll talk it over."

"Why not school grounds?" Ron asked.

"Because I don't think Umbridge would be very happy if she found out what we were planning."

Next time on "Chaos in the Order"

I watched the group, unaware of anything else, knowing that I was going to have to address them all. I looked to see Emily gently rubbing my arm to comfort me. Sure, she wasn't worried. Her whole life she's been performing and speaking in front of people, but me?

"They just want to hear what you've got to say," Emily whispered soothingly. "You don't even have to do the talking at first. Leave that to Hermione and me." She lightly kissed me on the lips.

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