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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 9 : Chapter 8: Small Steps
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Over the next few weeks Harry and Hermione wore themselves out flitting between the babies in the premature unit and James in the children’s unit. James was making a slow, but good recovery. He had suffered twelve fractures to the ribs, five broken bones; he was suffering from starvation and dehydration. Harry and the family had vowed to wipe out the remaining death eaters and Bella, but it was taking a lot of planning to make sure they do it properly. Six of the weakest ones have been wiped out already...but none by Harry, who was concentrating on his children. Today he was spending time with Riley and Celeste, who were growing from strength to strength. They now had fully developed organs, skin, ears, eyes and noses. Their immune systems were still weak, so they were still being fed potions upon potions to help built them up.

Harry and Hermione were also able to hold them now, as they weren't so delicate. Harry remembered the first time he held his twins. He was so scared he thought he was going to drop them and didn't hold them for long, but as time grew so did his confidence. Now at six weeks old, they were each developing their own personalities, plus they looked so different.

Riley, had light brown hair that thinly covered his tiny head. He had soft brown eyes, he looked like Hermione. He, like his father was the quiet one of the two, only crying when he needed something. He was quite placid. He now weighed 7lb 2oz and was the strongest one of the two.

Celeste was totally different from her twin brother. She had thick, black hair, bright green eyes and looked like her father, but she had her mother’s small nose, which fitted her face. She was like her older brother, and grandfather, loud, bubbly and troublesome. She had a cheeky smile that would melt anyone’s heart, especially Harry's. She now weighed 6lb 13oz, smaller than her brother, but not by much.

Harry arrived at the premature ward to the sound of Celeste making a racket, as usual. He hung up his coat and went to see what the fuss was about. Only to find out that she had spat out her dummy.

"What's all that fuss about missus" Harry said as he picked up his tiny daughter. He walked over to his sons, crib, who as usual, was lying quietly. He carefully set Celeste beside Riley; she always seemed to calm down when she was beside her brother. He looked over to the chart to see that they were due to be fed soon. As they were so tiny they had to be fed every two hours, not that they took it every two hours.

"Hey Harry" A familiar voice said from behind him, he turned to see his best mate Ron and the ever expanding Luna. Luna was due in three months and looking massive.

"Hi, how’s everything going?" he asked looking at Luna's obvious bump.

"Oh, fine. He's doing well. The heartburn is killing me though" Luna said. "How's Riley and Celeste?" she asked waddling over to their crib.

"They are doing really well, Celeste just keeps getting louder."

"...and James?"

"Oh he is doing brilliantly, all his bones have healed. He adores being a big brother; he prefers to hold Riley though. Celeste is too noisy for him" Harry laughed. They spent the afternoon chatting, feeding and changing the babies. They switched from the twins and James from time to time, having fun.

"Right we have to go" Luna said sleepily, slowly getting up from her chair.

"Oh, mum wants you and Hermione to come over for dinner. " Ron said, as he helped his wife up.

"Sure, tell your mum to owl us with the details, and we'll see, if mum and dad can look after the kids." They bid a goodbye to each other and Ron and Luna left leaving Harry alone with the babies.

"Hey hunni". Hermione said as she entered the room

"Hey babe, how’s James?" He asked.

"He's good, would like a cuddle from his father though" She smiled and sat on his knee.

"I'll go and see him soon then, I would like to sit with my wife first" He smiled and kissed her on the lips.


"Ginny!" Molly exclaimed when she opened the door to see her only daughter standing there.

"Hi Mum" Ginny smiled. She gave her mum a hug and stepped in through the door, levitating ten suitcases to follow behind her.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" Molly asked. She looked at her young daughter who was almost twenty two. She had darkened her ginger hair and gained a tan. She looked different; she was taller and more slender. Instead of having curves, Ginny now had an athlete’s body... totally muscular.

"I wanted to surprise you, silly" Ginny said “Where is everyone?" She asked looking around.

"Well, only me and your dad are here now, are you staying until Luna has her baby?" Molly asked hopefully. She looked at her estranged daughter, something was different about Ginny, but she didn't know what.
"Probably" Ginny smiled” Who are the toys for?" She asked seeing the mix of muggle and magical toys.

