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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 2 : Different
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    “I absolutely hate these feasts.” Caitlin Wood said slamming her fork down. Over the summer Caitlin had decided to become a vegetarian, I guess she forgot all of the meat that was offered at Hogwarts. “I mean, how can they actually kill poor little animals?” 



      “Shut up and eat.” Dom growled, gnawing on a chicken bone. Caitlin looked at her like she was something repulsive. Dom just rolled her eyes and took another one from the pile. She was a carnivore, and she was proud of it.



      “You really shouldn't eat like that Dom.” Halley Stoner said, obviously trying not to state the obvious, Dom was a pig. 



      “You guys are all just jealous that I can eat like this and stay one hundred and ten pounds.” Dom smiled smartly as if she was all proud that she was underweight. I didn’t say anything, grabbing more of the baked potato. I for one loved the first feast. It was the first time I had a proper meal since the last night at Hogwarts feast. “See, Kiersten’s eating too, why doesn’t anyone get on her?” 



      “Because I’m not disgusting about it.” I mentioned conversationally. Dom just scoffed and shoved me in the side. I laughed with Caitlin and Halley. 



      Caitlin and Halley were the other seventh year Gryffindors. We were all friends, but they were closer to each other than to Dom and I. They were probably the only girls that were old enough to like guys that didn’t despise Dominique. Most hated her because she was gorgeous and always dated the hottest guys. What they didn’t see was that she actually didn’t like any of them. Her relationships only lasted about a month or so before she got bored and moved on to her next victim.



      I reached for a roll and accidentally brushed Potter’s hand from across the table. We caught eyes for a moment and I looked away. Did he remember what he saw on the train? Would he tell anyone? No, this was Potter we were talking about. He didn’t care about me, so why would he talk about me. 



      “So, I told Maurice that it was the end about a week ago.” Dom was telling Halley about her summer romance with Maurice the Frechie. Dom always liked telling her stories to Halley, she was one of those people who gets really into it and nods their heads all of the time, even if she was bored out of her mind. Caitlin and I wouldn’t even try. Dom told way to many stories to pretend to pay attention anymore.


Halley’s hair was up today for one of the first times in the past few years, normally she had it down. Her hair was a dirty blonde and about down to her shoulders. She had really big brown eyes, pretty much designed for listening.



      Caitlin, on the other hand, didn’t like to listen to long drawn out things. She was more of a fast paced person. She was on the Quiddich team with me. Her long auburn hair was always in her face, covering her blue eyes. They were complete opposites yet they were still best mates. I guess it was like Dom and I. If you’d told me back at eleven that she’d be my best friend I would have laughed in your face.



      “That’s so sad Dom. Did you really like him?” Halley had a crestfallen face on with her mouth agape. 



      “He was okay, not a good long lasting boyfriend if that’s what your asking.” Dom sighed picking at her perfectly pink nail. I looked down to mine, bitten down as far as they could go. Well, we couldn’t be part veela could we?



      “Good evening students.” Said a voice from the front of the room. I looked up with the rest of them to see Minerva McGonagall, the headmistress, standing and smiling one of her rare smiles at us all. “I trust that you all had a very relaxing break. For all the newly sorted students, welcome to Hogwarts. I’m sure you’ll find it very accommodating. I would also like to welcome back all of our returning students…”



      “She got older.” Dom whispered to me as the food vanished from the table. I snorted rather loudly but masked it with a sneeze. “Shhh, I’m trying to listen Keri.” She pushed me away sarcastically as I faced forward to McGonagall.



      “I would like you all to remember that the forbidden forest is off limits to everyone, and that this year the fifth years will be in greenhouse three instead of greenhouse six. Thank you all, I wont hold you back any longer. Have a wonderful first night.” 



      I got up with the others as Halley started to yell with Aaron Doyle for the first years. They were the prefects for Gryffindor this year. We walked to the now forming line to get out of the great hall. 



