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Irreplacable by SiriuslyNot
Chapter 2 : Deux
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~ ~
~ ~

"WEASLEY!" a balding man boomed, and Rose looked up from the papers. "Bloody good job on the Forrester case! Coming for a drink with the team?"

"Thanks, Harold," Rose called back, smiling apologetically. "But I have other plans."

"Rosie," a woman named Janine said, as she passed Rose's desk. "The veil was the right choice - it's like you have an inner eye for these things!"

"Thank you, Janine," Rose said. "See you on Monday."

With a content smile, Rose leaned back in her chair, admiring her work. The papers in front of her were no boring documents at all. They were a decision between life and death, actually. Well, atleast to the soon-to-be married couple, anyway.

So much had changed in Rose's life; she had a job as a top wedding designer - and she was her own boss, too. Everything from the wedding invitations to the bride's gown was in her hands, and every couple had praised Rose from head to toe for the wedding she had individually designed for them.

Rose had her own apartment in the heart of London now. It was a simple, open loft-apartment - perfect for a designer, in fact. She rarely got any guests, so it didn't matter if the entire place was filled with ruffles, silk, flower examples, different shades of a certain colour, and literally decorated with photographs and Post-It! notes. It made perfectly sense to Rose.

Rose watched the empty office space before her, letting her eyes take in the empty desks, the quiet sound of the computers whirring everywhere. She was always the last one to leave - and not only because she had to lock up. In fact, she quite liked being the last one to go. It gave her the much awaited break from her hectic schedule to just sit back and take in everything she had accomplished.

It made her feel alive.

Rose sighed, as she pushed aside a few papers, and picked up a roughly drawn scetch of a wedding gown. She leaned closer to the dim desk lamp, narrowing her eyes at the soddily made drawing.

Her heart made an uncomfortable lurch, as she realized it wasn't just any wedding gown. No, it wasn't for a client - it was her own wedding gown.

Almost a year had passed since Rose had found out about Scorpius and Dom. Almost ten months had passed since the divorce had been official. Almost nine months had passed since she had seen Scorpius.

And for almost a year had she loved that bloody S.O.B undevotedly and utterly.

Rose dropped the drawing, and quickly gathered her things. She fumbled for her bag, and switched off the lamp, before walking down the dark aisle, passing desk after desk. She patiently waited for the elevator to come back up, tapping her foot calmly against the stone floor.


Rose took a step forward, but froze, as she saw someone standing in the elevator.

It was Dom.

"Rose," Dom breathed, her hair pulled in a messy ponytail.

"Dom," Rose said icily. "How did you get in?"

"I snuck in when a balding man left," she said quickly, as Rose shoved past her.

"I'll fire Harold," Rose muttered angrily, pressing the elevator button impatiently.

Of course she wouldn't actually fire him.

Maybe just send him to the next in-laws meeting.


"Rose," Dom said again, as the elevator started to move down, painfully slowly. "I miss you."

"Right," Rose said, staring stubbornly ahead.

"I know you saw me two months ago," Dom accused, taking a new approach to the situation. "In the park, Rose - I know you saw me, and I saw you!"

"How lovely," Rose said, as the elevator reached the first floor. "Remind me to never go to that park again, then."

"Rose!" Dom called after her, as Rose walked out.

Rose ignored Dom, nearly smashing the door in Dom's face as she gracefully exited the building. She was aware of Dom following her the entire time, until she finally had had it. Rose swivelled around, almost making Dom bump into her.

"What do you want from me, Dom!?" she snarled, her cheeks red. "You got what you wanted; you got Scorpius all for yourself! Why aren't you enjoying your perfect life, huh!? What more could you possibly want, huh!?"

"I WANT MY BEST FRIEND!" Dom yelled, breathing angrily. "I want my best friend back, I want... I want..."

"Too bad you can't always get what you want," Rose growled, turning around.

"It never meant anything," Dom called after Rose, making Rose stop again. "He never loved me, I never loved him - I realize that... now."

Rose looked down, but didn't turn around. She waited for Dom to continue with her pathetic pleading, but there was no sound. For a moment Rose was sure that Dom had left, but as she looked around, the blonde girl was still there, looking desperately at Rose.

