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Hopeless... by spam_up_sam
Chapter 5 : Reunited
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Disclaimer: Haven't done one in a while so here goes, I unfortunately own nout except for the plot!

A/N: Hey! So, pure Rose/Scorp follows this little a/n (finally, I hear you cry!) Enough of my rambling, I hope that you enjoy....


     Rose cursed the day she'd thought wearing obscenely difficult to walk in shoes, with heels that were dangerous enough to be used as weapons if the peculiar need ever arose, was perfectly alright. Gender stereotypes were a bloody nuisance. She also cursed the moment she decided indulging her rather childish side and running off somewhere in the hopes that he would, for whatever reason, follow and subsequently provide her with some well needed entertainment and closure of sorts was a fantastic idea. It wasn't. Rose grimaced as she sank into the damp, dense ground with each step. It was an awful idea. An atrociously awful idea. She didn't even know if it had worked, and she highly doubted it would.

     She huffed and stumbled wildly over a tree root, almost landing head first in a pile of something that looked and smelt really quite ungodly. She'd already had her hair tangled up in an overhanging tree a few minutes back and that was panicking enough. This trek into the wilderness wasn't going as smoothly as she'd figured it would. Sullenly she blew several wild strands of hair out of her eyes, looking and feeling anything but intelligent.

     Walking on at a slow, plodding pace, Rose looked around for somewhere remotely dry and free of dirt to sit so she could see if he was on his way, of course, her concentration being elsewhere meant she had another unfriendly encounter with a tree and in desperation just slipped down to the floor where she stood.

   “Well...” She breathed sarcastically and dragged herself back up to her feet in a disheartened slump, “...this has to be one of my finest moments.”


    Scorpius had lost the mad ginger and quite frankly terrifying tailgate five minutes ago and had been searching through the woods for Rose for another five. He traced her clumsy, haphazard footsteps, noting the landmarks he'd passed earlier that day on the fairly clear path through the trees. He rounded the ancient oak with its overhanging branches and just about managed to resist the all engulfing urge he had to laugh his head off at what had found its way to his clearing, milling sullenly around the very tree he had chosen to seek refuge behind just a few hours back.

     Rose was trying to remain ever the dignified lady despite the big dirt stain that was gracing her bottom. He kept quiet as he watched her, leaning his shoulder against the large oak casually. Rose, still blissfully unaware of his presence, scrunched up her nose adorably as she traced a delicate finger over his carved initials with an expression that he certainly couldn't read. All the same, he found himself grinning as she mouthed SM and sighed to herself quietly. Seeing her with her guard down, so sweet in the dimming light, made him forget about all the crap in his life for a few enchanted seconds. That bliss, however, didn't feel so sweet when a self righteous voice interrupted his thoughts quite rudely.

   “What on earth are you doing here, Malfoy?! First I find you've been marking the bloody trees...” She flicked a disgruntled, accusatory finger at his initials with pursed lips and wide, slightly demented eyes, “ some deranged territorial fiend, and then I find you hiding behind one and...and bloody peeking at me like a stalking pervert!” She frowned, apparently enraged but looking more than happy to have someone to shout at. Scorpius bit down a laugh because a shouting Rose was better than a fist waving Rose. Actually, a shouting Rose was better than nothing.

He really had missed her, even that delightful screech of hers.

Unfortunately, he wasn't clever enough to bite down his sarcasm.
  “Peeking at you? Yes, because I have nothing better to do with my time! Peeking at Rose Weasley is the highlight of my very existence. If you must know Weasley, I was just admiring that birdsnest you laughingly call hair.” He snickered at his own quip with a rise of one too blonde eyebrow as she reddened significantly. “Rose Weasley, keeping endangered animals safe and sound in the masses of her hair! What a life you lead!”

     Flustered, she struggled for a good come back and Scorpius took advantage of the time to he had to take a long, hard look at her, taking in her disordered appearance with unguarded glee. She attempted, and failed, to remove the few twigs that had weaselled their way into her wild hair. Scorpius secretly thought she looked sexy with her untameable mane and her wine flushed cheeks. There was nothing he'd like more than to mess it up a bit more.

   “Oh, just fuck off, Malfoy!” She growled half heartedly at him.

Scorpius grinned widely and folded his arms, eyeing her merrily. “How I've missed your delicate, ladylike and exceptionally classy tones, Weasley! But I must say, 'Fuck you, Malfoy' was a bit of a poor comeback, love! I'm disappointed.” He tutted mockingly. “Sorely disappointed. Then again, you weren't one for words back at school were you? No, just GBH on innocent bystanders.”

     Rose pulled out a glare that put her mother's best to shame and Scorpius, swallowing audibly, struggled with figuring out how much of what he was feeling was fear and how much was arousal. He figured it was a 30/70 split in the favour of the latter.

   “I'll ask again, Malfoy, before you decide to insult me any further, why are you here?” She pulled 'sexy' and 'pompous' off quite well he decided. And he also figured she was still in the mood for playing games, after all she had lead him in here. If she wanted to act oblivious to the fact that she was pulling the reigns in their little game, he was all up for playing along.