      “I hate waiting.” Dom tapped her foot impatiently. I rolled my eyes not saying anything. Dom tended to say that she hated waiting after any all school get together that required us all to leave at the same time. So pretty much after every class I nthe hallway. “Move!” She yelled to a frightened looking second year Hufflepuff. 



      “Dom…” I muttered bafore smiling sympathetically to the girl. “Sorry, she has a problem.” 



      “I don't have a problem!” She shouted indignantly. “God Keri, be quiet, people are looking.”



      “You're the one who just yelled!” I raised my voice to match hers with a disbelieving tone.



      “So, you’re the one who brought it up!”


 I shook my head and looked down. The little girl was still staring up at us now looking at us as if she thought we were weird instead of scared. “Well, maybe you should move seeing that your blocking the whole hall.” She ran off and Dom snorted.



      “Attractive Dom.” Fred had come up behind us.



      “Oh shut it Freddie.” She rolled her eyes. “You don't understand, all girls have a freak flag, just not that many actually fly it. I believe that not flying it is an insult to the race.” She sated a matter of factly. 



      “How about you McCabe, do you fly your flag?” Potter smirked from next to Fred. I took in a breath of relief, he wasn’t going to say anything. I looked at him quickly for a moment before deciding that ignoring him would be the best way for him to go away quickly. It was that or hit him and run. But he always seemed to catch up. So ignoring it was.



      “Of course she does!” Dom was laughing now. “Why would I be friends with someone that is something that I don't like Potter?” She asked him as if the question was the stupidest thing she ever heard. I guess she paid no attention to things that came out of her mouth on a daily basis.



      “Because you’re a hypocrite.” He quickly dodged her hand as she reached over Fred to slap him. “Dommy, calm down, or you’ll get us all sent to therapy again, you hear?”



      Even I had to laugh at that one. Back in our fifth year McGonagall tried to calm us all by calling in this therapy lady. It was such a joke; there was me and Dom, Fred Drew and Potter, and a few of the Slytherins that we all hate to hell. The lady tried to get us to talk about our feelings and why there was conflicts between us. I think it was me and Drew that ‘accidentally’ wound up knocking her out cold when she decided to go to far, McGonagall hasn’t had any more therapists here since that accident happened. 



      “Oh shut up, that was you and Keri that got us sent to therapy James.” She tried to look pissed, but I could see the beginnings of a smile. 



      “Oh yeah, what did we do that time McCabe? Was that the time that I threw your bra around the great hall at breakfast and you decided to strip me?” He winked at me. “It’s okay McCabe, we all know you wanted to see me naked, but all you had to do was ask you know.” 



      “Please Potter,” I said as Drew and Dom sniggered at him. “Why in hell would I ever want to see you naked?” 



      “Because I’m me McCabe, and every girl wants to see me naked.” He said all proudly. Drew high fived him at that one and Fred whooped.



      “I guess I’m not like other girls then am I Potter, because if I saw you naked I think I would run for the nearest toilet and hurl.”




      “Ah McCabe, It’s okay that you cant share your feelings for me out loud.” He sighed and shook his head dramatically. I clenched my hands into fists and looked to the fat lady who was waiting for the password.



      “Dragonflies.” Fred said. She nodded and the portrait hole opened. I nudged past Potter and went up the stairs to the sign that now read seventh years. Weird, I never really noticed it changing before then. 



      “You can’t let him annoy you like that Kiersten.” Dom said in a singsong voice as she followed me into the room and shut the door. “You know my cousin, he’d do anything to set you off and you fall right for it.” 



      “I just hate him!” I muttered, grabbing my trunk from the corner and getting out my t-shirt and shorts. “He doesn’t get anything about real life.” I flopped down on my bed and closed my eyes imagining what my life would be like if I had been born a Potter. “He lives in his stupid little Potter land where he can play Quidditch all day and annoy people. It’s not fair.”



      I couldn’t even begin to imagine a life where house elves cleaned up after you in your own house, and where your parents were home every night. This parents were good parents too, the kind who told their kids they loved them before they went to sleep at night and kept their promises. I couldn’t help but somehow wish I’d had that.



