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Harry Potter and the Elixir a Lumina by Prongs_Potter
Chapter 17 : Of Nundu, Griffins and the Great Battle
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“About a month before he died, we covered my Grandfather’s back with lard. After that, he went downhill very quickly.”
Milton Jones

"He asked if I wanted to play darts, I said sure closest to bull wins, he went baa I went moo, he said you're closest."
Tim Vine

A/N: No, your eyes do not deceive you; prongs_potter has indeed uploaded a new chapter. I have various excuses for why it took so long, including broken laptops, trips abroad, exams and being very busy, but in truth I just lacked the inspiration to write and struggled to get words on to the screen. But, I’m back now so read on and please review to tell me what you think. By the way, the two quotes at the top are compensation for the long wait and also because of the fact they are my last two utterly random and funny quotes of this story, and so also this story series. For the last few chapters they will be replaced by serious, inspirational quotes to suit the tone of the story.

I read a lot of fanfiction myself and know that if there’s a long gap between the uploading of chapters, it’s very easy to forget what’s happened, so I’ve decided to include a brief re-cap of some key points. If you haven’t had to wait for this chapter because you’re reading it in the future, you can just ignore it and also how did the whole climate change thing work out? How did England do in the world cup? Actually on second thought, don’t tell me, I want it to be a surprise.

Previously on Harry Potter and the Elixir a Lumina:

Voldemort has been searching for an Elixir, created by Morgana, that would restore the powers of the Nosferatu and/or Lycanthrope race, which were stripped from them by Merlin after they had been gained by powerful dark magic. If the potion was to be drunk be a human, that person would be granted control over the species that also drank it and would gain the powers of that race (including those that were taken by Merlin). Recently, Voldemort, who has taken control of Hogwarts, though the DA is hidden in the Room of Requirement, discovered the location of the Elixir a Lumina from Ginny’s mind and is leading his army, including the Nosferatu, with whom he has allied, to capture the Elixir. Harry has just left Hogwarts after rescuing Ginny and is going to warn the Council of the Phoenix (the governing body and leaders of the Order) and their allies the Lycanthropes about what is happening.

Other plot points: After going through a ritual to grant him control over the four elements, using a broken and cursed Rock of Intitium, Harry has been hearing ever more powerful voices in his mind, telling him to give in to the darker side of his psyche. Dumbledore has only just awakened from a coma, which he has been in for almost a year and is still weak. The Order of the Phoenix was previously betrayed by Council member, Auror and friend of Thane Harding’s Jude Kardos. Snape has been taken by Voldemort as an apprentice, having also betrayed the Order. Harry is plotting something mysterious. The Lycans plan to betray Harry after capturing the Elixir. The Order plan to betray the Lycans after capturing the Elixir, by destroying it.

Knowing that time was of the essence, Harry flung himself through limbo and away from Hogsmeade, appearing in the living room of the Marauder’s cave less than a second later. As soon as he landed, he sprinted to the kitchen, flinging the door open and sprinting inside to find the Council still gathered. Flashing the Weasleys a reassuring smile, he quickly marched to the front of the room.

“I’m pleased to tell you all that, with Professor Dumbledore’s help, I managed to break into Hogwarts and rescue Ginny from Voldemort. She’s safe, as is the rest of the DA, for the moment, holed up in the Room of Requirement.” The Council looked relieved and a few started to speak, before Harry quickly cut them off. “However, Voldemort has a strong hold on Hogwarts and it is well defended and, even more significantly, he has in the last half an hour, learned the location of the Elixir a Lumina. He and his army are currently gathering and preparing to go to Leaena castle.”

The Council burst out in anxious chatter once more but, as Harry took his seat, Moody interrupted them with a bellowed;

“ENOUGH! We don’t have time sit around and gossip, we need a plan and first thing's first. Potter,” Harry met Moody’s eyes, “you disobeyed a direct order from a superior. That is not how we do things in the Aurors; there must be a chain of command and it must be obeyed, the fact that you succeeded does not take away from that fact.”

Harry tried to look sheepish, but couldn’t find it within himself to regret, even a little, the actions he had taken. They had delivered Ginny to safety. The old Auror paused for a moment, staring the younger wizard down as he allowed his message to sink in, before starting to speak again.

“However, I know why you did it. It has become clear to me Potter that you are not a follower, you’re a leader and we all know that, even though this fight belongs to all of us, it is primarily yours. So, I am handing over the leadership of this one, for the battle for the Elixir a Lumina, you will take command.”

Moody sat down and the Council turned as one to a shocked Harry, who quickly shook himself to his senses and stood up.

“Clearly the Order and therefore the Council needs to split for this operation; the majority will come with me to Leaena castle but it’s imperative that Hogwarts is retaken and, without back up, the DA are horribly outnumbered. Professor McGonagall, as acting headmistress the safety of Hogwarts is your responsibility, so you will lead that team. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, with your two youngest children there, I’m assuming that you too will want to be involved in that side of that operation?”

The elder Weasleys nodded their agreement.

“I’m quite happy to allow that, but at the same time, you must bear in mind that Ron and Ginny are both DA commanders and two of the best fighters the light has. As much as I hate it, they will be involved in heavy fighting and commanding others in the battle; you can’t keep them out of this fight and to try to do so would hinder their efforts and undermine their authority, so I must ask you to support them.”

Molly and Arthur Weasley reluctantly agreed with Harry’s assertions, but one look at the matriarch’s face made him glad that he had said something.

“Hestia, you will also go to Hogwarts and, under Professor McGonagall’s command, the four of you will lead seventy five of the Order’s primary fighters into battle. As you know, I have recently reopened relations with the magical creatures of and around Hogwarts and while the larger and less controllable creatures will be no use to you in the confines of the castle, that’s not true of all of them. The centaurs will want to aid in the protection of Hogwarts and that suits our needs well, the unicorns, similarly, are well-suited to this kind of operation, so you will take command of them.”

Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out the master DA galleon, flicking it to McGonagall, who caught it.

