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Too Late To Tell You by LeeWeasley
Chapter 1 : Too Late To Tell You
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(A/N : This is just a short song that I wrote and I wanted to use somehow. So I own the song but the characters are JK Rowling's).


A 20 year old Lavender Brown roamed around in the local public library looking for books to read. She didn't know what she felt like reading, she just wanted to get a book and relax and forget about the troubles of her day.

She let her finger stroke across the shelf of book that lied in front of her. There was one book that caught her eye. She took the book and studied it. She didn't know why this book intrigued her. It didn't look that special, it just grasped her. A sudden feeling of reminice flowed through her body as she held it in her hands. She flipped the pages and randomly stopped at a page. She gave a small gasp.

On that page was a song written by a former classmate of hers in Hogwarts, Ron Weasley. She smiled. She remembered him well. He was a good friend. It was really too bad that they did not kept in touch. She decided to read what he wrote.

{There's no one here
With opens arms you hold me
Just you and me
That's how I wanted this to be
Things stood in my way
All excuses, I kept a masquerade.

I can't say it's not fair
I lost my chance to sare
So worried you'd say no
Now it's too late to know
All this time
I lost it all

I was too late
I never told you
So now and forever I cry
Every tear I shed because
I was too late to say
I love you

It hurst to see you
Because I know there's nothing I can do
Everybody pushed me, but I refused
How was I to know that they were right?
Now you're gone
And I'm left with nothing but my pain
It's all hidden in my eyes
All I wanted is for you to feel the same
What more can I say
All this time I lost it all

What would I give
For another day to come
To give me a chance to say
I love you
Like the sands of time
The pain has to end
It has to all come back to me

But I was toolate
To tell you
I love you }

~Ron Weasley~
'To the girl that I loved and lost without her knowing it. I will always love you wherever you are.'


Lavender held the book close to her body. She looked out the window and the sun shone brightly on her face. She felt guilt. She felt no warmth. She reread the song again and a tear fell on the page, soaking the written words.

She shed more tears as she realized that song was meant for her .....

This is just a short fanfiction. This song belongs to me ... And I hope you all enjoyed it! It's short because I just wanted to use this song somehow and let the emotions in it out.

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Too Late To Tell You: Too Late To Tell You


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