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Forbidden Love, Forbidden Life by Merope
Chapter 2 : Love is dead
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Everything you recognise, excpet for Eva and thankfully the plot, belongs to J.K. Rowling. Enjoy :)

The heart sends signals to the mind. Sometimes, it tells you to feel happy and fulfilled. Sometimes, it makes you feel a kind of pain that is worse than the Cruciatus Curse. You want to tear your skin apart, just to make it stop. And the worst thing is that it doesn’t. It keeps going for years and years and years, until you finally give up and let it consume you with a sweet satisfaction, only the past knows of.

Lucius Malfoy was sitting in his personal study, staring absently at the warm flames in the fireplace. His skin was glowing in the dim light, only to be foreshadowed by some fine lines on his forehead and some crow feet around his eyes. He was still handsome...even now in his forties; the long blonde hair and silver, cold eyes made sure he always looks aristocratic and tall. Better than anyone else.

After so many years of being a loyal Death Eater to Lord Voldemort, he grew tired of people just sinking into dark corners whenever he walked the streets of Knockturn Alley. He grew tired of everyone fearing me might just take out his wand and curse them into pain. Even his wife, Narcissa sometimes avoided him after long, painful and emotion draining Death Eaters meetings, when all he wanted was some little affection. She had no idea what it was like to kill innocent people, just to make sure he doesn’t kill your family. To see the tears in little children’s eyes as he tortured their parents. He knew he was the last person on Earth to search for commiseration, even from his wife, but the mendacities he had to put up for Voldemort made him sick with guilt and self hatred sometimes.

And then there was Draco. His son. His boy. Draco only saw the outside Lucius Malfoy, and what was worse, he believed that his father’s armour was something to pride himself with at school. Lucius had tried to explain to him on a number of occasions, why he acted the way he did in public, but it was all in vain. The boy was growing every minute of every day into that part of himself, he so bitterly hated. And now it was too late to change him. Soon the Dark Lord would summon Draco and turn him into his father. Such a waste.
Lucius closed his eyes for a brief moment, as if to wither away a painful memory. He wondered when his life had transformed into a painful existence. He was a Malfoy, for Merlin’s sake. Wasn’t that supposed to mean he would be successful in life? But was he a real Malfoy? He looked up at the painting of his father, Abraxas, above the chimney as the man scorned away in a huff. Nearly 25 years later, the old man was still angry at him for falling in love with a squib. With Eva. His eyes traced the outline of her name which had been imprinted in his mind for such a long time.

“Eva...” the name came out in a mere whisper from his lips, which shut close again as if he had just said an unforgivable curse. When was the last time he had said that name? In a way he hated her. She would never let him be...the memory of her so vividly in his mind...even at night when he would make love with his wife; it was her face he saw.

Killing her had killed him. It was only an empty body that was left to wonder the world for the biological years he had left, for he had died with her that night.

He stood up abruptly from the armchair, his tall and strong silhouette making a long shadow on the opposite wall, as he drank his last bit of Firewhiskey. The taste was strong and slightly bitter, making the inside of his throat burn for a few seconds. He then ran one hand over his tired eyes, and stormed out of his study to wash away the newest blood on his hands. This one, had been a squib family, he had to kill. One of the kids had been 17....with dark hair and dark eyes. Like Eva Riddle.

Wizards are not the only people to possess magic qualities. Mer people have their magic too. They do not depend on objects to cast verbal spells. From a very young age they learn to control their minds in order to achieve what they desire. Eva Riddle was lying on the shore of the Dark Lake, half covered in mud. Her head was spinning and her legs were aching. She had one month to set it right, before she resumed her permanent place as a mer woman and gave birth to her first child.

The greatest and oldest Mer man in the Lake had give her human legs for one month, in order to settle any earthly businesses she had to settle. She could not bring into the sanctity of their Lake, a human problem. Only when she had confronted Lucius Malfoy with those things she held inside her for so many years, would her soul be free to start anew and accept the marriage proposal of the elder’s son, Benjamin. But before that, she had to let go of her old life.

The wind was bitter that November morning as Eva stood up and placed an old, black cloak over her naked body. She had forgotten how coldness feels on human skin...her mermaid tail was much better with cold temperatures. But the determination to get over Lucius Malfoy once and for all was an incentive that no warmth can match. She knew what to do and she had to do it.

“Oh, I’m sorry, so you’re saying it’s my fault he is displeased?” snapped Narcissa as she stood up from her living room armchair and took a step towards Lucius.

“If you wouldn’t have intervened in his conversation with Draco....”hissed Lucius taking a step closer to his wife.

“For Merlin’s sake, Lucius, he is 11 years old!”

“I know that! Don’t you think I know that?” The tone of his voice showed despair as if his wife somehow missed an important point he had made earlier on. “Do you think I want this for him?”

“I don’t know what you want anymore.” Said Narcissa turning towards the window and looking out into the pale moon. She loved Lucius. She loved him more than she ever loved anyone. But it hurt her so much to see that his own and main priority was pleasing Voldemort. But when he voluntarily held his son to be slaughtered, she had to say something. “Has it ever crossed your brilliant mind that maybe Draco is more important than what Voldemort wants?” said Narcissa turning to face her husband again.

“Listen to yourself!” snapped Lucius grabbing her upper arm. Narcissa looked scared for a moment, but then she lifted her chin upwards and said: “You take your hands off me!”