“This is my DA coin,” Harry began once more. “To use it, you simply tap your wand to the edge and think about the message you want to appear upon it, then tap the tails side and think ‘DA’. Once you’re in position and ready to attack, send a message to the DA of that effect, they will respond in kind once they’re in position, before setting off a distraction that’ll take the Death Eaters’ attention away from the entrance hall. Once that has happened, you will lead the Order, centaurs and unicorns right through the front door and, as I believe Shakespeare once put it, kick some ass. The DA will be fighting in prearranged groups of three, so you are to do the same, though that’s not to say that the Order and DA must fight separate battles. On that note, I must insist that the soldiers of the DA are treated by the Order as equals and that my commanders are afforded the same status as members of the Council; that is Ginny, Ron, Hermione and my good friend and erstwhile spy Blaise Zabini.”

The members of the Council shared looks at this, but those assigned to the Hogwarts operation nodded their acceptance.

“It seems you had all this already planned out Harry,” Remus commented.

Harry smiled. “What do you think we’ve been training for all this time Moony? The DA was designed to defend Hogwarts, as well as teach its soldiers how to fight; we’ve had this plan in place for some time now. The rest of the Council will of course journey to Leaena castle to seize the Elixir a Lumina, along with the rest of the Order and the beasts and beings we have on side. If there are any wards remaining when we arrive, they will be dealt with by the regular Council ward breaking team; me, Bill, Remus, Thane and Kingsley before, as with the others, the Order will divide into threes and remain in those groups, as far as possible, for the duration of the battle. I, of course, will search out and engage Voldemort and lead the search for the Elixir itself. Before all this, however, Remus and I will spread the good news to our wolfish friends before we all meet at the outskirts of the Forbidden forest in Hogsmeade where the Order and the beasts and beings will be divided into the two groups. Any questions?”

The Council thought for a moment before Tonks spoke up.

“Do we know what sort of numbers we’ll be facing?”

“There’s no new information on that so the latest reports and estimates still stand as far as we know,” Harry replied. “Just before I arrived in the Headmaster’s office and just after Voldemort discovered the location of the Elixir, Ginny heard him order Avery to gather three-quarters of his Death Eaters, so we can safely assume that’s how many are travelling to Leaena castle. As far as the other magical creatures under his command, we have no further information.”

Harry looked around the table for any further questions but there didn’t seem to be any and he was about to dismiss the meeting when Dumbledore met his eyes.

“You know Harry that I wish to be there with you all but my magic, I fear, is still very weak and highly unstable, so as to be dangerous to those around me in a battle situation. I will, therefore, remain here, pacing the carpet no doubt, awaiting your return or any calls for my assistance.”

“I think that’s for the best Professor,” Harry agreed, knowing that, if he was able, nothing would prevent the Headmaster from defending his students and his school.

“If there is nothing else then this meeting is dismissed. Remus and I will travel to Nottingham and the Lycan HQ, while everyone else goes to Hogsmeade to gather the Order and magical creatures and await our return.”

With that, the members of the Council rose from their seats, their faces each set in determination, though with no small amount of trepidation in their eyes. The Weasleys, Thane and Tonks each patted Harry on the back as they strode from the room, Molly Weasley embracing him in a brief but powerful hug, and soon only he, Remus and Dumbledore remained in the kitchen of the Marauders’ cave.

“Ready Harry?” His guardian asked.

“Do you mind sending a patronus to let the Lycans know of our impending arrival?” Harry replied. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

Remus agreed before walking out the room and leaving Harry and Dumbledore alone.

“Professor?” Harry began, allowing himself a few seconds away from the madness before the battle began.

“I think we are beyond titles now Harry, please, call me Albus.” Dumbledore replied.

Harry smiled. “Albus, I just wanted to say thank you. I know what I did wasn’t the most logical of ideas, but you backed me up anyway, even against what was likely your better judgement and even when it led you to magical exhaustion. You trusted me and that means a lot, so thank you.”

“As I have said before Harry, I made the mistake of not trusting you once before and I have always sought to rectify my mistakes. Your success tonight has only proved that my trust is well placed. For as long as I’ve known you, Harry, you have always strived to do the right thing and I know that, though the challenges awaiting you are greater than any that should be forced on a man, you will match them and continue to make me proud.”

“Thank you.”

Remus pushed open the door and popped his head inside.

“I’ve sent the patronus Harry, the Lycans will be waiting for us.” He spoke.

“Well then, let’s not keep them waiting any longer then.” Harry replied. “This is the big one, wish us luck Albus.”

With that and a quick salute to his headmaster, Harry followed Remus out the room.

“Good luck my boy.” Albus Dumbledore whispered.

“So how are you feeling?” Remus asked a few minutes later as he and Harry were walking towards the Lycan base.

“I’m trying not to at the moment.” Harry admitted with a smile. “If I allow myself to fully appreciate the gravity of the situation and the consequences of failure, I might just suddenly decide that a long holiday in the deepest reaches of the Brazilian rainforest is what I need right now.”

Remus laughed. “That might be the normal reaction, but you my young friend are not normal. We both know that you’re never happy unless you’re chasing danger and pushing the limits.”

“I wouldn’t say never.” Harry countered. “There was a night about a week ago that I was very happy. Ginny and I were alone for once and-”

“Whoa! There are some things that I don’t need to know Harry and your sex life is near the top of the list.”

“Spoken like a man who isn’t getting any Moony. Tonks proving difficult to keep up with?”

“You know, I recently discovered a nifty little castration curse, would you like me to demonstrate it for you?” Remus asked. “I think it would be quite amusing to watch you hurling curses at Voldemort, sounding like you’ve become addicted to helium.”

“I’m afraid the demonstration will have to wait.” Harry replied, looking a little relieved as they reached the guarded door of the Lycanthrope HQ. “Serious faces on Remus, it’s time to talk to our allies.”

The guards at the door snarled at them as they approached, but stepped aside to allow them entry to the derelict farmhouse that served as the Lycan HQ. They were met, as before, by the Lycanthrope known as Noapte a crea, though frankly Harry found him indistinguishable from the rest of the court apart from the larger King and Queen, and they were led through the large building to the impressive door, through which the Lycan court lay. Like last time, Noapte a crea left them there alone and they waited impatiently for a couple of minutes before they were beckoned inside by a deep, gravelly;


Walking into the room, Harry and Remus both bowed before the King and Queen, waiting to be told they could rise before meeting the King’s gaze.

“The Elixir has been found,” Harry said simply.