"You expect me to forgive you," she started slowly. "On the basis of your remorse, is that it?"

"No," Dom whispered. "Just... give me a chance, Rosie..."

Even if Rose felt immense hate towards Dom, it still pained her to watch Dom hold back tears. She had been Dom's best friend for such a long period of time to know that Dom didn't show emotions too well, and seeing Dom like this was... painful.

"Scorpius loves you," Dom continued. "And I'm not here to talk for him, believe me," she quickly added, as Rose glowered at her. "If you would only see the state of him, Rose--"

"I've seen him," Rose snapped, clenching her jaw. "Nine months ago."

"Then you know he's not well, Rose," Dom said.

It was true - Rose had never seen Scorpius in a worse state. Even if she had only seen a glimpse of him, it was enough to tell her he wasn't well. His hair looked like it needed a cut. He hadn't shaved for weeks. His clothes looked like something he had picked from the floor without bothering to check if they were clean or not. It seemed like he only bothered to leave his house to escape the feeling of being trapped.

And James had told Rose that he still lived in the same beautiful house that had once been her home, too. Apparently, nothing had changed; not one single furniture had been moved, not a single picture on the wall had been lift down.

As Rose had heard, not even their wedding picture from the bedroom.

"I think he's about to lose it," Dom said quietly, looking down. "For good, Rose..."

"What's it to me? He's no longer my husband," Rose spat, and spun around again.

She hadn't taken more than two steps, when Dom spoke again, "He needs you, Rose!"

Rose stopped, and took a deep breath. "No, he doesn't."

"Rose, he won't listen to anyone else than you!" Dom cried. "He'll listen to you! Try to get this into your stubborn head, Weasley! You have to help him!"

Rose looked at Dom over her shoulder, just as a cool wind brushed a few curls of her dark hair over her shoulders. "Why should I?"

"Because," Dom started, her voice trembling. "B-because you're irreplacable."

~ ~

Rose stared at the house towering over her. She carefully pushed open the gate, wincing at the loud noise it made. As she let go of it, it fell right off, and she stopped to stare at it.

In all honesty, the place was a dump.

Rose let her eyes quickly take in the front lawn, as she wlaked slowly towards the front door. The lawn was pretty much dead; it had an ugly yellow colour to it, and all the beautiful flowers were gone.

Dead, no doubt about it.

"What am I doing?" Rose murmured to herself, but pressed the doorbell anyway. "This is insane..." she muttered, and looked over her shoulder to take in the hideous state of the yard.

But if Rose thought her being there was insane, it was nothing comapred to what she was faced with as the door opened. She looked around quickly, finding herself eye to eye with Scorpius Malfoy, her ex-husband.

He wore a plaid shirt that hung loosely over his body, and under it a white t-shirt - well, atleast it probably used to be white once. His jeans were a few sizes too big, and Rose could tell Scorpius had been forced to make soem new holes in his belt to keep his jeans from sliding down.

He was a mess. Just like the yard.

"Scorpius," Rose said formally, staring at him with mild disgust.

He said nothing, just stared at her with wide eyes, and a Firewhiskey bottle hanging from his hand. He leaned heavily against the door, his entire body tense.

"S-Scorp?" Rose said carefully, tilting her head to the side with a frown. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes," he croaked at last. "I'm... I'm just... a little... shocked. To see you. Here," he said, frowning slightly. "Are you real?"

Rose felt the corner of her mouth twitch. "As far as I'm aware, yes, I'm real," she said.

Scorpius let his eyes run over her body, and Rose shifted uncomfortably. She had forgot just how piercing his eyes were, and it didn't make it any easier that Scorpius was entirely open with his stare, not even trying to hide the sudden lust in his eyes.

"I'm here to talk sense to you," Rose stated, folding her hands awkwardly, trying to signal that she was there only because she was forced to.

Which wasn't exactly the case.

"Talk sense? To me?" Scorpius repeated quietly, before scoffing loudly. He pushed himself from the door, and swayed back inside, shaking his head in disbelief. "Then you might as well leave..."

