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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 4 : Scandals
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Chapter 4

            Ginny ran to him and threw her arms around him. “I missed you!” She said burying her head into his shoulder.

            “Ok Ginny, please. You say me two days ago.” He said. 

            “I know! But I hadn’t seen you for like ever before that!” She backed up off him.

            “Harry.” He said politely.

            “Percy. How’s it going?” Harry asked trying to make some small talk.

            “Nothing new. Just trying to not get caught by death eaters. Well, who isn’t anyways?” He tried to make a joke. It didn’t work. “Well then, uhhh where’s mum?” He asked. 

            Hermione spoke up and said “She’s at Hogwarts helping with the clean up from the battle.” 

            “Really? Because I was just there and Minerva said she hasn’t seen her since yesterday. So where’s Dad?” Percy asked them. They hadn’t seen their dad since the portkey took off. This was very weird.

            “I’ll ask George.” Ginny said. She walked upstairs and before opening the door she heard a very loud ‘OH GEORGE!” Ginny ran back downstairs. Her hands over her ears, and eyes shocked. Hermione understood immediately, she covered her mouth but laughter still escaped. 

            “What is it Ginny?” Ron asked. 

            “George wants to see you Ron. He said just to walk right on in.” Ginny said. 

            “Okkkkkkk…. I’ll be right back.” Ginny hid a sneaky smile. After he was up the stairs, the girls burst into laughter. They had forgotten both Harry and Percy were there.

            “What’s going on?” Percy asked.

            “Yeah Gin, What’s up?” Harry asked.

            “Well, George and Angelina are having a ‘fun time’ up there and I heard Angelina scream.” Ginny couldn’t say more because she was laughing so hard. Hermione did the same.

            “No Gin. Please don’t tell me you sent Ron to walk in on them… You know…” He said. Percy just looked in utter shock.

            “Um Yeah.” Ginny said recovering.

            “BLOODY HELL!!!” They heard Ron scream. Ginny hide behind Harry and Ron came running down the stairs. “GINNY! WHY DID YOU SEND ME UP THOSE BLOODY STAIRS?!?!” Ron screamed. Ginny had seen Ron this angry but she wasn’t scared. Usually she was but this time, she had Harry to protect her.

            “Because. You’re my brother and I’d like to have some fun every once in a while.” Ginny responded with innocence. 

            “You’ll have some fun with me.” Harry said seductively into her ear. She giggled and smiled at him. By this time, she was standing next to Harry. 

            “Harry, what did you just say?” Ron said trying to calm down. Harry just walked Ginny over to the couch and they both sat down. “Harry, what did you just say?” Ron repeated. Ginny looked at Harry in the Please-Lie look. Knowing Ron, if he knew, Harry would be dead before he could say ‘Snitch’. 

            “I said that Hermione will have quite a handful.” Harry lied. Not a bad lie. 

            “Yeah I already knew that.” Hermione said walking towards Ron. “Calm down. It was just a joke. What did you see anyway?” Hermione asked.

            “Well, I saw George with just his boxer shorts and Angelina in her knickers.” Ron said rather quietly. 

            “Oh we thought it was worse we thought he was in her.” Ginny said creating more awkwardness. 

            “Ok, I’d rather see the five year old I met eleven years ago, then the Ginny who is dating my best mate and talks about sex so please just don’t.” Ron said. Ginny thought and he did have a point. She wouldn’t want him talking about sex in front of her, so it was very weird.

            “Fine, Ron. You win. Just never talk about Hermione and you in front of me. I don’t care if Hermione, just Hermione, tells me just not you Ron.” She said.

            “Same here.” Ron said. He extended his hand and Ginny shook it. “So Hermione let’s go eat. I’m starving.” Ron said grabbing Hermione’s hand, grabbing the basket, and walking out the door. 

            “You want to eat?” Harry asked.

            “Yeah let’s go.” Ginny said grabbing the basket and walking out the door. “Where do you want to eat?” She asked. He gave her the look. The You-Know-Where-I-Want-To-Go look. Harry went and got the broom and mounted himself on. 

            “I drive this time.” Harry said. Ginny just shrugged and got on. Harry attached the basket to the broom with a spell that Ginny had never heard of. “Hang on.” Harry said as they flew off the ground. Harry was going especially fast for this trip because Ron and Hermione were in distance to see which way they were flying. It took him two minutes, going as fast as he could, to get to the paradise. They sat down and talked about everything ever imaginable.