The court broke out in loud, disbelieving chattering and exclamations and the royal family themselves looked stunned, staring at Harry and Remus in shocked silence before eventually coming to their senses.

“Enough” The King bellowed, effectively silencing his court before turning back to the humans. “We will not tolerate untruths about this humans; are you sure that your information is sound.”

“I read it in the diary of Merlin himself.” Harry replied. “There is, however, one problem; we aren’t the only ones who know. About an hour ago, Voldemort discovered the location and, as we speak, is leading his forces, including the Nosferatu, to seize the potion. If we want the Elixir, we’ll have to battle for it.”

“Then battle we shall.” The beast snarled. “This news pleases me humans. I shall gather the Lycanthrope forces at once and the Elixir a Lumina will be ours.”

Harry nodded, before quickly conjuring before him hundred of blocks of wood, stacked high against a wall. Waving his wand again, the blocks glowed blue and Harry turned back to the court.

“Once your soldiers are assembled, each grab hold of a piece of wood and it will transport you to Hogsmeade where the rest of the forces of light will be assembled. But be quick about it Your Majesty, the Nosferatu won’t wait for us.”

“Worry not human, the Lycanthropes will not allow the most hated ones to have the potion of light; my forces will soon be ready. Now, if there is nothing else, leave and we shall meet up once more in the village of Hogsmeade.”

Harry and Remus bowed again before backing out of the court and making their way back through the Lycan HQ to the main door. As Harry was walking out the door, he felt an arm pull him back with incredible strength and turned to see that one of the guards at the door had grabbed hold of him. Growling and salivating, looking like the monster he was, the beast bent down low and spoke to Harry in a deep, gravelly voice.

“For the Elixir a Lumina, we will fight to the death but know this human; betray us and we will drain the blood from the neck of your beloved.”

Harry smiled calmly at the monster before him but, as their eyes locked, the beast shivered at the cold, powerful loathing in the wizard’s brilliant green eyes.

“I appreciate your concern, but know this Lycanthrope; if you threaten my beloved again, it will not be her blood that is drained. Yours will flow freely from what remains of your broken body. I hope I make myself perfectly clear.” Harry replied; his voice steady and terrifyingly matter of fact.

With that, the Lycan released Harry’s arm as it suddenly became too hot to touch and Harry smiled coldly at him before walking away. Catching up with his guardian, he gave him a look that said ‘don’t ask’, before they both apparated away.

The two wizards touched down in Hogsmeade a split second later and were met with an awe inspiring sight. The Order, it seemed, had already gathered and all of its soldiers were stood decked in their navy blue battle robes, wands in hand as they prepared for war. Mixed among them were the magical beasts and beings who had allied themselves with Harry and the Order; dragons, goblins, giants, trolls, graphorns, unicorns, thestrals, hippogriffs and centaurs combined to make an awesome spectacle.

Harry nodded at the leaders of each of the creatures represented, before falling into stilted conversation with Remus as he and the others anxiously awaited the Lycans’ arrival. Though it seemed like much longer, about twenty minutes after Harry and Remus had arrived, a thousand Lycanthropes materialised on the main street of the wizarding village, causing quite a few Order members and goblins to back away.

“We are here Potter.” The King spoke, saying Harry’s name for the first time. “Let us waste no further time.”

Harry nodded. “I’m just going to say a few words to everybody,” He replied, before conjuring a small stage for himself and creating a loud BANG with his wand to gain everyone’s attention.

“This is it ladies and gentlemen,” Harry began as he looked out over the thousands of men, women, beasts and beings under his command, “the battle not only for the Elixir, but for the war and the lives of every single man, woman and child on this planet. The fate of our world will be decided on this night and it rests in our hands; hardship, exertion and death await us, but so does glory and salvation. We stand here tonight to make a stand; to say to the forces of darkness that we will not allow ourselves to be conquered by fear and oppression, but we will fight for what is rightfully ours. We stand as brothers and sisters in arms, prepared to lay down our lives for what we know to be a righteous cause and it is this that separates us from the Death Eaters and it is this that will ensure our victory. This night will be remembered for the rest of time as the night that all of you before me triumphed, that the darkness was vanquished and that the world was set free. The Elixir a Lumina awaits, victory awaits, freedom awaits, let’s go and get them.”

With that, Harry turned his wand to dozens of tree trunks that, in his absence, had been cut down from the Forbidden forest. With a small wave, the trunks glowed blue and, as they were seized by the witches, wizards and magical creatures gathered in Hogsmeade, they all disappeared to face their destiny. 


As Harry walked out of the Room of Requirement, Ginny closed her eyes, forcefully pushing out of her mind the idea that she may never see her love again. After a moment to regain her composure, she opened her eyes and turned to the rest of the DA.

“Let’s get to work.”

As the strategy master of the group, Ron took the lead and immediately called upon the Room of Requirement to provide him with a large, rectangular table, around which the rest of the DA could sit. With everyone seated, Ron stood at the head of the table and began his spiel.

“OK, the time for worrying about loved ones, for thinking about the Elixir a Lumina or schoolwork or whatever is over, Operation Hogwarts Defence has begun. As you know, we are in scenario D-3; trapped inside an occupied Hogwarts, with Harry out of action in regard to this operation, we’ve all been told the battle procedure for this scenario, but I’ll run through it again. Harry will have given his DA galleon to a member of the Council of the Phoenix; this member will gather together a force of Order soldiers and magical creatures and come to our aid in taking back Hogwarts. When this force is ready to attack, we will be contacted on our galleons, we will then get into position and send them a message on Blaise’s galleon before setting off a distraction to bring the attention of the Death Eater guards away from the main entrance. We will then engage the enemy while the Order breaks through the door and does the same. During the battle, everyone is to remain in their groups of three as far as possible; if you lose a member, the remaining two should join on to another group. The usual command structure applies, but think of members of the Council of the Phoenix as additional commanders, the rest of the Order soldiers are equal to DA privates, though only the commanders have the authority to give them orders. The object of the battle is to capture, kill or incapacitate all the Death Eaters and Dark creatures in Hogwarts and reclaim the castle; the enemy forces are concentrated in the entrance hall and in the main halls of each floor. We will begin the battle on the ground floor, with Teams 4 and 6 covering the two stairways, with help from Teams H4 and H6. We will then work our way upwards, clearing the hallways as we go, after the ground floor is clear.”

