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My Sister's Fiancé by HPsmartone32
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fourteen: Got To Be Kidding
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Chapter Fourteen: Got To Be Kidding

Family Fued – A Sister’s Betrayal
-Kendall Proper
When I walked into The Three Broomsticks on Halloween night to meet my sorry excuse of an ex-husband, I hadn’t been expecting anything other than a boring night of arguing about custody of the owl. You can imagine my excitement when, after that sad excuse of a man stood me up, Victiore Weasley, eldest (nearly 20) daughter of Bill and Fleur Weasley and niece of Harry Potter, slid in across from me at the booth I’d procured near the back of the establishment.
“I’m sorry, but do you mind if I sit here for a minute?” she asked me, looking stressed and upset. “I need a minute to myself.”
“No problem, dear,” I smiled at her and introduced myself. She did the same before taking a long sip of her firewhiskey and looking down at it, and a pretty diamond ring, sadly. When I asked her what was wrong, because honestly such a beautiful face shouldn’t look so devastated, she looked around and took another sip before replying.
That night I not only made a friend of Victiore Weasley and, later, her fiancé Teddy Lupin, but I also hit the journalism jackpot.
While many readers will not believe what I am about to write, I swear on my grandmother Rita Skeeter’s grave that it is the complete truth. As told from the mouth of Victiore, Dominique Weasley, the one-and-a-half year younger sister of Victiore, is approximately four months pregnant.
I hear the gasps from readers now because, certainly, this is enough to make any mother cringe and any sister upset; but no, this was not the reason that Victiore was so upset that Halloween night. Dominique’s child, if she so chooses, could have the surname Lupin. Thinking that Teddy Lupin, fiancé to lovely Victiore, must have a brother? Think again – Teddy Lupin is the father of his fiancée’s sister’s unborn child.
Now, if any readers have not lost consciousness yet, or are thinking that Victiore should have surely dumped Teddy by now, poor Lupin had no chance. As most of you know, the Delacour-Weasley bunch (Victiore, Dominique, Louis (16)), are part-veela; Victiore testified that the reason she was so upset was because after her sister admitted to seducing her boyfriend into having sex with her, Dominique went out and got herself a new boyfriend.
Yes, again, you read correctly. According to Victiore, Dominique is currently dating Hayes Landon, new maternity healer at St. Mungo’s (see picture on next page – taken a few weeks ago in Diagon Alley). While I could not get access to interview Hayes (as a lovely intern told me off and gave me a rude hand gesture), I have learned that Dominique has given up her internship at the hospital and is now working at her uncle’s joke shop, Weasley Wizard Wheezes.
With her family on the side of the betrayer, what is poor Victiore to do? That, I’m afraid, is something she will have to figure out on her own. However, Teddy and Victiore assure me that they are working through their issues and plan to marry in early March - which is, ironically, the same time Dominique is set to give birth.

“No,” I look at Hayes, who looks back with a mixture of pity and anger. “You have got to be kidding.” I throw the magazine – Witch Weekly – to the floor as angry tears leak out of my eyes. On the cover is a picture of Victiore and me as children hugging each other that keeps ripping itself in two as the headline flashes A Rude Awakening from Childhood Innocence – the Secrets of Sisterhood Revealed.

It’s three weeks into November and I had just run out of WWW once Hayes rushed in and told me to go straight to his house with him, giving me no explanation, just warning me to not go outside. Sure enough, people stared at me as I walked out of the shop and a few people took pictures as Hayes tried to convince me to go back in.

It was then that I figured an article had come out; of course, I’d just thought the one exposing Hayes and I had finally been released after haunting me for so long. There was no reason to expect this.

Not that our family doesn’t have arguments, we do. We have the most public arguments of the wizarding world, but that’s only because the people of the press are usually the devious ones, listening to table talk and even intercepting letters. No one, and I mean no one, in our family has ever willingly talked to the press about a family argument in my entire lifetime. That’s. just. cold.

“Come on baby, let’s just get out of here,” Hayes put his hands on my shoulders and tried to lead me out of the little shop I had run into to see what article had been released. The shopkeeper, along with his customers, looked down and pretended like they hadn’t been staring between my slightly bulging stomach and Hayes.

