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Fighting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 2 : 15 Years Later
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Chapter 2

“Rose,” someone whispered from behind her.

Knowing exactly who it was she whispered back “What?”

Her cousin Albus leaned over his desk a bit and continued “Are you still going through with the plan?”

Rose had to think about it for a minute, just to consider the full consequences, before speaking “Most definitely,”

“You know your parents are going to kill you if you get caught again.” He said discouragingly.

“No they won’t” Rose shot back confidently.

“Sorry, let me rephrase, your mother’s going to kill you if you get caught again.”

Rose looked behind her “Are you seriously trying to keep me from doing this?”

Albus gave a devious smile and said “Nope, I’m just doing my job as your sidekick and reminding you of your fate.” He leaned back catching that Professor Martin had stopped his lecture on vampires. “Sorry,” he muttered.

Rose waited until their professor continued before leaning back in her chair and saying “Thank you but when it comes to Malfoy you don’t have to remind me of the consequences. I know what I’m doing.”

“Sure you do,” Albus mumbled to himself.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Rose said a little too loudly.

“Miss Weasley is there something that you would like to share with the rest of your peers?” Professor Martin said staring at Rose.

Shaking her head “No Sir,” she said guilty.

“Miss Weasley, would you please keep in mind that although you have already read the entire text book, most of your other class mates have not. That being said, please let them learn.”

“Yes Sir,” Rose nodded. Following that there was a snicker from the back of the class room.

Rose whipped her head around and scowled at the pale blond boy smirking at her.

“The same goes for you Mr. Malfoy,” The professor said in a tired tone, wiping the grin off of Scorpius Malfoy’s face, allowing Rose to take some pleasure in it.

“As I was saying before being interrupted by your class mate, I want your vampire essays to include the seven types of blood that can be fatal to a vampire, and why. Now class is dismissed.” Announced the professor eyeing the Rose “And you Miss Weasley and Mr. Malfoy may finish your conversations with your peers.”

Rose stood up, grabbed her bag, and turned around to face Albus. “I happen to know what I’m doing, thank you very much.”

“Well for someone who knows what they’re doing, you’re the one who’s going to be late if you don’t hurry up,” Albus shot back with a cheeky grin.

Rose tossed back one of her wavy red pigtails “That is intentional,”

“Since when?” Albus questioned, knowing what his witty cousin was going to say.

“As of about thirty seconds ago.” She smiled, mocking his grin.

They began to walk in the direction of the great hall, “So are you coming to watch today?” she asked.

“No, not today. If I get caught encouraging another fight McGonagall threatened to leave me hanging by my thumbs in the Astronomy tower.”

“Not to mention your scared of the wrath from aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry,” Rose giggled.

“That too,” He said stopping in front of the great hall. “So I’ll be seeing you,” He said quietly.

“You make it sound like I’m going off to war,” she responded, giving him a look.

“Dear cousin that’s because you are,”

Rose began to walk away while saying “I hope you realize Al that I have been in this war practically since birth.”

Albus nodded and continued on towards his lunch.

Rose paced three times back and forth in front of the room of requirements. When she opened the door it was to her surprise that she saw nothing, No one was in there. Stupid Malfoy I knew he would chicken out she thought as she walked into the room.

The second that she stepped into the room she felt someone jump out from behind her, and arms locking around her neck. The tip of a wand piercing into her back. “Malfoy,” she said with a dark grin on her face. “I thought you had finally given defeat.”

Scorpius stabbed his wand into her spine a little bit harder. “Never,” he hissed into her ear. “Besides why should I be the one to admit defeat when you are the one who happens to be stuck at the moment?”

“How very brave to come up behind your opponent without any warning. I’m sure your father would be so proud.” She snarled back at him, letting her bag slide off her shoulder and fall to the ground.

He laughed. “My father only knows what I tell him,”

Rose breathed, her plan of escape falling into place. “What too ashamed to tell him that you have to resort to cowardice to win a battle?”

“I am not a coward,” Scorpius yelled in rage accidentally loosening his grip on Rose.

“Yes you are,” she said, stomping on his foot and elbowing him in the gut.

“Damn,” he yelled as he released his grip on her.

She whipped around with her wand ready to fight in her hand, and an evil smile slowly spreading across her face. She held that same sinister smirk as she cursed him “Brusbert,” and bruises began to form immediately all over his body, as if someone was hitting him repeatedly with an invisible bat.

“You will pay for that Weasley,” Scorpius growled at her.

That comment caused an evil laugh that pursed through the tight smirk on her lips. “Is that really the best line you have?” She asked releasing the curse on him. Circling around him she continued “I’m betting that your father would find that line just as lame and unharming as I did,” Rose stopped walking, landing right in front of him.

Look straight into Scorpius’ silver eyes she said in a cruel voice, that to anyone who kne her would have never thought could come out of her mouth, “But then again we all know that your father hasn’t actually spoken to you in years. Unless you proved worthy of his time.” Slowly she strutted toward him, close enough so that she could whisper into his blazing red ear “Which I’m assuming isn’t very often.” And she let out a light laugh.