“What are Teams H4 and H6?” Someone asked and Hermione had to hit Ron to stop him from glaring at the girl who hadn’t remembered every detail of his master plan.

“H-designated teams are House elves,” Ron answered. “While we’re waiting for the signal from the Order, Sergeant Dobby, leader of the DA’s House elf corps, will be giving the House elves their final briefing, just as I am to you. The elves will apparate, or whatever it is they do, up here when they’ve finished and the entire army will proceed, invisible, down to the ground floor. As far as spells go, use your entire arsenal on the Death Eaters; if you think it’s more dangerous to incapacitate or capture them, you have permission from the Minister of Magic to use lethal force, though the Unforgivables are still illegal to anyone outside the Aurors and the Council of the Phoenix. Nosferatu and other Dark creatures are to be killed on sight, remember; Advanced vampire killing curses if you can do them, normal vampire killing curses if you can’t for the Nosferatu, don’t try anything that you’ve never done before or struggle to do in the heat of battle. If you hit one with a normal vampire killing curse, follow it up with more curses to remove its head, otherwise you can’t be sure it’s dead. That’s about everything for now, if you have any questions, ask your Sergeant or a Commander.”

His speech finished, Ron took a seat next to Hermione and the room burst out in nervous conversation as the young witches and wizards contemplated the battle before them. About ten minutes after Ron had finished his outline of the plan, the House elves arrived, led by Dobby and roughly matching the students in number, making a force of about eighty. The elves seemed as nervous as the humans and most forgot their nervousness about being in the same room with and equal to witches and wizards.

It was about an hour after the House elves arrived that a sudden silence descended on the Room of Requirement and, as one, the DA pulled their galleons from their pockets. The message read; ‘We are in position’.

“This is it everybody,” Ginny spoke, not having to raise her voice to be heard in the silent room. “When it comes to making speeches, I’m no Harry, so I’ll just say this; we all know the plan, we all know the risks and we all know why we’re doing this. Now let’s take back Hogwarts!”

This last declaration was met with a roar of approval and, within a couple of minutes, every witch, wizard and elf in the room was invisible, silenced and de-scented; ready for battle. Led by Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Blaise, the DA slowly made their way out of the Room of Requirement and slowly started to make their way through the halls of Hogwarts. They slipped by the Death Eater Harry had seen with no problems and together they managed to make their way down from the seventh floor to the Entrance hall without being detected.

From there, the young soldiers walked into a corridor off the main hall and stopped. Though invisible to others, the members of the DA could see each other and every eye was on Blaise as he pulled out his galleon and sent a message to the Order of the Phoenix; ‘We are ready.’ Blaise looked up at Ginny and gave her the thumbs up as everyone held their breath and looked to the youngest Weasley. With a small smile, she pointed her wand down the corridor and silently cast an exploding curse.

The castle of Hogwarts was rocked as an almighty ‘BANG’ rang out through the ground floor. Death Eaters came running from all directions and were about to converge on the corridor when, with another huge BANG, the door to the Entrance hall exploded inwards and in poured the Order of the Phoenix. The Death Eaters turned as one to the source of the noise and that was the signal for the battle to begin as the DA jumped forward with a collective shout of “Stupefy!” 


As soon as his feet touched the ground, Harry raised a shining and powerful silver shield, aware as he did, of the rest of his army appearing behind him and doing much the same thing. The young warrior scanned around himself and reached out with his magical senses but found no immediate threat. They were in a large, flat, grassy field, still seemingly in Great Britain but with few discernable features to map out the area; in fact, as far as the eye could see only one building disturbed the green splendour of fields and trees. About four hundred yards in front of the foremost soldiers and three hundred to their left, stood a large, ancient and beautiful castle. Leaena castle.

Harry did not have time to admire the elegant design, however, knowing as he did that Voldemort and his forces were nearby. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and reached out with his magical senses once more and he was rewarded after about a minute when he sensed a disturbance just around half a mile in front of them. There was some sort of conflict going on, with powerful magic at work and, as he concentrated harder, Harry realised what was happening.

“Voldemort’s bringing down the last of the wards about half a mile away,” he spoke into the silent field. “There’s no point in us trying to intervene at this stage; we would never be able to identify the wards in time to bring them down ourselves or fight to protect them. Keep your guard and your shields up and we’ll make our way forward.”

The few witches and wizards who hadn’t already raised shields did so now and, as one, the Order of the Phoenix and its magical allies started to walk towards its enemy. As they moved, Harry felt the wards slowly peeling away and he spotted figures in the distance. Suddenly he stopped, holding his hand up to halt the soldiers behind him.

“That’s it. The wards are down,” he whispered, “the battle starts now.”

Peering into the distance, he saw a mass of swirling, writhing black shapes on the horizon; the approaching darkness, the gathering storm. Closing his eyes and drawing a lungful of the cold, damp air, Harry forced down the rising sense of dread that threatened to overwhelm him as he fought off the feeling of déjà vu; there could be no half measures tonight, no split prizes. It was kill or be killed. This was the night that the war came to an end and it was this truth that the two armies dwelled upon as they stared each other down, not one witch or wizard moving a muscle.

Then Voldemort smiled, well the nearest he could manage and, with a swish of his cloak, apparated behind his Death Eaters before giving his order.

“Destroy them.”

Pandemonium broke loose. As one, the Death Eaters responded to their master’s command with a flurry of dark spells, raining them down upon the Order, which scattered across the field as each group of three ducked, rolled, dived, conjured and disapparated to avoid the deadly attack. Harry infused his shield with pure light magic and he and his army started to move forward as the Death Eaters and dark creatures did the same; two sides charging at each other, crying war chants like the muggle armies of old. The Lycans quickly engaged their age old enemy and the Dragons took off into the sky, battling with members of their own species on the other side of the war.

Harry was about to start firing off curses when he felt a familiar and sickening feeling grip his heart; his mother’s dying screams rang out in his ears and the blood in his veins turned ice cold. The Dementors had arrived.

“Kingsley, cover me!” Harry shouted and the Senior Auror, along with his two man team, jumped in front of Harry as he turned his wand to the sky.

Summoning up the happiest memories he could remember and concentrating the power of those emotions into his magic, Harry cried;

“Expecto Patronum!”