“She’s such a bitch,” I sob loudly to everyone who can hear. “Don’t listen to her. I hate her – she’s an evil, conniving, little tramp and I hope she rots in –”

Hayes finally managed to push me out of the shop and I stopped cursing and melted into his arms, sobbing. “H-how could s-she run to t-t-the p-press!” I cried.

“I don’t know, I didn’t even think –” he trailed off and squeezed me closer to him.

“I’m so sorry I dragged you into this!” I tell him looking up at him. Now everyone will not only know we’re together, but also think that he’s being seduced by a slut.

“Don’t,” Hayes tells me. “Let’s go to my flat.”

I stare at him until I’m sure he’s not mad at me… well, at least he’s not yet. “No, let’s go to mine – my family will probably be looking for me,” I told him, sobering up enough to apparate.

“Let me help,” he released me but offered his hand. I sighed and took it – side-along might be a good idea right now.

We end up in my living room and as soon as we come to, a flash of light blinds us. Looking out the window, I see a cameraman on a broomstick. Yes, I am bloody serious. “FUCK OFF,” I yell as I stomp over and pull the blinds shut with such force that they rip. “DAMNIT!” I look back at the man on the broom. “DON’T YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO THAN TO RUIN PEOPLE’S LIFE? CAN’T YOU SEE I’M ALREADY –”

Hayes grabs my hand and drags me down the hall and into my bedroom where the shades are already drawn to keep the sun out in the mornings. I collapse on my bed, crying yet again, and pound my pillow like a four-year-old. “What did I do to deserve this?” I cry.

Shut up, I know I slept with my sister’s fiancé, but she’s the one who exceeded that.

Okay, so talking to the press isn’t as bad as what I did, but it’s pretty damn close.

I feel the bed shake slightly as Hayes lays down beside me. I stop my fit and crawl over to him; he opens his arms to me and I rest my head on his chest and throw my legs over one of his as he pulls me close. “I’m sorry,” I whisper again.

“Stop apologizing, Dominique, this isn’t your fault,” he says. “It’s hers.”

I smile at the tone he used to refer to my sister, but I do feel a bit bad about it. “I’m the one who’s knocked up.”

“You were minding your own business,” he growls. “Hell, you were working at a shop, told Teddy you seduced him when you didn’t so that they’d get back together, and were dealing with your mother not speaking with you. All she had to do was choose the pattern of her wedding dress.” While that was an exaggeration, it did make me feel a bit better; at least he didn’t hate me.

“I’m not a whore, you know,” I told him quietly, breaking a short silence.

“I know, ‘Nique.”

“No, really,” I lifted my head and looked at him. “I only had two boyfriends before you. One when I was fifteen, but only during the summer when we were on vacation in France, and then Chandler Wood and I broke up at my graduation; that one time with Teddy is the only time I’ve ever had sex!”

Hayes studies me, a half-amused expression on his face, “I don’t think that you are easy, Dominique. Nor do I think that you are seducing me with your half-veela genes.” He kisses my nose. “Though you are breathtakingly gorgeous.”

I roll my eyes, but smile a bit. “Thanks,” I paused. “You know, I’m really glad that you ran into me that day.”

He laughs at this, “Me too. Now lay down and relax, even though it’s only past noon, you’ve had a long day.”

I sighed and cuddled back to him. “Everyone will forget about it eventually – they always do,” I told him.

“Everything will work out,” Hayes murmured kissing my head.

“I don’t know if I would go that far,” I say. “Stupid optimist,” I muttered, closing my eyes and letting his heartbeat calm me.

“She doesn’t deserve this!”

“I know, Hayes, I know. I honestly can’t believe that Victiore talked to the press. I know Dominique’s hands aren’t completely clean, but she’s honestly got the worst end of the wand here – eighteen with a child and this on her back for the rest of her life? The last thing she needs is the rest of the world to think bad of her, too.” I groggily recognize Aunt Ginny’s voice.

