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My (Pathetic But Somewhat Dramatic) Life by expecto_patronum83
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4: Night of My Life
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Chapter 4: Night of my Life

A/n; I am soooo sorry. So much for trying to be consistent, huh? Gosh four months. And this chapter isn’t even that long. Well, I guess I shouldn’t try and make another promise about updating. Well I hope you enjoy the (not so long) chapter. R&R… 

I swear I’m going to go crazy. It’s been two weeks and I still haven’t figured out the Mystery Kisser (Yes, my friends gave him a title and I am now using it). I’ve definitely confirmed that it wasn’t Chris. Trust me, there’s plenty of evidence (we’ve been on several dates since the early morning ride). He’s really nice and I can tell he really likes me, but it’s like every time he tries to kiss me I do everything I can to avoid it. And I’m running out of ideas so I don’t know how much longer this can last. Mystery Kisser has also become the only conversation topic Sadie, Peyton, and Olivia will discuss. Whenever I try to change the subject they just get mad at me and continue discussing all of the possibilities. They’ve narrowed it down to Chris, Sirius, or this one Ravenclaw who they just refer to as “the hot guy.” I tried to tell them that it definitely wasn’t Chris, or Sirius because one, I’ve kissed Chris before and it was NOT him, and two, I think I would know if I was kissing Sirius. So that just leaves “the hot guy.” Like I said, I’m going to go crazy. 

Currently Sadie, Olivia, and Peyton are panicking about getting ready for the Halloween dance. ONLY FOUR MORE HOURS! Agh. I’m just enjoying sitting here watching them run around the room picking up their hair brushes and bobby pins and curling irons. Every once in a while one of them will scream at me to start getting ready but honestly, they’re too caught up in themselves. Usually it takes me about an hour to get ready for these things. Really, all I have to do is shower, wait for my hair to dry, and put my dress on. So the last thirty minutes I’m just sitting around uncomfortable in my dress. 
I watched as they all stopped in the middle of what they were doing, looked at each other, and then looked at me and said (well more like screamed), “If you’re not going to get ready, get out!” 

“Fine. I’ll be in the common room if anyone needs me.” So I walked out the door and down the stairs. I plopped myself on the couch and watched the fire. A few minutes later I felt another plop and I looked over to see Sirius. 

“Hey.” He nodded at me. 

“Hi. You going to the dance?” Seemed like a good conversation starter. And hey, now Peyton won’t be able to bug me about not having ever said two words to Sirius. I’m really quite proud of myself. I’ve really grown in the past few months. 

Peyton was right about you turning into an old hag. Who needs maturity? 

I’m just ignoring you. 

“Yeah, just had to get out of there, all the guys are freaking out about getting ready.” 

“Guys really need four hours to get ready?” 

“Well James pretty much blackmailed Lily into going with him, so he’s a nervous wreck. And Remus is all freaked out about whether or not his tie will match Sadie’s dress, and—” 

“Remus?! That’s who Sadie’s going with?!” 

He looked surprised, “She didn’t tell you?” 

“No, she’s being all secretive. It was a struggle just to get it out of her if she had a date or not.” 

“So I guess she’s freaking out too?” 

“Yeah, they’re all running around up there trying to make everything perfect.” 

“You don’t want everything to be perfect?” 

“Promise to keep a secret?” That’s when I noticed his eyes. It was like they were analyzing me, but not in a bad way. They were so piercing and deep. He just sat there looking at me, straight in the eyes. I don’t usually like to look at people directly in the eyes. I know this because Peyton has informed me of it several times. But his eyes, it was like they just answered the question for him. So I continued, “I don’t like my date.”
I don’t know if I was looking too far into it like I usually do, but it seemed like he got a little happier when I said that. But, as past experience has shown my head likes to mess with me. 

You bet I do...

“So why are you going?” 

“My friends wanted me to go. Plus, it’s not like I have anything better to do.” 

He nodded. We continued to talk until my (annoying) friends practically dragged me up to our room. And when I got up there on my bed was the dress. No, not the okay not-so-satisfactory dress I bought a few weeks ago. It was the beautiful, blue, strapless dress that fit me perfectly. And it was mine. I looked at Peyton, Sadie, Olivia, and Lily with a questioning look. 

Peyton just said, “It wasn’t here when we left.” 

I carefully picked it up and a note fell down. Peyton picked it up and handed it to me. The whole thing felt like a dream. Nobody was talking. It was like we all knew what the others were saying. Nobody needed to talk. 

                            I know you, just take it and don’t think too hard.
                                                     Have fun. 

“Nobody knows anything about this?” 