      “What?” Dom said taking off her socks. 



      “Nothing.” I propped up on my elbows. “Do you think that Rose is really mad?” I asked the first thing that popped into my head. Dom hated it when someone says nothing, so instead of allowing the conversation to die out I changed the subject.



      “Rose?” She snorted and shook her head. “Never, she’s too much of a goody to actually hate me for that long.” 



      “I guess…” I said closing my eyes again. I was about to say I was going to sleep when the door loudly opened and Selena Brown came bursting in. I rolled my eyes and turned the other way. Dom grabbed the nearest magazine in her trunk and pretended to read it. Too bad it was upside down. 



      “Oh, I was kind of hoping that you guys would have dropped out or something.” She snarkily remarked, looking at the two of us as if we were homeless people.



      “Hello Selena,” I said smiling fake at her winking. “It’s so lovely to see you too!” 



      “Shut up Kiersten.” She said, not even looking at Dom. She threw her fake blonde hair over one of her shoulders and went to the bed on the far end of the room. 



      “Good, now we don't have to look at your ugly fat face.” Dom whispered to her bed knowing she wouldn’t hear. I snorted and turned out my light. Selena Brown was nothing to worry about.





      “I hate this class.” Caitlin said as we walked from breakfast to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. “I really wish that healers didn’t have to take it, I mean, what will defending yourself do any help with in a hospital?” 



      “You have to take it to identify dangerous curses.” I said, bored as we went in the open door. The classroom was the same as it was every year. I really didn’t think that Goode changed a single thing in all of the time that we’d been at Hogwarts. “And I like this class remember?” 



      “Just cause your good at it!” Dom stuck her tongue out at me as she went to the first table in the back. “Others aren’t as blessed as you in the brain Keri.” I didn’t comment taking a seat next to her. 



      “Is it just me, or is Vivacia Parkinson’s skirt even shorter than yours Dom?” I asked sarcastically looking at the back of the White icy blonde Slytherin’s head. Dom looked up from her nails and glared at her as well.



      “Wow, it actually is.” She said looking at Vivacia with something that resembled awe. “I cant believe that she would challenge me in that way.” These were the sorts of things that made Dom’s brain work. Non real competitions about who’s skirt was shorter. 



      As if sensing that we were looking she spun around and glared at us. “Is there a reason that your staring at me McCabe?” She asked rolling her icy blue eyes at me. 



      “We were just admiring the sluttieness of your skirt.” I smiled sweetly, the same way back to her. “I think that you beat Dom’s record, and that’s saying something.” 



      “At least I haven't slept with half of Hogwarts in less than a year.” She scathed, now turning her gaze to Dom who stood up angrily. I got up too holding her back. “Touchy spot Weasley?” 



      “As much as you might admire the fact that Dom has much more experience in that field Parkinson,” I said now noticing some eyes drifting over to us. “We don't need to know that you cant help but be second best.” Her face flushed and mine smirked. 



      “Shut up McCabe.” Alyssa Avery said giving me her death glare. It wasn’t nearly as intimidating as her friends. Alyssa was one of the stupidest girls ever to set foot in Hogwarts. How in hell she ever made it to seventh year was beyond me. Every year I lost a bet with Fred that she’d be kicked out.



      “And what will you do about it Avery?” I asked her, eyebrows raised because I knew it would confuse her. She stopped and thought for a moment twisting her black hair. “Exactly.” I said smiling again as she flushed pink and stormed off to where the other Slytherins were gathered. 



      “Your such a bitch, McCabe.” Vivacia said before going off with her to their gang. I shrugged her comment off and sat back down watching them.