A huge and blindingly bright ethereal stag burst from Harry’s wand, before galloping up into the sky. By this stage, hundreds of Dementors were swarming the night sky but they stood no chance as the powerful patronus soon reached them and started tearing them to shreds. Confident that Prongs would do his job, Harry turned away from the vile creatures in the air and, with a quick ‘thanks’ to Kingsley and his men, started to engage in combat on the ground.

Rushing into battle, he thrust his arms forward and launched a powerful gust of wind at the two dozen or so Death Eaters before him, knocking them to the ground and following up with a barrage of Killing curses to finish them off. Most were felled, but around ten remained and rolled to their feet, only to find the earth around them rising up and wrapping itself around their bodies, before collapsing inwards and crushing them to death. More witches and wizards immediately rushed forward to take the place of their comrades and Harry was faced with a rush of Killing curses. Slicing his wand downwards, he conjured an apparition shield and, after the curses had passed through it, opened a second rip behind the group of Death Eaters, dropping more of them. A couple of the deadly green beams found their way through and raced towards him once more, but Harry conjured a second apparition shield and opened up a rip either side of him. The human killing curses slowed the two sneaky Nosferatu considerably and Harry finished them off by firing advanced vampire killing curses out of his wand and open palm. The three remaining Death Eaters had attempted to attack while he was distracted, but the young warrior summoned to him the body of one of the Nosferatu to take the curses and banished towards them, before hitting it with a powerful exploding curse.

Glancing around the field, Harry spotted a large crowd of Death Eaters and Nosferatu about a hundred yards to the east and smiled as a plan formed in his mind. Taking a moment to summon his magic towards him, he made himself invisible and silent before masking his scent and apparating away. Landing in the heart of the group, Harry crouched down to make himself small and slowly forced his magic into a glowing ball of pure light magic, constrained tightly only by his own sheer force of will. Gradually he fed more magic into the sphere until it pulsed with power and, just as the witches and wizards around him turned to look what was making the hairs on the back of their necks stand up, it exploded outwards with massive force. All the Death Eaters and Nosferatu within thirty yards of the blast were thrown into the air and landed bodily on the ground, never to rise again.

The area around Harry was cleared by the blast but he didn’t have time to relax as he had rather effectively drawn attention to himself. Seemingly from nowhere, a Nosferatu appeared before him and pounced almost before he had time to react, Harry was quick, however, and hit the beast with an Extrudo curse before following up with a cry of “Necus Lamia Maxima!” Sensing an attack coming from behind, he then dropped to one knee, feeling a killing curse pass over his head as he did so, and spun on the ground before lashing out with his arm. The Death Eater never stood a chance as a spear of solid ice popped into being and was banished towards him, piercing his heart and instantly ending his life.

Pulling himself back up to his feet, Harry felt a powerful wave of magical energy pass over him and turned to see Lord Voldemort reaching up to the heavens. The Dark Lord seemed to be chanting a long incantation, protected by an honour guard of Death Eaters and Nosferatu, and the air around him was rippling with power. Something was coming, everyone could sense it, and that something was incredibly powerful.

Harry could only watch in utter disbelief as six giant, leopard-like creatures appeared around the Dark Lord, seemingly under his command. The Boy who lived felt his heart drop, for he recognised exactly what these beasts were; they were widely considered to be the deadliest animals on the face of the planet, with breath capable of spreading disease and hides almost completely repellent of magic. They were Nundu. Snapping into reaction, he put his wand to his throat and, amplifying his voice, ordered his soldiers to conjure a bubble-head charm around their heads, before doing so himself and redirecting his wand and free hand as quickly as he could to conjure the protective bubbles on to his non-human allies.

Even as the rest of the Order joined in the effort to protect the magical beasts and beings fighting beside them, Harry knew that they couldn’t possibly perform the charm on everyone in time. But then he realised that he didn’t have to. Taking a moment to pause, he looked up to find Voldemort and his Death Eaters utterly unprotected and realised that the Nundu must have somehow been ordered not to use their most feared ability. Harry passed around the message and the frantic conjuring petered out as those around him turned to the young wizard for direction. But he didn’t have the answers. Even without their killer breath, Nundu were absolutely deadly and the forces of light were already outnumbered.

It was at that moment, that a dozen unearthly SHRIEKS screamed out across the battlefield and Harry was stunned once more as, from high up amongst the castle’s parapets, twenty Griffins swooped down and started attacking the powerful magical beasts. Harry knew that the beastly guardians were no match for the Nundu but, with their superior numbers and fierce protective instincts, they may just be able to take out a few, or at least buy the Order some time. Redirecting his focus, he caught sight of a group of Death Eaters still distracted by the awesome spectacle before them and, taking advantage of their distraction, Harry made short work of ending their lives.

Harry was about to rejoin the fray and throw himself back into the heart of the battle, when he sensed an attack from above. Diving to the floor and rolling skilfully out the way, he felt the heat of magical flames as they burned the ground where he had previously stood. Looking up, the young wizard spotted the familiar and not altogether welcome sight of a Hungarian Horntail as it swooped across the sky, before diving towards the ground and unleashing another blast of conflagration. Apparating away, Harry landed away from the dragon’s focus and directed his wand into the air before firing a torrent of curses and spells at the beast. Its movements were too quick and unpredictable for him to hit, however, as the dragon presented a distant target and Harry was forced to go on the defensive once more as it met his gaze and breathed another blast of fire.

Taking off at a run, Harry smoothly transformed into a Gryon and leapt into the air, spreading his wings and taking flight while skilfully avoiding the Horntail’s magical flame. Flying above the Dragon, he turned back into his human form and, supporting himself on a gust of wind, fired a powerful exploding curse. The Horntail was too quick, however and, seeming to sense the approaching spell, swerved to avoid it before flying up to Harry with a powerful thrust of its wings. Just as it was about to reach the young wizard, however, it was hit by a hurricane-like wind and blown off track. Making good use of the time this bought him, Harry reached out with his elemental powers until he could feel the magical flame within the Dragon. As the Horntail turned, Harry seized control of its fire and, flicking his wrist, the Dragon was suddenly consumed by its own powerful flame, its charred remains falling to the ground. 