Scorpius stared at her, his face had gone rigid. His eyes hadn’t blinked since she stopped talking. She was pushing his limits and enjoying every moment of it. Growing redder with every passing second he could feel his blood boil underneath his skin. Rose raised her eyebrows as if to question what he was going to do next.

Slowly Scorpius let out a sharp breath that he had been keeping in. Rose rolled her eyes and shook her head “Your truly are pathetic,” She walked passed him casually.

Becoming more enraged he started to shake “You want pathetic?” he screamed with such fury that it stopped Rose dead in her tracks. Scorpius whipped around to look her in the eye “I’ll show you pathetic,” He muttered a curse under his breath that sent Rose flying through the air, crashing into a mirror. Her wand flinging from her hand.

Rose laid in front of him “How’s that for pathetic?” he mumbled not looking for a response. Scorpius looked satisfied at his accomplishment. It wasn’t until after he stopped laughing that he noticed not only was Rose not fighting back, but she wasn’t really moving at all. All he did see was the bright red pool of blood flowing from her head.

His eyes widened in shock, his face going even paler thank normal. “Shit,” he said running towards her and kneeling down beside her body, laying his wand on the floor beside him. Frantically he ran his hand through his hair while saying “Damn it Weasley, I only meant to hurt you not kill you,”

He looked at her in fear of what was happening. Then as if some sort of miracle she started to groan in pain. “Weasley?” he said in a shaky voice.

She opened her eyes a bit “Malfoy?” she spoke lightly.

“Weasley are you okay?” he asked, making sure to keep a safe distance from touching her. “I’m so sorry I… I…” but he stopped hearing a chuckling. Looking as her “Your faking aren’t you?” he asked relieved but not believing what he was witnessing.

“Of course I’m faking .” She continued to laugh. “Like you Scorpius Malfoy could kill me,” that’s the funniest thing in the world.

“That was not funny, I was worried sick. I thought I was going to be charged with the murder of Harry Potter’s beloved niece.” He said in a rush.

“It was funny and you know what’s even funnier?”

“What?” Scorpius said annoyed.

“This,” and she kicked him in the ribs. Shooting up she straddled him and started to punch as hard as she could.

“You bitch,” He spouted between punches. Grabbing a hold of her shoulders he began to try and move her into a position where he would have the upper hand. Somehow he wound up on top of her and proceeded to give a right hook to the side of her face.

Looking around she saw her wand only a few feet away. Struggling she managed to reach out for it, barely grasp in the tip between two of her fingers. Willing it closer to her sweaty palm so that it was in a position that would give her a bit of control.

Scorpius noted that Rose was trying to reach out for something, but he didn’t notice what it was until he saw with his peripheral vision that she had the eight inch black wand against her pale white skin. Not thinking he stopped hitting her and jumped on her stretched out right arm. Hearing the bone crashing underneath his pure muscular body, he was pleased. That was until he realized by jumping off of her, it left her unpinned and free to attack.

Apparently she saw this too, even while having her wrist broken, because she took the chance to pounce on his back and put him in a head lock, allowing her other arm to be freed. Willing him to stand she started to pound repeatedly on his head, making sure that the tip of her ring was stabbing him as well. Getting bored she started to knee him in the gut creating a moaning of pain to come out of his swollen mouth. She tightened her grip around his neck. “How does it feel to get the crap beat out of you by a girl?” she asked with a hint of joy in her voice.

Trying to loosen her hold on him he said “You call this getting the crap beat out of me?” as he said this he made the risky decision to attempt to trip her. Trying to keep his balance he used his foot and began to hook it around her ankle, successfully tripping her. Pushing forward they both to fell to the ground. This resulted in a loud scream from Rose and a series of punches, kicks, and bone crushing from the both of them. They never even notice that the door had opened, and people were cheering them on until they both felt the teacher’s presence around them trying to pry them apart.

Professor Martin gained enough of a hold on Rose to pull her away and still be able to hold her down. Scorpius, on the other hand, was being pulled back by professor Jingle. Once far enough apart both Professors asked simultaneously, “Who started this?”

The students stood with rage in their eyes. Both still ready to pounce for another round of attack looked at each other and said the other one started it.

“I did not you little bitch” Scorpius said, trying to wrangle free.

“Oh, like I could start all this on my own.” Rose reasoned. Being underestimated by the professor holding her back, she was actually able to get free, but only for a moment before McGonagall showed up.

With fury in her own eyes she spoke in a stern voice “Rose Weasley I would think very clearly about the next step that you take.” The room went dead silent. Everyone was hanging on the next words that McGonagall would speak. Rose stood very still, feeling the sweat drip from her forehead. Getting caught by McGonagall was part of her plan, although the more she thought about it she wasn’t exactly sure what the plan was. McGonagall nodded for Scorpius to be released then continued “Both of you to my office. Now!” she yelled.

A/N: Alright thank you so much for reading, I hope you still give this story a chance. I know this fight scene is a little rough. Please review.

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