Rose stared after him, completely stunned. She did not drag her arse across the city on a Saturday, to the countryside, just to be told by her stupid ex-husband to shove it, because it seemed to have no effect on him whatsoever.

Rose followed inside, and slammed the door after her. She flinched as she was greeted by the strong scent of alcohol, which only grew stornger as she walked towards the kitchen.

"I am not a pathetic phonebook seller you can turn away just like that!" she exclaimed, as Scorpius leaned against the counter, his forehead resting against the cupboards. "I am your ex-wife!"

"Because you chose to be," he whispered, without looking at her.

"Because you forced me to make that decision!" Rose shot back.

"Because I loved you too much to begin with!" Scorpius boomed, suddenly wheeling around to stand face to face with her, so that Rose had to retreat several steps - only to feel the dining table hit her thighs. "I loved you... so much" Scorpius said fiercely, his warm breath smelling strongly to old alcohol. "That it hurt to even think about what a rejection from you would feel like. You can't even start to comprehend the pain... the pain to simply love you, love you more than my own life..."

Rose stared at his face so close to hers, feeling scared for the first time in her life in his presence. She had always felt entirely safe with him, but this was different. They were different now. He had changed, she had changed... and while she had changed for the better, he had changed for the worse.

But deep down he was still the same boy who had after some stammering and stuttering asked her out - and proposed later on in life. He was still that same awkward boy - he had just forgotten.

Without even realising what she was doing, she gently placed her hand against his cheek. She watched as Scorpius closed his eyes, and leaned into her palm, inhaling deeply. She didn't move, as he carefully tilted his head, kissing her palm gently.

Suddenly, the entire situation hit Rose like a Bludger in the guts. She was suddenly very much aware of Scorpius' other hand, resting almost casually against the table, only inches from her body. He was still kissing her palm, and her other hand had somehow curled around Scorpius' neck, her fingers running through his hair slowly.

With a quick movement, Rose wheeled away from him, but was caught by surprise as Scorpius grabbed her wrists tightly in his hands, spinning her around again, and against the wall. Rose gasped, as she felt him press her hard against the wall, but before she could utter another word, his lips were already on hers.

For a second or two, Rose fought against it. She tried to push him away with her own body, but soon realised it was pointless. Not only because she knew he was stronger, and ahd the upper hand, but also because she knew she didn't want him to stop.

She had missed him.

So much. More than she had even realised.

"I love you, Rose Weasley," Scorpius whispered huskily against her lips, his nose bumping against hers.

"I love you too, Scorpius Malfoy," Rose said, blinking away the tears.

Then he kissed her again, harder than before.

And the room spun around, and around and around...

~ ~

Rose couldn't wrap her head around the current situation.

She had been absolutely sure that she would never be in this kind of situation; with Scorpius Malfoy's arms around her naked body.

She hadn't slept all night, and she knew Scorpius hadn't, either. She pretended to be asleep everytime Scorpius checked if she was sleeping. It was difficult to pretend to be asleep when he kissed her neck softly, sighing contently.

But most of the day, Rose lay very still in his arms, watching the sun rise entirely, and set again.

And it wasn't until the sun was almost entirely gone, when Rose decided it was time to 'wake up'.

"Scorp?" she said with a tiny voice.

"Yes?" he murmured, as if he knew she had been awake the entire time.

"You really fucked me up," she said, staring at the sun disappearing behind the trees.

He knew what she meant.

"I know," he said quietly, and Rose felt him grow tense.

"I don't know if I can trust you," she continued.

"I know," Scorpius said again.

"It could happen again," Rose said.

"It won't," he said firmly.

"You say that now," Rose accused, and squirmed in his arms to see his face. "But how will I know?"

Scorpius stared at her for a moment, before getting up from the floor. Rose blushed faintly, as she realised she was staring at his body, before he snatched his pants and pulled them on. She quickly wrapped herself in the sheet that had covered the sofa earlier, and stood up. She watched Scorpius disappear around the corner, and heard him go upstairs. After a moment of doubt, she followed.

