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Being A Select Few by BellaRose
Chapter 12 : Interrogation
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A/N: feel free to throw rotten veggies at the lateness of this chapter.
Disclaimer: If i owned Harry Potter, lets just say that the epilogue would have had a different outcome.

Chapter 12: Interogation: the act of interrogating; questioning

A few days fly past without consequence and it is already Friday by the time anything exciting happens at Hogwarts. I am sitting in the library finishing some homework so that my weekend will be free when Gabriella practically runs over to my table, her face glowing with excitement.

“This just arrived in the common room, Galloway must have addressed it to all of us” she says quickly handing out a piece of parchment for me to take. I take the parchment hoping that it will be the news we have been waiting for.

Where do you want them?

It is all the note says, I grin and pack up my things quickly, following Gabriella back to Gryffindor tower. We sit around a table in the common room, taking no notice of the strange looks we are receiving, planning where would be best to take our hostages.

“We could take them up to our meeting room, but do we really want the Slytherins to know where that is?” Thomas proposes.

“They already know where it is vaguely, and we’ve already seen that Draco knows exactly where it is” I remind him, “and I think the Slytherin meeting room is out since I don’t want Draco to be involved with this” Leanne makes a small humming noise and I look up to see her worriedly biting her lip.

“Don’t you think it’s a bad idea keeping this from him? You’ve only just started speaking again” she argues,

“It’s for his own good” I say stubbornly, I hear her mutter

“That’s what they all say” under her breath, but ignore her and don’t comment. It’s true though. I am keeping it from him for his own good. He’d probably torture the girls into telling him who the poor bugger is who indirectly killed his mother. Well, at least he will be a poor bugger once Draco gets a hold of him.

Eventually we decide that the Gryffindor meeting place would be best, even if it means we are letting two Beauxbaton students, an unknown number of Durmstrang students and a Slytherin into our territory. At least we are on our territory and not somewhere unfamiliar to us.

“I’ll go and get them” I say, walking out of the room. I stride down the halls until I get to the place I know Morgan will be waiting. The older boy is leaning on the door frame in the main entrance hall. I nod at him and he grins before bringing two fingers to his mouth and whistling loudly. I glance at him enviously; I always wanted to be able to do that. Two Durmstrang boys walk into the entrance hall levitating two invisible objects with their wands.

“Stunned, then disillusioned. Wouldn’t do to be expelled for kidnapping students” Morgan explains. I nod before leading them back up to our tower.

“I hope you know what you owe me, Red. Kidnapping two teenage girls is against both the social moral code and my own moral code, not to mention against the law” Morgan chuckles.

“Yeah, yeah, so I owe you big time. I’m sure you’ll think of something” I say with a roll of my eyes. “Just go straight through there and Leanne will greet you and give you instructions” I continue, pointing to our tower.
“Where are you going?” Morgan questions

“To get Dean Brentley as an interrogator” I explain before hurrying off. I had noticed before I left to get Morgan and his team, that all the Slytherins were gathered in their meeting room. This meant that they were probably watching us all on the map, which meant that I was going to have some explaining to do.

I quickly make my way to the dungeons and the door swings open before I can even raise my hand to knock. They’ve been watching.

“Just because you have found out where out meeting spot is doesn’t mean that you can abuse that privilege and come prancing in any time you wish, Ginevra” Draco says to me with eyebrow raised, apparently amused by my antics.

“I was just coming to see if Brentley could help us out with something” I say proudly my gaze not wandering from his.

“What might that be?”

“We need him for interrogation. I hear Slytherins are much more accomplished in that area than us poor Gryffindors.” I sneer at him, getting impatient. We really need Brentley now!

“He is not required, I will do the interrogation myself” Draco replies, I shake my head and glare at him.

“Believe me, that was my first thought as well, but you are emotionally compromised. Do you really think that you can keep a clear head through this?”

“I can handle my emotions perfectly well, thank you!” he yells. I roll my eyes and laugh,

“Clearly” I say sarcastically. “Let Dean do the interrogation, Draco. Please, I know that you are upset and angry and surely losing your control because of these stupid girls will only make you feel worse. You will inevitably lose your control; Beauxbatons girls are infuriating at the best of times. Besides, Galloway is there and I don’t want you getting into a fist fight in the middle of my meeting tower” Draco quirks an eyebrow

“Fist fight? Why would I get into a fist fight with that loser? Obviously, I’d just curse him to last Tuesday.” He says

“Just a dream I had” I mumble in response, looking at my feet. I hear Draco sigh in defeat and I cautiously look up.

“Fine” he sighs, before barking out “Brentley, here, now” in a very military fashion. Dean Brentley saunters over to the door and smiles when he sees me.

“How’s it going, Weasley” he says in greeting. I just smile and nod before turning back to Draco.

“You better be right, Weasley” he growls out, “Brentley, you have an interrogation to attend to” he finishes before shoving Dean out the door and slamming it in our faces.