   “I'm hiding from that bloody Potter, that's what I'm doing!” Scorpius told her seriously and pulled his fingers roughly through his hair, smirking to himself when he caught her eyes sneaking down his body. “What's your excuse?”

   “Now that would be telling, Malfoy.” She smiled subtly, a smile that made him far too eager to snog her, and sat herself back down at the roots of the tree.

     No invite, he strolled over and plonked himself down to her right, nice and close, and stretched out his long legs in front of him. He liked it very much that she didn't shy away from his body being so close to hers, liked that her fingers automatically stretched out to play with a fray string of cotton hanging from his cuff. They were both silent as he settled into a comfortable position on the mossy ground. Sneakily, he peaked at her absently pulling that little strand through her fingertips over and over again, her gaze steadily tracing and retracing his engraved initials on the tree just above his head.

   “You're not adding yours, Weasley.” Scorpius smirked territorially at her, “If that's what's going through that wretched little mind of yours.”

Rose narrowed her eyes dangerously and Scorpius relished in the hot shiver that crept over his skin, “And why not, Malfoy!?” She stubbornly jutted out her chin, attempting to put her hands on her hips but giving up pretty quickly considering her position wouldn't allow for her signature move.

   “It's my tree, therefore you can't tarnish it.”

   “Tarnish it! Well, tough shit because I'm going to!” Rose growled defiantly and whipped out her wand.

   “Well, tougher shit because I'm not going to let you!” He deftly plucked it from her fingers and shoved it down the front of his jumper. “Find your own tree!”

   “You find your own tree! And give me back my sodding wand!” She snapped aggressively. “Don't think I won't go down there,” she gestured wildly at his jumper, “because I bloody well will, Malfoy!”

   “And I'll enjoy it!” He smirked back happily, observing Rose's blush edging up her neck. He leaned towards her, enjoying her reaction at his close proximity and chuckled slyly. “Thoroughly!”

Rose choked slightly but quickly snapped back to her usual self, “And I'm sure I'll thoroughly enjoy it when my knee finds its way to the Malfoy family jewels again!”

He scratched the back of his head thoughtfully, not in the least bit disconcerted by her empty threat. “Give me a chance to get you done for assault.” He drawled happily and smirked slyly, “I'd love to see you chained up.”

Rose did not miss the innuendo or the sexy wink he'd added at the end. She was a strange shade of flustered red.

     She stabbed a finger into his chest and growled, looking for a moment ready to unleash a barrage of swear words that would no doubt deafen him but all too quickly her snarl slipped from her lips and she sighed tiredly, removing her intrusive finger from his chest and pinching the bridge of her nose instead.

   “Why don't we...why don't we just trying and get on?” She suggested in an attempt at diplomacy. “We're both running from something...let's just sit here like the two responsible, grown up individuals we are and be civil.”

   “I suppose there's a first time for everything isn't there?” He shrugged, attempting to pull off nonchalance when inside he felt like grinning nonstop. This was going well! Bickering was like foreplay for them.

   “There is, Scorp.” Rose smiled a true smile, a dazzling one at that. “Even for us.”

   “Well, I'd rather be here...despite your fondness for violence...than with Lord Lilymort, that's for sure.” He told her honestly as he handed her back her wand with slight hesitation.

   “Hold on...” Rose giggled lightly and turned an amused smile in his direction, “...Lord Lilymort?”

     If he was honest, hearing the sound of her laugh shocked him. The fact that it had been from something he said made him bubble with unexplainable happiness. He imagined throwing caution to the wind again, imagined pulling her to him and catching her by surprise. He remembered the way her lips had felt against his own, so soft and perfect, so kissable. However, he also remembered the sharp, agonising pain that had occurred with the impact of her knee. Maybe he wouldn't try anything just yet, maybe he'd give it five minutes.

Scorpius sent a suitably smug smirk her way, “Yes, your darling cousin, Lily. The name suits her, I reckon.” He explained, resting his head back against the tree so temptingly close to hers.

     He was hardly resisting the urge to turn his head just slightly and burry his nose in her hair. It didn't help that a few fly away strands were teasingly brushing against his cheek, or that he inhaled deeply before he'd thought about the consequences. It was almost impossible to ignore the pull of her intoxicating perfume, all honeysuckle and spice. A mouth watering combination.

   “It appears she just can't resist me, it happens...” He shrugged playfully and let a grin curve the corners of his mouth, “...I'm that adorable.”

She snorted dubiously, though the sound, even to her, sounded petty. “You're a twat!” Old habits do tend to die hard.

   “I'm an adorable twat!”

   “You're deluded as well!”

   “By gods, you haven't changed one bit Rose Weasley, not one bit! You're still the same rude, obnoxious woman I left behind.”

   “Same goes for you! Though, when I left you behind you were cowering on the floor and crying, you pointy faced Ferret!”