All the furnitures she passed were like the ones in the livingroom; covered with white sheets. It looked like no one had lived there in years. The dust was covering every surface, and Rose let her fingers run along the dark wooden table with family pictures, at the top of the stairs.

It was as if she had never left the place.

It was like coming home again.

She heard a door creak, and continued down the corridor. She saw that the bedroom door was slightly open. Rose carefully entered the room, expecting to see more covered furnitures and dust.

Instead, she met the exact opposite.

The bedroom seemed to be the only cleaned room. There was no dust, no covered furnitures - in fact, it seemed like someone had spent a great deal to keep it clean. The bed was beautifully made, with Rose's favourite flowers, daisies, on her side of the bed.

What caught Rose's eye was a familiar piece of clothing; the blue cashmere sweater she had bought for Scorpius - neatly folded on his side of the bed.

"This is not how I left it," she pointed out, touching the sweater carefully. "I fold the shirts--"

"The other way," Scorpius finished with a smile. "I know. I... I tried to fold them like you showed me, but... you're right handed, I'm not. It didn't look good, so I folded them like I always do."

"The wrong way," Rose whispered automatically, remembering the ancient argument she always had with Scorpius about how he folded his clothes 'the wrong way'.

"Yeah," Scorpius murmured.

Suddenly, a thought hit Rose. "Wait," she said, looking around at him. "Did you use this sweater? I thought you hated it!"

"I did hate it," Scorpius said, meeting Rose's gaze. "I... I just... it's quite pathetic, but if it proves just how much I actually love you, then maybe..."

"Yes?" Rose urged, her eyes tightening.

"I used to sleep with it," he said, suddenly looking embarrassed. "It... it smelled just like you. It reminded me of you. I... I felt like a child who had his blankie."

Rose stared at him, her eyes wide with surprise. She hadn't expected to hear that. In fact, in a way, the sweater had somehow become a symbolic thing. Scorpius had hated it, and now he didn't. It was just the same with Rose, in a way; she hadn't realized just how much she loved Scorpius, until he wasn't there anymore. She knew she loved him, and she couldn't really imagine life with anyone else but him. Even in her dreams, there was a man, the man of her dreams. She had always told herself the face was blurry, but now it all made sense; it was always Scorpius Malfoy.

And in a way, it had all been for the better. If she hadn't divorced Scorpius, she would never have found herself, found the strength to challenge herself. Rose had become independent, and done things she never thought she would've done.

"I..." Rose started, taking a deep breath. "I can't trust you. Not yet."

Scorpius stared at her, before he reached out towards Rose's hand. Rose pulled away, shaking her head. "I forgive you," she whispered, when Scorpius opened his mouth to speak. "But I'll never forget," she said, glancing at him. "I was a real mess, Scorp."

"I'm sorry," he said, his voice shaking with emotion. "I..."

"I believe in second chances, Scorp," Rose said suddenly, looking away. "I think everyone deserves a second chance."

This time, Rose let Scorpius take her hand, and he gave it a gentle squeeze. "Do you mean that?"

Rose looked at him, her eyes sincere. "Yes," she breathed, nodding. "I do. I love you, don't I?"

Scorpius let out a relieved sigh, before wrapping her in a tight hug. "I love you, Rose Weasley."

Rose let out a shaky laugh against his shoulder, and wrapped her arms slowly around him. "Don't screw this up, Malfoy..."

"I won't," he promised.

"You better not break my heart again," she whispered, shaking her head as she closed her eyes.

No one would ever place Scorpius Malfoy.

Because he was irreplacable.

~ ~

A/N: This part was a liiiiiiittle bit longer, but MWEHH! I personally can't stand cheaters, even if I think everyone deserves a second chance. Cheating is just... not right. Anyway, I wanted to challenge myself and see how it would turn out to write something like this. I'd really appreciate it if I wouldn't get any "OMG NO YOU BITCH!!!! WHY WOULD ROSE DO THAT HUH!?" reviews, because I find no satisfaction in reading stuff like that :D I'm personally quite proud of the outcome in this fic ^_^
- Lily xxx

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Irreplacable: Deux


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