"They're for Harry and Hermione's son James; he has been in hospital for the past few weeks. He was kidnapped by the new death eaters."

"Oh, Harry must've been in pieces"

"He had Hermione, for most of the time. She gave birth to twins at the same time. They were fourth months early. They were pretty weak but are growing stronger."

"Oh" Ginny said trying not to sound disappointed.

"They named them Riley and Celeste, eight weeks they are now. They're beautiful." Molly gushed. "Luna only has eight weeks to go, she and Hermione were due at the same time" she added.

"Looks like they'll be needing a lot of help" Ginny said deviously.

"No, actually they had Remus and Dora, and Sirius. Plus some extra help"

"Who from?" Ginny asked curiously.

"His parents" Molly said and handed her the newspaper that featured the family.

"When are we going to visit them?" She asked hopefully, after reading the paper.

"Today... but I don't think it would be a good idea for you to go, sweetie" Molly said anxiously.

"Come on Mum, I haven't seen everybody an what happened between me and Harry is in the past. He has clearly moved on" Ginny protested

"But have you?" Molly asked.

"Of course I have mum” Ginny replied.

"Ok, but just not tosay, I'll be going in a couple of weeks, let them recover." Molly relented

Three weeks later and James was out of the hospital and back to his normal self. The twins will still there, but they were getting stronger and stronger by the day. Harry and Hermione were taking turns in going to visit them. Today it was Harry's turn to stay home.

"Mum, where's James?" Harry asked as he walked into the kitchen.

"He's in the garden with Izzy, why?"

"I want to get him cleaned up. Mrs Weasley just owled, she's coming over soon to see him she says she has a few surprises too"

"Ok, I'll make lunch" Lily said and got up off her stool.

"There's no need..." Harry started in protest, but he was cut off by Lily.

"Harry, me and James are here to help. So let us" she smiled. Harry nodded, and Lily called for James to help.

"Izzy, James" Harry called to the kids in the garden. “We have visitors coming, come in side and get cleaned up"

"Harry, we've no food, me and James are going to go shopping" Lily called to her son

"Ok" he called back

Five minutes later Molly and Ginny had arrived at the Potters. “Harry we've arrived" Molly called.

"In the kitchen." Harry called back. Molly led the way.

“Nice to see you" Harry greeted, not seeing Ginny...until Molly stepped aside.

"Who the hell are you" Izzy said, as Harry stared. She looked Ginny up and down with utter disgust. Ginny was wearing a short skirt with a sparkly skimpy top.

"Izzy, Language" Harry scolded, finally tearing his eyes away from Ginny.

"So where's Hermione, and your parents?" Molly asked

"My parents are out shopping. Hermione is with Celeste and Riley" Harry said. "Please sit" He added.

"I've got something in this bag for little James" Molly said as she sat down. Ginny made a point of sitting beside Harry, much do Izzy's annoyance.

"Pressies" James squealed, and bounded over to Molly, who picked him up and sat him on her knee. Showing him the presents she got him.

"Can I watch TV?" Izzy asked Harry, as he put away their lunch plates.

"Of course" Harry smiled.

"I'll help you Harry" Ginny said and lifted the plates. She and Harry walked to the kitchen and stacked the dishes on the side.

"I missed you Harry" Ginny said pressing herself up against Harry. “Did you miss me?" She asked in a sickly sweet voice, pressing herself tighter against him.

"No I didn't" Harry said, pushing her off him.

"Come on Harry... I know that's a lie" She said seductively.

"It's not." Harry said angrily. “The day you decided to travel for a living was one of the happiest days of my life alongside of marrying the love of my life, and the birth of my kids." He snapped angrily. He shoved her out of the way and lifted James from Molly's knee, and took him into the living room. Slamming the door behind him.

"What did you do now" Molly sighed.

A.N. So another chapter is finished. I know it's short, but it's a filler chapter. Ginny is back, and something is going on between her and Harry. Please Review.

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Living a Lie.: Chapter 8: Small Steps


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