“You think I’m the one who doesn’t care? You have no idea who we’re dealing with...everything I’ve done was to keep Draco in the shadow...and then you come along saying I shouldn’t obey him. He would kill us if I didn’t obey!” snapped Lucius in her face, making her turn away her head to hide the tears. Lucius released her and she walked past him out of the room.

Lucius walked over to the bar and poured himself half a glass of Firewhiskey, then drank it all in one go and threw the glass against the wall. It fell to the floor in pieces, decorating the wooden floor with thousands of little crystals. He places one hand over his eyes and stood like that for a brief moment.


Lucius looked towards his study, where the small figure of his 11 year old boy was half hiding behind the door. He tried to smile but his mouth turned more into a disapproving line, which made Draco look down. “I was wondering about that broom we discussed about....” said Draco trying to sound indifferent, yet Lucius know how much he wanted that Nimbus 2001.

“Hmm.” Was all he managed to say. “Go to bed, son. It’s late.” He said turning towards the window and looking at the clouds which were covering the moon.


“Go to bed!” snapped Lucius looking at him in an angrier way.

“Okay. mother okay? I think I saw her crying.”

“She’s fine. Now if I say “go to bed” one more time, Draco....”

“I’m going, I’m going!” said Draco huffing as he walked towards the door.”

“Don’t you give me that attitude, young man!”

Lucius looked as his son’s shadow became smaller and smaller until it completely disappeared on the corridors of his big, yet cold mansion. He looked out the window again as the moon was coming out from the clouds. A lonesome howl echoed in the distance, as Lucius tried to get out of his disturbed mind the image of Voldemort’s hand on his son’s arm as he gave him the Death Eater Mark. He was only a child, for Merlin’s sake. How was a mere 11 year old going to be of any use to someone like Tom Riddle? Narcissa protested openly....which displeased Voldemort so much, he casted the Cruciatus Curse on her. Her screams still echoed in his mind, making his bones want to shatter to pieces. And the worst part was that he could not do anything about it.

Suddenly, the trapped air in the room was too much for him to bear. He had to clear out his head, and feel the fresh air of the night playing through his hair. He wished he were the wind; able to go anywhere he pleased.

Eva’s bare feet were cold and muddy. Her whole body was shivering and her back was hurting. In the mere moon light, one may barely say she is 15...yet if you look at her face clearly, you can see a lot more wisdom in her eyes, as well as pain, hidden well at the back, so that no one can discover what her soul is hiding.

She walked along a narrow street, decorated with wide, framed windows and doors. Some of the shops were selling brooms...others were selling potions. She could remember the first time she went to Diagon Alley to get her first Transfiguration it was a bit like Déjà Vu for her, only with different aims.

The wind was bitter as it styled her brown hair into a messy bundle. She was hungry and tired and she needed to rest. Although she wasn’t too far ahead with the pregnancy, mer babies grew much faster than human children, and her belly was beginning to get that oval egg like shape. She didn’t feel safe up on land any more. She kept looking over her shoulder to see if anyone would follow and curse her. There had been times in her teen years, when she wished, more than anything else to possess a wand and to be able to cast she wished she could be able to defend herself and her developing baby from Lucius Malfoy and the rest of the world.
She turned a corner into a wider street, lit with magical street lamps that became more illuminated as one approached. She stopped into the light for a moment, looking for the slightest increase in temperature, but it was still not enough to keep her warm. She desperately needed a place to spend the night in. Food was another necessity as well.

She hugged herself together tighter and started heading up the street that seemed to lead to a small hill. The lights ceased as she advanced further and the pale moon light took its place as a provision of light. There was something that changed inside of her...Lucius wasn’t her universe any more...and she desperately wanted to get rid of what she held inside herm before starting a new life with Benjamin into the safety of the Dark Lake.

Eva was so bundled up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice the tall frame of a man, as he was walking down the hill. Her eyes were cast on her pale feet, nearly blue with cold and before she knew it, she bumped into him and fell on the floor in one small movement.

“Oow!” she exclaimed and looked up at the blonde haired man. It was too dark for her to make out his features, but there was something extremely familiar about that long, blonde hair swishing in the chilly wind.

“Are you okay?” asked the man in a cold voice handing her a big, warm had to help her stand up. Eva wondered why that deep voice sounded so much like the voice which always told her what to do in her mind. She hesitantly took his hand as he pulled her to her feet effortlessly.

It was only when Eva looked at the stranger’s face that she realised who he was. His silver eyes may be more severe and cold than before...his perfect skin may have some wrinkles on it, yet his charm was still there. His unmistakable aristocracy was still there. His happiness was long gone, but he was still her Lucius Malfoy.
It was the wind which cleared Eva’s face of her messy hair, and when their eyes met, Lucius’ hand dropped from hers, as he started at his dead lover trapped in a teenage body, right in front of him. His dead lover who he so much dreamt of. His dead lover was not dead.

“Eva....” he said in a soft voice, which sounded more like swishing wind, rather than a man’s voice. “”

Author Note:

Okay...chapter two. I am quite pleased with this chapter, I have to turned out much better than I had expected. Anyway, it is worth mentioning that Forbidden Love, Forbidden Life was meant to be a One Shot. However, because Allie had kindly asked me to write more chapters, I am going to turn it into a short story. Also, Allie, I am going to write this story according to what you want to read in it. The confrontation between Eva and Lucius will come in chapter three, which I have yet to write. If you want me to include anything, please don't hesitate to ask.

And I woluld also like to say a huge thank you, because you have reviewd this story sooo much....serioulsy, reviews do make my day. I really hope you liked this chapter and the next one will definitely be more "spicy". lol.

Merope :)

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