            The next week flew by. The whole Weasley clan, Harry, and Hermione, had gone back to Hogwarts to help with the cleanup. Harry and Ginny were inseparable as were Ron and Hermione. George and Angelina had been embarrassed about the whole situation and apologized. Yet, Ron was scarred for life. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley showed up the next day from Ireland. Mr.Weasley had gotten an urgent message from the ministry and said to bring Mrs.Weasley. She, of course, went with him but not before making lunch for the hungry teenagers. 

            Mr.Weasley was now the minister’s assistant, Kingsley’s assistant. Kingsley had been appointed Minister of Magic one day after the battle. Very good news to the Weasley family, and Kingsley had selected Mr.Weasley as his assistant. Of course, Mrs.Weasley threw a feast onto the table in which Ron loved it. Ron and Hermione had now moved onto the PDA, which Ginny found very disgusting. Harry and Ginny kept it mild. An occasional quick kiss, holding hands and sitting close together. Ginny was the only girl unlike Ron who could snog Hermione senseless and no one would care. If Harry did that, he was dead.

            Harry had started to have nightmares of the final battle the day after his little adventure with Ginny.  Harry had tried to put the silencing charm around his bed, but he kept breaking it. When Ginny heard him, she would come and calm him down. Only Ginny could stop his nightmares. Not Ron or Hermione, Ginny. Mrs. Weasley had started to brew a dreamless sleep potion and it takes two weeks to be ready so Ginny was now allowed to sleep with Harry until then.

            Harry was screaming in the night once again. Ginny sat up and started talking to him. “Harry, shhh, it’s ok. It’s me. Please wake up, it’s just a dream.” She said to him. He stopped thrashing around and screaming and sat up. “Hi.” She said quietly.

            “Oh you’re alive!” He said hugging her.

            “Yeah Harry, I am. Why are you saying that?” She asked. He let go of her and looked down.

            “They took you in my dream and killed you and everyone else. It was the worst so far I think.” He whispered. He sounded of the verge of crying.

            “Harry. Look at me.” She said. He didn’t look up so she took her 
hand and pushed up his head lightly. “We are all alive and safe. Nothing happened. Calm down I’m here for you.” She comforted him. 

“What time is it anyway?” Harry asked. Ginny checked the clock in the corner of the room. 

            “It is 5:58 might as well get up. We usually get up at eight anyways. We could just have some alone time.” Ginny said climbing out of bed. Harry stared at her. She was wearing short shorts, and a Holyhead Harpies shirt which cut down low. “Hey Harry. I’m right here, not there.” She said laughing. “Come on. I’ll make you breakfast.” She said taking his hand and guiding him downstairs. They would get dressed after breakfast.

            “What do you want?” She asked opening up the fridge. 

            “Surprise me.” He said. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “I’ve missed you.” Harry said. 

            “Harry, you’ve seen me for the last week or so. Why are you telling me this now?” She asked him as he let go and she cracked the eggs.

            “I never really told you how much I missed you. You have no idea how much I missed you.”

            “You really think I have no idea? Harry, I too spent a year away from the person I loved and not knowing if you were ok. It was awful. There is no word to describe it Harry. I hated being away from you.” She had started to cry in the middle of that.

            “It’s ok. Let’s just let last year go. It’ll be so much easier.” Harry said hugging her and stroking her hair.  

            “We just can’t let it go. I can’t let it go Harry. I see it every day, I bet you do too. We just can’t let last year go.” She said. 

            “What do you mean ‘you see it every day and I do too’?” Harry asked curiously.

            “Ummmm. Let me show you.” Ginny pulled up her shirt a little bit. To Harry’s disliking, there was a scar going from the lower part of her breast spread down to the middle of her hip. 

            “Gin. What happened?” Harry asked. 

            “I saved Luna’s life. There we go. I got hurt; Luna didn’t, and yeah so let’s just drop it ok?” Ginny said putting the bacon on the skillet. 

            “Yeah ok. So is Potter Watch still on? It was just a wandering thought I guess.” Harry said. 

            “No, they stopped it. The whole team wasn’t there so they stopped it.” Ginny said quietly hiding a sob. 

            “Gin, it’s all going to be okay. He’s happy now. I know he’s left us in spirit, but he will always be with us. In here.” Harry said putting a hand over Ginny’s heart.

            “Yeah…. You’re right Harry thank you.” Ginny said hugging him. 

            “You’re welcome. So do you want me to help?” Harry asked.

            “No Harry the girls are supposed to make the breakfast.” Ginny said pouring the eggs into the pan.