The first wave of stunners took out a good number of the Death Eaters who had come to investigate the noise and these were followed up by binding charms, to prevent the fallen being awoken by their comrades. The element of surprise, however, was gone and, though the teams on the stairways were doing their job well, the explosions had brought every Death Eater and Nosferat on the ground floor into action. As the Order and their allied magical creatures continued to pour into the room, the soldiers of darkness split into two groups to tackle the separate threats and, within seconds, everyone was engaged in combat.

Noticing that a large group of Death Eaters was heading his way, Ron directed two teams of three to circle behind the enemy as his and Hermione’s teams engaged them from the front, capturing the unsuspecting dark wizards in a pincer movement. The DA then started to throw spell after spell at their older opponents, many casting silently, while others bellowed the powerful curses with such ferocity as to send a shiver down the spines of the battle-hardened men and women. Ron tumbled a few with a well place ‘Motus Humo,’ following the spell with four quick-fired and powerful slashing curses and swallowing the bile that rose up his throat at the terrible screeches of pain that told him he’d found his mark.

The Death Eaters in the group attacking him were starting to thin out and Ron allowed himself a small smile of satisfaction as one-on-one duels started to develop and Harry’s training started to show results. The DA commander knew he had no time for distractions, however, and was proved right seconds later when he was forced to duck under a pure dark curse, before responding with a cry of “Deflagratio Maxima!”

A large jet of fire poured from the red head’s wand but splashed harmlessly against the Death Eater’s hastily erected, but evidently powerful, shield. Aware that he was duelling against an experienced and talented fighter, Ron didn’t let up fire; silently firing a ‘condolesco curse’ and following it up with a cry of “Confringo!” The Death Eater dodged the first attack and raised an advanced protego to deflect the second. The curse exploded on impact, however, and, though the shield took much of the damage, the Death Eater was thrown to the ground, his mask dislodging in the process as he was revealed to be Avery.

Ron continued to fire curse after curse as Avery fell, but the inner circle Death Eater rolled out of the way and quickly up to his feet, where he took aim in a crouching position. Ron was about to re-engage the man, but was distracted by a panicked cry of “DUCK” from his left and turned, only to watch in horror as a sickly green curse sped towards him, knowing he was too late to avoid it. At the very last second, however, a suit of armour, which had sprang to life beside him, courtesy of Hermione’s wand, took the blow to the chest and proceeded to chase down the offending Death Eater.

The exchange had lasted but a few seconds, but the distraction proved costly for Ron, who just had time to see an electric blue light in his peripheral vision, before he was blasted off his feet and across the floor. Scrambling to his feet, the DA commander saw a streak of grey heading towards him but hit his mark with an advanced vampire killing curse, careful as he did so to drop to one knee to avoid the Killing curse coming at him courtesy of Avery. He then summoned a shield from a suit of armour to block the follow up attack, before banishing it towards his enemy at speed.

Unwilling to waste the advantage this distraction provided, Ron redirected his wand upwards and, as the shield was vanished by his adversary, sliced through the metal that connected a chandelier to the ceiling. Avery was forced to roll away from the falling light, but, at that moment, the floor in front of him was hit by a ‘Motus Humo’ and, by the time he had found his feet, Ron had sent an arrow flying at him. The missile pierced his shoulder and Avery just had time to scream in pain, before he was struck by an entrails exploding curse, ending his life.

Caught up in the heat of battle, Ron had not even considered what curses he was using but, as his opponent collapsed in a bloody heap, the full weight of what he had done struck him like a speeding train. He had killed. The youngest Weasley male allowed himself a few moments to dwell on this fact before the noise of battle brought him back to his senses. He had to do it, there was no other way and he wouldn’t stand there moping about his lost innocence, while his friends died around him. He needed to find his team and get back into the action.

“Expecto Patronum!”

Ron turned to see Ginny’s horse patronus gallop past him where it entered into battle with the newly gathered Dementors to his left. His sister had felt the presence of the detestable creatures before him; her mind assaulted by images of Tom Riddle before she forced them out and replaced them with happier thoughts to fuel her magical guardian. As the ethereal beast dealt with the Dementors, Ginny sensed a new danger coming towards her at some speed and whipped around, bringing her wand to bear on the Nosferat just as it pounced and striking it down with an advanced vampire killing curse.

Seeing two Death Eaters firing off pot shots as they hid behind a half collapsed wall, Ginny stealthily led her team towards them, before vanishing the rubble protecting the vile people. The Death Eaters looked up in surprise, but they were stunned and bound and their wands were snapped before they could offer any resistance. Finding herself a little away from the heart of the battle, Ginny had a moment to assess the conflict and quickly spotted Blaise and his team struggling against eight Death Eaters, the other two DA members sporting injuries as the commander bore the brunt of the attack. The team had taken to defensive spells only and was constantly summoning rubble, suits of armour and anything else they could to deflect the more deadly spells.

Leaping to the former spy’s aid, Ginny and her team immediately stunned and bound two Death Eaters while their backs were turned, with a third just managing to block the attack. The Dark witches and wizards started to counter-attack, but Ginny directed her wand to the wall beside them and hit it with a powerful explosion curse. While dust and brick poured down upon her enemies, Ginny quickly conjured a large German shepherd and set it upon them, before shouting “Extrudo! Lethargus! Condolesco!”

Two out of three curses found their mark and one Death Eater was flung headfirst into a wall, while another fell into a deep coma. The condolesco curse was blocked by an ‘Aegis Ultimus’ shield and the Dark witch returned fire with a killing curse at a member of Ginny’s team. The youngest Weasley reacted quickly, however, and ordered her conjured dog to take the deadly spell, before shouting “Intransitus!”

The remaining Death Eaters, along with Blaise’s team, screamed in pain and pushed their hands against their ears as a piercing, all encompassing white noise filled the corridor. Ginny, meanwhile had conjured bubbles onto the heads of her team and, making good use of the distraction Harry had taught her, quickly stunned the Death Eaters, before nullifying the Dark hex. Walking up to Blaise and the two boys with him, sprawled on the ground in the aftermath of her distraction, Ginny pulled her fellow commander up and performed a rudimentary healing charm on the ears of him and his team.

“No need to thank me.” She quipped, ignoring the Slytherin death glare and twin anxious looks being directed at her.