      The Slytherins are not the types of people you want to be alone in a dark alleyway with. There’s Malcolm Rosier, the leader. He’s smarter than most of the others and surprisingly good with a wand, believe me, I’d experienced that first hand. Then there was Geoffrey Carrow who didn’t say much, but he had an extremely accurate punch. Sadly I’d seen him deliver it on more than one occasion. Walton Zabini was alright when you didn’t catch him with his friends, but when he was he was downright brutal. Zachary Knott was anonymously good at the unforgivables. He was notorious for the cruciatis curse, and probably the only person in the world who still managed to find good use of it.



      The girls were more or less harmless. The only one who I saw as a small threat is Vivacia. She was fast at throwing jinxes. Alyssa was an idiot that just happened to be pretty. Georgina Harden was a quiet gothic girl that prefered to sit in the corners alone. All in all they were an interesting group of people.



      “Good morning children.” Goode sarcastically hollered, coming in the door and shutting it with his wand. “I’m sure you were all dreading this class as much as I was.” He went up to the front and sat in the chair flipping his wand to the board where writing automatically appeared. “Copy.” Was all he said.



      “I freaking hate this class, did I mention that?” Caitlin muttered, grabbing her quill in a violent manner. “It’s not fair Halley didn’t have to take it this year.” 



      “Yeah, you did.” I said starting to copy down the first few words. Dom resisted for a few minutes before giving in and starting to write it down in her big loopy handwriting. It looked the same as it did when she was eleven, and even then it was considered unreadable to most of the teachers. 



      “Who can tell me what a Bogart is?” He said getting up and pacing the room. “Davidson.” Laurel blushed red and looked up to him. She was a Hufflepuff and rarely spoke to anyone let alone raised her hand in class. 



      “A—um—something that shows you your—fears?” She mumbled not looking at him.



      “Correct. Potter, where do Bogarts often dwell?” 



      “In the dark.” He answered immediatley, smiling up to Goode as if he was serious. 



      Goode made no effort to hide his eye roll. “Thank you Potter, but where in the dark?”



      “Cupboards and stuff.” Potter replied again, looking at Fred to make sure that he was right. Fred nodded and Potter smiled. Goode looked as if he was restraining from saying something but thought better of it. 



      “Didn’t we learn this in like third year Goode?” Dom yelled without raising her hand as she was talking. 



      “Ah, what a pleasure it is to have you in class Weasley, you never were one for respect were you?” He asked rhetorically. Still, Dominique felt the need to give an answer. 



      “No, I’m not.”


If Halley were here she would be shrinking in her seat at Dom’s tone towards a teacher, nobody really cared how they talked to Goode. I did the same thing, it was just him. “So didn’t we?” 



      “Yes Weasley, we did. But seeing as I am the teacher I’ve decided that we are going to review this year as well as learn new things.” He looked to see if she was going to say anything more and moved on when she didn’t. 



      “So, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted,” He said as Dom gave him the finger under the desk. “Bogarts are creatures that lurk in dark enclosed spaces-”



      “Technically I said that.” Potter called out to him. Goode stopped and closed his eyes for a moment.



      “As Potter was saying, Bogarts live in the dark, and cupboards.” He looked over to Potter, who was smiling now as if he had just outsmarted Goode, too bad the idiot didn’t realize that he had just been the one outsmarted. Typical.



      “Today we will be getting with a partner and making lists of the things that we are scared of, go.” I turned to Dom and Caitlin and got out another piece of parchment. 



      “What a waste of a class.” Dom said “And look! He’s already sleeping!” Sure enough I looked up to see him snoring at his desk. It was true, he dedicated a lot of class activities to things I did in my early primary school days.



      “How could anyone get to sleep that fast?” I asked, amazed. 



      “I dunno, he’s probably hung over again.” Dom rolled her eyes dramatically. “Doesn’t he realize that no one is doing anything?” I looked around the room and sure enough most people had already put their books in their bags not bothering to do the class work. 



      Selena was talking animatedly to Claire Connelly from Ravenclaw who looked bored; Potter and Drew were flying paper airplanes around the room with their wands. The Slytherins were all huddled together in their corner away from every one. Good, no one wanted to talk to them anyways. I was about to say something when I felt something hit the back of my head. 