“I could curse her right now. Her and Teddy!” there’s Emmelyn’s lovely input. I roll onto my back and find that the sun is no longer shining between the cracks in the shades and that I’m alone in bed with the covers pulled up around me.

“That wouldn’t solve anything and you know it,” chimes in Aunt Ginny.

“It would make me feel one hell of a lot better,” Emmelyn growls. I hear three different laughs.

“I feel like I’m making everything worse for her,” Hayes sighs and my stomach seizes up. He cannot be serious.

“Oh, shut up,” Emmelyn cuts in. “You know she’s only as happy as she is because you’re snogging her every day.” I snort. And that’s exactly why I call her my best friend.

I hear Aunt Ginny snigger and can almost see the smug look on Emmelyn’s face and the embarrassed one on Hayes’. “Don’t you have a shift tonight?” Emmelyn asks.

“Yeah,” Hayes answers. “But I feel bad leaving without saying goodbye… but on the other hand, I can’t wake her up, she looks too peaceful.”

This time Emmelyn snorts. I grin; maybe it’s time I wake up. I throw the covers back and swing my legs over the bed. After the slight vertigo passes, I stand up and walk out of the bedroom. I wipe my eyes and try to look like I have just woken up as Hayes, Aunt Ginny, and Emmelyn look at me from the living room.

Emmelyn is in one chair while Hayes is on the couch and Aunt Ginny is in the middle of pacing in front of the fireplace. “Thank Merlin, you were snoring like a bagpipe in there,” Emmelyn grins and I flip her off as Aunt Ginny pretends to look away.

“I don’t snore,” I tell her as I sit down next to Hayes and he throws his arm around me. “Do I?” I ask.

“Of course not,” he smiles and kisses my forehead.

“What are you all doing here, anyway?” I ask looking to my aunt and my friend.

“Well I was off today and I’d thought I’d just come over and listen to you snore like an obese hippogriff for a –” I tossed a pillow at her to shut her up.

Hayes grins, “Actually, I feel awful for leaving as soon as you wake up, but I was supposed to be at St. Mungo’s five minutes ago.”

“Why didn’t you leave then?” I ask and watch as he blushes and stutters. I smile stupidly at him, “Just go. I’m fine. I’ll torture them for a while.”

He sighs, “If you insist. I can come back over when I get off if you want.”

“Of course I want,” I lean up and kiss him on the lips quickly before moving so he can get up. Emmelyn and Aunt Ginny hurriedly pretend they’ve been talking the whole time… about the weather. Classy. I roll my eyes at them.

“See you later.”

“Bye, love,” Hayes grins and turns on the spot. He’s gone with a crack.

“Awwwww,” Emmelyn teases, abandoning the weather ‘conversation.’

“You’re dating my cousin, you don’t get to talk,” I snap at her, still smiling. “So, why are you here?” I look from her to Aunt Ginny.

“I wanted to make sure that you were okay,” Aunt Ginny smiles sadly at me. “Harry got home about an hour ago and told me.”

“I heard at work and came straight over here as soon as I got off.”

I heave a sigh, “I’m just shocked, I guess.”

“You two did have a huge row on Halloween,” Emmelyn grimace with the memory.

“Was this at that Weasley-Potter clan dinner you have every year?” Aunt Ginny asks.

I nod, “I don’t think we thought the other would be there, and then when Hayes introduced himself…”

“I’m sorry,” Aunt Ginny walks over and sits down beside me.

“I deserve –”

“Just let me curse her, please, Dominique,” Emmelyn cuts me off. “A nice bat bogey maybe? Or a simple crucio…”

I laughed half-heartedly, “Tempting.”

Aunt Ginny didn’t even chastise me, and I grinned to myself. “Is there anything you need? George floo’d me and told me that you are under no circumstances to come to work until you hear otherwise –”

What?” I gasp. “I have to work! How and I supposed to –”

“Do you really think that any of us will let you, or your baby, starve? Or lose your flat?”

“I’m not going to take charity money from you or Uncle George,” I tell her stubbornly.

“Well, then pretend that you’re taking sick leave, maternity leave, whatever,” Aunt Ginny crosses her arms. “Because you will continue to get your paycheck.”

