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Shakespeare, Magic, and Me by heyITSme
Chapter 8 : "Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here!" Friar Lawrence(2.3.69)
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C H A P T E R E I G H T: "Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here!" Friar Lawrence(3.2.69)
[Previously: As I hugged him back, twisting my arms around his lean, toned waist; smelling his delicious scent of boy, I couldn’t help but feel defeated:

Because who am I kidding?

James Potter is so fucking sexy.

I’m screwed.]


“So,” Alice said conversationally later that night, when we were all getting ready for bed, “Want to explain to me why you and James Potter were passing notes earlier today?”

“WHAT?” Marlene screeched.

“Er…Ah…Ally, dear, wh-what on earth are you talking about?” I asked nervously, fidgeting about. Note to self: work on acting skills. They suck.

“Lily.” Alice stated plainly, speaking to me as if I were mentally handicapped, “I don’t think you two could have been less obvious. And after class? When he pulled you out? Umm, I smell drama brewing. Have you forgotten Brad?”

Oh, right. Brad.

“How do you think I could forget Brad?” I asked skeptically, “And besides we weren’t snogging—Merlin, no—" I looked over at Marlene inconspicuously, somewhat proud I was about to get this conversation going, “we were talking about—“

Alice legit jumped across the room and tackled me to the ground, “Lily! What on earth are we talking about? I don’t know what I was thinking! Of course you and James are normal!” she cried, glancing at a suspicious Marlene.

Well I’m not the only one who needs to work on my acting skills.

“Right. Don’t tell Marlene. She has to take a piss anyway.” Marlene muttered as she walked into the bathroom

Go Marlene! Her calling herself Marlene had a nice ring to it…

“Hello. Lily wants Alice off of her. Now.” I said.

Alice grumbled and climbed off of me.

“Lily. You can’t just mention Marlene’s crush on Sirius! She can’t admit it yet! She’s still confused! I thought you knew that!”

“Wait! You know?!”

“Lily, we’ve known for weeks. What do you think our ‘meaningful eye contact’ was for?”

Ummm….getting food.


“Oh is right! Don’t you realize her fragile emotional state?”

“Umm, no. Me and James are getting them together.”

“Well I’m not helping.”

“But Alice!”

“No. She needs to figure it out on her own, Lily. Seriously, you can’t do this.”




Alice grunted in frustration and stormed off to the bathroom as Marlene came out.

Marley gave me a weird look, “Everything all right, Lils?”

“Mhmm..” I said, my mind drifting off to La-La-James Land.

So umm…when did he get attractive? I’m pretty sure that like, last week, he was still ugly and annoying. Dang. He must have changed fast. Wish I were like that.

As I climbed into bed, my eye caught the light reflecting off my necklace. A necklace Brad had given me. Right. Brad. My boyfriend. Who I love, and am very happy with.

Who needs Potter when you have Brad?

Not me.


The next morning, I awoke with my Romeo and Juliet book resting on my lap from the night before. I opened it to where I left my book mark…scene i, act 2…I tried thinking back to the last thing I remembered reading…scene i, act 1….


I hate when I do that! Y’know, you ‘read’ a book, but your mind is somewhere else…somewhere that isn’t La-La-James Land…

Lily!” Marlene shrieked from across the room as she stepped out of the bathroom, “About bloody time you’re awake! Breakfast’s over in twenty minutes!”

Psh. I got plenty of time. Who needs breakfast anyways?


Oh. My stomach does. Crap.

I leapt out of bed and ran into the bathroom, quickly stripping my clothes and jumping into the shower.

“Ahhh!” right. Note to self: make sure water’s hot before hoppin’ on in.

I stepped out of the shower fifteen minutes later with a stinging eye (shampoo and eyes somehow don’t mix), a bruising hip (don’t even try to lie! You’ve fallen in the shower before! …unless that’s just me…which would be really, really sad) and a pounding headache (which came about for no sodding reason).

I glanced around the room quickly, relieved no one was left, and quickly locked the door. Yeah, I never know if one of my roommates will come in. Even if it’s Alice or Marlene. Still. That’s just awkward, y’know? Like, you’re just standing there naked, trying to get dressed and then they walk in and it’s like…ummm, right, this is weird. 
But anyways, I quickly grabbed a pair of panties (which happened to be my favorite—blue with stars—today’s going to be a lucky day, dammit!) and Alice’s bra (yeah my best friend knows how to buy a good bra. Weird attribute, but useful) and slipped them on, quickly throwing my uniform on top.

One glance at the clock told me that I had seven minutes to get to my potions class…all the way across the school.

“Shit!” I cried as I ran out the dorm, down to the portrait hole. Just before I reached it, I tripped over some first year’s bag.

“Fuck! My bag!” I ran back upstairs, flung my bag over my shoulder, and darted out the portrait hole.

All in the day of Lily Evans, my friends.


By the time I reached the Potions classroom, I was gasping for a breath, my hair was still dripping everywhere, and my uniform was atrocious.

I flung the doors open, and quickly scanned the room, spotting James by the door.

“Nice look, Evans”

“Haha, James. Thanks a lot. I’ll have you know I bloody ran here so I wouldn’t be late."

He gave me a somewhat patronizing look, “Lily, why would you do that? Its Slughorn, he loves you.”



“Yeah, you really didn’t think that one through, did you?”

“Lily!” a voice from across the room called.

I spun around and saw Brad with a bright smile on his face, waving me over. I smiled in return, and turned back to James, “I’ll see you, Potty-Pot-Pot.”

He seemed to have not even have noticed my name calling as he looked at Brad with a strange look, “Yeah, I’ll see you Evans.”


Annoyed that I didn’t even get a jibe for that well thought out nick-name, I began to walk over to Brad, but suddenly James grabbed my elbow and spun my around towards him.

I crashed into his chest and his strong arms steadied me. I looked up into his perfect eyes, and tried to breathe.

Oh my Merlin. He’s going to kiss me. In front of all these people. A little risky, but I can chastised him later…Oh my Merlinnnnnn.

“There.” He said with a simple smile, “Had to dry your hair.”

And sure enough, I ran a hand through my long, waist-length hair and felt zero moisture.

“Uh—er—thanks” I managed to cough out.

As I walked over to a concerned looking Brad, I passed Alice who mouthed “what the hell was that?” Well, she either mouthed that or “I think you’re a bat”…but I’ll go with option A. But whatever. That is so not the point right now.

I definitely thought James Potter was gong to kiss me. And I wanted him to kiss me. Oh my freaking Merlin! What the hell is wrong with me?

A/N: i realize that this took me waayyyy to long to come out with. i'm honestly ashamed. i get so bitter against writers when they don't post their stories, and here i am, being a hypocrite. 
anyways, i hope this met everyones expectations. kinda a filler chapter but i needed it to get things going. but hey, lily finally admits she likes james! ...well not in words, but you know...
but yeah, not to go on and on or anything...but reviews are much appreciatedd :)
p.s. if someone could do a banner, that'd be suuuper cool :)

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