“Well, who got his knickers in a twist? He was fine ten minutes ago” Dean says cheekily, smirking at me.

“Shut it, Brentley. You’ve got a job to do”

The Beauxbaton girls are still stunned and lying unceremoniously on the floor when we arrive back at the tower. I glance around to see that the Durmstrang boys seem to be getting on famously with Thomas and Daniel and Gabriella is staring at Morgan with the same look she gives Draco.

“Pumping party you’ve got here, Weasley” Brentley says, dancing to his own imaginary music. I stare at him in confusion and shock as he dances around. I’m beginning to realise that Dean Brentley is very different to what I thought he was like. Apparently we shouldn’t be judging Slytherins by their Slytheriness, there’s a lot more to them than that. Then again, I should have realised that when I befriended Draco.

When Brentley stops dancing like an idiot we make our way over to the hostages. Maxworthy and the other Durmstrang boys tie the twins to chairs before Morgan points his wand at them and says,

“Ennervate” The two girls groggily move their heads around and snap to attention when they realise that they are tied to chairs. The rest of our group steps back as Morgan, Brentley and I surround the three girls and smirk down at them.

“It was all Elizabeth’s fault!” One of them suddenly wails, bursting into tears. I snort in laughter, that didn’t take long!

“Hush, Monique!” The other twin scolds,

“Why should we be punished for her stupid schemes though?” Monique whines.

“Why did you agree to help with her stupid schemes then?” Brentley suddenly interrupts. Monique stops crying and looks up at him as he flashes a charming smile. The other twin just glares.

“The Regenta Family is well known in France, one word from her father and we could have any job we wanted in any industry. She promised we could use these connections if we helped her” Monique explains.

“That makes sense, Monique, I can see why you would want that. Do you know what Regenta is planning?” Brentley says to her with a gentle smile. I can’t believe he is charming the information out of her! Are all Beauxbaton girls this easily charmed? Though, one look at her sister tells me otherwise.

“Of course we don’t know what she is planning. She’s not stupid you know, if she were, we wouldn’t have elected her” Monique’s sister snaps. “If we tell you what we know, will you let us go?” she continues. Brentley raises an eyebrow in my direction as if asking for permission and I nod.

“You answer our questions to the best of your ability and we’ll let you go” he tells her,

“As long as you agree to be questioned under veritaserum” Morgan adds, fishing a small vial from inside his robes. The Beauxbatons girl closes her eyes and nods before looking back at us, waiting for the questions to begin. I raise my eyebrows at Morgan, something which is becoming a common occurrence and he just waves me off, looking towards Brentley. We are definitely going to have to talk about his suspicious abilities to know things and acquire ministry controlled potions.

Dean takes the vial from Morgan and pours a drop into each of the two twins’ mouths before turning to the twin who is not Monique.

“What is your name?” Brentley begins,

“My name is Annaliese Logel and this is my sister Monique. We are fifth years at Beauxbatons Academy for Girls”

“What has Regenta instructed you to do?”

“Upon our arrival at your school we were asked to follow and find information on Draco Malfoy”

“Is anybody else at Hogwarts being followed?”

“Ginevra Weasley was put under surveillance not long after we were commissioned to follow Malfoy and soon after that Morgan Galloway was also tracked” I share a look with Morgan, obviously he hadn’t noticed he was being trailed either.

“Why were you meeting with a Slytherin in a charms classroom? Who is he?” Brentley demands.

“Draco Malfoy is a difficult person to track and even harder to find information on. We enlisted the help of Theodore Nott.”

Theo Nott. I’m not all that surprised; he’s a pervert and a sleaze. He would do anything for an attractive girl, which I can’t deny these two are, even if they are only fifteen.

“How did you get him to agree to help?” Brentley questions,

“He is married to our older sister, Deanne” Monique says, participating in the conversation for the first time.

“Theodore Nott is married?” I suddenly shout out. Only the twins don’t flinch at my sudden outburst, but they probably wouldn’t notice if a Heffalump tried to eat their head in the dazed state they are in because of the Veritaserum.

“Yes, they were married last summer after our sister turned seventeen. It was arranged by our parents.” I didn’t know that arranged marriages were still around, but apparently they are in the old families who are still concerned about pure blood.

“Who is tracking Weasley and Galloway?”

“We don’t know, we weren’t told that much.” Brentley continues with his questions and I glance up at the clock.

“Shit! I’m supposed to meet Hermione at the quidditch match in ten minutes!” I curse.

“Double shit! I’m supposed to be playing in ten minutes!” Galloway swears as he runs out of the room, the other Durmstrang boys following closely behind. I look towards Dean with a pleading expression and he laughs.

“It’s ok, you go and I’ll continue here. I’ll speak to you about it tomorrow, meet me in the Three Broomsticks at three” he says, shooing me out o the door. All of my Gryffindors follow me down to the pitch except for Daniel who stays behind to help Dean with the interrogation.