“But –”

“Not budging on this, ‘Nique,” Aunt Ginny says stubbornly.

“‘Nique, just shut up an take the money,” Emmelyn cuts in. “I’m sorry, I know that you don’t like to rely on people, but sometimes you have to just fall back on your friends and family, okay? No one will think anything bad of you; if they do, I’ll make sure they won’t be able to think anything ever again, okay?”

“I always knew I liked you,” Aunt Ginny smiles warmly at my friend.

I hate it when people gang up on me; it’s so unfair. I huffed in response, “Fine, but only until this blows over, then I’m back to earning my keep.”

When did I become so responsible? Seriously – last year I was begging my parents for money and refusing to work for it.

Ah, adolescence, how I miss you.

“Not to skip out on you or anything, Dominique, but I have to go – Fred is flooing me at nine,” Emmelyn tells me, standing up.

I stand up and hug her, “No problem, thanks for stopping by.”

“Anything for you, mate,” she grins. “See you later Mrs. Potter.”

“Call me Gin–” Aunt Ginny starts, but Emmelyn is already gone. “Mrs. Potter makes me feel so old.

“Being pregnant makes me feel so old.”

“Oh honey, you don’t even know what old is yet. Wait until you’re all alone because the kids have all started Hogwarts – then you’re old.”

“I can’t imagine having a kid around, much less seeing one off,” I choked.

Aunt Ginny laughs and pats my back, “Don’t worry too much, you’ll be great.”

I roll my eyes; why does everyone seem to have such faith in me. Well, everyone meaning Hayes and Aunts Ginny Angelina and Uncles George, Harry, and Ron and my cousins and Emmelyn…

“Do you want me to cook you up some dinner before I leave?” Aunt Ginny asks gently.

I shake my head, “No thanks; I have some left over Mexican food from the other night that is calling me. Tacos and peanut butter… yumm.” I practically salivate as Aunt Ginny looks revolted. Ah, pregnancy.

“Well in that case, I’ll leave you to it then,” she stands up and helps me up. Yes, though I’m only four and a half months pregnant, getting up is more taxing than it used to be. I’ve decided when I’m huge, I’ll just levitate myself to wherever I need to be.

It’ll work.

I hug Aunt Ginny goodbye and after she’s gone collapse again on the couch. I think about what all happened that day. Getting up and showering (after examining my growing belly in the mirror). Going to work and checking a few whispering customers out before Hayes showed up, disheveled, and all but demanded I come to his flat. The article…

I close my eyes and I can practically see the article again. With that little picture of me and Hayes placed on the adjacent page. That night I not only made a friend of Victiore Weasley and, later, her fiancé Teddy Lupin, but I also hit the journalism jackpot. Jackpot – ruining someone’s life… same thing, really, right? Ugh. How can anyone be happy making a living off of reporting other people’s private business?

But this wasn’t all Proper’s fault; though she thrives on writing scandalous articles exposing things people would pay to keep secret, Victiore is the one who, after being introduced to the Kendall Proper, spilled my secret.

My fists bawled up as I thought about it. My beautiful sister sitting in the back of a pub talking about how I was just the family’s little whore. Knocked up at eighteen. Working at a pity job at the family business.

Seducing her fiancé.

Fuck, that pisses me off. I just had to go and fucking try to make it better and this is what I get? The world seeing me as some sort of scarlet woman? Is that seriously all she can do after all I did to get Teddy and her back together? So she may not know about that, but Merlin, I sure as hell know Teddy does and it doesn’t look like he did anything to stop her. Not that she can be stopped, the evil bitch.

I stood up, too angry to say seated. Before I had even thought it through, I turned on the spot and apparated outside my dear sister’s flat.

Victiore testified that the reason she was so upset was because after her sister admitted to seducing her boyfriend into having sex with her, Dominique went out and got herself a new boyfriend.

