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Nothing Sirius by ElectrixxSoul
Chapter 2 : The Aftermath
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It had been five weeks.

Melora knew this, not because she had been counting, but she had a Transfiguration exam that day and had marked it on her calendar.

It would have been pathetic if she had counted.

Thank Merlin she hadn’t.

Five bloody weeks. The words bounced around in her head. Five weeks since she and Stephen had broken up, five weeks since she had talked to her so-called friend, Stacy, and five weeks since she had slept with Sirius Black.

Five god awful weeks.

But it had been two months and three weeks since something else.

And it was that something that currently had her staring between a little white stick and her watch, Eleanor Harvey peeking over her shoulder.

“Is it almost done?” Eleanor whispered nibbling on her bottom lip. Melora gave no reply.

Eleanor, who wasn’t the brightest, took her silence as a go to keep talking. “Are you sure that you did all the other tests wrong?”

Of course Melora knew she had in fact, done them right, but the same answer over and over, she closed her eyes; please let this one be different.

“I think it’s done Melora.” Eleanor tapped her gently on the shoulder and Melora opened her eyes to find the exact opposite of what she wanted: two little pink lines forming a small plus.

Five weeks, two lines.

“Are you sure these muggle tests are good?” She turned to face Eleanor, who, being muggleborn, had been the one to get her the test after she had given up on the magical potion.

Eleanor nodded, “’Fraid so.”

Melora mimicked her nod, “Well then, I guess I’d better tell the father.”

At the mention of the boy, Eleanor jumped in excitement, “Who is it?” She had been asking Melora this question since the blonde had asked if Eleanor could get a muggle test for her. And of course, she had completely avoided answering every time. If people knew that she had not only slept with Sirius Black, but smashed enough to forget a contraception charm as well, her life would be over.

As if it wasn’t already. 

Shrugging her shoulders, Melora wormed past Eleanor and headed back into their dormitory. “You don’t know?” The dark haired girl’s eyes widened and Melora quickly shook her head.

“No, no! I know who it is,” She paused “I think he should probably know first, before I start telling people.”

Eleanor nodded seriously, “That’s so honest of you.” She fell onto Melora’s bed, “But you’ll tell me who right after, right?”

Although Melora could think of numerous people she would gladly tell before Eleanor, a notorious gossip, she managed a small grin. “Of course I will.  Just please don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t, I swear it.”

Sirius Black liked to think he knew a girl a little better after shagging her. It could have been planned or an accident, but he still felt he could read them better, as if a window had been opened to the evasive female mind, revealing thoughts that has once been hidden behind a confusing wall of female hormones.

Or something like that.

This was, of course, the reason that when Sirius saw the girl he had slept with while intoxicated after his break-up with Audrey Johanson several weeks ago walking towards him, he could tell she had something she really wanted to tell him, and it was something bad.

And this was the reason he quickly turned on his heel and headed in the opposite direction, ignoring James and Remus’s protests to come back before they were late to Transfiguration.

Screw Transfiguration! Couldn’t they see he was two seconds away from being in the middle of a disaster?

Of course not, Sirius realized as his common sense kicked in, he hadn’t told them about his drunken night with the girl or the realization of what he’d done the next morning when he’d woken up to the sight of her fleeing the room.

But despite this lack of knowledge, he was sure that she was one of those girls, the type that looked for relationships after a one-night stand, and that Prongs and Moony would gladly wait for his explanation had they known this also. After all, they had been there when he’d drowned his sorrows in firewhiskey and knew that he had sworn off all women. Including…bloody hell, Sirius mentally groaned, he couldn’t think of her name.

Oh sweet Merlin, she was getting closer. She was going to talk to him and he couldn’t even remember her name.

Sirius headed up a staircase towards the Gryffindor tower, his fast walk turning into a jog; perhaps he could reach it before she caught up.

Jones! Sirius nearly tripped over his feet as her last name came to him. 

“Black! Slow down!” Jones called after him. Sirius spared a glance over his shoulder to see the girl look around her own surroundings, as if to check if there was anyone watching them.

Wait, Sirius’ common sense opened its big mouth again, if she didn’t want anyone around maybe she didn’t want anyone to know what they had done either. And it had been over a month, surely if she wanted something more, she would have said so by now. Sirius felt a huge wave of relief pass over him and he stopped and turned to face the blonde who was panting slightly as she reached him.

“’Lo Jones.” He grinned, the confidence that this was nothing more than a confirmation that she too wanted no one to know radiated though him.

“Black” She greeted him with a nervous expression on her face, and Sirius felt the confidence drop slightly, she should be happy when talking about forgetting the night. “Look, I don’t know exactly how to put this so...” Jones trailed off and began fidgeted with the sleeve of her robes anxiously but Sirius just smiled lazily.

Melly! That was it! Sirius felt his smile grow slightly although part of him was still curious what her full name was. Maybe it was Melanie.

“Relax Melly-”

“Melora.” Sirius froze at the sound of her suddenly cold voice.


“My name is Melora.” She clarified, eyes narrowing. “Not Melly.” The nickname slipped off her tongue like poison.

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Not what you said that night.” A flash of a memory with giggles and the smell of sweat and alcohol rolled through both their minds, but each shook it out quickly.

“Look Black,” Melora began again, “About that-”

“Like I was going to say, no big deal, I totally agree.” Sirius said, doing what he thought was saving her the embarrassment.

“What?” Melora frowned, “How can you agree with me being pregnant?”

Sirius blinked “I thought that you were going to say you never wanted to speak of that night again, and we should just pretend it never happened.”

He paused as Melora shook her head the realization of what she had really meant hit him, “You’re…you’re…” He couldn’t get the word out.

“I’m pregnant.” Melora stated as calmly as she would the weather. “And I’m ninety-nine percent sure you’re the father.”   

Sirius let out a small “Oh.” Before he fell flat over onto he back and Jones’s mildly concerned face faded into nothingness.

A/N- Oh Sirius, you would faint.Review please!

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