They all shook their heads. So, without further ado, I followed the directions (well not entirely, I couldn’t help but wonder…). I had the girls help me put it on and, with an hour straight of letting them do everything to me, I was dressed, haired, make-upped, and readied. 


Yes. I was haired and make-upped. You got a problem with that? 

…whatever you say… 

I looked at myself in the mirror, and I barely recognized myself. Somehow my hair framed my face perfectly, and my nose seemed just right. Somehow I looked just as beautiful as Peyton, or Sadie, or Olivia, or Lily. And for one night, I could feel like I belonged there just as much as anybody else. 

And then I walked down the stairs and saw Chris waiting for me. I couldn’t not listen to the note right? It told me to have fun, and there was no way I could have fun with Chris all night long. So, I looked at him and said, “Sorry.” And with a knowing look he nodded and turned away. I glanced over at Sirius, who was staring at me. When he saw I was looking at him he grinned and turned to look at James, who was practically slobbering all over himself. I looked up at Lily and saw her keeping her face in a completely neutral manner. But I could tell underneath she was beaming. She was also attempting to put her god-I-can’t-believe-I-let-him-blackmail-me-into-this face on but failing miserably. 

Then I glanced at Sadie who wasn’t even trying to hold back a smile. Peyton was already having her hand kissed by Fred, and Olivia was standing next to me, making her Hufflepuff date came to her. I watched as she took her arm and escorted her out, followed by Lily, Sadie, and Peyton. So I was left to walk to the dance alone. 


The Halloween dance. I always knew it would end badly. I guess I should start from the beginning. Don’t worry, the story isn’t too long, it all fell apart pretty fast… 

When I finally found all my friends they had settled at a table with the Marauders (and Fred). I pulled up a chair and sat next to Peyton. Not two minutes later was everybody dancing with their dates. Lily had given up on acting like she didn’t want to be there and was having the time of her life. Sadie was still a little hesitant about the whole Remus thing, and Peyton was beaming. So I was left to sit at the table by myself and watch. 

Later, I was joined by Sirius, who also didn’t have a date and claimed to be “tired of dancing with random girls.” I was too tired to start a conversation so we just sat in silence. When the time for food came everybody came back to the table and we started talking. I was pretty much zoning out until I heard the words “Mystery Kisser” come out of Peyton’s mouth. I kicked her under the table (to which she said “Ow!”), and gave her one of my famous very-angry-WHAT-WAS-THAT?!?! glares. Yes that’s right, I have different glares. I also have a WTF?!? glare and a try-that-again-and-you’ll-be-sorry glare. There’s also the try-that-again-and-you-won’t-live-to-see-what-you’ll-be-sorry-about glare.

You have got to be kidding me. 

Shut up. 

Anyways, when Peyton said that, of course the Marauders became very interested. Peter kept asking stupid questions, and Remus seemed to think everything was funny. Then, Peyton asked a question, “So who do you think it was?” 

The Marauders all got quiet. Sirius and James glanced at each other. I was very worried. Peyton, on the other hand, was very happy. She knew they knew something, just as much as I did. 

“What? What do you know?” She just couldn’t help it. 

Sirius and James glanced at each other again and I heard something that very much sounded like “it was me” come out of James’ mouth. 

Lily looked up and screamed “WHAT?!” Then the entire student population got quiet. 

Then I said (not quite as loud as Lily), “You what?!” 

James got a very worried look on his face. “Lily...” 

But he didn’t get to finish his sentence. Because she slapped him. And not two seconds later I slapped him on the other side of his stupid, over-inflated, prick of a head. And I stormed out of the great hall right after Lily. As she started walking up the stairs I caught her arm. She turned around at me with glare that could rival mine. 

“Lily, I didn’t know.” 

“How could you not know?!” 

“Lily, it was dark.” 
How could you not know?!” 

“Lily. You know I’ve been trying to figure that out for weeks. Lily…” 

Then she broke down crying. I caught her as she started to collapse and we sat on the steps and I let her cry on my shoulder. 

Through her sobs she said, “Its just…finally…” 

“I know.” I let her cry for a couple more minutes and, when she seemed to be pulling herself together I said, “Lilly, people are going to start coming out.” She nodded and let me help her up. As she was wiping the tears off her face James came out. Let’s just say he got two glares that sufficed as enough to make him go away. 

When we got up back to the dorm I looked at myself in the mirror again. Once more, I couldn’t recognize myself. 
It wasn’t supposed to be like this. 

I know. 

It was supposed to be the best night of your life.

I know.

A/n: just right down there in the little box would be nice 


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