“Yeah thanks.” Blaise replied, not entirely sincerely as a light ringing remained in his ears. “I’ll remember that move, next time you need help.”

“I needed a distraction, I made a distraction.” Ginny said simply. “If you look closely, you’ll notice that they are on the floor, while you are still standing.”

“I appreciate the aid.” Blaise responded as he regained his composure. “But I would prefer if next time you find a distraction that doesn’t half deafen me.”

With that, Blaise stalked away, leading his team towards a pocket of action, where Ginny could see Hermione leading an assault.

It was over a year since Hermione had been convinced by Harry of the legitimacy of using Dark magic against Death Eaters, but the brightest witch of her age still couldn’t quite bring herself to use those spells. Instead, she relied on more standard duelling hexes and curses, but, combined with her prodigious knowledge of charms and transfiguration and her inventive use of both, she had become an impressive fighter in her own right. She proved as much as she made two confunded Death Eaters, their dark robes transfigured into school uniforms fight each other, as she and her team took out the remaining two dark witches in the group. That done, it was a simple matter of stunning and binding the victorious, but still thoroughly confused, of the first two Death Eaters.

At that moment, Hermione’s attention was diverted elsewhere as a voice, amplified with the sonorous charm, called out “Teams 4 and 6 need urgent back up!” Hermione shouted to three Order soldiers, telling them and their teams to guard her back, before directing her team and one other to go to the assistance of those guarding the stairways.

Knowing the three Order teams had the ground behind them covered, Hermione focused all of her attention on the stairway she had led her team to help protect. Fifteen Death Eaters were making good use of the high ground and were raining curses down upon the witches, wizards and house elves of teams 4 and H4 as they defiantly stood up to the barrage. The DA teams concentrated, as they had been told to do, on simply blocking the stairway and defending themselves against attack, taking pot-shots when they could. They were quickly becoming overwhelmed by sheer numbers, however, and Seamus had been right to call in backup.

The reinforcements meant that the DA could launch more counter attacks and four Death Eaters fell to their wands, but it became clear that the remaining eleven were experienced fighters and maintained a constant bombardment of attack. Suddenly, Hermione was struck with an idea and ducked back under the cover the DA had conjured and summoned to get to work. Searching her mind for the most distracting thing possible to a Death Eater, Hermione couldn’t help but grin as she conjured an intricate image of one Harry Potter to the right of the attacking witches and wizards.

As she had hoped, one of the Death Eaters spotted ‘Harry’ and, with a cry of fear, the whole group starting firing curses at the illusion. With the dark witches and wizards well distracted, Hermione conjured a heavy net and banished it towards her enemies, wrapping it around the eleven of them as it reached its destination. The DA commander then summoned the net to her, sending the Death Eaters tumbling down the stairs and into the path of a dozen stunners. By the time they got to the bottom of the stairway, not one Death Eater was conscious and it was a simple matter of strengthening the binds on them and snapping their wands.

With the immediate danger cleared, Hermione led her team to the second stairway and assisted teams 6, 9 and H6 in their efforts there. The added DA members turned the numerical advantage in the favour of the light and they made quick work of defeating the remaining Death Eaters. With the stairways secure for now, Hermione turned back to the Death Eaters and Dark creatures on the ground floor and, in a rare moment of peace, her thoughts drifted briefly to Harry and the battle for the Elixir a Lumina. 


As another Death Eater fell to his wand, Harry found himself with a couple of seconds to analyse the battle and started scanning the horizon in search of Tom Riddle. He smiled wryly when he saw the Dark Lord towards the rear of the action, behind his army of enslaved people and creatures, but his expression grew grim as he recognised the complex motion of Voldemort’s wand. Confirming Harry’s fears, the area around the castle itself glowed purple as the anti-apparition ward was laid and Voldemort quickly started to make his way over to the ancient building, dispatching Death Eaters and Dark creatures en mass to dispose of anyone who stood in their way.

Averting his gaze to his right, Harry saw Thane and Remus leading their teams and around five others in dealing with a large group of Death Eaters and, quickly triumphing and searching for their next target of attack. Harry caught Remus’ eye and called them all over, before doing the same with the King of the Lycans, who led the entire court to him.

“Voldemort’s making a move on the castle.” Harry said. “We need to stop him before he secures the Elixir. There’s an anti-apparition ward around the castle so we’ll have to go in by foot, stick together and deal with any threats swiftly, there isn’t time to waste. Let’s go.”

With that, Harry turned just in time to see Voldemort approach the entrance of Leaena castle. The Dark Lord paused for a second before flinging his arms out in an aggressive gesture, battering down the doors with a powerful pulse of pure magic. He directed around thirty Death Eaters, along with a good number of Nosferatu and Dementors inside and was about to follow himself when he seemed to sense something and whirled round to meet Harry’s gaze. The two wizards stared at each other for a second before the Dark Lord turned away and called on a Death Eater, issuing his instructions before walking into the castle.

As Harry started to lead the Order and Lycans forward, the Death Eater started shouting to his comrades and Nosferatu allies. Before the young wizard’s eyes, over fifty witches and wizards and twice that number of Nosferatu gathered to stand guard before the castle, their eyes glued firmly to Harry and his team.

“It looks like, just this once, not everything is going to plan Remus.” Harry said. “This isn’t going to be easy as we might have hoped.”

Remus smiled. “Where would the fun be without a bit of a challenge?”

“I like a challenge,” Harry replied, “but does it have to be hundreds of Death Eaters and deadly creatures every time? A little variety hurts nobody.”

Remus nodded in agreement and the faces of the Order soldiers grew serious as Harry led them towards the Death Eaters and Nosferatu. It was unclear who exactly it was who threw the first spell, but as soon as it had left the caster’s wand, all hell broke loose. Harry erected a huge, silver shield to protect his team from the curses of the Death Eaters as the Nosferatu sprung forward with speed. With a cry of “Permultus Necus Lamia Maxima!” Harry unleashed a torrent of advanced Vampire Killing curses to decrease the numbers, but soon the beasts were too close and he was forced to change tactics. Drawing the sword of Gryffindor, he infused it with pure light magic and, using it in tandem with his wand, started to bring down the vampiric monsters in great numbers. All the while, he never stayed still, diving and rolling and propelling himself all over the field to make himself a harder target to hit as he called upon his power over the four elements to aid him in his fight. Powerful winds blew the Nosferatu from their intended course, while they were pummelled by fire, water and earth, groups of them burning or falling prey to missiles of ice and earth.