We arrive at the pitch just in time to see the two teams, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang kick off into the air.

“I guess we’re pretty lucky neither of the twins are on the quidditch team” Leanne mutters to me as we search the crowd for our friends. I catch sight of Hermione waving to me and I make my way over to her, Leanne following me.

“Sorry I’m late, I was catching up on homework” I give as an excuse. I know she will believe me since the last place Hermione saw me was in the library just before I was summoned to our room.

“That’s ok; at least you didn’t miss any of the match! Hi, Leanne, it’s nice to see you again” Hermione greets. Leanne greets Hermione in return and we turn out attention to the game. Instead of having Luna commentate, one of the Durmstrang boys is commentating and he is quite talented at it. I heard from Harry that he was good at the last match but since I didn’t get to watch the last match I didn’t really know. Morgan told me that he wanted to commentate professionally for professional quidditch, I’d never really thought about the fact that people do that as a job. I suppose it meant that you got to watch quidditch as a career.

The Beauxbatons seeker Dominique Valley is very fast and attempts to feint a few times but Maxworthy is steady on his game and keeps watch for the snitch without being distracted by the young girl’s fancy flying. I watch in delight as Maxworthy suddenly starts speeding higher into the sky just as Valley goes in for another dive. I can see a gold glint way up above the pitch as Maxworthy forces his broom in a vertical position. The speedy Beauxbaton seeker is straight below him, gaining quickly, her speed at her advantage.

I am so enthralled by the chase of the seekers that I don’t hear the commentary.

I don’t hear the crowd.

I don’t hear Leanne shouting at me.

I don’t notice the bludger heading straight for Maxworthy until Morgan is suddenly falling towards the ground having flown in front of the bludger to prevent it hitting the unaware seeker.

I run from the stands not hearing anything but my erratic heartbeat and the same mantra repeating in my head.

PleaseBeOkay PleaseBeOkay PleaseBeOkay

I only make it in time to see them lift his limp body into a stretcher and lead him away. They don’t let me follow. I see Draco come over to me and it is only as he wipes my tears away that I realise that I am crying.

“Are you mad that I’m crying over him?” I ask quietly. Draco shakes his head but I am sure I see a flash of resentment in his eyes.

“Come on, we’ll go persuade Madam Pomfrey to let us sit by his bed” Draco says, taking me by the hand and leading me back to the castle, following all the other students trailing back to their respective common rooms.

“Since when did you turn into such a sap?” I ask, frowning slightly, Draco wasn’t usually this much of a push over, “and you reply with something sappy and I’ll shove a shoe up your arse” I continue. Draco chuckles and looks at me with a slightly disgusted expression.

“Thank you for that lovely imagery, Ginevra. I’m not being a sap, I just couldn’t be bothered dealing with your pathetic arguments” He snaps although finishes with a smirk so I know he’s not entirely serious. I don’t know if I quite believe him, but I’ll go with it for now.

“Besides, Durmstrang won the match. Maxworthy caught the snitch just as Galloway fell so I have to make sure that Galloway gets better so that I can taunt him about how Hogwarts is going to beat Durmstrang in the finals.” Draco says casually. I hide a small smile at the return of the usual snarky Slytherin I know best. It kind of freaks me out when he goes all weird and sappy.

Only because it makes you feel like you want to be all sappy with him and that scares you. Coward.

We’ve been through this before!

Which is exactly why you need to wake up and realise the truth.

I am not having this argument with myself, again. Oh jeeze, I sound like a nutcase, refusing to have an argument with myself because me, myself and I have already had that argument.

We make the rest of the way to the hospital wing in silence, although that may have something to do with the war raging inside my head. Upon our arrival I wait in the door as Draco somehow convinces the nurse to let us stay. He threatened, charmed or bribed her fairly well because when he returns we are allowed to stay next to Morgan’s bed until he wakes up. Draco takes my hand again and leads me over to the right bed. I glance down at our entwined hands, but make no comment. When we sit down, he doesn’t let go and I still don’t say anything. When I take Morgan’s limp hand in my own, Draco makes no comment and I say nothing. We sit in silence for a while until I start to feel awkward.

“So, did you threaten, bribe or charm her?” I ask. Draco smirks at me and shrugs,

“A bit of all three” he answers and we lapse back into silence. Draco holding my hand and me in the middle, holding his hand and Morgan’s hand, keeping the three of us linked together.

This could get interesting.

A/N: I'm sorry that this isn't as long as my usual chapters but at least I got one out! can I hear a woop woop? WOOP WOOP!

Also I'd like to shout out to HannahGranger who is an amazing reviewer who only just read this story from the beginning but reviewed EVERY CHAPTER. I was amazed. THANKYOU!
Hopefully another chapter will be out soon although I am swamped with uni work at the moment so we'll see how we go.

Keep dancing wildly, Bella xx

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