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Shy by RoseParsons
Chapter 2 : Chapter two: an Enlightening Ride
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Chapter two: an Enlightening Ride

“Violet how could you do that to me! To him, why on earth would you do something so stupid?” A blushed burned me brushing itself along my cheeks and jaw.

Bree was furious and fuming, I doubted this had anything to do with me kicking her boyfriend in the face, it was more likely due to the fact that I had ‘helped’ Sirius Black, not that he needed any help from me. Bree had promptly dragged me off to the disserted, darkened carriage. I happily noted that at least Emmitt had been left with a profusely bleeding nose. Bree was currently striding up and down, agitation clouding her features.  I was busy wondering why she was in here venting her emotions when her current boyfriend was being badly beaten up outside the very door but much to my delight I didn’t have to wait long for the answer. Myself and Emmitt had never particularly rubbed along like good old chum’s which, despite Bree’s fretting suited her fine, therefore the image of him being pummelled was not entirely displeasing to me.

Swiftly she swung round, spit flailing. “Did you do it for Sirius?  Because you know he’s out of bounds. He’s mine.” The last two words were hissed at me as her face distorted into an ugly mask barely recognisable as the beautiful Bree. I couldn’t help but blanch which was duly noted in satisfaction by her.

 I shook my head, frowning slightly “Bree, I already told you, I was worried about you and tried to help you out, but then someone grabbed my leg and pulled me down, so instinctively I kicked out. I’m so sorry.” I sat with baited breath waiting to see if she would accept this as an excuse.

“So this isn’t about Sirius”



“Cross my heart and hope to die.” 

She seemed content with this short exchange and promptly sat down besides me slinging her arm around my shoulders as she wittered on about whatever first sprang into her head.

“How romantic, fighting over me! Can you imagine? Well I dare say you can’t but still...” she carried on and on and on. Darkness was enveloping the surrounding countryside, this must mean we were getting close to Hogwarts; I couldn’t help but smile as butterflies swarmed and fluttered inside my stomach. 

Bree sighed as I pointed out how close we were and grumbled ‘I hate the school uniform damn ugly...” We both moved from are selected seated positions towards our separate trunks, grabbing our uniforms from them. Using my common sense I had previously placed my needed uniform at the roof of my trunk; unlike Bree who had to go foraging for hers, causing books, quills, and clothes to fly and flutter through the air. Promptly I departed from the carriage; I had lost the fight over who got to stay in the compartment many years ago. I quickly dashed towards the bathroom hoping I would have enough time before the train ground and growled to a halt.

Luckily I only had to wait for a short, dumpy, blond kid to finish changing before I could get changed myself. The train bathrooms were small and squat, but seemed clean enough. I precariously perched my clock onto the hook obviously initially designed for this very purpose. Quickly I changed out of my torn jeans and blue top replacing them with a grey jumper, grey pleated skirt, and a red and gold striped tie along with a white shirt. I did all of this with increasing haste, knowing that Hogwarts  students tended to grow impatient fast, and with wizards they could promptly make the wooden door creak open. I retrieved my wand from the crumpled jeans on the floor, I decided in making my skirt slightly shorter which of course might award Professor McGonagall with heart palpitations. I hurriedly threw my black jumped on and over me head, anticipating the bitter wind which would rake it’s way around the platform. Finally I prepared to leave deciding to tuck my cloak under my arm knowing that most people, excluding all first years only put theirs on at their arrival for the feast.

I briefly glanced in the mirror, the same light green eyes looked out at me, the same dark brown hair that hung straight down my face finishing with little curls that never seemed to disappear, the same pale skin with the same flushed appearance, the same... the same... the same... fretfully I attempted to pull my lanky hair up into a elegant pony tail only to fail, quickly I decided to leave it as it was. “Hopeless” I muttered to myself pulling open the bathroom door almost making a ginger, stocky boy fall on top of me, grunting I excused myself before darting down the train back to the shelter and safety of the compartment.


When I arrived into the compartment, I couldn’t help but notice that Bree looked amazing; she had re-applied her lip-gloss, the skirt she was now adorned in hung gracefully from her hips, its length even made me blink as she flittered about gathering her remaining possessions littered about the compartment. I noted, unlike me who was sensibly wearing tights, she wore simple stockings, her shirt was dragged down undoing some of the buttons to take best advantage of her chest, unhappily I looked down at my own chest which, much to my displeasure was almost flat. I couldn’t help but feel the troll next to her. Looking me up and down she shrugged slightly before grabbing my hand and leading me out of the compartment of towards the windy winey platform of Hogsmead.