I’ll show her seducing – I’ll seduce her right into her grave. I banged on the door in front of me, “If you don’t answer this door in the next ten seconds, so help me Victiore Apolline Wealsey I will blow it down despite the fact that you live in a muggle building!” I yelled, suddenly furious that she had the nerve to out me like that. “Ten…”

I hope she knows I’m completely serious…


“Two…” just as I was about to curse the door to obliviation, it swings open and a very disgruntled looking Teddy is staring at me. “What the fuck are you doing here?” I ask him angrily. “Sod it all, I can have a go at you too,” I shrug as I push past him and into the flat.

“Now isn’t the best time, Dominique…”

I spin on my heel and glare at him, “Oh, really?” I spit before I take in his appearance. his shirt is crudely buttoned, his hair a mess, pants buttoned but not zipped…

There is no sodding way…

“Is she gone y-” Victiore walks into the living room in one of Teddy’s shirt and her underwear.

You have got to be shitting me.


“YOU TWO WERE HAVING SEX?!” I screech. This is un-fucking-believable. They just kicked my already ruined life in the gut and now they’re fucking like a bunch of fucking kneazles?

“What are you doing –”

“WHAT AM I DOING HERE?” I turn and yell at my sister. “YOU FUCKING TALKED TO KEDALL GODDAMNED PROPER AND YOU’RE WONDERING WHY I’M HERE?” I throw my hands up, my throat hurts from yelling, and I start pacing. I do not think that I have ever been this mad in my life.

Which is saying something because I am part-veela and getting mad is something veela’s do best.

“I can’t believe you,” Victiore begins in a scary tone. Well, scary to anyone who isn’t trying not to rip her head off. “You seduced my fiancé and you think that you have the right to be angry with me for talking to someone who actually cares about my life?”

“Kendall Bloody Proper does not give a flying hippogriffs arse about you’re pathetic excuse for a life, Vicky.” I say somewhat calmly.

“Oh, right, because if she did she would have seduced my fiancé into having sex with her!” Victiore yells back at me. I note that Teddy looks uncomfortable. He better fucking look uncomfortable. Hell, he is about to find out what uncomfortable is.

Because I’m bleeding pissed.

Before I can say anything though, he cuts in, “The muggles can probably hear you two yelling –”


“I-I don’t know what –”


“HE’D DENY IT BECAUSE I DIDN’T FUCKING SEDUCE HIM!” I finally let it out and it seems to echo in the immediate silence that follows. My throat kills and I’m breathing like I just ran laps at quidditch practice.

“You’re just saying that –”

“Do you hear him denying it, Vicky?

“Shut up,” Victiore breathes. “You just want what you can’t have! Isn’t that right Teddy?” she looks over my shoulder to Teddy.

I stay focused on her, “He’s not denying it is he? You know why? Because he’s the one that came out to the forest and found me. Brought the firewhiskey and everything, didn’t you, Ted?” I pause as Victiore looks back to me. “I’m not saying we feel anything for each other because frankly, I never want to see either of you again in my life. Honestly, my daughter is better without you laying your eyes on her. I was just trying to be nice when I told you that, Vicky, so you’d take his sorry ass back. But I see now that that was a mistake – you’ll never be able to forgive me even though you obviously can him.” I gesture to her outfit. “Enjoy it while it lasts, then,” I smirk. “I know it’s only a few minutes.”

I turn and walk out of the apartment, past a stunned and scared looking Teddy. Before I shut the door behind me though, I look at my sister’s stunned face, “But seriously, I meant it when I said I didn’t want to see you again,” I look to Teddy. “Don’t bother with child support. We’re better off without you.”

I shut the door behind me and apparated home, feeling more accomplished than I had in a while. I’d feel guilty later; right now, I was going to heat up my taco, cover it in peanut butter, and enjoy the satisfaction of having hurt them as much as they hurt me.

A/N: The truth is finally out, eh? I had fun writing the argument between Dominique and Teddy/Victiore. Haha, so any predictions as to what will happen? I know that right now Hayes seems a little too good to be true, but he has a secret. And, as we all have just found out, secrets don't stay hidden when you're dating a Weasley. Dun dun dunnnnnnnn. Anyway, please review! I love to hear what you like/don't like. Reviews are what keep me motivated!
Thanks so much!
over and outt.

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