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I'll Wait By My Window by flyaway
Chapter 1 : Summer's End
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Swearing under her breath, as her trunk slipped from her fingers and landed with a loud clunk on the stone platform, the girl bent to pick it up again.  She swept her blonde hair from her face and sighed in frustration. 

“Careful Dom.” Said a frazzled looking redhead, struggling with her own mahogany trunk “Merlin this is heavy.” She had both hands clamped around her trunk handle, and was attempting to drag it across the ground. 

“Then you shouldn’t pack so much.” The comment was calm, much like it’s speaker; Albus Potter, who was standing, watching the girls with an amused expression on his face. 

“Oh Allie, thanks ever so for your help.” Dom said dryly.  He merely grinned at her, shrugging his shoulders. 

“Just think,” he said “do you really need all those shoes now?” Rose looked indignant. 

“I’ll have you know that I’ve no more shoes than necessary.” She scowled, raising her hand to hit him on the arm.  Albus chuckled and dodged expertly.  Rose’s scowl only deepened. 

“Now now Children.” Said James Potter, coming to stand between Albus and his would-be assailant.  “Play nice.” Rose rolled her eyes.  James fought a smirk. 

“I can’t believe you’re not coming back,” Dom said to James, who smiled “It’ll be too quiet without you there.”

“Hey now, it’s up to you guys to continue the tradition.” He said with a very serious expression.  Rose raised her eyebrows “besides, the Quidditch world’s a waiting.”

“James, I’m Head Girl.  I have to set a good example.” She said haughtily.  Dom snorted, and received a dark look in return. 

“Even better,” James said, ignoring the second part of her sentence “an inside operative.” She huffed, though Dom could see she was trying hard not to smile.  James smiled knowingly at her, because he knew as well as she did that Rose was hardly going to remove points from her own house because they’d been out sneaking around again.  And maybe the teachers wouldn’t look on them with such suspicion now that James was gone. 

And then it was time to get on the train.    Bidding goodbye to parents and various aunts, uncles and cousins was a long process.  Dominique’s mother bent and kissed her on both cheeks and said “Je vous manquerai. Comportez-vous.” Dom smiled and assured her mother that she would behave herself just fine.  Her father gave her a hug and repeated her mother’s words, this time in English.  Dom grinned, and, giving her elder sister Victoire a drive-by hug, picked up her trunk, and, with her father’s help, managed to get it onto the Hogwarts Express, while her younger brother Louis followed behind her. 

She made it to the window just in time to wave maniacally at the retreating figures of her parents as the train lurched from the station with a screech.  Her mother, startlingly beautiful and her sister the same.  Dom had always felt fiercely jealous of their beauty, and while she would never admit it, she felt like she didn’t belong to them.  Where Victoire was pale and ice blonde, a perfect copy of their mother, Dominique took after her father.  Her hair was strawberry blonde, her face freckled. 

Dom gave up waving when the train turned a corner, carrying her away from her parents.  Her little brother, who was fourteen, nudged her and said, “See you later Neeky.”

With a laugh at his nickname for her, she gave him a shove and said, “see you later then Louis”

Dom couldn’t prevent a smile from spreading across her face.  Finally they were on their way. 

Eventually, the remaining family members began to leave one by one.  Lily gave her brother a mock salute when he told her not to do anything stupid, but Dom could have sworn she heard her whisper to Roxanne that it was time to go boy stalking before they hurried off.  Lucy smiled her goodbyes and left in search of somewhere quiet and Hugo, rolling his eyes, went to find someone who wasn’t related to him. 

Following Rose and Albus into an empty compartment, Dom heard somebody wolf-whistle.  Snapping around, she caught sight of a group of fifth years sniggering at her.  Their apparent leader smiled lecherously and gave her a wink.  Rolling her eyes, Dom ignored him and slammed the compartment door closed, just for effect. 

“What?” Rose exclaimed, startled. 

“Just more fifth years with smutty minds.” Dom said resentfully.  It wasn’t that she wasn’t flattered; she was.  She was simply sick of boys treating her like she was just a pretty face.  It was this predefined idea of who she was that made her strive for the grades she so desperately wanted, coming top with only Rose and that Malfoy boy above her. 

Rose rolled her eyes at this and said “stupid little idiots.”

“Who’s a stupid little idiot?” Dom looked up and saw Lysander Scamander as he ducked into the compartment.  Rose rolled her eyes again. 

“Don’t you have girls to flirt with?” she asked him snottily.  It didn’t take much to anger Rose, but she was rarely rude.  Lysander Scamander was the exception to the rule, she often said.  While Dom couldn’t see anything wrong with him, and neither, it seemed, could anyone else, Rose was insistent.  