“Would you please hurry up already?” Bree seemed to waltz through the crowd effortlessly whilst I clambered and staggered over people leaving a path of trodden toes in my wake. Nala growled her annoyance as she was jostled from side to side by the inconsiderate people who in her opinion should be paying attention to her. I had always hated crowds; the stifling air that smothered you as unfamiliar hands and legs bumped and bruised you, slowly I felt my aggravation begin to rise. I felt as if cotton wall had been hastily stuffed down my lungs, smothering the air from me at an astonishing rate.  

As we escaped from the lumbering crowd we were carefully caressed by the cold, chilly wind which danced around the platform. Distantly I heard the familiar yelling of ‘FIRST YEAR, FIRST YEARS. OVER E’RE, FIRST YEARS, FOLLOW ME!” I sighed sadly, whishing I was a first year ones again, this year undoubtedly would be horrendous, with OWLs in our imminent futures announcing for many of us, myself included our imminent doom.

“Would you please hurry up?” Bree screeched drawing out the words in an agonisingly slow fashion as she cajoled me, poking me painfully in the ribs- “okay, okay...” I muttered as I promptly starting forwards, only to trip over somebody’s trunk, whilst the yelled at me, I looked around trying to ignore their curse words, my eyes scouted the platform for the old fashioned carriages that appeared to move on their own accord. Of course anybody who had read ‘Hogwarts A’ History’ would know they were actually pulled by Thestrals, but seeing as I was most likely the only person at school who had bothered reading the book, the carriages were a source of much myth and mystery needless to say I didn’t feel the need to enlighten anyone, since they also slightly intimated me, and most of them were far from friendly.

“Ohh look there’s Emmitt, you don’t mind finding your way by yourself do you” Bree swooned slightly looking at her boyfriend before waving her fingers at me with a silky smile on her face and walking off not even waiting for an answer. “Great, just great... bloody brilliant.” Looking around again I noticed teachers hurrying the swelling crowd of students into carriages- the teachers being there for extra protection in such dangerous times of course.

“Ms. Brown, would you please hasten to your nearest carriage” I spun around to see the sharp face of McGonagall staring at me  pointedly, I nodded hastily as she usher me to the nearest carriage without thinking I immediately climbed in only to regret my choice of carriage almost a split second later.

Inside the carriage sat: James, Peter, Reamus, Sirius and worst of all Sirius girlfriend, Amanda Priket. Amanda was currently occupying Sirius’s lap, all you could here was the wet, slurping, skippering noises. She wiggled her hips and fluttered her eyelashes as they pulled apart, I had to control myself from laughing at her obvious and yet failing attempt to be sexy, which is I give her hard when your lipstick is spread all over your mouth. Sirius didn’t seem to mind only growling before his lips leapt at hers again.  I turned around hoping to escape to the sanctuary of another carriage; however Reamus promptly called my name.

“You’re Violet right?” I turned my head painfully and slowly around noticing the disgusted, disgruntled faces of the other three boy’s faces as they observed their best friend with Amanda. James and Peter obviously looked at me delighted to find a distraction to the mating ritual taking place on the left hand side of the carriage. I nodded my head shyly flushing a deep scarlet. The boy’s long legs and arms were slung lazily around the carriage. Much to my displeasure we were all shoved together in what could only be described as uncomfortable close proximity, I noticed with much hilarity that all the boys were attempting to pull away from the couple in the corner.

James and Reamus sent me big smiles before making space for me between them on the hard brown seats. Peter meanwhile seemed to be thoroughly distracted in the task of furthering the distance between him and the couple, the unlucky boy had taken the seat next to them. Reamus and James immediately started making conversation with me in order to distract themselves for the increasing slurping being produced from the corner. This of course placed me in a rather awkward situation as I hadn’t acquired the skills as of yet to talk with complete strangers. With much amusement I noted that James continually brought up Lily in every conversation, his eyes would turn droopy as an obvious day dream spread itself through his limbs. Time seemed to crawl by and we hadn’t even started moving towards the towering castle ahead of us.