      “Potter!” I screeched, pulling gum out of it. “What the fuck!” He was laughing and pointing at the gum and then to his mouth like a true binthead. “Your disgusting.” I whispered a slime spell from under my breath and shot my wand at him. He saw what was coming a second too late.



      “McCabe!” He shouted, now covered head to tow in greenish looking slime. Everyone was laughing at him. “I’m going to kill you!” He shouted as I got out of my chair and started to run around the room with Potter chasing me. 



      “You crazy arse! Stop!” I shouted as a curse flew past my head. 



      “I’m the crazy one?” He asked me both of us on opposite sides of the room. I gripped the sides of the desk I was holding onto as I caught my breath. He shot water at me from two sides that drenched me. I wiped it out of my eyes and threw it back at him. 



      The rest of the class had taken cover under the desk. 



      “Dismissed!” Goode yelled from his desk. It was five minutes before the bell rang but everyone got up from under the desks quickly without a word. “Potter, McCabe, here right now.” I slowly walked up knowing that we were in for a detention. It’s only the first day too. Well, so much for starting fresh. 



      He stared at us for a few seconds before saying anything. I was covered with wet, and Potter was covered with slime. I bet we were a sight.



      “Why, when something always happens, your involved McCabe?” He asked me one hand on the bridge of his nose. “Don't answer that.” He added as I was about to retort. “And Potter, why do you two always have to terrorize the class?” 



      “He started it!” I said wiping some hair out of my face. 



      “Oh shut up McCabe! You were the spaz that sent slime all over me!” 



      “Just clean it up!” He shouted over us. I stared in disbelief for a moment.



      “You mean—no detention?” I said excitedly. 



      “Well, I don't think it will actually help either of you see an error in your ways. If you haven't in six years, I highly doubt that you will now.” He said pointing to the slime on the ground and the water in the corner and in-between the desks. “Clean it up.” I nodded and started to make my way over to the water mess. 



      “Hey McCabe,” Potter said coming up next to me. “Nice bra.” I looked down to see that the water had made my shirt see threw. I blushed red and pushed him away from me. Goode shook his head at him. 



      When we got out I walked two times the pace of his but he still caught up with me. “So, you like light blue?” He said laughing as if it were the funniest thing he had ever seen. 



      “You are such an arse.” I muttered as I tried to walk even faster.



      “I know, but at least I’ll admit to it, unlike you.” He said cheerfully still looking down. 



      “Stop!” I shouted angrily heading to the common room to change and have free period. 



      “Stop what?” He said innocently.



      “Oh you know what Potter.” I stopped now, crossing my arms over my chest. I could feel a big one coming on. And here I wanted to stay away from him as much as possible this year. “Why do you do that to me?”



      “C’mon, you know you like it.” He winked as if it were supposed to make everything peachy. It didn’t.



      “No, I don't like it.” I said for some reason lowering my voice to a normal speaking level. “At all.” 



     He was quiet for a moment, then he shruffed his shoulders. “Your different than other girls McCabe.” He pointed to where a little of one of my bruises was showing. I blushed even redder and started to run up the hallway but he was faster and easily blocked my way. 



      “Move Potter.” I tapped my foot impatiently. 



      “Not until you tell me.” He grabbed my arm. For some reason my belly did a little swoop by his touch. I ignored it and stared at him coldly. This was Potter were talking about. “Who did it to you?” 



      “Potter, I told you, I fell. And truthfully it’s none of your business is it?” I pulled to take my arm back but he held on to it.



      “Your so hard to understand McCabe.” He let go and just stared at me. “I don't get you.” 



      “Lots of people don't.” I said walking onwards and leaving him behind to think of what I had said.






   So, I know that this one was more of a filler inner but i promise that things will pick up soon! What do you think of Professor. Goode? He's a lot like a teacher I once had. He doesn't give about the class, but everyone still loves him anyways! Thanks for reading, please review!



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