Soon, the Nosferatu numbers had dwindled to a level that could be handled by the Lycans and a few Order soldiers, so Harry turned his attention to the Death Eaters. Those witches and wizards who met his gaze were taken aback by the ferocity in his eyes and a dull ache appeared in their stomachs as they began to suspect they wouldn’t make it out of this confrontation alive. Charging forward, Harry stowed away his sword and instead relied solely on his wand and his wandless magic. Curse after curse was fired by the young wizard, as deadly creatures appeared out of nowhere and started to rip the Death Eaters to pieces.

However, with a pang of dread, Harry realised that there were too many of them. Reinforcements had bolstered enemy numbers and were tying down any Order members or Lycans that might come to his aid. He was vastly outnumbered and surrounded and had to call upon every trick he’d learned and every bit of magical power he possessed simply to stay alive, as he raised shield after shield, diving and rolling all over the place and repelling the Death Eaters away whenever he could. Propelling himself into the air, he managed to take out a good number, but made himself an easy target and his shoulder screamed in pain as he was struck by a condolesco curse, Lowering himself down through a sea of conjured smoke, Harry felt his anger spike at the intense pain in his arm and he started firing curses with renewed rapidity and power. Explosions of pure light magic were set off around him and the air grew thick with the smell of charred flesh. With a silver shield before him at all times and an apparition shield always at the tip of his wand, Harry cut through the masses of witches and wizards with Deadly force, utilising every bit of defensive magic he had learned in the last two years.

The dark voices of his mind, awakened by the cursed Rock of Initium, screamed at him to tear his enemies apart and Harry threw aside his inhibitions, seizing the rush of adrenaline and magic and utilising it as more and more Death Eaters were felled by his wand. Not one of those Death Eaters would ever rise again; they were far past stunners now, this battle would decide the fate of the planet and he would be damned if the Dark side was to emerge with the prize. Harry was playing to win, even if his soul was forfeit. The Death Eaters in his area of battle, the live ones anyway, were beginning to fall in numbers and others seemed to be, understandably, unwilling to take their place. 

As a result, Harry found himself with clear land ahead of him and, with a glance back to make sure his comrades were still with him, strode purposefully forwards towards Leaena castle. The ancient building was almost within touching distance, when an ear-splitting ‘SCREECH’ filled the air and Harry turned just in time to see two Griffins drop to the ground dead, their slaughterer stood above them in the shape of a huge and savage looking Nundu. The beast seemed to sense their stares and whipped its head around to Harry and his team, its eyes immediately locking on to the emerald green of the young warrior. 

Harry sensed what was about to happen just a split second before it did. His eyes widened and, flinging his body round, he conjured a powerful gust of wind to blow back the Order members and Lycans who had accompanied him to the castle. By this time, however, the Nundu was moving at incredible speed, its magically enhanced muscles carrying its massive weight as if it was nothing at all as it streaked towards its prey. With no time for elegance, Harry flung his arms behind him as a black blur entered his vision, and propelled himself out of the way, landing painfully on his shoulder before he rolled back to his feet. 

With the voices of the dark side of his psyche still roaring in his ears, Harry let fire with everything he had, releasing spell after spell at the creature and mixing in some powerful elemental magic. The Nundu was too fast, however, avoiding most of the curses he and the Order shot at it, while those that did hit seemed only to make it angrier. The dark beast pounced once again and Harry was forced to propel himself away, realising as he landed that a plan was needed. 

Suddenly, an idea came almost fully formed into Harry’s mind and, as the monster turned to chase down, his friends and allies, knew that he couldn’t waste the distraction. Calling upon his elemental abilities, Harry conjured a powerful gust of wind once again and hoisted himself around fifty feet into the air, where he came to rest and closed his eyes. Knowing that, though time was of the essence, all of his power would be required for this task, Harry took a moment and reached out to his inner core, before drawing every last bit of bit of his magical energy to his fingertips and opening his eyes. 

The Order members on the ground felt the hairs on the back of their necks stand on end as a wave of palpable magical power rushed over them. Had they had time to look up, they would have gazed in awe as Harry was surrounded by a blinding white aura, his striking green eyes glowing with power. They did not have such a luxury, however, as the Nundu was moving quicker than a human eye could track it and all involved were rolling and diving all over the place just to avoid becoming a tasty meal. 

The gigantic magical beast was closing in on Thane when, suddenly, the ground around it detached itself from the earth and shot into the sky. The Nundu skidded to a halt upon its hundred square feet platform of land in confusion, and this was all the time Harry needed. A veritable typhoon of water engulfed the creature, before immediately freezing, creating a rock solid cocoon and trapping the Nundu inside. Harry knew that this would not last forever, however, as the beast started to thrash around in an attempt to free itself, cracking off large chunks of ice as it did so. Allowing himself, only a second to regain his focus and take aim, the young warrior flung his wand out before him and released a beam of pure light magic more powerful than anything the Order had ever seen before. The dark creature howled in pain as the bolt of light hit, its thrashing increasing and breaking through the ice as it was slowly overcome. Harry held his focus, however, and eventually the Nundu’s howls fell silent and its death throes ceased as the pure light magic extinguished it life. 

Exhausted, Harry slowly lowered himself back to the ground, wobbling on his feet slightly as he touched down on terra firma. The Order members, led by Remus and Thane, rushed over to offer their thanks and congratulations, but Harry only smiled and nodded in acknowledgment as he allowed himself a few moments to regain his breath and let his magic return to full power. Once he felt ready to continue, he straightened up and quickly swept his gaze over the battlefield around him before walking the short distance to Leaena castle. 

The doors, which Harry had seen Voldemort destroy to gain access to the castle, had repaired themselves in the time that had since elapsed. His first thought was to blast them in once more, but without making any effort, he could feel the powerful protection magic upon them and decided to follow his gut instinct. Reaching out, he grasped the golden lion head of a handle, feeling a rush of power as he held it in his hand, and gave it a turn. The door opened without so much as a creak to tell of its thousand year existence and, his face set in determination, Harry led the Order and the Lycans inside.

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