“Hey, don’t you have Prefects to meet with?” he asked her, having heard about her appointment to Head Girl.  She paled, muttered something very rude and left the compartment at breakneck pace.  Chuckling to himself, Lysander took a seat in Rose’s empty spot.  He was good friends with Albus, and had shared a dormitory with him for six years now.  He had a twin in Ravenclaw, whom Dom had spoken to briefly.  They were friends of the family, but Dom realised that she barely knew them.  So she pulled out a book and got reading while the boys chatted about the upcoming Quidditch trials.  While Lysander never played, he was certainly a fan of the sport.  Dom was on the team, playing chaser.  She wasn’t up to the bar that her cousin Freddie had set so many years ago but she wasn’t a bad player. 

But instead of joining their conversation and being sociable for once, she turned her attention to the adventures of Elizabeth Bennet in her Aunt Hermione’s birthday gift, a copy of Pride and Prejudice.  She was so into the story she didn’t notice when Lysander asked her a question.  Albus gave her a light prod with his foot. 

“What?” she asked. 

“I asked whether you were going to try out for the team again this year?” Lysander said, not seeming the least bit impatient or annoyed.  Dom blushed. 

“Yes.” She nodded.  She wanted to say more but suddenly words seemed to fail her and she stayed silent.  Lysander regarded her for a moment more and turned back to Albus.  Mentally kicking herself, Dom turned her face back down to her book, letting her hair fall forward to hide her embarrassment. 

The next hour she passed in awkward silence.  It was hard to concentrate on Jane Austen when Lysander Scamander kept glancing at you, that was for sure.  When Rose returned, nearly an hour and a half after she’d left, Dom had to restrain herself from leaping on her in gratitude.  Unfortunately, Rose seemed to be in a foul mood. 

“I can’t believe it!” she said angrily as she sat down next to Dom.  The three of them looked at her questioningly, no one keen on being the one to ask.  Not that they needed to “Malfoy’s Head Boy.” When no one replied, she repeated “Malfoy!  Head boy!”

Muttering appropriately anti-Malfoy sympathies, Dom saw Albus and Lysander exchange a bored glance.  Neither of them cared overmuch for the Malfoy boy but neither hated him either.  He’d never done anything to them, so why should they act as though he had?  Dom secretly agreed with this, though she offered Rose her support in her hatred of the boy. 

“What Professor McGonagall was thinking!” she broke off “he’s going to make this hard for me on purpose.”

“Just ignore him Rosie.” Dom offered weakly.  Rose did not appear comforted.  She crossed her arms and remained stony faced until the Trolley Lady wheeled past, offering refreshments.  At the prospect of something sugary, the four seventh years immediately rummaged in their pockets for some coins to throw her way. 

Albus, who sensed that Rose would probably be in a mood until they reached the school, had just decided it might be a good idea to try and move past the awkward silence that had enveloped the four of them when his little sister arrived with a clatter.  She was red in the face, the traces of laughter in her voice. 

She sounded like she was trying to speak, but kept collapsing back into fits of giggles. 

“Lily?” Albus asked, looking slightly alarmed at his sister’s apparent loss of sanity. 

“Lily, breathe.” Said Dom, fighting a smile “and tell us what’s so blooming funny.”

Lily took a deep breath and said, her voice quaking with mirth “Only Scorpius Malfoy!” At this Rose perked up “Louis’ only gone and managed to turn him into a canary!” Dom felt immensely proud of her brother.  “Yeah, Malfoy was giving Lucy into trouble for something, and Louis totally showed him!” Her pride swelled.  Lucy was only a second year, and a very gentle one at that. 

“We’re not even at Hogwarts yet!” Rose said, sounding every bit like her mother. 

“And?” Lily said, still grinning at the thought of Malfoy the canary “you’re just jealous that you didn’t think of it first!”

Rose gaped at Lily.  While the cousins looked remarkably similar, they were entirely different in temperament.  Lily was laidback and relaxed, while Rose was the opposite.  Even though Lily was two years her junior, Dom envied Lily’s outgoing nature; she could chatter away to anyone anywhere. 

“Where is he?” asked Dom, thinking that Malfoy would want to exact revenge on her little brother. 

“With his friends probably.  They’re a couple of carriages back.  Don’t worry about him Dom, he’s more than capable of taking care of himself.”

Dom nodded, and sat back, staring out of the window.  She thought of Scorpius Malfoy as a canary and smiled. 


When the train pulled into Hogsmeade Station with a jerk, Dominique woke with a start, and had to tense herself so as to prevent herself being thrown from her seat onto the floor. 

She felt very rough.  Her throat was scratchy; her hair was tangled from where it had been pressed between her head and the seat. 

“Nice sleep?” Lysander asked, failing to keep the trace of amusement from his face.  She smiled slightly as she rubbed her eyes. 

“Fantastic.” She croaked.  Lysander grinned at her and she couldn’t help but smile a little too. 