            “I’m the girl in the relationship though.” Harry said.

            “So you’re calling me a boy?” Ginny asked turning around hands folded across her chest.

            “No. Well technically.” Harry said getting the bacon out of the freezer.

            “Well, I have to admit. I do have more guts than you.” Ginny said taking the bacon from him and turning away.

            “What?” Harry said.

            “You are scared of my brothers for crying out loud!” Ginny said. 

            “Yeah, who wouldn’t? Dean & Michael were too, I’ll floo them!” Harry said.

            “Fine. Now, use your wand to make this all go faster it is rather boring.” Ginny said sitting on the counter.

            “Ok your wish is my command.” Harry said. He took out his wand and made everything fully cooked. They ate and went up to get dressed. Ginny walked into her room to find Hermione and Ron in her bed, sleeping. Hermione and Ron weren’t allowed to sleep in the same bed, but Mrs.Weasley wasn’t up yet so neither were they. Ginny got dressed and walked downstairs to find a handsome raven haired man sitting on the sofa. He stared off into space like he was petrified.

            She sat down next to him and took his hand. “Hey.” She said. He didn’t move a millionth of an inch. “Are you ok Harry?” she asked him. Still no answer. Over and over again Ginny would ask him to sat what’s wrong or just a single word. Time passed as if time were stopped just to create more tension. “Harry James Potter! Tell me what is wrong with you.” Ginny said yelling rather loudly at him. Hermione came running down the stair with Ron tailing her.

            “Ginny! What the bloody hell are you yelling for?” Ron asked. 

            “Harry won’t speak at all. He won’t move, He won’t talk, and he won’t do anything! Please help me.” She said desperately. 

            “Have you talked to him recently?” Hermione asked. 

            “Yeah this morning when we had breakfast. I go upstairs to change and he’s here looking petrified!” Ginny messed with her hair, one of her bad habits that she would do.

            “Let me check something.” Hermione asked. She went up to Harry and said ‘Finite’ and he sprung to life. 

            “No No No! This can’t be happening!” He said under his breath.

            “Harry tell us what’s happening.” A scared Ginny said.

            Harry then said, with a worried sound in his voice “Greyback.”

            The room became silent. Nobody spoke or made any sudden movement. You could hear a pin drop on the floor. You could hear the birds chirping outside and the creak of the hard wood floor. Hermione broke the silence. 

            “No, No. Greyback can’t get through the boundaries.” Hermione said pointed out something very obvious.

            “I know that Hermione thank you.” Harry said and Hermione looked a little hurt by his words “Sorry. But I saw him outside the boundary just now. Then some person petrificus totalused me and then you know the rest.” He said running his hands through his hair, something he did when he was frustrated.  

            “You know we are going to catch him.” Ron said. 

            “How the hell are we going to do that?” Harry asked kind of frustrated.

            “We added another piece to the boundary. If you try to break through the boundary, you stick to it and your wand flies twenty feet away from them.” Ron explained. 

            “Wait so Greyback is stuck to the boundary?” Harry asked.

            “Yup.” Ron said

            “And his wand is nowhere near him?” Harry asked once again.

            “Yeah his wand is twenty feet away from him.” Ron said.

            “I’ll go get him.” Harry said and got up. Ginny ran to him.

            “No you are not. I’ll floo an Auror they can take care of him.” Ginny said.

            “Fine. Go get the floo powder.” Harry said and Ginny disappeared around the corner. Harry made a break for it, running out of the back door, breaking his word. He ran towards a tree that was thick enough to hide his body. Nobody yelled or called after him so he just walked out from behind the tree and walked towards the boundary. Two minutes later, that’s where he saw him. Stuck to the boundary and his wand far far away from him. 

            “Potter.” Greyback growled.

            “Greyback. Hope you had fun with your little scheme but now it’s over. The aurors are on it’s way.” Harry said.

            “Now Potter. May I ask you who called them?” Greyback asked.

            “Why do you need to know?” Harry asked.

            “Think about it Potter.” Greyback said in a deep growl. Harry thought and then asked;

            “What is going on here Greyback?” Harry asked firmly.

            “Your dear friends are with my little friends right now. You stupid little boy, we have fooled you, we still have access to the boundary blueprints, we know where your friends live, we know where we can get a fresh batch of polyjuice potion.” Greyback said.

            “Where are they?!” Harry yelled.

            “That is for you to figure out Potter. Have good nightmares.” Greyback growled, pulled out an extra wand, and cast the spell. It made Harry’s world go completely black. 


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