   “Snot nosed, uptight, future spinster!” He spat back quite childishly.

They both sighed and spoke repentantly at the same time.

   “Sorry, Rosie-”

   “Sorry, Scorp-”

     He wanted to go further than that though. Sorry was just a start. He wanted to pick up from where they'd been before that night, wanted to have her holding his hand with such affection. But he couldn't, not yet. That he knew, there was a wall still up between them that he had to knock down.

   “You didn't answer my question, Rosie.” Scorpius spoke up and turned a little grin towards her.

   “Oh.” She couldn't help but smile at him calling her that, it was only him and her dad that got away with it. Not that Scorpius knew he was in the select few, not that he knew what it meant to her. “And what was that?”

   “Why...” He leaned a little closer so his breath fanned over her face. Rose carefully searched his too smug features with a hint of anxiousness. “...are you hiding?” He placed a hand on his chest. “I personally have a great and very convenient reason; I'm being stalked, but can't think of a single reason why you would hide at your own family's party.”

   “You.” She frowned at that simple yet telling word slipping out of her mouth and the surprised, far too happy widening of his eyes. “Because you're a git and you agitate me.” She quickly spat defensively, though it was already too late.

   “Right, typical Rosie. Covering yourself up as always, darling.” Scorpius smirked at her disgruntled expression and shifted a little closer. “It would make things so much easier if you just admitted that you left the party because deep down, past all the pretension of dislike, you secretly wanted me to follow you. And you knew I would.”


Rose gasped angrily at his assumption, he was bloody right but that didn't mean she couldn't be furious at him for it. It was in her nature to be angry with him. “You pompous, pig brained, arrogant-”

   “Gorgeous, lovable hunk.” Scorpius listed off with a light chuckle. “I can read your mind can't I?”

   “No. No you bloody can't, save your narcissism for someone else!” Rose growled, staring intently at the tree across from her so she didn't have to incinerate under those eyes of his. Scorpius let a throaty laugh echo round knowing he was exactly where he wanted to be, right under her skin. The only thing on her mind.

     Disconcerted that the blonde idiot next to her really could see right through her, she ruefully peaked at him from the corner of her eye, a slow swooning sound leaving her mouth as he absentmindedly shook his messy hair from his face. The smirk that slowly unravelled itself over that tempting mouth of his told Rose that he knew exactly the effect he could have on her. Rose thought she might faint if he kept flashing smiles like that.

She gave him a good whack on the chest for being so damn attractive.

   “Oi!” Scorpius whined indignantly, rubbing the spot with a innocent frown.

   “Serves you right for being so full of yourself! Honestly, don't you get tired of believing everybody loves you? Well, I've got news for you, Scorpius! I certainly don't. I don't even like you, in fact, I can't stand you! You drive me insane.” Rose rambled forcefully and poked his arm to enforce her point. When all he did was smirk that infuriatingly handsome smirk back, implying with a simple cock of his brow that he knew every word flowing from her mouth was just a bunch of contrived, over thought lies, all she could do to stop herself tearing his clothes off was clench her fists tightly at her sides. “The only thing I feel for you is hate. Powerful, all encompassing, overwhelming hate!”

   “So, what would you do if I kissed you?” He whispered curiously and not the least bit perturbed by her fake confession, that voice of his even huskier as it dipped deeply.

     Rose felt her whole body respond, her pulse inciting a violent blush over her cheeks, skin tingling at the mere possibilities. She didn't know how to answer. Didn't know how to break away from the enticing husk of his scent. Didn't want to speak in fear of her voice breaking with desire. Rose remembered that night with all its imperfections, remembered how when his lips had touched hers she'd known there was nothing she wanted more from then on. Knew she would find it so very hard to be nasty to him if she got to taste him again.

   “Where's your argument, Rosie?” He let out a rasping chuckle, holding her stare easily.

     She wanted to protest, to hurt him like she had before just to keep herself safe but he was already so close, so appealing, his hot breath trickling over her nose. His fingers tentatively traced up her arm, encouraging goosebumps, trailing fire. This, him, was everything the others had always been missing. It killed to admit it, that only the touch of his hand made her lose control, but there really was no one half the man as Scorpius. She savoured the challenge of him. This space between them was too much and not enough. Rose knew what was coming and frankly, she didn't think it was right. Not yet, not just yet and especially not in this dank, hell hole of a place. She didn't fancy putting on a show for the squirrels.

He tilted his head, lips a hairsbreadth away. “Well?”

Scorpius, with his usual need for haste in getting what he wanted, didn't waste too much time waiting for an answer.

To Be Continued...

A/N: I'm evil for leaving it there! I know, ahh well, all is resolved in the next chapter.
In the meanwhile, I would be incredibly grateful to hear some feed back on this chapter. Admittedly I was nervous about it, about their interaction. So, how do you think it was?? And the chapter on a whole?
Anyway, thanks for reading and reviewing if you do! =D You're all amazing!

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