She was thankful she had changed into her robes earlier as she followed Albus, Rose and Lysander onto the platform.  The sun was low in the sky, illuminating the hills around the magical village.  It looked so beautiful.  Dom smiled to herself. 

“Firs’ years!  Firs’ years ‘is way!” came the great voice of Hagrid the Game Keeper. 

“Hagrid!” Albus shouted, gaining the scared looks of several first years who all seemed to recognise him instantly. 

“Albus!  Good ter see yeh!” the half-giant called back.  With a salute, Albus jumped down the stairs from the platform, followed by his friends.  Dom walked in silence, listening to the other three chattering away.  Rose seemed to have cheered up considerably. 

They snagged a carriage and piled into it, giggling. 

“We’re all going back to Hogwarts!” Rose sang, to some unknown tune “we’re all going back to school!”

Dom laughed at her friend.  Rose was brilliant at all sorts of things, but singing wasn’t one of them. 

“My ears!” Albus cried, clutching the sides of his head in mock agony.  Rose kicked him. 

“You won’t have ears any more if you don’t stop insulting my singing.” She said, smirking as she brandished her wand at her cousin.  He didn’t look intimidated in the least but he removed his hands. 

"That can only be a good thing at this point." he replied, giving her a toothy grin.  Rose huffed. 

The journey up to the castle was a bumpy one; someone really needed to fill those potholes at some point.  Dom, who didn’t like to travel by car and especially not by carriage, felt very sick by the time they pulled up in front of the inviting warmth of the Entrance Hall.  As soon as the wheels stopped rolling, she was out of the carriage, taking deep breaths and trying to steady herself. 

“You okay?” Lysander asked, concerned. 

“She’ll be fine in a minute.” Said Rose, who didn’t mean to be flippant but came across as such nevertheless “she always gets like this.” Lysander, though, ignored this and asked her again.  Dom smiled, touched at his rather needless concern and said that she was fine.  He gave her a grin and went to join Albus in the Entrance Hall.  Rose waited, giving her as friend a very interesting look when she fell into step with her.  Dom merely shrugged. 

As they took their seats at the Gryffindor table, a little third year girl looked up and said “Hi Dom.” Dom smiled at her.  A couple of little Hufflepuffs who she knew were in Lucy’s year gave her a smile and a wave.  Dom smiled to herself as Professor Sinistra emerged from the little antechamber as she did every year.  The thud of wood on stone as the doors banged off the walls was enough to shut everyone up.  As the stream of terrified little first years hurried to stay together as they followed the Depute Headmistress into the hall, Dom happened to glance towards her brother, who was sitting looking very proud of himself.  So he should, a little voice said.  He shouldn’t really have done anything, though.  Dom’s reasonable side kicked in.  Scorpius was only doing his job, and really, the brilliant hex conjured by her brilliant brother would only warrant further trouble. 

“Adams, Nicholas.” Professor Sinistra called, as Dom wrenched her attention back to what was happening. 

Nearly thirty minutes later, and Gryffindor had gained eight new recruits, much to the delight of the house.  Hufflepuff had gained nine, Ravenclaw eight and Slytherin ten. 

“Thank god that’s over.” Albus said “Food now.” Dom sniggered at him, as Rose rolled her eyes.  Then McGonagall stood up and gave her speech “I welcome all of you to Hogwarts.  I have been asked to remind you all that The Forbidden Forest is, of course, forbidden, as you would all do well to remember.  Our Caretaker has asked me to tell you that the list of forbidden items has been increased and if you should like to see it, I urge to you ask him.”  She cleared her throat “and with that out of the way, let the feast begin.”

As soon as the last word left her lips, the plates filled with food.  Dom couldn’t help laughing at Albus, whose eyes seemed to have taken on a worrying glint. 

“Alright lads.” He said, looking greedily at the food before him.  “Dig in.”


“Oh I am so full.” Rose complained loudly as they made their way up the staircases to the Common Room leaving their fifth year prefects to guide the first years.  “I think that Banoffee Pie finished me!”

“Jesus Rose, Shut up.” Hugo said, as he dashed passed, following Lily “I could hear you all the way down the stairs.”

Rose made an incredibly rude hand gesture. 

“My my,” Dom said, laughing “is that any way for our esteemed Head Girl to be behaving?” She sounded ridiculous, but all the sugar in that Banoffee had gone straight to her head.  Rose gave her the same hand gesture, smiling all the while, before taking off up the corridor at a run.  Dom shook her head before following suit.  Crazy girl. 

Just so you know, Fleur says 'I will miss you.  Behave yourself' but because French isnt my first language, that could be wrong.  If it is, please drop me a review and let me know. :)

So what did you think?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, even just one or two words. 
If you see any mistakes, just let me know and I'll fix them right up. 
Thanks for reading :)

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I'll Wait By My Window: Summer's End


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