“Lily is so beautiful, have you seen her hair? It shines like fire.” obviously hearing this Amanda decided to insert herself into the conversation. “Mate Lily’s ginger, I don’t even understand what you see in her. She’s like tots hids.” James’s face turned livid and I looked at Reamus who seemed to attempting to suppress a small smile. “You would have thought that after tagging along after us for the last three months, she would have learned not to insult Lily.” I sent him a conspiring smile muttering, “Well we all know she’s not top of the class.” Reamus let out a deep laugh which of course started me laughing too causing Amanda to swivel her shrewd eyes onto me.  

“What are you doing in here, this is carriage is for Marauders only.” Deciding it would be best not to antagonise her further I hesitantly pointed a trembling finger to McGonagall who was currently rushing, pushing, and screaming at students.

“Not here by choice” I muttered in an attempt not to embarrass her by pointing out that she was not a Marauder and was obviously merely a heavily breasted toy. I sent her a shaky smile before casting my eyes downwards, towards my hands. James seemed to hold no such regard for her feelings; at least not now that she had insulted his darling Lily.

“You’re not a Marauder either, so if you’re going to be a bitch to her, you’re leaving.” I sent him a grateful smile as Sirius re-emerged from Amanda’s breasts, “Siri’ say something to him! Or I won’t let you do the think you want to do later...” her slimy simpering tone slid down my neck as I noted Peter gag.

“Chill Prongs. Manda is here by my invitation, unlike her.”  He gestured to me with his free hand.

“So if you wouldn’t mind.” He gestured lazily towards the oak door of the carriage. The other three boys made noises of protestation as I made to leave, ignoring them I pulled open the door before James grabbed my arm  and proceeded in pushing me back into my seat, “Don’t worry, sorry I intruded” I muttered before trying to get up again only to  be restrained by a calm Reamus. “Don’t be stupid Sirius; she’s here on mine and James’s invitation. Besides we’re about to start moving, and I sincerely doubt that she would want to sit with a jerk like you by choice anyway.” James crossed his arms and smiled in agreement. Sirius shrugged carelessly and went back to slobbering over his girlfriend. I had no choice but to suffer with the others, as the carriage promptly started moving. Hesitantly, terrified of making a nuisance of myself I curled up, my feet on the seat making myself as inconspicuous as possible.

 “Sorry but what’s your name again?” Peter muttered

“Peter, she’s been in our year since first year, that’s six years idiot.”

“Reamus don’t be mean to Peter.”

“Violet Brown.”


“I’m called Violet Brown.”

The rest of the carriage ride past in a blur as the boys yelled and screamed taking up most of the room in the carriage until finally we ascended up the mountainous, bumpy hill. Rain fell like bullets into the carriage roof, making a pure delicate sound.

On arriving on the Hogwarts grounds the boys descended from the carriage, Sirius lifting Amanda up to keep her out of the mud. I held back knowing that I would probably end up falling as was my usual yearly custom, not something you want the four most popular boys in school to witness.

However, I hadn’t realised that they would be waiting for me outside the carriage, probably on Reamus demand or James’s. I couldn’t help but notice the sly grins worn by the boys as Amanda squealed, declaring that her hair would be destroyed.  Not realising this I quickly clambered down the steps only to slip in the rain that was now streaming from the sky in what seemed to be a never ending waterfall.

But much to my surprise before I could land in the dirt sodden ground a strong arm snaked out around my waist. I looked up as drew drops of rain fell to resting on my eyelashes, turning the world bleached and pulpy. Sirius had, on reflex caught me before I hit the ground, I pulled away suddenly realising how my shirt was starting to turn a delicate translucent tone and my sudden proximity to him made me very aware that  I was wearing a bright blue bra beneath it. He looked slightly surprised, I guessed that normally a girl would be swooning in his arms, feeling embarrassed at my lack of romantic fainting, I looked down as I felt Amanda’s eyes skewer me.

I looked around as the five of us made the mad dash towards the entrance hall, girls were staring at me slightly confused, agonising jealousy burning in their eyes. I noticed in particular a set of dark brown eyes watching me anger churning through them, these of course belonged to Bree who was waving off her lumbering berk of a boyfriend.

A/N: ahh the plot thickens, sorry peopleJ it will get more interesting but the first few chapters are just to show how Violet thinks and feels. I would be so grateful if you guys would review;)

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Shy: Chapter two: an Enlightening Ride


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